Chapter 987 Wallpaper

    Outside the gate of Wuqiu City, on a banyan tree, the wooden feather sits on the branch and looks at Long Qing'an from the distant mountain. At this time, Long Qingan becomes a detour. The appearance of the elders of the Star of the Supreme, the look of peace, is quite majestic. dust?In the eyes of Wuqiu City, Long Qingan entered the city and disappeared.

    "who are you?"

    Mu Yu’s gaze kept looking at the towering mountain in the distance. He just wanted to go up the mountain to see it, but he turned around in the mountain and found no trace of Long Qing’an, no transmission array, no other buildings. It is an ordinary mountain, but let a big living person like Long Qing'an disappear in the air in front of Mu Yu.

    "what happened? Still thinking about that guy? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

    "I don't trust this dragon Qingan, but the attitude of Long Qing'an to me makes me feel very strange."Mu Yu pondered.

    "Where is it strange?"

    "He knows me."

    Xiaoshuai grinned: "There are more people who know you. He is the great elder of the Star Gate. How could he not know who the young man who is next to the handsome Shuai Shuai in the world?"

    Mu Yu violently licked the head of Xiao Shuai, and said with no anger: "Well, know that you are the most handsome."

    The understanding in his mouth refers to where the two should have seen and even dealt with, rather than simply knowing the name of Mu Yu.

    However, Mu Yu is still going to go to the ghost gate now, and now he no longer thinks about anything, leaving Wuqiu City in the direction of the ghost gate.

    Ghost Gate and the Star Gate are not far apart. Mu Yu calculated the distance, paused for three days in the middle, and laid out some formations along the way. Then he rushed to the dead wood valley. Zhuge Xiaosheng and Hao Ran have already I was waiting for the wood feathers there.

    "Mu Yu brother, do you want to act?"When I saw Mu Yu, I suddenly flew away from the distance with excitement.

    "Oh, we are going to kill people, how do you look so happy?" Usually you don't like to kill people? ”

    Mu Yu smiled and looked at the face with excitement. This girl looked like a look of recovery in the past few days. As a daughter of the sword shadow dust, her talent is wonderful, plus the vitality of the Bodhi tree, and now the strength is quite extraordinary.

    Suddenly snorted, said: "Zhuge predecessors have said to me, the ghost door and the triple palace collusion,

It’s really deceiving people. It’s also a dedication to this martial art. ”

    Zhuge Xiaosheng also came to Mu Yu and asked: "Mu Yu, have you prepared everything?"

    "I have already controlled the sky boat at the Tianxingmen. Now I am waiting to go to the ghost door."Mu Yu said.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked: "You control the sky boat? I heard that he is a six-day god! How can you…"

    Xiaoshuai said awkwardly at the side: "I was influenced by us."

    "Probation?"Zhuge Xiaosheng is amazed.

    "Don't listen to him nonsense, it is an accident to control the boat. In fact, if he is not too lascivious, I have not had the chance to fix him. In short, I am going to go to the ghost gate, the sovereign, you are going to wait for the news near the Star Gate, once this Take the greenwood out of the flowers and follow the plan."

    Mu Yu handed a piece of Aoki, which was portrayed to the array, to Zhuge Xiaosheng. This piece of Aoki can be controlled by Mu Yu at a long distance. As soon as the array is launched, Aoki will take root, for Zhuge Xiaosheng. It was a hands-on signal, and then the next plan was discussed in detail with Zhuge Xiaosheng.

    "Okay, Mu Yu, then you two should be careful."Zhuge Xiaosheng nodded and he turned and left the valley.

    Suddenly holding a small handsome in his arms, Xiao Shuai is also shameless, and Mu Yu always wants to beat people when he sees Xiaoshuai as a rogue.

    "Oh, our action can't reveal identity, so I need to give you something to change."Mu Yu said.

    "Okay! Who are you going to turn me into? ”

    "Duan Baiqing."

    "Duan Baiqing?"Suddenly raised his head in surprise, then his eyes showed anger, "The old demon!"

    Mu Yu laughed: "I thought you respected the elders!"

    Duan Baiqing is another elder of the Red Dust Gate. It is also a period of robbery. Mu Yu has never seen it before, but Zhuge Xiaosheng has already got her portrait, so Mu Yu can let it play.

    "The old demon was threatening me at the Red Dust Gate!"Screaming and gnashing her teeth, she will show a pointed tiger tooth when she is angry, very cute.

    "This old demon will definitely clean up her for you in the future. You are so beautiful, I am reluctant to turn you into the look of the old demon!"Mu Yu reached out and squeezed his face.

    "The liar, the last time I said this to Qiao Xue, this is the only thing in the world that I am single-minded to my sister, not like someone who is half-hearted…"Xiaoshuai shouted.

    "Qiao Xue?"I am a picky eyebrow.

    Mu Yu's face was green, and he directly picked up Xiao Shuai's tail, took him out of his arms and threw it away.

    "No, no, don't listen to him."Mu Yu touched his head a little, and took his eyes to other places.

