Chapter 980 The first person under the robbery period

    There are many people outside the Ruyi Restaurant, but not everyone is eligible to enter the Ruyi Restaurant. Those who can be invited have already entered. The outside is just a group of comprehensions. mIJ 文√W?W

    "The enemy of Qiu Gu, thank you!"

    On the way, an old man from the Meteor House was repaired as a tribute to Wei Ziqian. The Meteor House and the Golden Wolf Valley also have old grievances, which are considered deadly enemies. But today, because of the invitation of Qiu Jinghuan, they dare not come, even if they don’t give Qiu Jinghuan a face, they must also give Tianjian a face.

    "It turned out to be Wei Daoyou! For a long time no see, but unfortunately, Wei Daoyou still can't break through to the fit period for so many years! ”

    Qiu Jinghuan smiled and looked at Lai Ziqian without a smile. The meaning of the play in the mouth was not concealed, and the tone was quite arrogant, even with a provocative look.

    Wei Ziqian was extremely angry in his heart. In the past, Qiu Jinghuan saw him, and he did not dare to speak out like a turtle grandson. Now he dares to challenge him.

    However, there is no way for Wei Ziqian. People are ruthless, killing their own masters and nine brothers, and collecting six thousand soul points to become the apprentices of Tianjiancheng. He has no big dissatisfaction at this time. Hold it down.

    "The enemy of Qiu Gu said, how can you compare the cultivation and ability of the enemy?"Wei Ziqian smiled at the beard.

    "You are already the root of the dead wood, and repairing is also here, of course, it is not comparable to me. Am I right? ”Qiu Jinghuan stared nakedly, even if his cultivation was not enough to see in front of Wei Ziqian, Wei Ziqian, who was distracted by Jiuzhong, could kill him, but he dared to speak like this because he was emboldened!

    Wei Ziqian's face twitched a bit. In the usual way, he had already started killing Qiu Jinghuan directly. Unfortunately, now he dares to do this. He can only smile and smile: "The enemy of Qiu Gu is a talent, let you laugh."

    Qiu Jinghuan looked at Wei Ziqian with pride and said: "Wei Ziqian, I heard that you have a daughter who is so eager to go to the country, and it is delicious. I can’t see how your daughter marries me. In the future, I can also be with me. Master's premise points to you, becoming my father-in-law, but you are honored!"

    Wei Ziqian's face changed. He is now more than 70 years old. He has a bright pearl in his later years. It is especially loved. Now he is only 18 years old. Qiu Jinghuan is not a gentleman. If he marries his daughter, it is equal to I sent my daughter to the fire pit!

    "Chougu Lord, you are laughing! Where can the little girl be worthy of the enemy? Do not dare to climb high, do not dare to climb! ”Wei Ziqian said quickly.

    "This is what you are wrong. I think your daughter is your blessing. You should be grateful for Dade.

Why come to Gao Panyi? Be my father-in-law, but your ancestors are showing signs, you should be more happy, I can say that there is something wrong, father-in-law? ”Qiu Jinghuan took a hand and took a shot of Wei Ziqian’s shoulder.

    "But the enemy of Qiu Gu, this thing…"

    Wei Ziqian couldn't wait to slap a shot and kill Qiu Jinghuan. This guy was arrogant to this extent, and he dared to be so rude to him. He was a distracted person who was treated like a savage one. People are too!

    There is a threat in the eyes of Qiu Jinghuan: "We are the father of the old man, I want you to be a father-in-law. You should be flattered. Don’t you give thanks, dare to talk nonsense in front of me? Could you look down on my master and think that I am not worthy of you? ”

    Wei Ziqian remembered the Tianjian journey of the nine-fold heaven, and suddenly he was cold and sweaty. If he offended the Star Gate, it would not be as simple as his daughter’s accident. I am afraid that the entire Meteor House will be destroyed. He quickly squatted: "Chougu master, the old man is afraid that my little girl is not sensible and can't wait for the good enemy."

    Qiu Jinghuan looked at Wei Ziqian who stooped in front of himself. He was very proud of his heart and said: "When you wait for your service, look at your daughter's ability. If you don't serve well, I will be well-behaved. You can rest assured. . I think that the sixth day of this month is a good day. After three days, I will send someone to the Meteor House to meet you. Please hurry up! I also want to greet other guests! ”

    what? Three days later!

    Wei Ziqian was shocked, and then the shock turned into resentment, but he did not dare to show anything. He could only go to the side with a sullen look, and found a seat to sit down, his face was gray, thinking how to This is a difficult time.

    He even thought about killing Qiu Jinghuan directly, even if he had to fight his own life, he could not let his daughter be defiled by such treacherous villains. However, this restaurant has gathered a lot of distracting masters, only so many people are paying attention to his actions. Once he kills, there will be people who will block him. He is not sure to kill Qiu Jinghuan.

    Qiu Jinghuan looked at Wei Ziqian, who was sitting in the corner with hatred. He sneered at the bottom of his heart: "Old guy, I heard that you killed a lot of Yumeng Mozu on the battlefield this time, waiting for me to take your daughter. Get your hands, use your daughter as a threat, kill you, and your soul point is mine!"

