The No. 984 chapter in the Ming June

    "I don't trust you." m↓I text KW?W" Mu Yu frowned.

    For Tian Jiancheng, who is not concealing but not willing to say the behavior of the master messenger behind him, Mu Yu is very disgusted, but Tian Chengcheng’s behavior or behavior is not like deceiving Mu Yu, Mu Yu is also looking for There is no reason to kill him.

    Tian Jiancheng said respectfully: "Adult, my master asked me to get the trust of adults and help you to do anything. This is my duty, so I will not have any intentions for adults."

    "You get up."Mu Yu out of the channel.

    "Thank you, adults."Tianjiancheng quickly stood up and still stood there bent down and lowered his eyebrows.

    Mu Yu Look at the day, the original days of the Mu Yu in clear water city to leave very bad impression, just before the person obviously is another person, whether the momentum or words and deeds are stronger than the original day hundreds of times times better, such people can become in a few years star Gate Big Elder, also not unreasonable.

    "What is your real name?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Back to the grown-up, my name is Long Qingan, and I can only say this."

    Mu Yu then said: "I doubt your identity, so I don't need you to do anything. You have told me some secrets of the Star Gate. The rest of the things I can handle myself, you don't care."

    Mu Yu stood up and walked toward the door.

    Long Qingan said later: "Adults, I can enter many important places in the Star Gate. If adults are willing, I can take adults to any place."

    Mu Yu stopped and asked: "The core of the fourth Shenfeng, you can also go in?"

    Longqinghan mused for a moment and said, "Since the Stargate and the RUF have been in conflict, Star Gate of the core of the maintenance work all fell in the hands of a Yu Mingjun, the guest of the elders of the minister of the Fu Zong is a congenital character division, in the array of annexation Fu Zong, he escaped a take refuge in the Sky Star Gate, because the symbol of good, So was arranged to maintain the star gate of the Matrix Guardian elders. ”

    "Where is someone now?"Mu Yu asked.

    "The elders of the guest are also on the sixth mountain, and they are under my jurisdiction. Do adults need me to call him?"Long Qingan asked.

    Mu Yu didn’t believe that Long Qing’an was a man, but Long Qing’s work was all-inclusive, and he knew the Star Gate very well. As the first person under the Starry Gate, his identity really brought many conveniences to Mu Yu. .

    "Well, you go find him."

    "Adult, wait a moment."

    Long Qingan bowed and then retired.

    Mu Yu returned to the hall, sitting in a chair and meditating.

    "Mu Yu, do you believe this guy?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "I am more curious about who is the person behind him? Actually, he also has such a powerful ability to control the soul and erase the consciousness of the demon who controls to the south. It is really weird. ”

    "That is to believe him?"

    "I have my own plans."

    Mu Yu will not rush to tell Long Qingan about the plan, regardless of whether the person behind Long Qing'an is malicious to him. Once he believes in Long Qing'an, he will expose his actions to the other party. His every move will be The person behind Long Qing'an knows that Mu Yu doesn't like to monitor people wherever he goes.

    Long Qing'an was very arrogant in his work. After only a few moments, he went back with Yu Mingzhen, who was responsible for maintaining the formation.

    "Great elders, what are you looking for?"Yu Mingxi is a congenital invariant, and looks like a sallow face. When facing Long Qing'an, he is very respectful. Although he now holds a senior position at Tianxingmen, he does not dare to have any scorn in the face of the great elders of the Star Gate.

    "You will know when you wait."When Long Qing’an was in the face of Alum, it was a tall and gentle man, maintaining the majesty of being a great elder of the Stars, but when he stepped into his yard, his face had become Very respectful.

    "Adult, brought to Ming Dynasty."Long Qing'an is in the body.

    Yu Mingxi looked at Mu Yu. What he saw in his eyes was that Mu Yu was the appearance of Qiu Jinghuan. He didn’t know Qiu Jinghuan, and he didn’t understand why the elders would be so polite to such a stranger. I am about to ask, but the soul of Mu Yu has fallen on Ming Hao.

    Yu Ming’s eyes were scattered.

    "You have done a good job. Since you choose to believe me, then you are now starting to stay here. You are now bringing a disciple back. You must pretend to be a disciple and teach your apprentice here. I will find you something. ”Mu Yu stood up and moved his mind. Yu Minghao had already left the courtyard of Long Qing'an.

    "Yes, adults."Long Qingan did not say much.

    Mu Yu walked out of the courtyard of Long Qing'an, and the foot stepped slightly, and the invisible lines appeared on the ground, all over the entire courtyard of Long Qing'an.

    He used a light array of techniques, and did not close the courtyard of Long Qing'an, but as long as Long Qing'an left, the formation would be integrated into Long Qing'an, and Mu Yu must know that Long Qing's every move is OK. .

    Mu Yu took a small handsome and made a branch, hiding in the body of Ming. He asked about Alum, and he had a preliminary understanding of the distribution of the starry gates. In any case, Ming Yu’s understanding of the Tianxingmen is still deeper than that of Muyu, so Muyu must act with the help of Ming’s usual work.

