Chapter 983 returns to the Star Gate

There are seven god peaks in the Tianxingmen. These seven peaks were originally located on the ground, but the starry gates are more elaborate. Therefore, please come to the array of the heavens, and lay a powerful array of techniques, and cut off seven peaks and put seven seats. The mountain peaks are suspended in the air.

From a distance, it is like seven stars sitting in the sky, people have to sigh the prestige of the Star Gate, but also marvel at the array of martial arts.

Mu Yu once came to the Star Gate once. At the time, he was still in the process of studying the formation of the sect. He followed the Lu Xianshi to the Star Gate to maintain the formation method. He also knew the core and flaws of the entire array of the Star Gate.

If you want to break into the Star Gate, you can do it with the means of wood feathers.

However, there will be a flaw in the tactics. At the beginning, Lu Xianshi and Mu Yu explained the defects of the Tianxingmen Guardian Mountain. It is said that the strength of this tactical roaming period cannot be forcibly broken, but it can be on the moon night. Sneak in quietly with a pause.

However, Mu Yu does not intend to do this, because he has been to the Star of the Stars, where the security is tight, and if you want to force it in, it will inevitably alarm the other people of the Stars Gate, so he needs help. The identity of Tianjiancheng will be more convenient when it comes to the strength of Tianjiancheng.

And Mu Yu Heart has already had a plan, want to destroy the star Gate and Ghost door, rely on Mu Yu and Zhuge and calm three people can not do it, at least blatantly into the destruction of two thousands of years of the door to send not reality, the days of the time of the star Gate of the elder strength can not be underestimated, so the wood feather need to rely on the array to achieve their plans.

The biggest mistake of the Star Gate is that it was originally chosen to let the array of sects of the sects of the sects of the sects of this powerful force. They would not think that the main squad of the squadrons would be Mu Yu, but they also got the inheritance of the heavens!

Tianjiancheng has brought Mu Yu to the entrance of the Tianxingmen. Mu Yu uses the illusion of the hundred faces to become the appearance of Qiu Jinghuan, and is next to Tianjiancheng.

The disciples watched by Tianxingmen saw that Tianjiancheng came back and met with respectful respect. He said on one knee: "I have seen the elders!"

Today's Tianjiancheng has become the great elder of the Star Gate because of its cultivation. His majesty is second only to the elders of the Tianxingmen, so these disciples naturally do not dare to neglect.

"Ok."Tianjian Cheng nodded in a majestic manner, and did not need to explain anything to these disciples, and walked directly with Mu Yu.

The disciples who are guarding the door naturally do not dare to ask anything. Where are they qualified to question who is coming back?

The seven peaks of the Tianxingmen are arranged according to the orientation of the Big Dipper, namely Tianshu, Tianzhu, Tianzhu, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang and Yaoguang.

The fourth Shenfeng Tianquan Peak is the control hub of the entire Tianxing Gate Method. It is the core of the array method. No mistakes are allowed. Otherwise, the seven peaks of the entire Star Gate will be destroyed. Heavy soldiers, even a fly can not fly in.

Tianjiancheng did not go directly to Tianquanfeng with Muyu, because if he just came back and went to the door to send heavy land, it would always make people feel suspicious, and everyone who entered Tianquanfeng needs to register. At this time, Tianxingmen also There are two people in the robbery period sitting in the town, one of them is the gatekeeper of the Star Gate, the sky mark!

"Heavenly traces are the masters of the five heavens. There is also an elder in the sect of the Seventh Heaven, called Tianxingzhou. If you want to act, I can help you cover it, but you can’t do it too clearly. Otherwise, they will disturb both of them, I am afraid that they will miss the adult."

Tianjiancheng came directly to his residence as a great elder with a wooden feather, which is located in the sixth Shenfeng.

The sixth peak is relatively remote. It is a place where the elders under the robbery period are retreat. The peaks are extremely tall, about 5,000 meters. The higher the elders live, the higher they live. Tianjiancheng lives here. The top of the mountain.

When I came to the top of the mountain, the smoke was lingering, but I was able to see the other peaks in faintly, and I was able to see the strange landscapes below, which was amazing.

Mu Yu embarked on a trail.

Came to a beautiful courtyard, where is the residence of Tianjiancheng.

This elegant courtyard is not very big, but it is simple and elegant, and it is very quiet. It is indeed a good place to cultivate.

Tianjiancheng entered the courtyard with Mu Yu, and then closed the door of the courtyard. He said: "Adult, here is the residence of the villain. The other disciples of the Tianxingmen are not willing to come here at random, so the adults are relieved. ”

Through the bluestone path, Tianjiancheng brought the wood feather into the spacious and bright hall: "The adults please take the seat."

Mu Yu did not have any kind of politeness, and sat down directly, while Tianjiancheng stood respectfully and did not sit down. Xiaoshuai has already made a human figure, looking for food in the room, but it seems that he did not find it, very unhappy.

"How are you so poor in the Star Gate, not even eating?"Xiaoshuai complained dissatisfied.

"The little son is forgiving. I don't usually need a diet for food here."Tian Jiancheng said.

