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Chapter 979 Golden Wolf Valley Lord

    Looking at the coldness in the eyes of young people, it is impossible to relax the vigilance of the enchanting woman. m←↑文JW?W enchanting woman naturally wants to kill the knives and young people, but the knives and young people also have their own small abacus. He wants to hold on to the enchanting woman, and then sell it to the lower self-cultivator, let the low-cultivator kill A enchanting woman, so that can make a big profit.

    Of course, no one knows the minds of the two people. On the surface, they laugh and fight. In fact, they all want to set the other side to death, but they don’t say anything.

    Hung Hom asked: "So today they are going to apprentice?"

    "Yeah, it is said that it is here in the Ruyi Restaurant! It’s a big event to worship the predecessors of the Nine Heavens of the Nine Heavens. The Golden Wolf Valley is also quite grand, and many people are going to join in the fun! ”The young man said.

    After listening to the young man's words, Mu Yu then turned indifferently and left the Jixiang Pavilion. He took a passer-by and asked where the Ruyi Restaurant was, and walked toward the Ruyi Restaurant.

    "This Qiu Jinghuan is really a wolf-hearted dog, even his own brothers and masters are killed! I will take more of this pastry, and the Fairy Pavilion is not a good thing. ”

    Xiaoshuai slammed all the cakes into his mouth. He also held a lot of cakes when he left. The folks at the entrance of the Fairy Pavilion looked a little bit painful.

    "You can't do anything about it?"Mu Yu looked at the little handsome who filled his mouth with cakes.

    "I can eat a little more cakes and I can spend a little more on the cost of the Fairy Pavilion. I suggest that we can go to the various Fairies to eat. I can eat the Fairy Pavilion." This is also a way to deal with the extremely fairy pavilion. ”Xiaoshuai said seriously.

    Mu Yu shook his head slightly, but he was thinking about it. He also hated the extremes of what Qiu Jinghuan did, but he did not show it.

    The Mie Palace uses this means of soul exchange in exchange for the close people to become untrustworthy. They want to kill those who are high and get all the soul points on the other side. The best goal is definitely not to kill strangers, so only killing the same brother is the most effective way.

    The interest exposes the ugly face of the comprehension to the unobstructed, and the more Mu Yu experiences all of this, the more he misses the carefree days of the Dust Mountain. But the more he is in the heart, because he is afraid that in the future he will stand in the face of Luo Wei, who is gradually eroded by the killing power, and the opposite of the south.


    Ruyi Restaurant was escorted by the new owner of the Golden Wolf Valley, Qiu Jinghuan, because it is going to hold a solemn event for the Golden Wolf Valley.

    The owner of the Golden Wolf Valley, Qiu Jinghuan, is going to worship the Tianxingmen and the Tianjianmen elders of the Nine Heavens!

    In the realm of comprehension,

The Golden Wolf Valley is not a top force, but because there is a master of the same day, the golden wolf is sitting on the town, so it is also the upper end of the second-rate power. But now I heard that the golden sorcerer of the Golden Wolf Valley, who was the lord of the Golden Valley, was in the annihilation of the Yumeng Mozu, and ten of the ten sects died. Therefore, the position of the lord of the valley naturally fell to the lowest level of Qiu Jinghuan. Body.

    In order to become the owner of the Golden Wolf Valley, it is a great loss of strength, and it is very likely to be destroyed by the former enemy. However, no one thought that Qiu Jinghuan had collected 6,000 soul points, and worshipped Tian Cheng Cheng as a teacher, and embraced such a thigh!

    As long as there is a combination of the nine heavens of Tianjiancheng as the nominal master, then the entire Golden Wolf Valley is the fish slam gantry, stronger than ever!

    Ruyi restaurant surrounded by the Golden Wolf Valley of the people, there are some golden Wolf Valley invited guests, most of these people are to repair the real sector of the people, come to participate in the Takai ceremony, for most of the distraction period, there are some of the former King Wolf Valley of the hostile forces, Takai invited them to just for the Wei.

    In fact, everyone in the case of Qiu Jinghuan who is only a distracted period is simply dismissive, especially those who have been against the Golden Wolf Valley. But today, with so many people present, the main reason is for Tianjiancheng. Even if you can’t deny Qiu Jinghuan, you can’t slow down Tianqiangcheng’s predecessor.

    According to rumors, Tianjiancheng was once an elder who was responsible for protecting the Tianxingmen’s door to the Lord’s Day. The repair was actually not high at first, only the repair of the three-day period of the fit. However, since the day was not to be killed by Sikongqiwen, Tianjian Cheng escaped from the dead. It was supposed to be protected because of the lack of protection of the masters. However, because of the rapid progress of the cultivation, it reached the nine-day fit, so it survived.

    The comprehension of the nine-day-day comprehension, even the Star Gate, can't be arbitrarily killed. In addition, Tianjiancheng will continue to make great contributions to the Star Gate, and will be the first person under the Starry Gate!

    Being able to worship such a person as a teacher, even if Qiu Jinghuan is fighting for an unfair means, everyone will not dare to take a nap, and even dare not go to the appointment.

    The floor of Ruyi Restaurant has been covered with a layer of bright red carpet, which is extremely expensive. All the decorations of the restaurant are required to be renewed. No matter whether it is a table or a chair or a tableware, no one is old, and Qiu Jinghuan is for this opportunity. I spared no expense and spent a huge price.

    At this time, Qiu Jinghuan stood at the door of Ruyi Restaurant. He was dressed in a luxurious robes and pedaled purple boots. He was about forty years old, his face was ruddy, his face was filled with a smug smile, and he was treated with guests. They are all arrogant.

