The 990th chapter of the ghost gate of the robbery master!

    On the hillside outside the ghost gate. m→←文IW×W

    The fairy dew sword lighted across, and the golden red dust rose from the awning.

    Swordsman has turned out countless red dust lotuses, but the red dust lotus has shattered a stone behind him, but there is no one behind him!

    "what happened?"

    Suddenly, she has already jumped out with a small handsome, and she dare not do her best, because it is not far from the ghost door. With the repair of her robbery period, once she really starts her hand, I am afraid that it will attract the ghosts and destroy it. If the plan is not to be said, it is possible to put the wood feathers in danger.

    "This breath is very familiar."

    Xiaoshuai has stood on the shoulders of his shoulders, looking around the ground and looking around for people who have appeared.

    However, there are still only creaking springs flowing around, and it seems that the old-fashioned voice is just an illusion.

    "The speed is fast, it is the person who is in the robbery period!"

    The stunned Xianlu sword exudes a golden glow in her hand, and her eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, feeling a tricky hand. A person who can pass the sound behind her but does not reveal his position is enough to show that this person is a very difficult opponent.

    "Is it a ghost door?"Xiaoshuai twitched his nose. "I smelled a dead man."

    "Your nose is very sharp."

    The sound of old-fashioned indifference sounded again, and it was clear that it was still clear and clear, but at some instant it seemed to suddenly darken a bit, as if the night was coming.

    At the same time, the spring water around it is like being yellowed by muddy water, and then all the yellow spring water begins to float into the air, rushing in the air like a choppy, like a yellow giant entwined.

    On the top of the giant clam, a yellow shadow slowly rises. This shadow is purely composed of yellow spring water, but it seems to be different from the spring water. There is no entity.

    "who are you! Pretending to get a ghost! ”

    Suddenly the sword in the hand was on the chest, and the yellow shadow in front of her gave her a very dangerous feeling. It was very unfavorable for her to see such a person in the area of ​​the ghost gate.

    "I didn't expect the goddess of the Red Dust Gate to appear here. It seems that the rumor that the goddess of the Red Dust Gate died is supposed to be fake."

    The voice of the other party was heard from the yellow shadow that looked illusory.

    As soon as I was, I immediately shouted: "God girl?" Who are you talking about? I am the elder of the Red Dust Gate, Duan Baiqing, who are you? ”

    "Duan Baiqing is not qualified to take the sword of the sword shadow dust to the boundary of my ghost door."

    The yellow figure sneered.

    "You are a ghost man!"

    Suddenly, my heart was shocked. Some of her memories flashed quickly in her mind. As a goddess of the Red Dust Gate, I also had some understanding of the other seven doors. The elders of the usual Red Dust Gate would introduce them to the characteristics of the masters of the robbery period. They have to go out to collide with others, and this person in front of her also listened to the elders.

    "You are Huang Quan!"Suddenly exclaimed.

    A ghost of Ghost Gate is called the terrible master of Huang Quan!

    However, I was very surprised when I was in my heart, because the person who had the fairy sword in her hand, even if it was the Red Dust Gate, was not clear. The whole comprehension community knew that there were not many of the nine Tianjian’s appearances. Not to mention it, how did Huang Quan know it?

    "Huang Quan? But did our last intelligence not hear that he was in the city of Youchuan? ”Xiaoshuai asked in surprise.

    Huang Quan indifferently snorted: "The goddess of the Red Dust Gate and the disciples of the Shadow Shadow Wind want to come to my ghost door. How can I not come back to welcome it?"

    A pungent bloody smell filled the surrounding area, and the flowers and trees seemed to be invaded by this smell, covered with a layer of yellow dust.

    “How did you know about this?”

    Suddenly holding the Xianlu sword in his hand, facing the long-awaited ghost gate Huang Quan, she did not overcome the other's grasp, but not too afraid, she is the first red dust door Genius, it is the daughter of Jianying Dustwind, strength and talent.

    "This is no problem, I am not here to find you, I am going to find Mu Yu."The yellow giant snarl at the foot of Huang Quan snarled, and it seemed that he did not put it in his eyes.

    "What are you looking for in your brother?"

    Suddenly, I felt very uneasy in my heart, because this time Muyu had to sneak into the ghost gate and destroy this ghostly nest that was the real world. Mu Yu’s plan knew very few people. How did Huang Quan know it?

    The more she thinks, the more she feels wrong. If Huang Quan also returns to the ghost gate, then the master of the ghost gate will surround the wood feathers. I am afraid that the wood feather will be fierce!

    With a sigh of relief, the tip of his toes is light, a golden lotus flower blooms under her feet, and the Xianlu sword flashes a pure sword, which is smart and elegant.

    "I just want to stop me?"Huang Quan’s voice has no feelings.

    "I won't let you go back to the ghost door."

    Suddenly raised the hand of the Xianlu sword, pointing to Huang Quan, she must stop Huang Quan!


    In the ghost door.

