No. 986 Chapter Control

    "Back to the ancestors, it only takes a quarter of an hour. Once the effective use of the drunkenness is on the ancestors, the ancestors can be restored as they were, and they can be more powerful when they act. m↓I text KW?W "Yu Mingjun a flattering look on his face.

    "Oh, immortal, closing the spiritual power will close the spiritual power, we can't wait."The woman in her arms said with care.

    Tian Xingzhou snorted in the arms of the woman in the arms, and then said: "Okay, half an hour, there is no problem!"

    It was only a quarter of an hour, and even if something unusual happened, he could respond in time to the repair of his robbery period. In addition, Yu Mingxi often helped him solve these things, so Tianxingzhou would not doubt anything.

    Heaven is full of eyes.I smiled and touched the two women and said, "You two will come to my bed to wait for me, I will come soon."

    The two enchanting women twisted and walked toward the bed, and turned back and forth, laughing and letting the boat go hot.

    After the two women left, Tian Xingzhou recovered a light look and said: "Hurry up, if the newly improved drunkenness can satisfy me, I will definitely reward you."

    "The ancestors rest assured."

    Yu Mingxi has taken out the drunken dream of the transformation of Mu Yu, and at this time Tian Xingzhou has already pointed his finger at his own Dantian, and he has taken all his spiritual power back to Dantian, and the whole person’s momentum has also weakened. Like a coveted old man.

    "Old ancestors, you can relax physically and mentally."

    Yu Mingxi put the drunken dream on the forehead of Tianxingzhou, and then urged the spiritual power. The drunken dream suddenly turned into a streamer, and he was integrated into his body from the forehead of Tianhangzhou, and he was quickly distributed. In the meridians.

    Tian Xingzhou enjoyed the low eyes and suddenly entered a wonderful state.

    "The wretched guy, if you are not fine.The insect is on the brain, I really have no chance! ”

    Mu Yu has appeared on the side of Tian Xingzhou, sarcastically said.


    Tianxingzhou suddenly opened his eyes, his hand has been at Dantian, and he has already solved the restrictions of Dantian. The whole person has stepped back a few steps, his eyes glaring at Ming and Mu Yu.

    The wood feathers snorted and the lines of the feet rushed out, separating the entire room and shielding the outside.

    "Yu Mingxi,

You dare to bring outsiders here! ”

    Tian Xingzhou angered, he did not notice the figure of Mu Yu, and he was very surprised at the sudden appearance of Mu Yu. He did not understand how Mu Yu was silently mixed in.

    "Old guy, do you say me?"After Mu Yu turned and came to the sky boat, he grabbed the sky boat.

    Tian Xingzhou was shocked. With the quick action of Mu Yu, he already knew that the other side was repaired at least for the period of catastrophe. Only then did he shackle his own spiritual power, which means that he was arbitrarily slaughtered. He thought that there was only a while in his heart.

    "court death!"

    Tian Xingzhou’s eyes showed a cruel look, turned and waved his hand, trying to mobilize the spiritual power. However, he suddenly felt that there was a strange flame burning in his body. The spiritual power just flowed out from Dantian, and he was directly surprised by that. The flames are swallowed up and there is no spiritual power at all.

    He originally thought that he could definitely make a wooden wound into a serious injury by throwing a punch in the six-day sky. However, he never thought that the punch was just caught by the wooden feather, and then Mu Yu clenched his The arm and the bones had a sharp pain, and the cold sweat instantly filled the forehead of the boat.

    "How can it be? Is it…Yu Minghao, you dare to do this to me! ”Tian Xingzhou has already understood the drunken dream of the previous one. It is definitely the hand and foot of the drunken dream.

    However, Yu Mingzhen just stood face to face with respect and respect, and seemed to be stunned by what was happening in front of him.

    Mu Yu added a kind of phlegm and phlegm in the drunken dream. Once this herb is spread over a person's meridians, it will swallow up the spiritual power generated by the other dantian and want to use it in one hour. Spiritual power is impossible.

    "what did you do to me? I warn you, I am the ancestor of the Star Gate. If you hurt me a hair, I will let you – ah -"

    The day of the boat has not finished, the soul of the wood feathers has invaded the mind of Tian Xingzhou, found the soul of the three palaces to set them up, and broke the soul of the three palaces. After the two forces violently collided in the mind of Tian Xingzhou, the boat was sore and cracked. The whole person almost burst open, and his eyes were black and he was already in a coma.

    "Sorry, I have no habit of explaining my abilities with the enemy, so there is no need to tell me what moves on your hands, how can my ability to leak to the enemy at will?"

    Mu Yu slammed his hand and threw the boat like a dead dog on the ground. After all, Tian Xingzhou is a guy who has been robbed of six heavens. If this guy does not think that no one dares to attack him on the site of the Star Gate, he will not be so convinced that Ming Yu, Mu Yu is not so easy. Take him.

    "Save another one."Xiaoshuai also reached the shoulder of Mu Yu.

