Chapter 985 Drunken Dreams

    Yu Mingxi is the elder of the Tianxingmen, who belongs to his own people and often travels to and from this center of the law, so when he comes here, no one needs to be accompanied. dust?edge?文√学←网

    Despite this, the doorway was still sitting on the two elders of the three-day combination. They nodded slightly to Ming Hao and let him in.

    The mysterious lines are scattered throughout the hall. These lines are shimmering and full of singularity. It is very strange. The depiction of the pattern is from the hand of the heavens. It belongs to a fairly perfect array. When the rumor came here, I had to admit that the array under the avenue was too stunning.

    "It’s a pity that such a stunning array must be destroyed in my hands."Mu Yu has emerged from the trees, and Yu Ming has been honestly staying aside, saying nothing.

    Mu Yu’s hands made a mark to seal the door of the palace, so that the two outside men would not notice the movement inside.

    He walked into the formation, spent an hour, and understood the way in which the array was connected. Almost all the arrays under the stars were connected to this array, as long as the array was There is a problem, you can see it here.

    But in other words, this array can also control all the arrays of the stars and the stars. As long as there is an accident in the array, the suspension of the star gate will be destroyed, and the seven peaks will fall from the sky!

    "Are we going to destroy this battle now?"Xiaoshuai reached out and disturbed those lines.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "Of course not! Our ultimate goal is to reduce the credibility of the eight doors, instead of just letting the seven peaks of the Star Gate fall! ”

    Mu Yu has now ruined this formation, and the seven peaks will fall immediately, and the entire star gate will be shattered. However, if you do a little repair, you can fly to the air to take refuge. The entire mountain gate was ruined, and people survived, even if it caused a sensation in the realm of comprehension, but give time, with the foundation of the Tianxing Gate, and build a mountain gate more than enough.

    What he needs is to carry out another plan while destroying the Star Gate.

    "What do you do specifically?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    "You will see it."

    Mu Yu stared at the radiance of the lines, indifferently hit a law, and all the patterns were quietly remodeled.

    After two hours, the entire array is quietly inlaid with another layer of technology. This array is hidden in the center of the array. If it is not the Tiandao, I will not see this in the Ming Dynasty. The same.

    He also portrayed some arrays on the walls around him, confirming the innocence and then doing it.


    There are several pieces of jade in the hands of Mu Yu. These jade pieces have golden patterns on them. He smiles slightly and accepts the jade.

    "You set up a heroic heroic invincible as a young man?"Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

    "Yeah, got a narcissistic avatar."Mu Yu nodded.

    "What about the next?"

    Mu Yu looked at Yu Ming and said: "You take out the so-called drunken dreams."

    When Yu Mingxi was in the stage of Mu Yu, he turned around honestly and did not see what Mu Yu was doing. At this time, he heard Mu Yu talking and quickly took out a red bun and gave it to him. Wood feather.

    Mu Yu took the drunken dream and explored the consciousness into the drunken dream. The spells and the arrays are the same in some degrees. The technique is equivalent to depicting the arrays in the paper. The base is the material for making the paper, so Mu Yu quickly understands this. The principle of drunken dreams.

    "Hey, you have two things about this kind of thing."

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and Yu Ming's drunken dream was to blend the drunken dream flower into the tiger vine, adding the white camel mountain bone powder, and made this paper with strong potency. Drunken dream flower is a very powerful hallucinogenic drug, which can make people feel extremely excited, and tiger vine is a special medicine to revive men's glory.

    Yu Mingxi combines these two drugs into a body, and flows in a human body in a spiritual way, making the body instantly rise. These two things are mixed together, even if a sick cat can instantly become a tiger, it is estimated that the boat is old and incompetent, so it is necessary to do this thing.

    "I am the best at this kind of herbal medicine."Mu Yu snorted.

    He pondered for a moment and suddenly thought of a good idea: "I need to improve this kind of paper."

    Xiaoshuai said with a fuss: "Ah, Mu Yu will also make this shameful thing. Have you studied it before?"

    Mu Yu raised his hand to give a small burst to his head: "I am young and vigorous, seven times a night, good man, what do you want to do with this stuff?" I can inherit the powerful array and poison of the dead wood, you can't understand! ”

    Xiaoshuai touched his head and said: "Cut, only seven times, "The West Gate unfortunately fights Pan Yinlian" said in the book, Simon is unfortunately thirty-eight nights!"

    "His time is short."Wood feather head did not lift said.

    "What does it mean to be short?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

    "When you eat well, don't think about it, be a good boy with pure thoughts. Otherwise, I can't explain it to Master. He will say that I am carrying you bad."Mu Yusai gave Xiao Shuai a chicken leg.