    He does have a arrogant capital, because as long as he has passed today, he is a disciple of the stalwart of the nine-day-old Tian Tiancheng. His status is so high. Those who used to watch him unhappy can no longer take him.

    However, the Tianjian journey has not yet appeared, because the Ji Shi of the teacher has not arrived yet, and many guests have not arrived.

    Qiu Jinghuan remembered the night seven days ago.

    Under the leadership of Master, he and nine brothers succeeded in killing the Yumeng Mozu, and his master Jinwo Dao killed one or more Yumen Mozus in more than 20 places, and even killed one. Tianmeng Yang elders seriously injured but not dead Tianyou Youmeng, all of a sudden collected two thousand soul points!

    At that time, his nine distracted brothers also had a lot of gains. Everyone got at least 500 soul points, and he only got two hundred soul points. Other brothers and brothers were laughing at him.

    However, the Golden Wolf Taoist is comforting him and saying: "The next time you are with me, I am seriously injured in the ranks of Yumeng, you come to kill, so you can collect more soul points."

    At that time, Qiu Jinghuan gratefully thanked his master, and thanked him. He even took the master's flattering and praised all the brothers and brothers, so that both the brother and the master had no doubt about him.

    Qiu Jinghuan was very thoughtful when he was a child. He was very proud in front of outsiders. He respected the brothers and masters, but both the brothers and the masters trusted him. He did not think that he dared to move anything bad.

    It is often the case that a white-eyed wolf has not been found, which is the most terrible thing.

    The Golden Wolf Road people celebrated the feast, and several brothers and sisters sat together. Qiu Jinghuan deliberately took out a fine wine and married a master and a brother. This wine was poisoned by him. This poison is called defensive scatter. Once it enters the body, it will cause the comprehensible to use the spiritual power in half an hour!

    Anyone who originally repaired this poison can be discerned with a little care. Unfortunately, everyone was drinking it on the head, and the younger brother who is usually sweet and obedient is toasting, so they have no doubts about it. , Qiu Jinghuan is the original shape!

    However, Rao is a Golden Wolf Taoist who did not expect to be framed by his own apprentice. The Golden Wolf Taoist angered what Qiu Jinghuan was doing.

    However, Qiu Jinghuan just raised the flying sword and killed his nine brothers in front of the Golden Wolf Taoist. Then he said with blood: "Master, I admit that you are very good to me, but very It is obvious that the Tianjianmen’s Tianjiancheng elders are more suitable as my master."

    A sword goes down and directly cuts off the head of the Golden Wolf Taoist!

    Years of apprenticeship and kindness, in the face of huge interests, is not worth mentioning to Qiu Jinghuan, a sultry person.

    Because the Golden Wolf Taoist is the comprehension of the fit period, Qiu Jinghuan did not dare to take it lightly, and the sword cuts his head, breaking the possibility that the Golden Wolf Taoist will lift the poison and restore his strength to kill him. Then he cut down all the heads of all the brothers, confirmed that after killing, burned all the fire, and then lied to the fire that the Yumeng Mozu came and burned his master and nine brothers!

    After finishing this incident, Qiu Jinghuan immediately went to the Essence Pavilion and exchanged the six thousand soul points of the palm directly for the qualification to become a disciple of Tianjiancheng.

    This incident caused a sensation in Wuqiu City, because so far, less than a month before the official battle with the Yumeng Mozu, Qiu Jinghuan was the first person to collect six thousand soul points!

    The attitude of the Star Gate to this matter is very important, because it is related to whether it is necessary to say eight, and it is also related to how many attractive rewards can be fulfilled.

    What excites everyone is that the star's doorstep is absolutely necessary. Tianjiancheng agreed to accept Qiu Jinghuan without any hesitation, and decided to hold a teacher ceremony to let everyone know the true meaning of the soul point exchange.

    Today’s apprenticeship of Qiu Jinghuan not only represents his personal behavior, but also shows the comprehension the importance of killing the Yumeng Mozu and the importance of collecting soul points.

    At this time, Qiu Jinghuan stood there in the spring breeze, accepting everyone's envy or contempt. He does not feel that there is anything disgraceful in his actions. The winner is the defeated by the king, and the person with a high status is not afraid of others.

    A large group of comprehensions were surrounded by Ruyi Restaurant. Everyone came to watch Qiu Jinghuan’s apprentice ceremony. They are very interested in this matter. The comprehensions are also talking about Qiu Jinghuan.

    "I didn't expect Qiu Jinghuan to worship the elders of Heaven and Earth."

    "Can there still be fake? How can eight things be done? ”

    "This way I am more motivated to fight the Yumeng Mozu!"

    "Come on! Killing a Yumeng Mozu, UU reading is better than killing a few people who are higher than themselves. ”

    A young teenager swears: "A person who is a high-killer?" It’s too difficult, we are not the kind of villain that Qiu Jinghuan even killed by her master…”

    "Hey, you whisper, people are now disciples of the Tianxingmen fit the nine-day elders, and you dare to talk, cut your tongue and count, and lose your life is a deserved!"A middle-aged man immediately slammed the boy seriously.

    The teenager realized that he had said the wrong thing. When he just raised his head, he saw that Ai Jinghuan, standing at the door, stared at him with a smile and smiled. He suddenly stunned and squeezed his head back. He looked up. It hits a person directly.

    "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it."The teenager apologized nervously.

    "It doesn't matter, I just came to see how the people who bully the ancestors learned."Mu Yu said faintly.

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