Chapter 978 Soul Point Exchange

    The city of Wuqiu City is quite large, and there are countless buildings of various kinds of comprehensions. Dust K margins?Learning the I network, but today's extremely popular pavilion has become the most important place in many cities, so you want to find the extremely fairy pavilion just a little farther over the city, enough to see the tallest luxury building.

    Mu Yu walked into the extremely fairy pavilion. There are so many people in the world that there are so many people in the world. Many people are pointing around at some counters. The sects have come up with tempting magical tactics, and some precious materials. The exchange of items from different sects has been divided into several exhibition areas.

    The entire Fairy Pavilion has five floors, each floor is very large, enough to accommodate at least a thousand people at the same time more than enough.

    “I have always disliked the Fairy Pavilion, but I have to admit that their free pastry is really delicious.”Xiaoshuai has temporarily sent the candied haws and kebabs to the sleeves of Mu Yu, and went to the door to find a lot of cakes to eat.

    Mu Yu patrolled the area, and he saw the soul point of the Star Gate in exchange for an area. The Star Gate is one of the eight gates, and the wealth is thick, and the exchange of things is dazzling, making people drool.

    "Five hundred soul points can be exchanged for a token that becomes a disciple outside the Star Gate. It's great, I have to exchange my precious son for such a precious opportunity to get started!"

    "One thousand five soul points can be exchanged for the identity of the elders outside the gates of the stars. When will I be able to collect so much?"

    "This star attracts two thousand soul points! Oh my god! It is said that this is the magic weapon of the Tianxingmen’s weather when the sun was in the same period of the fit, which is extremely precious! ”

    "One thousand three hundred soul points can enter the Tianxingmen's Tianji Shenfeng for one month, which is really desirable!"

    Many people are pointing at the front of the starry exhibition area of ​​the Star Gate. Most of them can only talk about it. They have a lot of fun and a good eye. The people who are low are simply discouraged, but they can exchange those only two or three. Ten items of soul points, such as the inner level of the third-level monster.

    Mu Yu even saw some medicinal herbs that could be exchanged. The alchemy division is not only a Dan Ding faction. Many martial art schools in the comprehension community will also train their own alchemists, but the Dan Ding faction is more comprehensive and high-order. The medicinal herbs are concentrated in the Dan Ding faction.

    He took a cursory look and found that many of these medicinal herbs are third-order and fourth-order. The highest ones are only a few fifth-order remedies, and the soul points exchanged are too high, like a fifth-order lingering It is necessary to have nine hundred soul points.

    "Now, Danding has closed its doors. The drug is in short supply. Many people are afraid that they will not be able to buy a single 100 million."The little handsome mouth was stuffed with pastries and said with a slurred voice.

    In Mu Yu’s heart, he is pondering another thing.

Because the Danding and the sects who are most important to the cultivator are now very concerned with him, he can firmly grasp the mentality of the cultivator with his skills and medicinal herbs. Compared with the exercises that the eight doors exchanged, the medicinal herbs and the tactics are more attractive to the self-cultivator.

    There is already a general plan in his mind, knowing how to use the comprehension to deal with the Triple Palace.

    But now plans to step by step, Mu Yu came here because Lu Xianshi told him that Tianxingmen’s Tianjiancheng is in Wuqiucheng.

    Tianjiancheng is the elder of the Tianxingmen period, with a very high status and status. He knows many secrets of the Star Gate. To get rid of the Star Gate, Mu Yu first needs an elder who can enter the various secret bans of the Star Gate as a guide.

    When Tianjiancheng was in the desert of Qingshui City, it was already controlled to the south. It is the most sensible for Mu Yu to find Tianjiancheng.

    "Look, there are opportunities for soul points to exchange for guidance from high-ranking people. Can 10,000 soul points be exchanged for the opportunity of the two days of the robbery?"Xiaoshuai doesn't know where to take out a list and point it out.

    Mu Yu took the list and looked at it carefully. He found that there are more than 500 kinds of things that can be exchanged with the soul points. The benefits of various forms are not only the guidance of the weathering period, but also the elders of the fit period. The guidance, the guidance of the master of the period.

    In the realm of comprehension, from the beginning of the distraction period, even if it is a true master, the pointing of the distraction period is also a very precious opportunity for the low-level comprehens.

    "By the elders of the Tianjian period, you need 6,000 soul points."

    Mu Yu looked at the list of the soul points of the Star Gate, a variety of clear price, even the teacher became a transaction, really a good means.

    But how can ordinary people gather so many soul points? Kill a heavenly level of five hundred soul points, kill the top of the ranks of the fifty points of the soul, the five points of the black point, the yellow point of a soul point. The Yumeng Mozu is not stupid to stand and kill people. To kill them, they have to pay the price, and sometimes they will lose their lives.

    Obviously, it is enough to quickly collect 12 days of Yumeng, but if you have the ability to kill Tianmen Youmen, then at least in the fit period, do you still need to apprentice?

    However, because this kind of transaction is clearly priced, Mu Yu probably knows the true strength of the Star Gate. For example, today, the Tianxing Gate is only a comprehension of the fit period, and now there are 80!

