Chapter 977 Spiritual Conspiracy

    Mu Yu also do not know why to save Wen Li this and himself a little irrelevant person, perhaps because saw Zhang dry eyes as a brother of that silk hypocrisy, let him very annoyed, so will choose to shot.

    Xiaoshuai just said, "This brother is quite arrogant." Mu Yu has never spoken because he knows that the so-called temperament in the eyes of this brother is simply pretending. It is not a look that the brothers who really care about the younger brother should have.

    and Wen Li look at Zhang Gan's eyes, it is really true respect, without any disguise.

    The emotion between the teachers and brothers is true or false. Mu Yu can see it at a glance because he has three brothers.

    There is never any complaint about treating them. They always have a tolerant attitude. Even if a few younger brothers parted ways because of different beliefs, the promise is still waiting for his younger brothers to go home and protect their younger brothers in their own way. .

    Luo war has been watching Mu Yu very unpleasant, he will not pleasing to the face of the expression directly, speak is quite impolite, never hide anything. However, when the Mu Yu have trouble, Luo is always repeatedly to help him solve, solve the finished also to scold Mu Yu two sentences. Even when he met in Dongsha City last time, Luo’s character changed, but he did not leave the wood feather.

    The cultivation to the south reached a terrible degree at the beginning. After he merged with the back soil, he was more than enough to kill his three brothers and brothers in the death Gobi, but he did not do so to the south. He wants to persuade Mu Yu to join him, to fight against the comprehension with him, against the Yumeng Mozu. After Mu Yu refused, he did not say anything, and even let the controlled self-cultivators of Qingshui City help protect Mu Yu’s family.

    The four of their brothers and sisters never thought about setting the other side to death. Even if their opinions differed, they just chose to leave and would not start with anyone.

    Mu Yu cherishes such a relationship between the brothers and the brothers. They are all part of the Dust Mountain. They are all apprentices of Master. They can have different opinions, but they will never make things like Zhang Gan who are doing the same thing.

    So he doesn't like Zhang Gan.

    "Cancel the fire! Eat a candied fruit gourd? ”Xiaoshuai saw the clue of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu did not pick up, just reached out and touched Xiao Shuai’s head.

    "Oh, there are so many things happening in the realm of cultivation every day, and you can't save them all!"Xiaoshuai said.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "I didn't want to save it. The comprehension is life and death. It doesn't matter to me. I just remembered that they are now missing, and they remembered the responsibility of being a brother and brother, so they didn't hold back. ”

    He doesn't know how to face his three brothers in the future.

The master said that he does not need to worry, and he is most worried about Nan and Luo. If the two of them will be forgotten by the killing power in the future, they will gradually forget the original intention and forget the brothers and brothers. Then what should he do when that day comes?

    Is he going to fight against South and Luo?

    "Thank you for the adults to save."Wen Li came over and said with gratitude, his expression was a little tired, and he was almost killed by his brother, which made him feel guilty.

    Mu Yu glanced at Zhang Gan, who was escaping from the distance, and Wen Li apparently chose to let him go, not to kill. Mu Yu did not say anything, nor did he try to kill this person. This incident has nothing to do with him, but he remembered his three brothers, and he saved the gentleman.

    "No harm."

    Mu Yu’s heart slowly calmed down. He understands that each sect has its own sectarian rules. Most sects are trying to grow themselves. Therefore, the martial artists always have intrigues between them, and they choose to be handicapped in order to get the weight of their elders.

    But the dusty mountain will not. For Mu Yu, the Dust Mountain is a pure land. The purpose of the Dust School is not to fight against people. They are a poor and poor martial art, doing simple practice.

    The gentleman’s teachings of the disciples are the same. The brothers and sisters play with each other. There is no need to fight for the cultivation of resources. Everyone is treated equally. There is not a martial art, but a family. There can be quarrels, but there will never be a blood knife.

    How many sects in the comprehension world can do this?

    "Isn't the adult respected yet?"Wen Li respectfully said that he can naturally see that this seemingly young person is repaired far above him. Zhang Gan’s framed him makes him feel uncomfortable, but he still has to save him. Express thankfulness.

    Mu Yu said calmly: "You don't have to know the name. You tell me first, what is the soul point."

    Wen Li raised his head in confusion, and was surprised: "You don't know adults?"

    "Crap, don't know, ask you, know what else to ask you?"Xiaoshuai screamed at the side.

    Wen Li smiled and said: "Yes, it is rude." Adults, the soul point is a kind of array set up in order to encourage us to kill the Yumeng Mozu. Whenever a Yumeng Mozu is killed, a number will appear in our palms. ”

    Wen Li extended his right palm. There is a white circle in his palm. It is lifelike, and the ball is still shining with holy white awns.

    Mu Yu saw at a glance that this ball is the soul bead that Sangong people usually use, but now it is like a projection engraved on the hand of Wen Li, and there is a number in the ball. The palm of the hand is just written "June 8".

