Chapter 988 goes back to the ghost gate

    "Brother Mu, do not look at me, I do not like to become an old hag." mJL text × W?W"

    Mu Yu used the hundred-faced illusion to turn into a new elder section of the Red Dust Gate, but she has always been entangled in the exclusion of Duan Baiqing.

    "No, the different people in the singular illusion see different things. In my eyes, you look like the original, and you haven't changed. Don't believe you ask Xiaoshuai."Mu Yu looked at Xiaoshuai with a smirk.

    Xiaoshuai looked at Mu Yu in horror, because at this time in the eyes of Xiaoshuai, the wood feather he saw was actually the image of "small ink" in the sea!

    "Wood feather, don't become a little ink, I can't do it wrong?"Xiao Shuai’s eyes are tearful, and he still has a shadow on the little ink.

    "Whoever let you sell me, hurry up, Xiaoshuai, come to my arms, we have to leave."Mu Yu smirked and reached out to Xiaoshuai.

    In the view of Xiaoshuai, it was an ink demon that extended his hand to him. The eyes were still in love, and the little handsome was scared and trembling.

    "No, I want to be with my sister."Xiaoshuai tightly grabbed the stunned clothes and refused to get close to Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu smiled and made another mistake in his face: "So what do you look like now?"

    Xiaoshuai looked up and found that he did not know when it became the image of a small ink, he screamed "wow" and fell to the ground.

    "Little handsome, are you okay?"Suddenly, he bent down to pick up the handsome boy, just like the emperor stooped to hold the little handsome, and Xiao Shuan twisted his ass and retreated. He shook his head in horror and refused to let it close.

    "I am mad at me, I also understand the law!"

    Xiaoshuai jumped up quickly, and stretched out his small hand to tear off the fascinating hundred-faced illusion, but was slapped by Mu Yu.

    "I will sell me again next time, and you will wait in the arms of Little Ink every day!"Mu Yu shouted.

    "Well, Mu Yu brother don't tease the handsome, Xiaoshuai is still a child, don't scare him."Said awkwardly.

    "He is still young? He used to follow you everywhere to mix and drink the sword spirit! ”Mu Yu said.

    "But Xiaoshuai is not a memory loss later. After he broke the shell, he was a born child."Said awkwardly.


I am not an adult with this little boy. ”Mu Yu spread his hands.

    Xiaoshuai quickly climbed up, jumped to the shoulders of his shoulders, and stretched out his small claws to change the illusion of the hundred faces.

    "This is my sister."

    Xiaoshuai patted his little chest and showed a happy smile. This guy still knows a lot about the game. Don't look at him. He usually follows the wood feathers to do things and eat and drink. In fact, the array is very powerful.

    "That little handsome, you will stay with me, I will go to the ghost door."Muyu's versatile array of illusions shows the true face, but what others show is the image of Tian Xingzhou.

    Suddenly stopped not far from the ghost door, she did not have the ability to integrate into the trees like Mu Yu, so she had to wait outside for the wood feathers.

    Ghost Gate Mu Yu is not unfamiliar. The news he got was that the ghost gates had three people in the squad.

    "Three periods of robbery, that means that in addition to guarding the twins of the sea, we only need to care about two."The wooden feathers fell in the center of a rocky stone outside the ghost gate.

    Meng Po can be handed over to Meng Gong, but I don’t know if Meng Po is still alive for so many years. If he steps into the coffin, Mu Yu must implement another plan.

    Mu Yu looked around the boundaries of the ghost gates. He needed to re-apply, control a disciple, and follow him to the sinister bridge.

    He only waited for an hour. There was a distracted young man in the sky flashing from the ghost door. It seemed that he was going out to perform the task. Mu Yu snorted and turned into a flash, directly detaining the ghost door. Come down.

    "You will take me to the Ghost Gate!"

    The soul of Mu Yu was shrouded in the ghost gate, and he was controlled. In a blink of an eye, it turned into a branch and disappeared into the ghost door.

    The young ghost doorman named Ghost Johu, he originally seemed to be going to the city of Xianchuan to collect the soul, because the news that Ghost Johu got was three days later, there will be a large number of Yumeng Mozu in the past. Kill the Chuancheng City and fight against the self-cultivator. Everything has a spirit, not only the soul of the self-cultivator after death, but even the Yumeng Mozu have a soul after death.

    "You ghosts are really powerful, even when the Yumeng Mozu is attacking, you know in advance."

    Mu Yu snorted and snorted, it is obvious that the ghost doorman got news from the Mie Palace, knowing when there is a soul, when should it be dispatched.

    "Now there are several old ghosts in the ghost gate?"

    Mu Yu’s three news of the robbery period came from a few days ago, and it was enough for a few days to happen, so he had to confirm it again.

    "Three."Ghost Johan walked honestly toward a solitary grave.

