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Chapter 989 Meng Po and Ghost Sounds

    Sure enough, I still have troubles. Mu Yu has missed this step. The means of Ghost Domain is really powerful. m??Text?W?W

    But Mu Yu quickly calmed down, and he asked in a loud voice: "What? Do you welcome the guests like this? ”

    At this time, he used the hundred-faced magic array to look like an outsider in the eyes of an outsider. Mu Yu was confident in his own array of techniques. His versatile array of illusions could not be seen by Zhuge Xiaosheng, let alone these two. A ghost door.

    "The guests? Why don't I know that there are guests coming? ”

    The enchanting woman is a ghost of the ghost gate. It is a ghostly sound of one of the three saints who were mentioned by Ghost Johu during the robbery period. As for Meng Po, because all the ghosts have only seen her when they started, they will never go this way again, so they don’t know the true strength of Meng Po.

    However, Meng Po was a 34-year-old rehabilitated period. After thirty-four years, she still lived. This old monster is probably more terrible than it was thirty-four years ago!

    "Where are you from?"

    Meng Po looked at the wood feathers miserably, then twitched out another hand and groped for a moment on the wall, then a lot of gloomy fires on the wall burned up, illuminating the appearance of Mu Yu, Then Meng Po fell on the wooden feather chest clothes.

    "You are the star of the sky?"Meng Po recognized the sign of the wooden feather chest that belongs to the star gate.

    "On the next day, it is to come over with the ghosts to discuss the Yumeng Mozu attacking the city of Suichuan. Because of the sudden incident and the urgent situation, the ghosts and grandsons of the leisure city of Suichuan City sent a ghost disciple. Bring me here, I never thought I would meet two ghosts."Mu Yu silently arched.

    He faced two ghosts alone. If you really want to fight, you can't beat it. It will surely alarm the other two old devils. It is very difficult to get out.

    "Sky boat? Are you a heavenly boat in the Star Gate? ”Meng Po looked at the ghost sound and asked, "Music, have you seen the sky before?"

    The ghost sounds a light laugh, her laughter screams and reverberates in the entire passage, saying: "Oh, sister, the Tianxing boat elders of the Tianxingmen, who are not leaving the house, already have three I haven’t left the Star Gate for ten years, and it’s already a fascinating experience. I’ve seen a small woman who has seen a friend in the sky!”

    "This friend, if my sister is right, I can't confirm your identity."

    Meng Po slowly put the cane back, and her turbid eyes were covered with a haze.

It looked extraordinarily scary, but she also saw that the repair of Mu Yu was very high. Although it was not completely revealed, it was true that the robbery period was correct.

    Mu Yu’s heart was moving, but fortunately, he did not start to kill the ghost Johu directly. At this time, Ghost Johu also rushed to the door quickly. The ghost was greeted with respect to the two ghosts. Ghost Johu of the Sixteen Ghost Camp, I have seen two predecessors."

    Meng Po glanced at Ghost Jo, and there were two souls in the ghost. He was indeed a ghost, and he asked: "Where will you bring the Tianxingmen’s Heavenly Boats to you?"

    Ghost Johu said: "The disciple does not know. This is the ghost and grandson of the idle city. The disciples must tell the disciples to bring the elders of the Tianxingmen to the place. They say that if there is a business, I don't know what to do."

    Meng Po and the ghost illusion look at each other. If it is really a matter of sorrow and sorrow, then it is indeed an important matter.

    Meng Po pondered for a moment and said: "Heavenly boat friends, all the outsiders who want to enter the ghost door need to pass through the bridge where I am waiting, but I must confirm my identity before releasing, and please forgive me. Since it is a Taoist friend of the Star Gate, the illusion, you bring this Taoist friend into the ghost master, you must slow down the boat. ”

    Ghost sounds cover the face and chuckle: "Yes, sister. Tianxing Zhoudao friends, please here. ”

    Mu Yu’s heart screamed that he was unlucky. He had to think about how to get out of it. Once he saw the ghost, he would definitely reveal his identity. When the ghosts reluctantly returned to the past, they brought back the ghost flag of the field ability. If the ghost master is really the old ghost of the Mahayana period, then Mu Yu could not escape from the ghost nest.

    His original plan is to directly enter the twin corpse, first bring out all the twin corpses, so that all the twins in the ghosts will wake up, compete with the ghosts for control of the body, and let the ghosts lose their fighting power.

    It is a pity that the ghost gates raised their vigilance and actually sent two people who were in the robbery period to guard the place. Meng Po now wants to let the ghosts take him to see the ghost master. This is not the plan of Mu Yu.

    But Mu Yu’s plan is far more than that. He has long thought about how to deal with various situations.

    Ghostly sounds the money and moves forward, Meng Po is behind the wood feathers, one after the other, the wood feathers are blocked tightly, if the wood feathers have any action, they will also Timely release to stop.

    The three men walked out of the passage and came to the edge of the cliff. The front is convenient for the bridge, and the bottom is the abyss where the ghosts are crying and the bottom is not bottom.

