Chapter 992: 6 robbery twins!

    The six-way ferry period suddenly came up in different directions. Around the wood feathers, six skeletons covered by Meng Po blood were revealed. These bones were not completely rotted. They were originally the same as other skeletons, but at this time they were Meng Po. After the control, there was a breathtaking red awn in the eye socket. m↓I text KW?W

    "It's a pity that I can control everyone, that is, I can't control the old man of my family. There are still two ways to make a living."

    Meng Po grabbed Meng Gong’s head and said with a slight regret, then he thought of something, and smiled happily: “But it’s okay, old man, you can’t start with me without a soul, oh…”

    Although Meng Po left Meng Gong's soul outside and did not bring it in, but with the bones of these six robbing periods, it is also enough to pose a huge threat to Mu Yu.

    "Old woman, I will kill you sooner or later."Meng Gong said with resentment.

    "Everyone is a veteran wife, what nonsense!" Let's first take a look at Mu Yu alone and break into here, how to catch him. You can go on. ”Meng Po ordered, all the bones covered in bloody water squeaked and squeaked, and numbly rushed toward the wood feathers.

    Mu Yu is not afraid of other skeletons. The only thing he is jealous of is the twin skeletons of the six periods. At this time, two skeletons had been the first to bear the brunt, waving their fists and smashing toward Mu Yu.

    The punch brought a strong vortex in the air, squeezing the air, and seemed to tear the entire area. The power of the fist firmly locked the wood feather, no matter where the wood feathers fled, it will be caught up in an instant.

    Mu Yu did not intend to escape, he rushed forward without fear, violently punched with the foremost cheekbones, his body was transformed by the black and white spirit of the body's variation, it is already a past, a punch Going down, the strength is not weaker than this skeleton.

    The strong boxing volatility spreads around the two, violently swept out, and all the lower-strength shins that were subsequently hit were washed away. The weak bones were even directly destroyed into powder.

    "Great power!"

    Mu Yu’s punch is only tentative. He wants to determine what is so powerful in the bones of the robbery period. Only in this way can they find their weaknesses. However, behind the body and on the left and right sides, there was a buzzing sound, deafening and sharp, and the other two skeletons of the robbery period had already been killed.

    Wood feathers lit up the golden lines, and the illusion of the world broke out, blocking the attack of the other three robbing sacral bones, and his right fist has covered the branches of Muling, Muling is now very violent, killing The breath is blended from his fist into the cheekbones in front, and he wants to wrap it around the cheekbones and control it. But the cheekbones have a red light on them.

The wood spirit is bounced lightly, without being affected by Muling.

    "Even the current Muling is not effective?"

    Mu Yu frowned, the original Mu Ling couldn't help but get the twin corpses here, but today's Muling has produced a weird variation, and still can't hurt it.

    He didn't have time to think about it, because the top and bottom of the head also rushed to the corpse of the robbery period. The repair of these corpses was too strong, and everyone punched him, even if he had a good footstep, he could not stop six people!


    The golden streak was suddenly broken by the sacral bones of the six catastrophic periods, but the foot of the wooden feathers flashed, and the Scorpio star array had already teleported with him, avoiding the deadly siege.

    "How can this be? Who is this person? Can you escape the siege of the six catastrophe at the same time? ”

    Although Meng Gong’s head was caught by Meng Po in the hands and feet, he also saw the battle, and the face of the old-fashioned face also showed a surprised look.

    He is the person who lives and dies, and the practice of his cultivation in the ghosts of the twin corpse has led to his undead body. Although Meng Gong could not escape from here, he was able to control all the bones here. The six bones of the robbery period were naturally controlled by him. He was clear about the strength of the six skeletons.

    The twins of the ghost Gate were thrown into the sea of the twin bodies after their death, and their strength did not stop before they were born. But with the outside of the ghost of the improvement of the door, the body will also improve the cultivation, this is the devil of the law, if not these twins can not leave the twin Corpse sea, will definitely be a very terrible force.

    And Meng Gong knows this. Although these twins can't launch ghosts, the strength and speed are not a kind of wood feather that seems to be only three days old.

    But Mu Yu did this and made Meng Gong feel incredible!

    Mu Yu didn't take it lightly, because he found that there are no twins in the ghost, because he remembers that the ghost owner used a ghost flag to play the power of the field. It is very likely to be a period of robbery, if the twins of the ghost are also present. Then he will be even more tricky!

    At this point, the shadow of the sword rises to the sky, here can not sense the sword of the sky between the heavens and the earth, but the blue sword light is still roaring, arrogantly squatting, the fierce swordsman illuminates the whole piece of twin bodies. Directly smashed the sacral bones in the front two robberies into a powder!

    However, the ghosts of the twin corpse are too eccentric, and those corpses that have been smashed under the shadow of the wooden feathers are not slowly and rehearsing for a moment, and there is no way to kill them completely!

    "Hey, I see how long you can spend with me."