    Let’s not say if Mu Yu is sure to take the sky boat and shoot on the site of the Star Gate. It will inevitably attract the attention of the door of the Star Gate. If those people from the Triple Palace are brought in, it will be very Tricky.

    "Will you kill him?"Xiaoshuai saw the fruit on the table and ruthlessly grabbed a grape and stuffed it into his mouth.

    "Don't kill, I can control him."

    Mu Yu shook his head. If the sky boat is dead, the star gate will surely enter the state of alert. When all the people in the robbery period are called back, it is not so easy for Mu Yu to destroy the star door.

    After he once again engraved the soul of the soul into the body of the boat, Tianhangzhou had opened his eyes, his eyes blurred and looked at Muyu, and then crouched on the ground, saying: "I have seen the master."

    After Mu Yu withdraws from the soul of the Triple Palace, Tian Xing's brain will become extremely chaotic, lose his mind, and wake up to lose his memory. At this time, he can just regain control. However, in the case that Tianhangzhou loses its mind, it is impossible for Tianxingzhou to fully exert its original strength. It can even be said that even a half-point cultivation can’t be played out. He is forgotten to forget his own exercises. Feather can do nothing.

    "So how do you deal with him next?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    "According to the plan, Yu Minghao, you will replace your ancestors to the outsiders, and say that he has to retreat in the past few days, no one will bother him!"Mu Yu said.

    Tian Xingzhou is no longer a sober person. If there are days or traces in the past few days or other people come to visit, then the impact on Mu Yu’s plan will be great, so he must ensure that the people at Tianxingmen cannot disturb the boat. Only then.

    "Yes."Yu Mingxi has already retired.

    As for the two women waiting in bed, Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders and used the soul to let them go back and forth.

    "Next, I need to make the plan a foolproof one."

    Later, under the leadership of Alum, Mu Yu went to the various peaks of the entire Star Gate, laid a series of arrays, and even controlled many elders of the Stars Gate. Yu Mingzhao, who is the master of the Stars Gate Maintenance System, has no place to stop where he went, which saves a lot of trouble.

    After handling these things, he returned to Long Qing'an's residence and stayed at Long Qing'an's residence for two days. Long Qingan told Mu Yu very honestly that Tianxingmen did not have a triple palace.

    The people of Mie Palace will not think that Mu Yu is at the Star Gate at this time, and it is impossible to stay in the Eight Doors anytime and anywhere, and their temper will rarely come out and show up.

    Everything was ready, Mu Yu let Long Qingan take him away from the Star Gate and return to Wuqiu City.

    "Well, if you want to be busy now, go ahead!"

    Regardless of what Long Qingan wanted to do, he left Wuqiu City directly.

    Long Qingan looked at the disappearance of Mu Yu, his eyes flashed for a moment, and then disappeared in place.


    There is a river outside Wuqiu City. The river flows down from a mountain. At this time, there is a blue-and-middle-aged man standing on the top of the mountain. The peaks are smog, reflecting his figure is erratic.

    Long Qing’s figure fell on the mountain and crouched on the ground. Christine said: “I have seen the master.”

    "Get up!"The middle-aged man did not turn around, just looking into the distance.

    "Do you know his plan?"Blue middle-aged man asked.

    Long Qingan stood up and hesitated: "He doesn't trust me, don't let me follow."

    The middle-aged man indulged for a moment and asked: "So he knows that you are not a demon thing?"

    Long Qing'an said: "Yes, he is very alert."

    "You didn't say your true identity?"

    "The owner told me that he would not dare to say it."

    The middle-aged nodded slightly and said, "What do you think of him?"

    There is a hint of awe in the eyes of Long Qingan: "He is very talented and controls the power in his body. He didn't have the arrogance in Dongsha City…"

    After a pause, Long Qingan said: "There is one thing that is unknown. Why did you stop the owner when you were in Dongsha City?"

    "Are you blaming me?"

    "I don't dare to do it. UU reads The owner forgives the crime."

    Long Qing’an’s face was white, and he was about to kneel down, but the middle-aged man raised his hand and said in a tone: “You don’t have to pay more, I can’t shoot it. Today’s Sanchong Palace is not what it used to be. The strength controls everything, and I will be aware of it when I shoot."

    The middle-aged man shook his head.

    Long Qingan sighed: "That Mu Yu can handle all this?"

    The middle-aged man was silent and for a long time said: "We can only wait and see what happens. If that person does not come back, we can't fight against the white world. But Mu Yu seems to want to understand how to deal with the Mie Palace, or that there are high people pointing at him, I am not very clear what he is going to do, in short, you can do your own thing, let him action. ”

    "Yes, the subordinate retired."Long Qing'an was slightly covered and then disappeared into the top of the mountain.

    The middle-aged man did not turn around until the end. He just looked at the white clouds floating in the sky, and said to himself: "The person who can be seen by the sword and the dust and the dead wood, maybe it can really give We have some surprises!"

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