    "Tianxing Zhoudao friends, please wait a moment."The ghost sound stopped at the side of the bridge.

    Meng Po has already walked to the side of the stone basin with a walking stick and went to take the scarlet Meng Po soup to water the bridge. However, Mu Yu didn't want to really cross the bridge. He speeded up his pace. He looked anxiously. "Two, it's not too late. We must hurry to see the ghost owner, otherwise the things in the idle city will be troublesome!"

    Regardless of the two people blocking, they went straight to the bridge.

    "Wait, I can't cross the bridge now!"Ghost sounds quickly shouted.

    If you don't sprinkle Meng Po soup on the bridge, the ordinary outsiders will enter the twin corpse as soon as they step into the bridge. They will be surrounded by the corpses of the dead bodies that can't be killed. Only the dead will die! Even if the robbery period is not easy to set foot in that place.

    But how can Muyu stop? His speed is much faster than the ghost sounds, and the voice of the ghost sounds just fell, he has disappeared on the bridge.

    "Sister, he entered the twins, what should I do now?"

    The ghost sound originally wanted to stop the "Tian Xingzhou". I didn't expect the action of "Tian Xingzhou" to be so fast. The chance of not giving her a reaction has already entered.

    At this time, it is too late to pull back the other party. The twin corpse is a forbidden place for ghosts. No ghosts in this place dare to get involved, because they have buried their twin bodies. Once inside, the twins in the body. Will wake up, the consequences are unimaginable! Even the ghost sounds of the robbery period did not dare to go in.

    "Dare to enter the twins?" Old man, it seems that someone is really coming for you! ”

    Meng Po, a layer of hazy eyes, burst into a strange gray awn, and the wrinkles of the face like mud are squashed deeply, just like what I remembered, then I laughed strangely, the whole face It was like a crumpled rag that was once again smashed together.


    Suddenly and Xiaoshuai sat bored in a hillside hill ten miles away from the ghost gate, Xiaoshuai was sitting on his awkward legs and eating.

    "How did Mu Yu’s brother have been there for so long? Didn’t the news come?”Suddenly looking at the greenwood in the hand, as long as the green wood sprouts, it is when she leaves.

    "There will be no problem. He has the best set for dealing with the little devils."Xiaoshuai said indifferently.

    Suddenly turned his eyes to the clear flowing water, this mountain spring is flowing down the mountain. There is not much spring water, it is a small ditch, but the spring water splashes with stones, creaking, very cheerful.

    "Little handsome, the one who can control the water, she is…What kind of person is she? ”Asked hesitantly.

    Xiaoshuai chewed a chicken leg and asked: "Why are you asking this, my sister, don't you believe in Mu Yu?"

    With a sigh of relief, said: "But, but I haven't seen Mu Yu's brother for several years. Are you saying that Mu Yu's brother is related to her because she is beautiful?"

    Xiaoshuai looked at his head for a while: "I don't know who you and Joe Snow are more beautiful, I think they are pretty, I like them anyway."

    Suddenly snorted: "You are also a half-hearted person."

    Xiaoshuai spit out his tongue: "No! My favorite is still my sister. ”

    "Cheat, next time you see Joe Snow definitely tell her that she likes her the most."Gently pulled the little handsome's ear, "You tell me what kind of person she is."

    Xiaoshuai smirked a little and said: "Sudden sister, why do you care about Joe Snow?"

    Suddenly a red face, said: "Because…Because I want to know where Mu Yu’s brother likes Joe Snow, I also want to…Everyone said that I am a simple girl, probably because it is too simple, so Mu Yu’s brother will…I think if I want to change myself. ”

    "No! What Mu Yu likes is what you are now. You didn’t see that day when you were in Chun'an City. Mu Yu saw that you were dead. He almost went crazy. You are really important to him! ”Xiaoshuai said.

    "is it?"Suddenly laughed involuntarily, Mu Yu is also very important in her heart.

    After a long while, he whispered and asked, "Why does he like Joe Snow…"

    Xiaoshuai blinked his eyes: "I don't know, it may be because of the relationship between the water in their body and the Lord of Muyouling. It seems that the mang and Xuan Ming are born to be a pair, boarding in both of them, causing them to have a relationship with each other. At least Mu Yu said this to me. He still can't understand what emotion he is about Joe Snow. The relationship happened that day is unintentional…"

    "What happened? What happened? ”Asked curiously. UU reading

    Xiaoshuai slammed his mouth and shook his head desperately: "I can't say it, and then Mu Yu said that I betrayed him."

    Just as she was still chasing the young man, she suddenly stood up.

    "Sudden sister, I really can't say that I can't say anything about chicken legs. I can only say when Mu Yu is here, not the things I say here will become very troublesome. ”

    Xiaoshuai thought that he was so angry that he explained quickly.

    "Someone nearby!"

    Suddenly, he frowned, hugged Xiaoshuai, and took two steps backwards, carefully looking around.

    However, suddenly there was an old-fashioned indifference in the back: "The people who are red-stained, the sense of smell is really keen."

    Suddenly, I was shocked and turned sharply. The red dust lotus in my hand had already been dispatched.

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