    Mu Yu is familiar with the interaction of various herbs. Usually, because of the strong people he encountered during the battle, he never expected himself to use poison to defeat the opponent, but since Tianhangzhou has this special Well, Mu Yu naturally wants to improve the drunken dreams.

    Yu Mingxi looked around and saw that Mu Yu was busy. He didn't understand what kind of herbs Mu Yu had added. Mu Yu didn't bother to explain it. He just told Yu Ming that he would say something. Then Mu Yu re-struck Xiao Shuai, turned into a branch, disappeared in Ming Hao.


    The place where Tianhangzhou lived was on the fourth peak, in a luxurious courtyard not far from the center of the law.

    All the decoration here is very luxurious, the wall is built with aurora glazed stone, the courtyard is covered with Tianhuo Baixinyan, these things are rare in the realm of cultivation.

    For example, Tianhuo Baixinyan is a kind of treasure with a strong aura. It is generally a good material for making a base in the eyes of the formation. The value of a fist-sized Tianhuo Baixinyan is no less than 100,000 Lingshi, but here a whole piece of white brick paving is made, and it is estimated that it takes at least tens of millions of Lingshi to lay a floor!

    This is only the ground. The bricks are made of precious and difficult to find broken crystal milk crystals. This spar is very hard and can show different colors under different degrees of sunlight. There will be different colors at different times of the day. According to the estimation of Mu Yu, there is not a single spar. There are at least tens of millions of tiles laid here.

    "This old guy really enjoys it!"

    When Mu Yu saw this luxurious courtyard, he couldn't help but marvel. The star of the sky was rich and the sky was the highest ancestor. The treatment was the emperor's level. Do not say anything else, the value of this courtyard alone is at least a few hundred million!

    "These precious treasures of heaven and earth are not only used for decoration, but also for cultivation. There is also the most luxurious gathering of the Star Gate. Tian Xingzhou is the ancestor of Tianxingmen. If he wants anything as long as one sentence, even the entire Tianxing Gate will overturn the repairing realm and will do it for him. ”Yu Mingxi explained.

    The self-cultivator of the robbery period is a person who is admired by a single person. Even if he is awkward, the entire Tianxing Gate will vibrate twice.

    Yu Mingxi has already respectfully entered the yard. The rockery pond in the yard is exquisite and elegant. There is also a pavilion made of white jade carving wood. This kind of wood is one hundred inches long and can be used to make the wood of the pavilion. Wannian!

    Unfortunately, this kind of wood can't open the mind, so it's just a relatively auspicious wood.

    "Tianxingzhou has a hobby. Every time the girl I found must be a virgin. It must be a mortal. It must be no more than twenty years old. One must have two girls to sleep."Yu Mingxi said in his heart.

    "He wants to be a mortal? I don’t think it would be better to take a woman’s double repair. ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    "He did not need any double repairs for this kind of cultivation, purely to satisfy his own kinky.As for the desire, he said that the mortal girl has a feeling that the comprehension does not have, personal hobby! ”Yu Mingxi is quite familiar with these things because he often refines his dreams.

    Mu Yu snorted, and this old man was killed for the world.

    Yu Mingxi stopped at the door, and there were two beautiful and beautiful cockroaches at the door. They didn't have any cultivation, they were ordinary people, but the ancestors who could serve the Star Gate were their blessings.

    Yu Mingxi fell to the ground respectfully, Christine said: "Go back to the ancestors, Yu Mingqiu asked."

    "How is it so slow? Come in quickly! ”Tian Xingzhou said eagerly.


    Yu Mingjun stood up, and two maids had opened the door, at this time the room came a woman's teasing voice, apparently these two mortal women have been trained before they want to do, at this time is bird nestled in the bosom of the day boat, all kinds of tease days boat, days boat facial flushing, but is unable to enter the state, Obviously, it still doesn't work.

    "Hurry up. UU reading "Tian Xingzhou eagerly shouted.

    "Yes, old ancestors."Yu Mingqi quickly went over, and then took out the drunken dream, and said, "Back to the ancestors, the younger generation has studied a new kind of drunkenness in these few days. This kind of drunkenness can let the ancestors keep the time when you act. Long, and the state will be better."

    "Really?"Tian Xingzhou is overjoyed. What he hates most is that he is too old and has enough energy.

    "The younger generation did not dare to deceive the ancestors."Yu Mingqi said quickly.

    "Well, what are you waiting for?"Tian Xingzhou has long been teased by two small women, but unfortunately somewhere is not contention.

    Yu Mingxi hesitated a bit, so it was difficult to say: "The ancestors, if this new type of drunken dreams wants to exert the best results, it is necessary to let the ancestors temporarily close their own spiritual power."

    "Closed spiritual power?"

    Tianxingzhou frowned, and closing the spiritual power is equivalent to being a mortal. This is a very dangerous thing for the self-cultivator.

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