    Meng Po did not shoot, she just floated in the air, holding a bowl of blood in one hand, and Meng Gong’s head in the other hand watching a movie.

    Mu Yu knows the characteristics of these cheekbones in the simple hand of the genius. Although they have the same cultivation as the twins, they are only limited to the strength and speed of the cheekbones. They are not like the real ghosts. Use ghost techniques.

    However, although Mu Yu can smash these bones, these bones are completely unsuccessful, and Meng Po’s blood makes them six speeds that are extremely light and powerful, and their strength is several times stronger than before. With them, the first thing that falls down is his own.

    The thief first smash the king!

    The sword in the hands of Mu Yu swept out again, squatting to the front of the three robbing sacral bones, wanting to rush to Meng Po, as long as killing Meng Po, these six shins are not affected by blood, so it will not be so fast Speed ​​and strength.

    But this time, the two skeletons in front of them flashed directly, and they quickly circumvented the sword. They stepped out one step at a time, and there was a stream of air under their feet. It was like a big mountain rafting on the ground. The air swayed and it was close to the wood feathers. I want to kill Mu Yu with strength.

    Mu Yu no way, can only abruptly stop the trend of progress, the hands of the sword again with the other side of the fist split together, crushed the other side of the body, but six of the bones of each other, extremely regularly surrounded by a different direction, one was destroyed, there will be another one rushed up, such as wood plume again destroyed a skeleton, The skeleton that has just turned into smithereens has been restored.

    "Useless, my Mengpo soup makes them smarter many times. It is impossible for you to get rid of them."Meng Po smiles very much. People, they have a good grasp of the six skeletons of their own control.

    The whole body of the plume was violently fluctuating, and the six bones were swung away, then the shadow of the sword appeared a blue gossip array, Baguazhen quickly rotate up, an endless momentum from the gossip from the flow out of the array, surrounded by the Shadow sword, Chaos Yin and Yang also winding the division Shadow Sword, will be reflected in the shadow of the strange black and white light.

    The whole body of Mu Yu is like a dazzling tomorrow in the dead sea of ​​twin corpses. It is vigorous and full of vigor, and it seems to be incompatible with everything here. The endless swordsmanship swept out, as if the tree of life bloomed, and all the skeletons suddenly flinched in horror, and they were very afraid of this endless sword.

    This kind of fear is purely from the instinct of the cheekbones, because they have been shrouded in the yin of the twin corpse for a long time. They belong to the extremely yin, and the encounter with this eternal sword is like a mouse seeing a cat. I dare not go forward.

    However, they dare not go forward, it does not mean that Mu Yu will let them go!

    Tianjian nine cited the Xuan Cang thunder!

    The endless swordsmanship in the air instantly turned into a myriad of blue arcs. The violently overbearing thunder and lightning were one, two, four, four, and eight, and countless thunderballs were constantly surrounded by the air. Mu Yu Mu Yu moved.

    Hey! Hey! Hey!

    All the lightning was dragged by the wooden plume at a certain moment, and it violently exploded in the air, turning into a circular arc, which seemed to ignite the void, and stunned those who were shocked by the wooden feathers. On the cheekbones.

    The endless vitality of the sword turned out of the thunder and lightning not only with incomparable strong masculinity, more is the destruction of terror, the blue arc contact with the skeleton body, the bones of the Dengbal immediately by the Thunderbolt directly to eliminate, the Thunderbolt into the skeleton body, the entire skeleton covered with a high-handed and vigorous Reiguang.


    The tibia infested by lightning instantly made a mass of powder, but this time they did not reorganize again. On the contrary, the thunder of the swords was condensed by the formations, forming a group of thunderballs. The ashes are wrapped in the thunderballs, and once they are reorganized, they will be destroyed by lightning!


    The blue blade of the sword turned to the thunder of the Blues, in the air criss-cross, surrounded by six of the bones of the period, Rao is this six of the skeleton of the robbery has a strong strength and speed, in the face of this endless and high-handed fierce thunder, is also helpless, was wrapped in wood plume, UU reading Turned into six blue lightning light balls.

    The ghost squad of the twin corpse will reorganize the skeletons of the six catastrophes, but the powerful thunderbolt will ensure that the reorganization of these instincts will be shattered.

    "So I think these dead devils will not come to trouble."

    The sword in the hands of Mu Yu is a gas, and Jianguang is drawn in the air, pointing to Meng Po.

    Meng Po looked gloomy at Mu Yu, she did not expect that Mu Yu actually thought of this way to let her control the six catastrophe sacral bones lost their function!

    "Good means, I am really a little kid."

    Meng Po appeared on her old face like a muddy face, and then she handed the bowl of blood in her hand to her mouth and drank it!

    "But if you think about how you can deal with me, then you are too tender."

    Meng Po smiled, and there was no blood in his mouth. The blood and water flowed into the body. The breath of the whole body suddenly soared.

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