Chapter 993 The Battle of Ghosts!

    Mu Yu looked at Meng Po disgustingly. Every time he played against the ghost door, he always felt that the other's exercises were too disgusting, but he had to admit that Meng Po was drinking her own seemingly endless Meng Po soup. After that, the whole person's yin has overshadowed the momentum of Mu Yu!

    "It seems that I have to make a card!"Meng Po smiled miserably, and then a black scorpion suddenly appeared behind her. M√×文?W×W

    When the skeleton is out, the whole body of the twin corpse is directly quieted down, as if all the focus has been shrouded on it, and the surrounding yin is constantly gathering on it, as if it is yin Source point. The atmosphere is calm and cloudy, and the strangeness reaches the extreme. Standing there is more like a mountain, and it is heavy on the chest of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu was shocked. He already knew who this skeleton was.

    Ghost Lord's twins!

    "This kind of horrible momentum, I am afraid that at least half of the feet have entered the Mahayana period!"

    Mu Yu’s heart is also very dignified. The shin bones in front of him are more powerful than all the robbing masters he encountered. Although they have not yet reached the Mahayana period, it is estimated that they have begun to participate in the Mahayana rules of the Mahayana period.

    But Mu Yu Heart is also a slight relief, in the back of the past, the Ghost cherish life with a side can play out the realm of the ability of the ghost flag to assist, Mu Yu also thought that the ghost in this time has reached the Mahayana period, now it seems that the fact is not so, because the strength of the skeleton and Ghost Gate is the same, That is to say, the ghost is not yet a Mahayana period of practice.

    But even so, Mu Yu did not dare to ignore the twins of today's ghost owners, and the characters who stepped into the Mahayana period were far from being so good!

    "Hold him together."

    Meng Po screamed and slammed Meng Gong’s head in the air with her blood. She had already moved with the ghost master behind her!

    Two one left and one right, clipped over the wooden feathers. Meng Po’s sneaky screams and screams like a hundred feet, like a sharp and sharp awl, the sneaky tip pierces the void, making the whole piece of void seem like a bloody stream. Very gloomy, and came to the wood feathers in a flash.

    The endless sword of Mu Yu’s hands suddenly turned into a blue thunder, and the thunder and lightning flashed out, emitting a masculine violent breath, as if to destroy any traitor in the world. However, when the thunder of Mu Yu greeted the ghosts, the ghost master twins suddenly appeared in front of the lightning, sticking out the broken palm of the cold, grabbing the lightning bolt of Mu Yu!


    When Mu Yu was able to deal with the thunder and lightning that were not adverse to the twins, when they were caught by the ghost master twins,

It was directly smashed and annihilated by the other party!

    This guy is not afraid of lightning at all!

    Everything is in harmony with each other. Although lightning can restrain most of the haze, in the face of absolute strength, there is nothing wrong with it.

    At this time, Meng Po’s sneaky scorpion has crossed the ghost master twin son, and stabbed it toward Mu Yu’s haze. The golden feathers suddenly appeared in front of Mu Yu, and the world’s appearance appeared again. However, the sneaky look is very incomparable. Sharp, just a little blocked, it directly penetrated the lines of the world!

    Mengpo's strength is also more than the wood plume, not only that, the ghost of the main twin in the destruction of Mu Yu's sword gas, and did not stop, but in the void a tread, continue to hold out the palm toward the wood feather grabbed over, ghost hairpin and Ghost twins two people immediately came to Mu Yu eyes, two people will be surrounded by wood plume, don't give Mu Yu any shot opportunity.

    The heart of Mu Yu is also a glimpse, chaotic yin and yang surround the shadow sword, while forcing a hard fight with Meng Po and the ghost master twins!


    Mu Yu’s shadow sword blocked Meng Po’s sneaky ghosts, but the ghosts of the twin masters’ hands came with strong power. Mu Yu’s hand seemed to be smashed by a huge stone, and the whole palm was burning hot. The ghost invaded into him and wanted to destroy his meridians.

    Mu Yu burst out, just simply to fight this, Mu Yu has already eaten a dark loss, his body's black and white spirits surged quickly, swallowing the ghost of the ghost master twins. But the other party did not give Mu Yu a chance to breathe. The body of the ghost twins broke out with a horrible power, and once again, he waved his hand and rushed toward Muyu!

    The speed of the other party is too fast, almost impossible for him to react. The body of the ghost master is almost half-step into the Mahayana period. This kind of strength is quite terrible, and the palm of the hand shoots down the violent ghosts. It is a faint scent of the field!


    Mu Yu clenched his teeth and quickly retreated. The ghost of the lord's twin son was directly photographed on the ground of the twin corpse. The whole body of the twin corpses sent a violent sway, a gloomy ghost. The gas swept out with its palms as the center, and all the weak corpses were smashed into dust!

    "You must find a way to deal with this ghost master twin."

