No. 991 Chapter Mengpo and Meng Pa

    In the sea of ​​twins under the bridge of Ghost Gate, Mu Yu has no intention of pretending to go with Meng Po. Dust K margins?Learning I network

    "Since Meng Gong is not there, then I will personally clean you up!"

    Mu Yu didn't want to explain too much. He came here to find Meng Gong to clean up Meng Po. At that time, when he returned to the past from Tian Yan, Mu Yu was not an opponent of Meng Po, but now he has already strength. This is not the same as before, even if he does not rely on Meng Gong, he also has the strength to fight with Meng Po!

    Now only Meng Po has entered the twin corpse sea. If Mu Yu did not guess wrong, the ghost sound is still outside, and there are some scruples that dare not come in, so that Mu Yu only needs to deal with Meng Po alone!

    As long as you kill Meng Po, then whether Meng Gong’s accident has no effect on Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu's body has already surrendered with golden patterns, and all the corpses are separated to ten meters in an instant. The swords in his hands have already rushed to Meng Po.

    "Do you want to meet my old man when you come here? Why bother to do it? ”

    The silver scorpion in the hands of Meng Po once again greeted Mu Yu. The two touched each other and burst into a strange roar. They shook the surrounding corpses into powder, but these corpses only recovered quickly and quickly. Will be eliminated.

    "I want to kill you more than to see him."

    The swordsman on Mu Yu’s body flashed a gossip pattern, and a black and white pattern gathered around his body, and the chaotic yin and yang were also constantly surrounded.

    However, Meng Po suddenly raised her hand. The blood red soup was turned into a red snake from her hand. It screamed and snarled in the air. When the twin corpses saw the red snake, they shunned in horror and did not dare to touch. Touch the red snake.

    Soon the ground was cleared out of a large open space, then the red snake slammed into the ground, hitting the ground, and then a bright red coffin slowly floated from the ground in midair.

    "Old man, I haven't seen you for a long time, I miss you very much in my heart!"

    Meng Po smiled, and the coffin cover turned into a pool of blood, revealing the people in the coffin!

    This is a veteran old man wearing a black straw hat, and it is like a zombie. Just to surprise Mu Yu is that Meng Gong is very miserable at this time, he lost not only his hands, but also his legs lost!

    Now he has no hands and legs, only one head, and Meng Man made a person stick!

    "Old woman,

You cut off my limbs, and sooner or later I will find you revenge! ”Meng Gong resentfully stared at Meng Po, his eyes were mixed with a very hot and sultry look, and he could not wait to smash the corpse of Meng Po.

    The two of them came from the gate of life and death, one from the Ghost Gate, Meng Pa thought is two love, but never think, Mengpo and Meng Pa together, just because of the Meng Pa of the soul, if not because the mysterious operation of life and death door not rely on the soul and survival, I am afraid Meng Pa also and these remains as the unconscious zombie.

    "Old man, we just met, don't you miss our past?"Meng Po laughs very disgustingly.

    "I didn't expect you to even cut off his legs. It was really awkward."

    Mu Yu looked at Meng Gong with some sympathy, although the people who lived and died were not good goods, but Mu Yu knew at least that Meng Gong was still a person who knew the news, because when he returned to the past, if not Meng Public assistance, he can not leave the ghost door with the dead wood old man.

    Meng Po still looks at Meng Gong without changing his face: "Old man, I always thought that you want to escape from here is impossible, but some people told me that this person named Mu Yu can do it, I am very Curious, how do you relate to the true disciple of the true God?"

    "The apprentice of the true God?"Meng Gong brows up, he turned his head and looked at Mu Yu, but he saw only the image of Tian Xingzhou, then sneered, "I don't know this guy, but the wife, you don't let me catch the chance, otherwise I will It will make you die very hard!"

    "Hey, old man, you don't have both hands and feet now, I also leave your soul outside, how do you fight with me?"

    Meng Po does not seem to worry at all. She dares to come here is bound to do a good job. The reason why Mu Yu sees Meng Gong is because she heard that in another time and space, Meng Gong actually helped Mu Yu, so She only wanted to find out what Mu Yu had to do with her nominal husband.

    Meng Gong resentfully said to Meng Po: "Old woman, don't let me seize the opportunity, otherwise I will definitely pay back what you have done to me!"

    Meng Po reached out and Meng Gong had already flew over to Meng Po. She was caught in her throat: "Hundred times of return, I see you have no chance."

    Meng Po smiled, and the skin of the skin, like a ghost, slammed it, and it was hard to pull Meng Gong’s head from the body!

    Mu Yu looked at Meng Po's incomparable and unrelenting feelings. His neck was also a burst of cold. The old woman even broke the Meng Gong's neck without saying anything. It was really hot.

