Chapter 981 Uninvited Guest

    Ruyi restaurant decorated, a jubilant. dust?edge?Wen ↑ Learn k net

    After Tianjiancheng entered the inn, all the guests had already stood up and bowed and respectfully bowed to Tianjiancheng.

    "Master, you are invited to the seat!" ”

    Qiu Jinghuan respectfully brought Tianjiancheng to the first place in the center of the hall. There is already a luxurious emperor chair carved with jadeite jade carving, which is covered with a blanket made of seven-step lion's fur, which is very particular.

    The day is slightly to the other people nod, striding forward, sitting in the first, indifferent way: "Please sit down." ”

    The other guests were flattered to see that the day was so polite to speak, and they sat down after thanking each other.

    "You can personally come here to witness the old man's acceptance ceremony. It is also a disciple who can see that I am just getting started. It seems that my apprenticeship is not bad. I need everyone to take care of it later."Tianjian Cheng said slowly.

    "Adults are joking, and being able to get acquainted with the Voodoo Lord is naturally a blessing for us and others. It should be that we can afford to see the enemy."Everyone said quickly.

    But everyone's heart has already been opened. If it is not for the face of Tianqiangcheng, the predecessor's powerful face, who will be able to see Qiu Jinghuan's disciple who is a murderer? However, since Qiu Jinghuan has climbed the thigh of Tianjiancheng, then in the future, everyone will not dare to question Qi’s past. Qiu Jinghuan’s desire to wash himself is more than enough.

    "Then the teacher ceremony will begin!"Tian Jiancheng said.

    This apprentice ritual was intended to be seen by all the self-cultivators. The more grandiose it is, the more convincing it is, and the more helpful it is for the plan of the Mie.

    Someone has already brought red silk Huashang to Qiu Jinghuan. Qiu Jinghuan solemnly performed a three-and-a-half ceremony on Tianjian, and then reverently fell to the foot of Tianjiancheng, holding a cup of tea. , said: "Master, please use tea!"

    "Well, drink this cup of tea, you are my apprentice."Tian Jiancheng said with a smile.

    Everyone looked at Tianjiancheng to win the cup of tea, and in his heart, envious of Qiu Jinghuan, Qiu Jinghuan killed his master, and turned to the Tianjiancheng of the nine-day heaven as a teacher. This is a Things that people hate but envy because they don't have the courage to do this kind of thing.

    But everyone understands one thing in the heart. In the future, they will no longer be blindly trusting their own apprentices and those who are less than their own, because they may be able to wave their butchers to themselves.

    Qiu Jinghuan’s heart is also very excited.

Being able to climb this position, he is naturally happy again. But he is naturally not satisfied with this. As long as there is an opportunity in the future, he also wants to be a predecessor of the robbery period.

    Once he was taken over by the predecessors, he would be able to call the rain in the realm of comprehension.

    Qiu Jinghuan’s wolf has a big ambition. In his view, Tianjiancheng cannot be his last master. But at least so far, he needs to do his best to please Tianqiang, and then find the opportunity to join the stars of the Stars of the elders.

    Tianjiancheng gently glanced at the lid of the cup, and when he was about to take a sip, an indifferent voice suddenly spread throughout the inn.

    "Tianjiancheng, Qiu Jinghuan, the tea of ​​the little man who is a wolf-hearted dog, you dare to drink, not afraid to become the second Golden Wolf Valley Lord?"

    This voice came very abrupt and peaceful, and it seemed very harsh in front of everyone. Everyone is a slight glimpse, and no one has thought that at this time someone would dare to tell the truth so unscrupulously.

    Tianjian Cheng brows slightly wrinkled, the tea in his hand also stopped in the air, looked up and looked at the figure who was standing in the center of the hall.

    When Qiu Jinghuan was said by inexplicable words, he suddenly became angry and turned his head to look at it. He even saw a young man dressed in simplicity looking at himself with contempt.

    "who are you? How dare you put it here? Come on! Give him to me! ”Qiu Jing was angry and shouted.

    "Get me? Are you counting on your dog legs? Still counting on Tiancheng? ”

    Mu Yu sneaked a sneak peek around, and his sudden appearance also shocked everyone. I didn’t expect that in this kind of apprenticeship, there was really a long-lost dare to make trouble!

    Qiu Jinghuan glanced slightly, but found that the people who brought the Golden Wolf Valley did not know when they had fallen, and there was no breath, and the door of the inn was already closed, preventing the exploration of the good people on the street outside. ,

    "Bold yellow hair, you dare to call my master's name, find death!"Qiu Jinghuan stood up and pointed at the wooden feather color.

    Being able to kill the people he brought in front of so many people, but not killing other guests, this strength is certainly far above him. However, he remembered that he is now an apprentice of the elders of Tianxingmen, who is a celestial body, and naturally will not be afraid of the uninformed person.

