Chapter 99 means of receiving

Many martial art schools in the world of comprehension have been forced to make choices, and they have returned to the Qingsong Alliance or the Jiuhua Alliance. The most inconspicuous sect of the Dust School has not yet been determined. It is reasonable to say that a sect of less than ten people is optional. Even if you choose to return to it, no one is harmless. What they want should be the loyalty of the non-literate martial art.

However, the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions have not let go of the dusty faction. When a person reaches the base period at the age of fifteen, it can be said that it is a sinister sin. When the 20-year-old reaches the Golden Age, it is obviously not a sinister evil.

The Jiuhua faction’s arrogant son, Wen Xing, went to the appointment truthfully. After being rejected by the rumor, he was slightly annoyed, but he did not show it. He said that he would return to the door ten days later. They had just landed on the open space halfway up the mountain, and the dusty people had already waited there. When An Shu’s words were not good, he was received by the words.

"The words of the brother, ten days have passed, I wonder how it is considered now?"Ju Wenxing arched the hand.

He brought two elders, one man and one woman, today. The man’s face is cloudy and looks like he’s seven or eighty years old. His head is bare and his beard is almost gone. He is called the Seven Birds, and he is repaired in Jindan’s Five Heavens. The woman is a teacher who seems to be in her forties. She was originally an elder of the Gantian School. She was a teacher of Taihua. She was trained to be a golden god in Jindan, and now she seems to have returned to the Jiuhua School.

It was said that he saw Bohua Shitai, and smiled a little: "The Emperor of the Heavenly School of Bohua is too surprised to visit the Hanshe."He used to go to the Heavenly School to meet with the Boyang Taoist people when he met with the Master. When he saw that Bohua was too here, he realized that the Tiantian faction had already changed its name to the Jiuhua School.

"The dry days have been working for the Jiuhua faction since then. Why don't you know what you are going to do?"

The promise is still converging at the moment, it seems ordinary, and the repair can not see the depth, Bo Huashi too did not put the words in the eyes. She was very dissatisfied with the friendship between her brother, the Boyang Taoist and the dust-splitting party, and believed that it was her own brother who did not think about making progress, which led to the stagnation of the cadres. At this moment, she joined the Jiuhua School, and she was even more disdainful of the Dust School. She is now the identity of the Jiuhua Patriarch. What is a small dust-falling party?

"The Qingsong Taoist and the Jiuhua Dao people are so valued to my little dust-dropping faction, and it really makes people feel favored. I don’t know what to do. My disciples have a disagreement. Some people are willing to join the Jiuhua School. Some people are willing to join the Qingsong School. If Jiuhua sent friends to have a way to convince them, it is naturally very good. ”

The words glanced at Mu Yu and others. The empty and wonderful two people sat on the stone in the distance and licked the seeds. They still held some fruits in their arms. While pointing at them, they didn’t know what to say. Mu Yu sat next to them, inserting a mouth or two from time to time. He yawned south and licked his ears. An uncle has not seen the trace since yesterday, and Lan Linger is still on the mountain.

"Convince, simple! Is this ok? ”

After the revelation of Ju Wen, the seven birds of the sneer sneered a step forward, stepping forward on the body, and the cultivation of Jin Dan’s five heavens suddenly condensed into a sharp power and swept away. The last time Gu Wenxing came to persuade him to be rejected. This time, with these two people coming, it is natural to intend to take the dusty party by force. Therefore, when the seven old birds come up, they will be hard to come first.

The creed still smiles faintly, and does not change color. He just looks patiently at the Seven Birds. It seems that he is curious about what the Seven Birds mean. He stood there quietly, and even the clothes were not shaken.


The seven bird's eyebrows wrinkled, and the pressure of his golden dragon's five heavens was useless to the words? The other side stood there lightly, and his own pressure over the past seemed to sink into the sea, which made him a bit suspicious. He was cold again and took the pressure on his body toward the four people who were sitting on the stone and licking the seeds. If the words are invalid, then a few small children will be scared to the bottom!

The four people still talked in the distance, and the wood feathers seemed to inadvertently grab the empty hands, and the south was absent-mindedly placed on the shoulders of the wonderful, both eyes were too lazy to lift.

In the previous period of the foundation period, An Shu always used the breath of the Golden Age to deter them. It was used to it over time. Now both of them have reached the Golden Age. How can this level of deterrence affect them?

The seven birds were slightly discolored, and he tightened his lips, his face was cloudy. The general comprehension, let alone the period of qi training, even if it is the foundation period, under the deterrence of Jindan Wuzhongtian, there is no trepidation and horror, but these four young teenagers are sitting there saying that there is Laugh, actually not affected by myself, is there a problem?

"I didn't expect the seven poultry predecessors to be here today. It was really an accident. The younger generation was white and polite."There was a burst of laughter in the sky, and the shadow of the white waves fell. The people of the Qingsong faction also arrived. "The seven birds of predecessors, the big pressure is not the visitor's way!"