    Mu Yu Mind, Mengpo because of Meng Pa, although unable to use the ghost of twins soul, but her ghost device is very powerful, and the ghost Lord Twins simply rely on the speed and strength of the wood plume has been forced to the point of embarrassment, if not to find a way to solve one of them, he is very difficult to get the benefit of the twin Corpse Sea.

    The gossip pattern rippled at the foot of the wooden feather, and the blue pattern was coming out, and it became a water curtain, which was directly integrated into the void, as if nothing had happened. However, the figure of Mu Yu suddenly became illusory, as if he couldn’t figure it out.

    Meng Po also discovered the strangeness of Mu Yu's array of techniques, but she and the ghost master twins are all above the wood feathers, so they simply don't panic, just sneer: "The worm is not a trick, is it not smashed?"

    It is said that a sinister green brilliance and a blood-red erect are erupting again in the sneaky scorpion. The two rays are intertwined and full of corrosive sour smell, which makes people sick. These two rays of light rushed toward the wood feathers. Wherever they went, the twin corpses were scattered directly like ice and snow.

    "What are you doing? Hurry to escape! This is the ghost of the old woman's ghost ectopic phagosome, has a strong corrosive, do not harden! ”

    Although Meng Gong looks very gloomy, but seeing that Mu Yu is buried under this red and green light, he still can't help but remind him, because he is more willing to believe this than anything Meng has done to him. Those who come in can kill Meng Po to avenge him.

    "Old man, you are facing an outsider, which makes me very sad. But how can you remind me that it is useless, he is already a dead person! ”

    Meng Po's mouthless mouth reveals a strange smile, she still believes in her speed, because the ghost master twins have blocked the back of the wood feather, the wood feathers are retreat, can only be taken down hard Her extremely pharynx.

    The incomparable palm of the ghost master's twins has brought the whole emptiness to the whistling sound. It appears behind the wood feathers and slaps toward the back of the wood feather. At this time, the extremely pharynx quickly rushes to the front of the wood feather. Rao is the body of Mu Yu, how to quickly and simply escape!


    The tragic green light and the red awning pierced the wood feather body at the same time, and nailed the wooden feather into the void. At this time, the palm of the twin masters was also shot toward the chest of the wooden feather!

    Meng Po showed a proud look, as long as he killed Mu Yu, everything is easy to handle.

    "Ugh! I thought that for so many years, it was not easy for an outsider to use the dead air on him to help me get out of trouble! It is a pity that this old woman is too sinister, how could he be the opponent of the old woman? ”

    Meng Gong, who had only one head left, looked at the wood feathers who had fallen into desperation with some disappointment. He sighed slightly, and he probably could not leave here for a lifetime.


    Ten miles away from the ghost gate, it has already quickly retreated, and jumped out with the little handsome in the direction away from the ghost door.

    She didn't dare to use her powers near the ghost gates. Let's not say whether she can win the ghosts of the ghost gates. Once the two men get together, the momentum will be great, and the other people in the ghost gate will be alarmed, in case the ghosts appear. Then she is even less likely to go.

    However, if he wants to escape, Huang Quan is like a shadow. His speed is not slower than stunned, and he does not directly touch it. It is more like playing a cat and mouse game.

    "The little girl at the red door, I just want to ask you, is Mu Yu now in the ghost door?"Huang Quan Ping asked palely.

    Suddenly fled quickly, waiting for the door to leave the door nearly a thousand miles away, she stopped and turned to look at the yellow spring covered in a yellow shadow.

    "You want to be unfavorable to Mu Yu's brother. I asked the sword in my hand first!"

    With a light sigh, the golden lotus flower bloomed again, and the fairy-skin sword crossed a golden awn, like a sly autumn water, and rushed to Huang Quan.

    At this time, even if you work with Huang Quan, you will not be alarmed by the ghosts!

    "Then I will hold you and take you to deal with him."

    At this time, Huang Quan was still stepping on the chilling giant python, and the giant cockroach opened the bloody mouth, biting the golden lotus, and at the same time, a shadow like Huang Quan suddenly spread, UU reading www. turned into a huge yellow giant hand, covering it overwhelmingly.

    The golden lotus flower is all swallowed up by the giant scorpion, and the giant palm of Huang Quan is also very powerful, so that it will be retired at all, and it will be covered.

    However, at this time, the golden swordsmanship rises into the sky, the sturdy swords are magnificent, dignified and elegant, rising from the hands of the stunned, breaking through the yellow giants who destroyed the land, disintegrating the offensive of Huang Quan, the sword The gas rushed into the sky, and it seemed that the sky was smashing and the whole sky was turbulent.

    "Do you really think that I am so bullied?"

    The golden eyes are shining in the stunned eyes, and the Xianlu sword in the hand is magnificent. It is faint to communicate the sword between the heavens and the earth!

    "Tianjian nine cited the stars and swords!"

    Suddenly, she sighed softly, and the golden light of her whole body was extremely strong. Everyone thought that she was just the goddess of the Red Dust Gate, but she forgot her other astounding identity.

    She is the daughter of Jian Shadow Dust!

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