    Wen Li continued to explain: "This is the soul point. Killing the Yumeng Mozu can accumulate the soul points. The more you kill, the more soul points will be. Killing the different strengths of Yumeng will result in different soul points. For example, killing a yellow-ordered Yumeng, only one, killing Xuanjie Youmen, there are five, killing the ranks of Yumeng, there are fifty, killing a heavenly step, Yumeng has five hundred! If you accumulate a certain soul point, you can go to the Essence Court for the corresponding thing. It’s like I’ve always wanted to make up a hundred to win the stun sword of the ghost man’s refining, just didn’t expect…Ugh! ”

    Wen Li remembered her brother, and her heart was awkward.

    "A while ago, the practitioners accidentally discovered that not only kill Youmont Demon clan can get Soul point, and to fix the low if the lucky cut kill to fix high people can also get each other soul point, eight door out to clarify that this is a defect of the soul, strict prohibition we appear cannibalism situation, defy will be heavy, I didn't expect my brother to do such a thing secretly. ”

    Wen Li shook his head, his cultivation has already surpassed his brother, so the brothers will think about starting him.

    "I understand, how long does it take for the Umon Mozu to invade near Wuqiu City?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

    Wen Li feels that the question asked by Mu Yu is very strange, because nowadays the comprehension community can say that few people do not know the situation of the Yumeng Mozu, but he did not say the doubts in his heart, but honestly replied:

    "The gap between the three and the fifth will probably be invaded by the Yumeng Mozu. We need to fight with the Yumeng Mozu. The rewards in the Fairy Pavilion are very attractive. Many magic weapons are worthy of our desperate efforts, so every After the battle with the Yumun Mozu, the Terran died and wounded, but the Yumeng Mozu died more."

    "So where are the eight people now?" How can I see them? ”Mu Yu asked.

    He came to Wuqiu City to find someone.

    "Back to the adults, the eight people are in the extremely fairy pavilion. The Fairy Pavilion is now the base of the eight gates, and it is also the place where we exchange soul points."Wen Li replied.

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, then waved: "You can go."

    "Yes, thank you for your help."Wen Li bowed and then left the birch forest.

    Xiaoshuai said with a sigh of his mouth: "The Mie Palace is really powerful, and it also uses the array to create a soul point."

    Mu Yu snorted: "The grandfather of the village is right, the world is bustling, all for the benefit of Lili. The Triple Palace only seized the point that the Terran was fighting for its interests, and it came up with such things. I have to say that their approach is very successful. As long as it is beneficial, there is no need to worry that the comprehensible will retreat. ”

    In fact, the practice of this soul point in exchange for the magic weapon is not what the white world wants to come out. According to Mu Yu, the era of He Liankong.It started to exist, but the soul point at that time was not such a white soul technique, but a statistical array that was once under the door of the door, which was similar and similar.

    The triple house, now dominated by the white world, merely moves out of the way the triple House used to motivate the fighting. Unlike the three palaces, Helian, the triple house of the era, using the statistics of the array, after killing the practitioners, is not the accumulation of the number of practitioners, and now the white world has changed this rule.

    "Killing yourself can actually get all the points on the other side, so killing a comprehension is more real than killing a Yumeng to collect soul points." The white world is not only for the comprehension to kill Youmen, but also for the comprehension to kill each other. This trick is really poisonous! ”Xiaoshuai said.

    "The purpose of the Mie Palace to control the war is to create more dead people. There is no difference between killing and killing the Yumeng Mozu."Mu Yu said.

    It is no longer the age of the race of the race and death of the Terran and the Yumun Mozu, but the dark age controlled by the White World. The White World makes full use of the minds of the supreme interests of the self-cultivators, so that the comprehensibles can kill the Yumeng Mozu and secretly kill their own people, so as to achieve their own goals and detoxify their hearts.

    "But doing this, everyone will not think about killing their own people in the future, instead of killing the Yumeng Mozu?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    "Did you forget it? He did not say it just now. It is useless to repair the low-educated talents, that is to say, it is useless to repair the high-level people. UU reading You think about it, how likely is it that a person who is a low person kills a person who is high? ”Mu Yu Road.

    The Mie Palace will not have thought of this, but deliberately released a loophole to increase the chance of death. After all, it is still possible to make a low-killing killing.

    "Also, so this probably requires people like Zhang Qian. It is undoubtedly the most effective to ruin the people you trust. This is really terrible."Xiaoshuai said.

    "The Mie Palace is doing this for the sake of the self-cultivation, so that the comprehensible can't trust each other, otherwise it will become the soul of others under the carelessness." As long as the comprehensions are suspicious of each other, they will be restricted in spreading certain remarks about the Mie Palace, because the Mie Palace controls all those who are high. ”

    For those who are high, for their own interests and safety, they will not believe what they say to be low-minded, but if they are low-minded and do not dare to trust lower than themselves, they will only have to work hard to improve their lives. Whether or not they are comfortable, they will not be wrong with the people who are high.

    This layer by layer, up to the end, the highest eight-door elders are undoubtedly the most trustworthy! In this way, the elders who will be in the future will release any orders, and others will obey.

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