"Bai Lang Xian Yin, Qing Song sent a teacher to arrest the murderer, you are willing to take time to come here, really let the old accident!"The seven poultry Taoist smiled and said with a smile, the death of Xiaohu was soaring in the realm of cultivation, and it was well known that the Qingsong faction caught the murderer.

"The predecessors laughed, and the family teacher was eager to send us. We specially sent us to make a good relationship with the dusty faction. Is it not to fight against the Yumeng Mozu in the future?"Bai Lang laughed and said that he was not angry because the Seven Birds mentioned the little tiger.

"Knot the good?" What is the meaning of Bailangxiong? ”Ju Wenxing said something.

After Bai Lang walked out of a person, this person appeared, not only did Qu Wenxing and others have some unexpected, even the words of the sigh. This person is the apple of the Qingsong Taoist who is now repaired to the sky, Qingmei! Jiuhua School and others naturally know.

When he saw the moment of Qingmei, he secretly sighed in his heart. He did not expect to see Qingmei here. Since the last Fulong Mountain incident, he and Qing Mei did not know who. Mu Yu estimates that he is guilty of breaking this love, and the face of the swearing should also be guessed.

"Sister, I am betting you a meal, the master and the woman have problems."

"Brother, you gamble with my uncle's meal, then I admit defeat."

The empty and wonderful two people sat down and talked quietly, sprinkling the seeds of the seeds, picking up an apple in their hands, and biting it. Mu Yu looked at the words and said there, knowing that the Qingsong sent Qingmei to come, I am afraid that the relationship between Qingmei and Chengyan has already been known. Is the Qingsong Dao really willing to use his daughter as a means of conquering the dust?

"The Qingsong faction has made a killer, this is to do things! I feel that Qingmei is here to intend to force the master to follow suit. Empty the chips and gamble on my meal. ”

Mu Yu actually does not object to the promise and Qing Mei together, but the young people in the red behind the Qingsong Taoist are not good, and the Qingsong Tao has been controlled by the other side. He does not want Master to be stared by the young people in red.

"I have already told me about the things between us. He also knows your cultivation and agrees to be with us. As long as your Master promises, no one can stop us. ”Qing Mei whispered, her eyes were like water, looking at the words, her face calm. It may be that the day is too sorrowful, but she can't give up.

The words are stunned and the face is gone. At this moment, he did not have the mood to talk about this. Master had already disappeared. The young people in red were watching behind him. If he promised, he might hurt two people.

"It turns out that my brother has already belonged to my heart. It’s a shame. I still want to wait until I grow up and marry the master!"Miao Miao shook his head in the back.

Mu Yu is dumb, and this girl doesn't know what to think about. But he remembered his unclear feelings about Lan Linger and found that he seemed to know more than the wonderful.

"I haven't played yet? Great, I didn't come late. ”Lan Linger’s figure suddenly fell next to Mu Yu, took a look at Mu Yu and the shoulders to the south, and said with interest.

Mu Yu smiled a bit, and Lan Linger often likes to scare himself, and he is used to it. Looking at the relationship between Cheng Yan and Qing Mei, I also remembered my feelings for Lan Linger. I was quite depressed. I wanted to say something good to Lan Linger, but the exit was: "How do you always get hot, UU? Read a book A lady can't do it."

He just can't change the problem of wanting to squash with Lan Linger.

"My lady is afraid of herself, or forget it."Lan Linger stretched her hand and took an apple from her empty arms.

Although the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions have been forced to come to the door, everyone is not worried about this. No matter which martial art they join, they will not suffer from it. Now that they have the ability to protect themselves in the Mouyun Mountain Range, it is too difficult for the two sects to really let them go. This group of people who are busy eating melons just want to see how the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions are in a tit-for-tat relationship.

"The words of the brothers are outstanding, the qualifications are wonderful, the family teacher knows your relationship with the sisters, but also greatly agrees with you. If the two of you are married, will you not be a relative? ”White waves laughed.

"Bai Lang brother, you use this stubborn Qingsong brother, I am afraid it is not suitable?"

Ju Wenxing's face was a bit ugly. He was also ordered by the life of Jiuhua to bring down the disciples to collect the disciples. He never understood why Master was so valued by the people of the dusty group and ordered that he must bring it back. Let the seven birds and the Bohua Shi Tai come together to be both hard and soft, shocking each other. Ju Wenxing did not expect that Bailang will come today, and Qingmei seems to have an unusual relationship with the promise, which really makes him angry.

Qingsong Taoist people are willing to take their daughters as a bargaining chip to conquer the dusty party. This is enough to show that the Qingsong Taoists attach importance to the dust-splitting party. Is there anything in this dusty faction that is worthy of two people in the infancy?

"What is wrong with Lang's appearance?"Bai Lang smiled, then turned to look at the words, "Speaking brother, what do you think?"

"If we refuse to join any martial art?"The promise was silent for a long time, and I took a deep look at Qingmei, and then slowly said.

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