No. 994 chapter of the extremely negative body

    The world of mortals, this identity of the woman may let calm become the true circle of people, but what the world does not know is that the sword shadow Dust wind is calm's father, the original calm in Fallout Mountain for a year, although she did not make her own identity, but the wind Hao dust has long known calm who, also put the day sword Nine to teach her!

    At this time, standing in the air, like a holy and elegant goddess, the Xianlu sword in his hand exudes a clean golden awn, and goes straight into the sky. The sword in the sky stirs the clouds and faintly communicates the sword of the sky. . mJL text × W?W

    Countless petals falling from the sky, these petals are crystal clear, look no law, but all of a sudden all the petals broke out of the DAO road, like the sword, like the stars fell under the sword, each of the sword Qi is very mysterious, to "Fall Star Sword" a type of nine-style, will be the sword of the days of interpretation incisively!


    The sword of the sky formed a hurricane, and quickly fell toward the yellow giant python and the yellow spring. The sword was very swift and pure, and wanted to destroy the evil spirits in the world. The yellow giant python wanted to once again swallow it. The sword, but when it swallowed the first sword that fell from the petals, it suddenly changed its face!

    Not everything is it can be swallowed!

    The sword intruded into the yellow boa, and entered from the mouth of its blood Bowl, throat leap out, abruptly to the yellow giant python's body to poke a huge hole, yellow python seems to be through the sword meaning through, become extremely irritable, wildly roaring up, but more sword meaning in the twinkling of an arrow, Yellow Python This time it was a slow step to escape!

    Hey! Hey! Hey!

    The sword of the falling star and the sword fell densely, and the whole yellow giant python was directly penetrated. The body of the yellow giant python was like a paper paste, and it was tied into a sieve in an instant.

    "It is now, my sister!"

    Xiaoshuai shouted on his shoulders, only to learn the Tianjian nine guides, but still has not reached the point where he can communicate with the world. Only then is Xiaoshuai’s guns telling how to use the real Tianjian.

    "it is good!"

    In the hands of the Xianlu sword in the hand, a slanting sword on the sky, a fierce battle toward the yellow giant. Although the technique is still very unfamiliar when using the sword of the sky, but she is talented and intelligent, can not master a layer, under the guidance of Xiaoshuai, the power is also very strong!

    The golden swordsman of Xianlu Sword squats from the air, and the yellow giant python that has been stabbed by the stars and smashes the sword directly blasts!

    However, the shadow of Huang Quan has already floated out.

Without the scope of the sword, even if the giant python was destroyed, he still did not suffer any damage, and even his true face did not appear.

    Only this time when he spoke, the voice seemed a little surprised: "The good sword of the sky is nine, you really learned this trick."

    "I not only learned this trick, I want to kill you!"

    Suddenly snorted, the Xianlu sword in his hand stirred the sky again, but at this moment, Huang Quan’s figure suddenly dissipated in the air, coming quickly, and going fast, as if fleeing directly.

    Just when I felt a little strange, Huang Quan’s voice once again rang through the whole sky: “You are beyond my expectation, but with this alone, you still can’t beat me!”

    Huang Quan’s voice appeared to be in all directions, as if he was hiding in various places. He could not find his specific position. It seemed to be everywhere, and then a yellow python was violently on the ground.

    Suddenly looking at the countless pythons that broke into them, suddenly his face changed and he exclaimed: "You are not a ghost door!"

    "I am, but it is not, just see how you understand."

    Huang Quan’s voice is very strange.


    Twins in the sea.

    Meng Gong, who only has one head left, is very disappointed. He knows Meng Po’s weakness and knows how to deal with Meng Po. As long as he can leave the twin corpse, there is a way to hold Meng Po. However, today he is detastated by Meng Po, even if he still retains consciousness, he can't do anything.

    It was originally expected that Mu Yu, who had entered the twin corpse, could help him win Meng Po, but now it seems that this strange stranger can't do it in his eyes.

    The Mengpo and the palms of the Ghost Twins fell on Mu Yu. Mengpo that chrysanthemum-like facial expression has even revealed a strange overcast smile, she can even imagine the wood plume brains fly, body dead way to eliminate the scene, as long as kill the wood plume, and then seize the soul of Mu Yu, for the Triple house is a big hero!


    The red and green alternating genus phagosomes have penetrated the body of the wooden feathers, and the ghost masters have also photographed the heart of the wood feathers. However, the attack of either the extreme phagosome or the ghost twins is like playing. On a virtual shadow, it penetrated the body of Mu Yu, but Mu Yu still stood in the same place, and even his eyes did not blink.

    "How can this be?"

    Meng Po was shocked, her eyes were violently stunned, and her extremely vaginal phagosome clearly penetrated the body of Mu Yu, but Mu Yu seemed to have nothing to do, even just scornfully looked at her.