    Suddenly holding his chest in his hands, his eyes looked at the wood feathers, step by step closer to Mu Yu: "You just said Qiao Xue? So you have been with her for a few years? ”

    Mu Yu feels that there is something wrong with the atmosphere. I don’t know why it seems to suddenly cool down.

    The climate in this year is really changeable. It is said that the cooling is cooling down, and no forecast is made in advance.

    "No, I just stayed with her for a while, not always together."Mu Yu looked at it step by step, he quickly retreated, but took a few steps and found that he had retreated to the cliffs of the valley.

    "Oh, only for a while! So what happened to you? ”Looked at the wood feathers with some eyes.

    "It's okay, we just talk about life, talk about ideals, I help her save the Siren King, she is grateful to me, probably this is the case."Mu Yu explained quickly, and then revealed a smile that he thought he was handsome in the sun, trying to resolve the flaws.

    "Fall me again, mad at me, my sister, Mu Yu lies!"Xiaoshuai climbed up from afar on the ground.

    "Little handsome, you are finished, look at me and buy it for you later!"Mu Yu can't wait to rush to this guy who eats outside.

    Suddenly, I suddenly slammed a punch!


    The stunned fist squatted on the left side of Mu Yu’s head and fell into the cliff.

    Oh! Oh! Oh!

    The sound of Mu Yu’s heart was heard from the rock wall behind him. The entire cliff wall cracked a huge seam, and the slamming fist wind slid across the wood feathers, leaving the wood feathers with some pain.

    Mu Yu opened his mouth and his left ear was a little tinnitus.

    "Wall, niche?"

    Mu Yu was shocked and recalled that when he was in the dusty mountain, he taught him how to chase the teacher and taught him a tree tree. He did not expect this time to come to the "tick."

    He sneaked his eyes and went to see the poor cliff on the left. The stunned show punched with golden light and the rock wall was already faltering.

    "Look at my eyes, don't look at my hands!"Obviously.

    Mu Yu quickly regained his gaze and stared at his eyes.

    "You're jealous?"Mu Yu tried to show a gentle smile and asked awkwardly.


    The stunned left hand also broke into the cliff on the right side of Mu Yu, and the poor valley screamed again and cracked.

    "I, no, have, eat, vinegar."

    Suddenly picked up his mouth and said it in a word.

    "Yes, yes, no jealous, no jealousy, we only eat sweet, not jealous."Mu Yu nodded quickly and thought that the valley was really pitiful. He was once devastated last time. This time he made two more punches.

    "I am not happy."Suddenly looked at Mu Yu, dissatisfied.

    The eyes are clear, like a mirror, reflecting the reflection of the wood feathers. Her face is still very dissatisfied, but her angry look always makes Mu Yu feel funny, this girl is like a simple little girl with a temper.

    However, he suddenly swayed in his heart, and then he said nothing, directly tilted his head forward, kissed his lips, and stretched out his hands into his arms.

    The spring blossoms, the flowers bloom, and everything recovers.

    The temperature of the icy cold rose again, hesitated a moment, and hugged Mu Yu, their hearts were beating with joy, as if they had been glued together in an instant, and the entire damaged valley seemed to be full of vitality.

    The best way to deal with niches is that Mu Yu thinks it is a rogue.


    On the cliff of the valley, on a prominent stone, the two sit side by side.

    "Do you want to hear my explanation?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Forget it, don't want it."Shaking his head.

    Mu Yu was amazed: "You are not angry?"

    Suddenly touched Xiao Shuai's white hair, he said: "I will find me later to clean up you. I can't do it. There are still dead woods. They will be the masters of me, especially the cognac. He will definitely kill you. ”

    Mu Yu snorted and revealed a bitter face, and he forgot about it.

    However, his heart suddenly sinks, because if he wants to resurrect the dead wood, he must pay for his life. What should he do at that time?

    Mu Yu’s heart suddenly is not a taste.

    "Oh, sorry."Mu Yu took hold of his hand.

    "Are you smashing now? Ok, well, forgive you. ”

    The smile is very simple, there is no impurity, she is a very good girl, will not think about the miscellaneous things, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com such a girl is very specific, Mu Yu also wants to take good care of it, but he only now finds that it can't be done.

    Suddenly smiled and said: "My mother said that men have their own things to be busy, we have to be considerate, like a person, you should trust him. I think that Mu Yu is a person who won't change his mind, so I also believe in Mu Yu's brother. ”

    The thoughts of the awkwardness are very pure. Her mother Miao language was originally because she trusted the sword shadow dust, so she chose not to stop the sword shadow dust from doing anything, she thought the same as her mother.

    "Of course I don't change my mind, I always like it."

    Mu Yu also laughed. He didn't think about what happened in the future. He lived in the moment, cherished the people in front of him, and tried to get along with him as much as possible. He made up for the shortcomings of the past few years, which is what he wants to do most.

    Xiao Shuai just wanted to speak, and he was sent back by Mu Yu.

    "Well, let's annihilate the ghost door and the star door together, and then go to the red dust door to save my mother."Strictly said.

    "Yes, destroying the devils, everyone is responsible."Xiaoshuai shouted next to him.

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