    The heavy place of the Star Gate is the fourth peak of the gods. Here, the elders of the Heavenly Boats, who are the highest in the robbery period, are personally guarded. Any wind and grass will be amazed. Before coming, Mu Yu had let Yu Ming to destroy the poly-spirit array used by the disciples of the Tianxing disciples, and destroyed an alarm array. Only then would there be reason to go to the core array.

    Yu Mingxi just fell on the fourth peak of the peak, and suddenly there was a distracted middle-aged man who set his sights on Ming Hao. This person was the guardian who received Lu Xianshi, and he was righteous.

    "Yu Xianshi, you didn't come yesterday, how come again today? Is there a problem with the array? ”Tian Zhengxin asked in surprise.

    Yu Mingxi said with a dignified look: "I can't help it. The disciple of the third Shenfeng came to report to me that there was a problem with the gathering of the spirits. I need to go to the front of the array of guardian mountains to see it."

    "Well, I will record, then you go in!"Tian Zhengxin has no doubts about anything.

    Yu Mingxi walked up a forest path and walked up the hill. On the top of the fourth peak of the Shenfeng, there is a magnificent palace. Here is the array of the star-studded mountain guards, and Mu Yu once visited.

    From time to time, you will see one or two elders of the fit period, sitting in the pavilion, or sitting on the stone and breathing. These people have old-fashioned white-haired people, and middle-aged people with ruddy complexion. They are cultivated in the period of distraction to fit, all of whom are usually guarded here.

    "Most of these people are some of the rehearsal of the comprehension. They come to the elders of the Star Gate. Each of them spends two days a month to stay here, even I need to be on duty. When a road goes up, there are a total of twenty elders of the fit period and fifty elders of the distracted period. ”Yu Mingxi told Mu Yu about the specific guard status.

    Mu Yu’s heart was also secretly surprised. When he came last time, he was only trained to be out of the game, and it is not clear about the strength of these people. Unexpectedly, in order to protect this place, the Star Gate has spent so much manpower, and it is really heavily guarded.

    Yu Mingyi did not say hello to other people on the mountain, because many people in the fit period have their own arrogance. Only one or two people who know Ming Yu will nod and say two words of politeness. But it was when Alum was about to approach the palace, and a strong breath came from the front.

    Although this breath was not deliberately released, it was extremely majestic, and even Mu Yu had to be careful.

    The robbery of the Sixth Heaven of the Robbery, the day boat!

    Sure enough, in the Ming dynasty through the woods, the old man who saw a luxurious robes slowly came over, his face was ruddy and flamboyant.

    "I have seen my ancestors."

    Yu Mingxi hurriedly bowed and bowed, and the repair of the robbery period was a figure of the ancestor level in the Tianxingmen. Although Yu Mingxi was only the elder of the Star Gate, he also had to call it.

    Tian Xingzhou looked at Yu Minghao and nodded: "It's you! Get up! Where is the problem with the array? ”

    What surprised Mu Yu was that Tian Xingzhou’s attitude towards Alum looked very friendly.

    "Returning to the ancestors is a problem with the gathering of the third god peak. The younger generation is planning to deal with it. ”Yu Mingxi did not hide it. He often went in and out here, and he naturally saw many boat trips.

    Tian Xingzhou dagger: "Yes, I have one thing that needs you to do it. When you have dealt with the matter at hand, I will come to my palace. My palace needs some skills. You should understand."

    "The younger understand!"Yu Mingqi once again salute.

    Tian Xingzhou nodded with satisfaction, and then he slowly left with his hands.

    It was not until the day of the boat left, Yu Mingxi was relieved, and in the face of the boat, he always felt like a stone.

    "What kind of person is Tianxingzhou?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

    "Tian Xingzhou is a very extravagant person. UU reads He must pursue valuable things and pay attention to the quality of life. Whether it is to eat or wear, you must achieve the best. In addition, he is very kinky.In chaos, women are required to go to bed every other day. ”Yu Mingxi said honestly.

    "What does it have to do with your skills?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

    Yu Mingxi said with great pride: "I have a drunken dream, and this drunken dream makes Tian Xingzhou trust me very much. Drunken dreams can make people create the most comfortable illusion when they are doing things. The drunkenness can give off the fragrance. If you put the drunken dream on your body, you can stimulate the man’s glory and stimulate the man’s innermost heart. The original wildness, which is more drunk than the medicinal herbs…"

    "I understand, you don't need to describe it."

    Mu Yu had a good scorn in the Ming dynasty. This kind of drunken dream is a means of the next three abuses. I didn’t expect that Ming Hao actually relied on this kind of success to get the appreciation of Tian Xingzhou. The boat is so harmonious to Alum.

    "However, the next three methods are an opportunity."

    Mu Yu also thought about how to deal with Tian Xingzhou. I didn't expect him to think of an idea.

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