    Not only that, the original master of the ghost master twins directly swayed, penetrated the body of Mu Yu, and smashed with the extreme phagocytic body!


    The extremely vaginal phagosome is incomparably yin and evil. It is actually melting the hands of the ghost master's twin sons. The sneaky method controlled by Meng Po himself has great destructive power to his own people. Although the ghost master twins are powerful and powerful. However, the hard-won student took the shot and could not bear it!

    The most important thing is that before the ghost twins invaded by the extreme phagosomes, its powerful power also shattered the extreme phagosomes, and the violent power flowed along the genus of the genitals to the sneaks of Meng Po. The sneaky tremble slammed and slammed, and there was a crack!

    "Do not!"

    Mengpo Matchless heartache to look at their own ghost hairpin, this ghost hairpin is her most powerful implements, sacrifice for so many years, already and her mind communicated, at this time the ghost Lord Twins that far higher than her fist in the Ghost hairpin, strength also spread to her body, let her body ghost gas a roll, the whole person hold the Ghost hairpin jerked backwards out.

    But the ghost master twins are also melted by her extreme phagosomes, which are very yin tyrants. After melting the ghost master twins, the ghost masters are not as fast as others. Recombination, on the contrary, the rate at which the body re-aggregates becomes very slow.

    "It turns out that you will restrain these twin corpses in this kind of thing. It is ironic!"

    Mu Yu looked at Meng Po with a cold eye, and he used a powerful mirror array to forcibly change his position and blinded Meng Po’s eyes. Then Mu Yu used the "popping and picking up the wood" array to force the attack of the ghost master twins to Meng Po's extreme phagocytic body!

    However, he also spent a lot of spiritual power on his body at this time, because using the wind and rain to pick up the wood array to resolve the attack of the ghost master twins is also very difficult for himself. The ghost master twins step into the Mahayana period. Characters, a palm down is not so easy to transfer.

    "Who is this person?" Actually have such a strong strength? ”

    Meng Gong, who was watching the battle, was also shocked. He had to think that Mu Yu would inevitably disappear under the attack of Meng Po and the ghost twins. I did not expect that Mu Yu had escaped this killing in another way. A blow not only hurts Meng Po, but also prevents the ghost masters from reorganizing quickly.

    The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu once again raised the blue sword, and the endless sword gas instantly turned into a blue lightning in the air. The lightning swaying room has already completely restored the ghost master twins. Up, the powerful lightning pattern is on the ghost master twins. This time, the ghosts of the twin masters can no longer resist the lightning of the wooden feathers!

    "Do you think that you can hurt me? you are too naive! ”

    Although Meng Po’s sneaky squad was cracked by the ghost master twins, she was not so easily knocked down. She saw the ghost master’s twins being smashed by lightning and could not be reorganized. Her heart was resentful and angry. With a drink, I rushed over to the ghost master twins and wanted to annihilate those thunder.

    However, a black and white gossip array stopped Meng Po’s way, and did not let Meng Po approach the ghost master twins.

    “Is it not fairer to fight alone?”

    Mu Yu's body flashed with mysterious lines, and the shadow sword was disillusioned in his body. It seemed that every inch of his place was hidden with a sword, everywhere!

    "Single fight alone? You are not my opponent in singles! ”

    Meng Po smirked, with a wave of his hands, the bowl used to hold Meng Po Tang reappeared in the air, and at this time, the bowl did not know when it was already filled with stinky blood again, and it was like a soaking blisters. The liquid left by the body.

    The sneaks that had cracked in the air quickly became smaller and fell into the bowl of Meng Po. The sneaky scorpion was stained with blood red water, and the crack that appeared originally healed at a speed visible to the naked eye!

    Mu Yu brows, he vaguely feels something wrong, UU reading When he reacted, he found another whistling sound behind him, the six were originally surrounded by the thunder of wood feathers During the catastrophe, the twins actually regained the thunder and shook the wooden feathers.

    “How do you feel that the twins in these six periods have become stronger? What exactly is going on? ”Mu Yu’s eyes sparkled with a puzzled look.

    At this time, Meng Gong, who had only one head left, suddenly said: "This old woman's extremely vaginal phagosome is very overbearing. Your thunder and lightning are swallowed up by her ghost technique. Extreme vaginal phagosomes are not simple things! It has now protected the six surviving twins! ”

    Mu Yu’s shadow sword flashed again with lightning patterns and re-entered the twins during the robbery period. However, when the thunderbolt spread to the twins, it did not burn the twins as they did just now. A pair of twins vacated a sinister atmosphere, annihilating the appearance of Mu Yu!

    "Your lightning is after all, it is not the real thunder, how can I resist my extreme phagosome?"Meng Po sneered.

    At this time, the twins of the ghost master also broke away from the entanglement of the wooden thunder and lightning, and rushed over again. Now, with Meng Po, Mu Yu has been surrounded by eight masters of the robbery!

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