    This is a terrible number, the comprehension of the eighty fits, how powerful they are!

    "It seems that the Star Gate should be recruited as a guest."

    Mu Yu remembers that the Dan Ding faction did not have so many elders in the match period, and the Tianxingmen apparently received many foreigners from the fit period for this war.

    But the new question is coming. How can he find Tianjiancheng?

    Now the wood feathers are naturally unable to blatantly find things to find Tianjiancheng. There are six masters of the robbery period in the Fairy Pavilion. When he enters the door, he will notice that these elders are in the extreme. On the top floor of Xiange, once something happens below, it will inevitably appear in time.

    The six emperors of the robbery period, Mu Yu alone is still very difficult to deal with, and once the identity is revealed, the plan to destroy the Star Gate may be wrong.

    "Do we have to kill the Yumeng Mozu in exchange for the soul point, and then come to worship Tian Tian Cheng as a teacher?"The little handsome asked in disgust.

    "Why worship him as a teacher? Where is his confidence? ”

    Mu Yu snorted, he naturally would not kill any Yumeng Mozu, seeing that individuals have to kill a few people, this is not his style.

    Mu Yu looked at the guys in the corner who were responsible for recording the soul points. He also squatted to the side and wanted to ask about the elders of Tianjiancheng, but it seems that his luck is good because someone is discussing something next to him. .

    "I heard that there is no. It is said that the new owner of the Golden Wolf Valley, Qiu Jinghuan, has gathered 6,000 soul points yesterday. Today, the elders of Tianjiancheng who are preparing to worship the Star Gate are the teachers!"A young man with a knife on his nose said.

    "I have heard about this incident. I didn't expect the new owner of the Golden Wolf Valley to be able to collect 6,000 soul points. It is incredible!"A woman with a glamorous wind and a woman twisted her waist and said.

    "Don't pull it! Jinlang Valley is a second-rate martial art school. The Qiu Jinghuan is only a part of the gods. How can it collect 6,000 soul points? ”A red singer, Han Weng, said with a sigh of relief.

    Knife, young and mysterious, said: "You are ignorant, it is said! This Qiu Jinghuan was originally the only apprentice of the Golden Valley Valley. The first Guru of the Golden Wolf Valley was originally a fit and a heavenly man. He received ten apprentices under his door. But now it is actually the lowest level of Qiu Jinghuan who became the owner of the valley. What do you think is the reason? ”

    "There is something to say, there is a fart, let me go around."Hung Hom snorted.

    The young man is not angry, but he lowers his voice and says, "You don't know! This Qiu Jinghuan killed all his masters and nine brothers with unspeakable means! ”

    "what?"The red-haired big man and the enchanting woman are all shocked. "Is this true?"

    "Do you think about whether this thing is flawed or not. If you cultivate a low kill and repair it, you can get all the soul points on the other side. How can Qiu Jinghuan's cultivation of the heavens be collected? Six thousand soul points? Qiu Jinghuan of Jinlang Valley announced that the first Gut and the nine brothers were killed by the Yumeng Mozu on the battlefield. This kind of news ghost believes it! Everyone will not say it in the clear, but they all know in secret. Qiu Jinghuan used his means to swear that his brothers and sisters did not pay attention, killed them all, and then grabbed all the soul points that Master and his brother had. ”The knife screamed young and said.

    "This Qiu Jinghuan is really ruthless!"Hung Hom can't help but say.

    The enchanting woman smiled and smiled: "In fact, I feel that this is nothing. This is a normal thing. People go to the heights and the water flows down." Qiu Jinghuan killed his master and nine brothers, and then went to worship Tian Tiancheng as a teacher, which caught his thigh. Tianjiancheng is said to have returned from Qingshuicheng, and he has reached the nine-day match. It is much better to worship a man who is a fit and a nine-day-old. ”

    "You are right to say this, but the demon sister, can you tell me how many soul points you are collecting now?"The young man smiled.

    The charming woman grabbed the collar of the young man with a knife: "If you dare to hit the idea with me, UU reads I will kill you now."

    The young man of the knife disdain smiles: "I am better than you, I am afraid I have to make an idea. Is it that you hit me?"

    The person who is repaired as a low person can kill all the soul points of the other party. The cultivation of the young man is obviously higher than that of the enchanting woman.

    When the enchanting woman heard it, she changed her face with a smile. The hand gently smoothed the knife and the youthful clothes. Then the fingertips gently stroked the face of the young man: "Brother, you are laughing, the slave is not willing to Brother, you start!"

    "Hey, don't you still dare?" Would you like me to have a good time in my brother’s room at night? It is said that peony flowers are dead, and ghosts are also romantic! ”The young man is not worried about the knife, but he still swears a slap in the heart. Obviously he can't believe this enchanting woman.

    "Okay!"The enchanting woman twisted her waist and kept licking the young man's body.

    The young man’s hand slammed his hand on the voluptuous woman’s buttocks.Smiled: "Then I will wait for my sister at night."

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