    "Who are the three old devils?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

    "In addition to the ghosts, there are two ghosts and admirers, who are the ghosts and the ghosts."The ghost said nonsense.

    "Wait, what about Meng Po?"Mu Yu brows slightly wrinkled.

    "Meng Po? Meng Po, she is a guardian of the bridge, I don't know her specific cultivation. ”The ghost said nonsense.

    "You do not know?"

    The wood feathers glimpsed a little, and then he suddenly thought that the situation was not very good, because at that time, when Mu Yu met Meng Po at that time, the old monster was a catastrophe. However, Meng Po’s true cultivation is not even clear to the ghosts, so it seems that the information he collected at the beginning was also wrong.

    That is to say, there are four people in the ghost gate who are now in town, and Mu Yu must be careful.

    Ghost Johu has already reached the lonely grave, and the tombstone split open to reveal an underground ladder, which came into a narrow and dark passage.

    Surrounded by wild ghosts, swaying and flickering, and the sound of ticking, echoing in the narrow passage, it seems very human.

    Everything here is no different from the appearance of Mu Yu last time, because the ghost door people will only come here when they first get started, drink Meng Po Tang, forget the past, and become loyal to the ghost gate, usually You can go directly to the outside of the ghost array that can detect twins, without going through this road.

    For many ghosts, the bridge only needs to go once.

    "Fortunately, knowing how to deal with this Meng Po should not be difficult."

    Mu Yu’s heart is meditating. There is a Menggong sitting in the sea. It is the twin son of Meng Po. As long as he finds Meng Gong, Meng Gong will certainly assist Mu Yu, and he guarantees this when Tian Yan’s turn back to the past. a little.

    The last time he came here, the repair was only a fit period, there was no chance of winning in the face of Meng Po, but this time he was also a robbery period. Even after thirty-four years, Meng Po’s cultivation may be even higher. But Mu Yu knows what is the weakness of Meng Po.

    Dealing with Meng Po does not require him to be hands-on, Meng Gong will help him solve the problem.

    "Okay, I don't need you anymore."

    Mu Yu directly drilled out from Ghost Johu, thinking about it for a moment to let this guy stay outside, and if he had an accident, he would leave a way for himself.

    Mu Yu only needs the ghost to use the special hand of the ghost gate to open the lonely grave. It is enough to enter the grave. The rest will be handled by himself. The last time I turned into a grass did not escape the feeling of Meng Po, because the ghost door people are particularly sensitive to the soul, can feel that there are several souls in a person, so it is useless to hide the wood feathers.

    This time, I simply went out and went face to face with Meng Po. According to Meng Po’s practice, she would not stop Mu Yu from going to the bridge, and Mu Yu would need to go up to the bridge to enter the twins to find Meng Gong.

    Mu Yu sneaked silently and quickly reached the end of the passage. However, at this moment, he suddenly felt that something was wrong, because there were two breaths of the robbery period in front!

    "how come? How can there be two people in the robbery period guarding here? ”

    Mu Yu was shocked and stopped his footsteps. He understood that there were some changes in the ghost door. There was no hesitation at the moment and he immediately swept back.

    He can't face two ghosts at the same time here, because fighting two ghosts is equivalent to fighting four ghosts. Their twin strength and the body are comparable. And if you alarmed two other ghosts, he would have to face eight ghosts.

    "Since the friend of the road has come, why bother to go?"

    The shadow of the sinister has blocked the retreat of Mu Yu, and it is the old woman who is holding the cane with the old man! Mu Yu looked disgustedly at the hand crutches in Meng Po’s hand. It was the crutches made by Meng Gong’s two hands. No matter who saw Meng Po’s first sight, attention would be taken by her hand. To attract the past.

    "Weird, the news that the ghost domain predecessors came back from the demon island is not to say that if the wood feather wants to sneak into the ghost gate, it is very possible to come here. How come an old man? Sister, UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com You called me to wait together this year, are you sure the intelligence is right? ”

    A woman in red twisted her waist and walked from the end of the passage. The woman was very exposed and looked so graceful that she was only in her twenties. A dark red hair was like blood-stained, straight. Dangling to the waist, whether it is the lips or the eyeshadow, it is like dyed with blood, especially demon.

    "Ghost domain?"

    Mu Yu’s heart twitched, and now it’s clear that things seem to be out of his control!

    At the beginning, the ghosts reluctantly returned to the past with him, and they also met in the ghost gates. They even knew that Meng Gong controlled Meng Po. These ghosts were sure to tell the ghost domain, but with the help of ghost domain, I’m afraid I’ve already These things have been passed back, warning the ghosts of the present!

    This means that Meng Po will do any protective measures to wait for the wood feather!

    "No matter who is coming, let's drink a bowl of Mengpo soup!"

    Meng Po smiled sullenly, I don’t know when I had lifted the crutches, and the other end of the crutches was holding a bowl of red bubbling Mengpo soup!

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