    Under the dark bridge, Mu Yu has entered the twin corpse.

    He stood on the familiar stone platform, with thousands of corpses in front of him. At the moment when Mu Yu came in, these corpses smelled the living atmosphere of Mu Yu, just like the wild dog smelled the bloody smell, and all began to crawl up from the ground, and then swooped toward Mu Yu. come.

    Numerous corpses went on and on, but they were all stopped by Mu Yu. He shouted: "The predecessors of the life and death, I am coming to negotiate with you!"

    Mu Yu has already flew over the abyss, but he did not fly much, because the twin corpse was shrouded in a strong yin ghost, here is the extremely yin, and the wooden feathers could not fly out of the air. Especially those twin corpses seem to have the cultivation of life, but there is no sense of life, and one by one is like a flood of water.

    He quickly patrolled the corpses because he remembered that these twin corpses were controlled by Meng Gong, who was born and died. The practice of the death and death gates was specifically used to refine the bodies, so Meng Gong was the only one of the twin corpses that could tame the corpses. People.

    These corpses have been semi-rotted, and many even have only a shelf, but Meng Gong is the only person who remains intact and does not rot, but he lost two arms, and the two arms are being treated by Meng Po outside. A man's walking stick.

    With the repair of Mu Yu today, it is still impossible to completely annihilate these twin corpses. The yin ghost array here guarantees the safety of the shin bone. Even if it is chopped, it will recover in an instant, and the wildfire will not be able to burn.

    Mu Yu repelled the twin corpses, but still did not find any signs of Meng Gong, he felt vaguely in the heart, and at this moment, the strange laughter was uploaded from the only stone platform in the twin corpse. .

    "Heavenly boat friends, you should not come here."

    That voice is sour and unbearable.

    Mu Yu splits the sword and swings it out, shaking all the corpses in front of him, and looking at it, it is Meng Po!

    "Do you dare to come to the sea of ​​twins?"Mu Yu was shocked. He knew that the ghost gate people did not dare to come here because it was a forbidden place for the living ghost gatekeepers.

    However, when Meng Po stepped on the stone platform, all the corpses did not attack her. At this time, Meng Po even seemed very weird. She was covered with blood-red liquid, just like she had just crawled out of the blood bath, and it smelled strange and smelly, making people sick.

    Especially the crumpled face, because old age is like mud on top of it, when the blood is immersed in every wrinkle in her face, the blood seems to consciously flow, It’s weird.

    "All said, don't drink Meng Po Tang, you can't cross the bridge, and the Taoist friends will go out with me!"

    Meng Po showed a smile without teeth. Her hands and crutches were not here. On the contrary, this time she took a bowl of Meng Po soup and poured it from her head. Meng Po soup screamed and ran her again. The whole body is red.

    Mu Yu felt a bit disgusting, but he understood why the twins did not attack her. It was estimated that this Meng Po soup had soaked her whole body and covered the breath of her living. However, this practice is really disgusting, and only this gloomy old witch can do it.

    "It turned out to be like this, it was really offensive!"

    Mu Yu looked around for a moment. He didn't find Meng Gong's trace. He knew that things exceeded his expectations. Ghost domain sent back the news of Meng Gong's uniform Meng Po a year ago. Meng Po must raise his vigilance. I am afraid that Meng Gong should have been disposed of by Meng Po at this time.

    This time it seems that this time I want to rely on Meng Gong to subdue Meng Po.

    The thoughts in his heart turned sharply, and then a smile came up: "Meng Po Daoyou, I wanted to see the ghost master soon, and made clear the things of the city of Xianchuan. I didn't expect to mistake your forbidden land, disrespect and disrespect!"

    Mu Yu arched his hand and once again flew the oncoming corpse and flew toward Meng Po.

    However, in the case of Mu Yu, he was close to the corpse of Shitai. In his eyes, a cold mangling flashed through his eyes. The sword in his hand screamed out, and the smoldering sword suddenly rolled the yin around him, turning it into a glaucoma. The past!


    Meng Po has been guarding Mu Yu for a long time. UU reads She just took a silver plaque from her head. This silver enamel is engraved with a sly hoe, which is good for the wind and turned into a ten-footer. Long ghosts, and the shadow of the wood feathers violently collide!


    Meng Po and Mu Yu both stepped back a few steps, and Mu Yu’s heart screamed. The old demon’s cultivation was even higher than him, at least in the realm of the five days of the robbery.

    Meng Po was shocked by Mu Yu’s sword, and she left Shitai and entered the twin corpse. However, she was not afraid of anything when she was soaked with bloody Mengpo soup, but those twins still went to Muyuyong. go with.

    In contrast, Mu Yu is even more disadvantaged, he must face both Meng Po and these twin corpses.

    "You are not a boat, if I have not guessed wrong, you should be Mu Yu? The news from the ghost domain said that you may come to the old man's head someday in the future. I will still be suspicious at first. Now it seems that the news is true, but it is really rare. ”

    Meng Po smiled miserably.

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