    But what makes Mu Yu helpless is that the practice of this life and death is also strange to the extreme, Rao is Meng Gong's head and body separation, but Meng Gong just issued a painful mourning, the whole person is still alive.

    This guy is simply the existence of killing!

    Although he couldn't kill, Meng Gong's face was also distorted by pain. His head was caught in Meng's hands, and his mouth still angrily shouted: "Old woman, you don't have to work hard! In the twin corpse, if you smash my corpse, I can recover as much as you can, and you can't kill me completely! ”

    Mu Yu looked at the crazy corpses around and understood why Meng Gong did not die. I am afraid this is not because the practice of the death and death gate is so powerful, but the ghosts of the twin corpse guard the Meng Gong.

    The body of any twins in the twin corpse will not be completely destroyed, just like the wood feathers smashed a batch of bones by the sword, but these bones will automatically recombine as soon as possible.

    Meng Gong was forced to become the twin of Meng Po, and it has become one of the bones here. How can his body be cut down by Meng Po, or it will be re-combined, but Meng Po uses a strange technique to make Meng Gong’s The body can't re-aggregate together.

    Mu Yu estimates that Meng Po’s reason for making Meng Gong’s hands into a cane is to ensure that Meng Gong’s body can’t be kept intact. Only in this way, Meng Gong has no way to get Meng Po.

    "I didn't intend to kill you. I was just curious. What do you mean for Mu Yu?"Meng Po once again emerged from bleeding water, wrapped Meng Gong’s headless, unfooted body and sealed it into the coffin.

    Mu Yu looked at Meng Po with a smile: "What? Are you so curious about who I am? ”

    "The news from the ghost domain said that you helped Meng Gong escape, but I don't believe this evil today. I want to see how you can help him leave the twins today!"

    Meng Po looked at Mu Yu, and also carried Meng Gong’s head in his hand, which looked very evil.

    "You want to help me get out of here?"

    Meng Gong looked at Mu Yu with suspicion. He didn't understand why Mu Yu wanted to do this. He had some impressions of Tian Xing Zhou. After all, Tian Xing Zhou was also a contemporaries with him, but he had no friendship with Tian Xing. At this time, Mu Yu was dressed as a boat, which made him quite puzzled.

    Mu Yu said faintly: "If you want to help you, it depends on your mood."

    The shadow sword in his hand was smothered again, and the corpse in front was twisted into powder, and the overwhelming Jianguang was immediately bombarded by Meng Po.

    Meng Po佝偻’s body smirked, and the silver scorpion suddenly flew out countless souls, and fluttered to the wood feathers in the air. These souls are stronger than the souls controlled by any ghosts that Mu Yu had seen before, and they seem to be spiritual, but they are scattered directly, like a light snake in the air, winding the sword of Mu Yu. , straight to the body of the wood feathers.

    However, the array in front of Muyu flashed a bit, and all the souls were blocked out in the moment. The two collided and made a deafening roar. The powerful waves swept out, and the whole twins smashed the mountain. .

    Meng Po did not have any concern about this. Obviously, the twin corpse is enough to withstand the battle between the robberies. It is impossible to be destroyed so easily.

    "Do you know why I will be here to guard the twin bodies?"

    Meng Po screamed and laughed.

    Mu Yu snorted and didn't ask too much. The last thing he liked in his fight was to talk nonsense, why should she guard the dead sea, kill it first! At the foot of Mu Yu, black and white lines appeared. The chaotic yin and yang were drilled from the gossip array under his feet and wrapped around his shadow sword.

    Nowadays, he already knows how to exert greater power with the help of chaotic yin and yang, and he has really reached the stage of robbery, so he is not afraid of Meng Po.

    Meng Po looked at Mu Yu without asking questions, and his expression was annoyed. Then he asked himself: "Because most of the twins here have drunk my Meng Po soup. UU reading ”

    A sharp, sour voice rushed out of Meng Po’s hand, holding a bowl made of bones in her hand, filled with boiling blood red soup. These Mengpo soups were sprayed out of the bowl, just like the spring water spewing, and the endlessly, the entire twin bodies were covered by blood-red Mengpo soup.

    Meng Po’s small bowl is like a whole ocean. It is like a sea water that washes all the corpses. The corpse is no longer madly rushing toward the wood feathers. On the contrary, every corpse has a red awn in the eyes. Gradually filled with Meng Po Tang.

    "Even today's ghost owners have drunk my precious soup in my hands!"Meng Po smiled and extended her eccentric tongue and rubbed her crumpled lips.

    Meng Po’s voice just fell, and suddenly there was a sudden sigh of six times. The breath of the six crossings was rushed out of thousands of twin corpses. live!

    Mu Yu’s pupils shrink, and these six roads are all the twin bones that have been killed by the ghosts of the ghost gates!

    I did not expect that there were six twins in the robbery period, and they were all controlled by Meng Po!

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