Chapter 982 Mystery Shadow

"Master, master, you, you …I am your apprentice! ”

Takai hurriedly kneeling in front of the day, constantly kowtow way, look mournful, looks a very innocent appearance, not clear people really think this is a good apprentice.

Qiu Jinghuan has already felt the killing of Tian Jiancheng, and his heart is half cold. He doesn't understand why Tianchong is so big before and after. He has always been meticulous in his work, even if his apprentice is not in order to get the teaching of the day or something, just to get the power.

As long as the name is just the apprentice of Tianjiancheng, in the future, the Golden Wolf Valley can expand unscrupulously and dominate the party! He had thought of all his dreams, but he did not expect such an accident to happen today!

"Apprentice? You had a chance to be my apprentice. ”Tianjiancheng extended his hand and slowly held it on the cover of Qiu Jinghuan.

"But my family wants you to die, so you can only die."

Tianjian Cheng said indifferently.

"No, adults are forgiving!"

Qiu Jinghuan shouted in horror. He didn't feel so scared when he killed his master, but at this time he was scared by the Tianjiancheng incontinence.

"Master, you can't kill me. I exchanged soul points for your apprenticeship. If you kill me, you are violating the promise of the extremely fairy pavilion and violating the promise of the Star Gate. This will not convince the world."Qiu Jinghuan quickly shouted.

He wants to struggle, but in front of Tianzen Cheng of the nine-day match, he has room to struggle.

"You are a kind of person, but the animal is actually a little useful."Tianjian Cheng said slowly.

"Yes, yes, my animal is not as good as it is, I am not a person, Master, don't kill me, I swear I will loyal to you in the future, I will apply for your liver and brain before the horse, I will give you a cow, be a obedient dog I beg you to spare me a dog!"

Qiu Jinghuan can be a teacher for the sake of benefit, and he can become dignified in order to survive. He was originally a person without a bottom line.

"I know you can do it in the liver."Tianjian Chengdao.

Tian Jiancheng’s words made Qiu Jinghuan’s eyes brighter. Qiu Jinghuan found a life-saving straw, and saw a glimmer of hope. He said earnestly: “Master, I promise, I will definitely… …"

Tianjiancheng shook his head: "Unfortunately, adults don't want you to live."


There was a crack directly on the skull of Qiu Jinghuan. The red and white brains spewed out, and his entire head was already bloody.

Tian Jiancheng was indifferent to the hand, and Qiu Jinghuan’s head had been picked up by him, and his hands were energized for a while, and the powder was dissipated.

A headless corpse fell to the ground, and the reflection was so shocking in the eyes of all the guests!

Qiu Jinghuan never imagined that he had cut off the heads of his master and his brother in order to get the soul, and now he has the same end.

Those guests have all been shocked. Where do they think they will see such a terrible scene?

Tianjiancheng actually killed Qiu Jinghuan!

Although Qiu Jinghuan, who is the murderer of the ancestors, has a sinister death, but he is in the process of holding the soul point in exchange for becoming a disciple of Tianjian Cheng, then being so slain will undoubtedly make the promise of Bamen as fart. More will lose faith in the entire realm of comprehension.

Tianjiancheng calmly killed the people, then walked to the side of Mu Yu, and asked: "Adult, everyone here must be killed?" They saw things that should not be seen. ”

The guests of the entire restaurant suddenly changed their faces, and this incident is indeed impossible to pass on, otherwise the Star Gate will be discredited. If you want to keep it secret, then the best way is to kill everyone directly!

"Tianjian Cheng seniors, and this adult, we, we will be defensive, please raise your hands!"A middle-aged man quickly stood up and said.

"Yes! Qiu Jinghuan’s number of forgetting the ancestors’ wolf’s heart and lungs is dead, and the adults’ killing is for their own safety.

We are too happy to have time. How can we confuse our tongues? We will certainly keep them secret. ”

Wei Ziqian, who was threatened by Qiu Jinghuan with his daughter, immediately said. He said that this is indeed true, and that Qiu Jinghuan was killed by his daughter before he would fall into the claws. He was too happy to come, how could he talk about it.

Other guests also expressed their vows and vowed that they would not reveal their secrets. However, Tianjiancheng simply ignored them, but was waiting for Mu Yu’s words.

Mu Yu snorted, and the lines of the souls of the feet had already enveloped everyone, and they erased their memories.

"The adults don't kill them?"Tianjiancheng said something unexpectedly.

"Should I kill them?"Mu Yu asked.

Tianjian Cheng bowed his head: "The adults forgive sin, the villain does not dare to guess."

Mu Yu snorted: "I need you to take me to the Star Gate, as you should be able to enter and leave all the secret places of the Star Gate?"

"Yes, adults, there is no place where the Star Gate can't go."

Tianjiancheng’s entry is a nine-day match, known as the first person below the robbery period. The position in the Tianxingmen is naturally everywhere.