    Qiu Jinghuan showed a vicious smile. He even dared to kill his own master. What did the so-called father-in-law in the district think?

    In the next half hour, the land continued to come to the heads of the elders who came to congratulate the various factions. Qiu Jinghuan stood in the doorway with arrogance, facing everyone who was holding his head and his eyes looked like no one. The tone of speech is also very rude.

    Although these guests can't afford to hate Qiu Jinghuan, they don't dare to show them. Even if they are insulted by Qiu Jinghuan, they can only smile.

    "Tianjian Cheng elders are coming!"

    A loud voice rang in the crowd, and the whole street suddenly quieted down. The crowd suddenly took the initiative to let a road open. A spirited white-haired old man slowly descended toward the wishful restaurant under the crowd of people. Come along.

    The veteran is ruddy and temperamental. It seems to be quite a sacred wind. The calm and introverted atmosphere is faintly swaying, shocking the people around him and making people feel awe.

    Tianjiancheng, a combination of nine heavens, is now a very important figure in the realm of the realm, known as the first person under the robbery period!

    He has just appeared, and everyone is awe-inspiring. For example, today’s Jiancheng is called the first person under the robbery period. His name is naturally unspeakable, and no one dares to disrespect him.

    "strange."The wood feathers in the crowd stared at Tianjiancheng and whispered.

    "what happened?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu shook his head, he always felt that there were some strange places on Tianjiancheng. When I was in Qingshui City, Tianjian Cheng was smashed by Zhang Hao, and later was controlled by the southward demon, becoming a chess piece that was inserted into Nanxing Gate.

    Because Tianjian, who is possessed by the demon, knows Mu Yu, Mu Yu intends to use him to enter the Star Gate. However, Mu Yu has seen some people who are possessed by the demon. Their eyes are more or less filled with the wildness of a monster, but when Mu Yu saw Tianjiancheng, he found Tianjiancheng and other evil spirits. The people who control are different.

    Tianjiancheng looks like a normal self-cultivator. It has the same style as a predecessor, and even his eyes are no different from normal people. If you see someone who sees Tianjian, you will treat him as a mature and stable master.

    Mu Yu did not want to understand, but at this time Tian Jiancheng had already smiled and walked toward the wishful restaurant.

    At the entrance of Ruyi Restaurant, Qiu Jinghuan, who was still arrogant in his eyes, heard the Tianjian journey, and immediately put on a humble and charming appearance. This look turned very quickly and naturally on his face, without any abruptness, as if This is a natural skill he has.

    "The disciple sees Master, and the Master is willing to be alive and well-being, and Xianwei will last forever!"

    Qiu Jinghuan stepped forward in two steps and fell to the ground, burying his head on the ground, completely without the arrogance of the genius, as if he was a humble obedient apprentice.

    Many people are disgusted with the different attitudes of Qiu Jinghuan, but they have to admit that Qiu Jinghuan’s every movement is just right, just like he really treats Tianjiancheng as his master. . I am afraid that it is his ability to please others, so that his master and brothers will relax their vigilance and successfully realize the plan of the teacher.

    Tianjiancheng went to Qiu Jinghuan and stopped. He nodded slightly: "Our Star Gate must do its promise, since you have already made a battle on the battlefield, and with enough soul points in exchange for becoming my apprentice, then you will Then he will kill the enemy in the battlefield and make a contribution to the cultivation of the real world."

    Tianjiancheng’s speech sounds approachable and there is no shelf, which makes people feel good. Everyone wants this person to be called the first person under the robbery period. This kind of attitude is enough to take this title.

    "The disciple remembers Master's teachings. In the future, he must follow the example of Master and do his best to swear to follow Master, kill the Yumeng Mozu, and seek welfare for the real world!"

    Qiu Jinghuan said that these words are true and true. If not everyone around them knows the person's heart, I am afraid that he will really take what he said.

    Swear to follow Master? Hey, the bones of the Golden Wolf Taoist are not cold yet. UU is reading He can't wait to worship others as a teacher.

    Everyone was secretly reviled in the heart of Qiu Jinghuan.

    "Get up!"Tianjian said faintly.

    "Thank you, Master!"Qiu Jinghuan stood up from the ground and bent over in front of Tianjiancheng. "Master, please!"

    Tianjiancheng stepped forward and walked into the Ruyi Restaurant. Qiu Jinghuan always maintained a humble attitude and did not dare to be scornful.

    The people around me are talking again. The words of Tianjian Chengfang are undoubtedly a powerful agent for everyone. It seems that no matter what means you use to collect the soul points, the eight people will choose to turn a blind eye. Even if they were strictly forbidden to kill each other at the outset, it was no problem because Qiu Jinghuan’s murder of the ancestors was only a rumor, and there was no conclusive evidence to prove the crimes of Qiu Jinghuan.

    "Just taking one of these apprentices around, can Master really feel at ease?"Mu Yu said indifferently.

    Qiu Jinghuan can kill his first master for the benefit, who ensures that he will not kill a master again for the sake of profit?

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