Mu Yu was silent for a moment, and Tian Jiancheng was now a humble and respectful look, so that he could not pick any faults, he said: "You also sit."

"Thank you, adults."Tianjiancheng sat down.

"Where are the two people, Tianyue and Tianxingzhou?"Mu Yu asked.

"Returning to the grown-up, the moon is the main lord, living in the fifth peak of the gods. It is also the place where the usual star-studded door symbolizes majesty. It is closest to the fourth peak. Once the fourth peak is blown, the sky will be traced. Come at any time. And Tian Xingzhou himself is practicing in the fourth peak of the gods, who will be known to anyone who enters the fourth peak. ”Tianjiancheng replied.

Mu Yu nodded, but it was not unexpected. The fourth Shenfeng is the core hub of the entire mountain guardian. It is natural that there will be no problem if the Tianxing boat of the Seventh Heaven and Earth is sitting in the town.

"Do you know what I am going to come to the Star Gate?"Mu Yu said.

"The villain can guess some, is the adult probably trying to destroy the Star Gate?"Tian Jiancheng said humbly.

Mu Yu nodded slightly and said, "You are very smart."

"Adults have won prizes."Tianjiancheng did not have any unusual reaction to the destruction of the Star Gate. He was not a person at the Star Gate, but a slap.

Mu Yu tapped his finger on the table and said slowly: "Since you are so smart, then I have one thing to ask you."

"Adults please."

"Why can't my gods control you?"

Mu Yu stared at Tianjiancheng tightly, and wanted to see a little clue from the face of Tianjiancheng. When he was in the restaurant, he wanted to control the Tianjian journey, but he did not succeed. At that time, he had doubts in his heart and did not say anything.

Tianjian Cheng’s expression is very calm, and he still maintains humility: “Adults, my master has set up some techniques on me to prevent being controlled. Of course not for your defense, but for being controlled by the Triple Palace. ”

Mu Yu was silent for a moment and said, "Who is your master?"

"Nature is a big man to the south."Tian Jiancheng said.

Mu Yu’s fingertips gently pointed at the table, and said profoundly: “Do you think I will believe?”

At the first sight of Wuqiucheng, Tian Yucheng began to notice that there was a great change in Tianjiancheng. It was not a person with a ferocious monster who dominated the consciousness. In some ways, Tianjiancheng is a person.

Although Mu Yu doesn't know what is going on, Tian Jiancheng is a real person.

After Tianjiancheng returned from Qingshuicheng, he should not be a talent pair.

Tianjian Cheng lowered his eyebrows and said: "Adult, if you don't believe me, why wait for me to come to the Star Gate and ask me again?"

Mu Yu said faintly: "At the Star Gate, the owner behind you has no chance to save you."

Tian Qiancheng’s humble face appeared a bit astounding: “You want to kill me?”

Mu Yu said: "You are not controlled by the south, and you can't be controlled by me, so I am very curious about your identity. If you don't say it, I don't mind killing you. ”

"You are not afraid to kill me here, and you are alarmed by the sky mark and the sky boat?"Tianjiancheng is still very calm.

"Do you think they have a chance to know?"The murder on Mu Yu’s body did not flash.

He had long suspected that Tianjiancheng had got rid of the control to the south. The reason why he came to the Star Gate and said that he had broken it was to let Tianjiancheng bring him in and introduce him to the situation of the Star Gate.

Every time I pass a mountain, what secrets are in each mountain, and who lives there, Tianjiancheng has already said it to Mu Yu in detail. These are things that Mu Yu needs to know, so he will hold back no. Poke the identity of Tianjiancheng. UU reading

In the matter about the Star Gate, Tianjiancheng will not deceive Mu Yu, because Tianjiancheng must gain the trust of Mu Yu.

Although Tianjiancheng is not subject to southward control, Muyu can be sure that Tianjiancheng is not loyal to the Tianxingmen. Therefore, for Tianjiancheng, the secret of the open-air stargate is no big deal, and Mu Yu is also considered to be The information I want.

Tianjian Cheng sighed: "I understand. But adults, you have to be clear about one thing. I am just acting on the order. What kind of person does the master let me do? I can't disobey orders, let alone tell his identity, or he will lose it. Life, so there is no difference between dying in your hands and dying in the master. ”

"So I don't have to keep you. I don't like to have an unstable factor around me to disrupt my plan."

The shadow sword came out, and the sword light crossed, directly stabbing the door of Tianjiancheng.

Tianjiancheng did not hide, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes. It seemed that he was ready to die.

The sword stopped at the center of the forehead of Tianjiancheng.

"Thank you for the fact that adults don't kill."Tianjiancheng quickly got up and crouched on the ground and said.

Mu Yu stared at Tianjian Cheng and said: "You are not a demon, are you?"

"No, the demon consciousness of this body has been annihilated. My soul did not belong to this body. It was forced by the master to be integrated into this body with powerful means, and was sent by the master to perform the task."Tianjian Cheng is very sincere.

Mu Yu looked at Tianjian Cheng if he had somewhere: "You are loyal to your host."

Tianjian Chengdao: "I am only responsible for executing the owner's orders, nothing more."

"What order does he let you execute?"

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