"Okay, then we will leave for the Star Gate."When Mu Yu waved his hand, a spiritual force shook it out and shattered the headless body of Qiu Jinghuan directly. "You will leave here on the grounds that you want to bring Qiu Jinghuan back to the Star Gate. These guests will confirm for you and will not cause it." What doubts."

Mu Yu has already falsified the memory of everyone, so that they will continue to do nothing to complete the worship ceremony, and then disperse them. As for the crowds who are surrounded by the crowds, Mu Yu has already set up the door with a magical array. Let them see what they should have seen.

"Yes, adults. However, the villain still needs to report to the weather Yangshuo, otherwise it will cause doubts that it will miss the adult's plan. ”Tian Jiancheng said.

Because if this situation causes any turmoil, it will make people suspicious. When Qiu Jinghuan died, the practice of Tianxingmen would be questioned by the comprehensible. Tianjiancheng would naturally be called by the weathering yang, and he would not be able to bring Muyu back to the Star Gate.

Mu Yu found that Tianjiancheng does not look like a person who is dominated by the savage demon. On the contrary, it is simple and neat, and the idea is also comprehensive. It is a powerful assistant. It is no wonder that he can successfully climb the first person below the robbery period. Status, do not understand how to cultivate him into such a person.

"Go ahead! After half an hour, I was looking for me outside Wuqiucheng. ”Mu Yu said that he has disappeared into the restaurant.

Tianjiancheng stood in the same place and pondered for a moment, and looked at the guests who had started drinking if they had nothing to do. Then they turned and disappeared into the restaurant. When he reappeared, he was in a remote farm in the north of the city. As he said, he is going to explain to the weather yang of the robbery period.

Tianjiancheng looked at the surroundings very vigilantly. After confirming that no one was around, he pressed his hand on the door. The wooden door that was supposed to fall off suddenly flashed a black shadow. The strange fluctuations came from the wooden door. Cheng has disappeared at the door.

From the outside, it looks like a simple courtyard, but after the hard work of the day, the yard has changed, and it is very empty, just like coming to a spacious room, the center of the room is a group of two Black shadow of the width.

This group of black shadows looked extremely strange, exuding a tearing force, pulling the surrounding light, all the light seems to be sucked in by this group, causing the surrounding to become extremely dark.

Tianjian Cheng walked quickly to the shadow of the group, and showed his hands in his hands. A blue light appeared from his sleeve and was injected into the shadow.

After the blue light was injected into the shadow, the whole group of black shadows began to rotate constantly, as if someone had stirred up the black shadow, and then the blue light slowly transformed a fuzzy human figure, but look There is no detailed appearance of this person.

Tianjian Cheng immediately crouched down, Christine said: "Master, I have found his whereabouts."

An indifferent voice sounded: "What is he going to do?"

Tianjian Cheng said: "The subordinates don't know, but he guessed that he should be destroying the Star Gate."

"Destroy the Star Gate?"The voice of the blurred figure is somewhat unexpected.

After a moment of silence, the blurred figure then re-voiced: "Is the wood feather aware of your anomaly?"

Tianjiancheng shook his head: "For the time being, there should be no. UU reading ”

"Then you should know how to do it."The figure continues.


Tianjiancheng stood up, and the blue awn in the shadow disappeared gradually, as if it had been swallowed up by the shadow.


In a pavilion outside Wuqiucheng, the wooden feathers leaned against the railing of the pavilion, and the brows were slightly wrinkled, thinking about something.

There is a Xuanhua tree outside the pavilion. This is a common tree in the realm of cultivation. When it blooms, the flowers are everywhere, and it is refreshing and refreshing. However, at this time, it has not yet reached the season of flowering of Xuanhuashu, but it has just grown up with flowers and bones.

Xiaoshuai jumped on the side, climbed up and down, was a naive naughty child, looked at the flower bones of Xuanhuashu and said happily: "Wu Yu, I want to eat the flowers of Xuanhua!"

The petals of the Xuanhua tree can be eaten. According to Xiaoshuai, it tastes like fried sugar, but the Xuanhua tree has not yet fully flowered.

Mu Yu looked at the Xuanhua tree outside the pavilion. Xuanhuashu made a pleasant wave of swaying. He reached out and gently licked it. The Xuanhua tree contained all the flower bones to be released, and the flowers covered the whole pavilion.

Xiaoshuai happily folded a branch of Xuanhuashu, which was covered with white and elegant Xuanhua. He took the petals and stuffed them into his mouth and chewed: "Wu Yu, what do you want?"

"No, just thinking about something weird."Mu Yu turned and sat in the chair of the pavilion, saying nothing.

For a long while, Tianjiancheng has appeared in the pavilion. Christine said: "I have seen Mu Yu."

Mu Yu nodded quietly: "Is things clear?"

"Yes, adults."Tian Jiancheng said.

"Then we will go to the Star Gate now."

Mu Yu glanced at the Tianjiancheng and left the pavilion without saying anything. (Tianjin novel network https://)

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