    "Who is this person? Actually dare to scatter here? ”

    "I don't know, what do you do here at a young age?" He doesn't know if today is the embarrassing ceremony of the elders of Tianjiancheng? ”

    "Yes! We dare not say those words, this guy dared to speak out brazenly, really live impatient! ”

    The surrounding guests suddenly talked about it. Tianjiancheng claimed that the first person under the robbery period, he personally accepted the apprenticeship. This incident is quite grand, and people who never thought that there would be a slap in the face were really unexpected.

    "I hate two kinds of people in my life. One is a villain who is selfish and vain, and the other is a traitor who bullies the ancestors and kills the same door! You are the most disgusting person who is a teacher for the sake of profit. ”Mu Yu said coldly.

    Qiu Jinghuan’s face changed. Although he did these things, there is no evidence in the realm of comprehension. No one dares to say anything at this time, but Mu Yu is unscrupulously saying, how can he report his character? Can you tolerate?

    "you wanna die! Today, I will replace you with my Master to teach you well! Let you understand what it means to be a little idle! ”In the same way as Qiu Jinghuan, a black machete has appeared in his hand.

    "stop!"Tianjiancheng put down the teacup and said faintly.

    Qiu Jinghuan turned his face into a respectful look: "Yes, Master. Master, this person does not know how to live and die, dare to rush to Master, but also disturbed our teacher ceremony, sin! Master, do you want to kill this person by yourself? ”

    Tianjiancheng stood up and looked at Mu Yu thoughtfully.

    Everyone shook their heads slightly. In their view, they were repaired by Tianjiancheng and Jiuzhongtian. Once they were hands-on, the real world was not his opponent except the power of the robbery period. This person who knows nothing about life and death can be considered dead!

    Tianjiancheng slowly walked to the front of Muyu. Everyone waited for Tianjiancheng to take a slap in the face and kill this young man who is not tall and strong. Qiu Jinghuan is looking at Tianjiancheng with excitement and excitement. Tianjiancheng will make this feat of dying young people.


    "The villain has a hard time, I have seen adults!"

    However, no one thought of it, the silver hair of the head, the Tianjian Cheng of the sacred wind bones swayed directly toward Mu Yu, and buried his head at the foot of Mu Yu with respect and respect, and the tone of his speech was like a servant.


    The people in the entire restaurant are shocked!


    I don't know who swallowed a sip, but it is the elders of the eternal life of the nine heavens! Whether it is "Star Gate", "Tianjiancheng", "Sixth Heaven" or "the first person under the robbery period", these words are enough to admire, usually appear as Tianjiancheng in any A large group of people in the local area will bow down to him and please.

    However, I never imagined that Tianjiancheng at this time was actually at the feet of a strange young man!

    Who is this person? Why can you let Tianjian take this gift?

    It is necessary to know that Tianchongcheng’s cultivation and identity, even if it is not the day when he is alive, dare not let Tianjian take this gift!

    Everyone felt that the heart was like a leak, and was completely frightened by the behavior of Tianjiancheng!

    Qiu Jinghuan was also shocked by his face. His eyes were full of incredulity. He was also full of joy and thought that Tianjiancheng could personally kill him for this tangled root, and thus set him up for him. No one dared to question the scandals he had done in the past.

    However, the scene in front of him almost let him pull out the eyes, is it really the elders of the Star Gate?

    The entire inn was silent, no one dared to speak out.

    Mu Yu slightly frowned, he did not expect Tianjiancheng to give him this gift, his "100-faced illusion" on Tianjiancheng is naturally displayed in the true face, he originally thought that he would still tamed this old Guy, I didn’t expect this old guy to be so acquainted.

    "Get up and talk."

    Mu Yu always felt that Tianjiancheng seemed to be very simple. He had a hidden wildness, but he was not as unscrupulous as the Chu Mania that he had encountered at the beginning. This atmosphere is even a little familiar.

    I can't say familiarity.

    "Xie Daren."Tianjian Cheng stood up respectfully, with a low-browed eye and a respectful look.

    The look of Tianjiancheng has caused a violent impact on everyone's brains. They can't turn around and don't understand why Tianjiancheng will be so respectful to a young man!

    "What do you mean?"Mu Yu asked quietly. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

    Tianjian Cheng said respectfully: "Returning to the grown-up, the master once said that if you meet an adult, you will see him. The order of the adult is the master's order, so I dare not defy a little."

    In the heart of Mu Yu’s heart, the master said in Tianjian’s mouth is naturally pointing to the south. It’s no wonder that Tianjiancheng would do this. The ghosts who control south can’t defy the order.

    If Tianjiancheng is not like the ones that once had Chu crazy, then it must have been ordered to the south. It seems that Tianjiancheng is definitely connected to the south.

    However, at the moment it is obviously not talking about going south. Mu Yu looks at Qiu Jinghuan indifferently and says: "I don't like people who bully the ancestors."

    Tianjian Cheng immediately nodded and said: "Adult, I understand."

    Tianjian Cheng turned and walked to the front of Qiu Jinghuan. Then he looked up and looked at the original little man who was going to be his apprentice. He showed a weird smile. This smile was filled with cold chill. Let Qiu Jinghuan fall like a hail!

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