Chapter 995 is the head of the skull!


    During the eight periods of robbery, even if seven of them are only corpses, there is no way to apply any methods, but their degree and strength are quite scary enough to pose a threat to the wood feathers, especially the twins of the ghost gate, but half. Stepping into the characters of the Mahayana period, the fists went down and the wood feathers did not dare to squat. &1t;/p>

    The shadow of Mu Yu’s swordsmanship swept down again, and the Jian Jian’s light flashed, annihilating the other incarnations around the body, and slamming on the body of the robbery. However, this time the corpse was not only given the sword of Mu Yu. Broken, on the contrary, the corpse also sucked off the sword of Mu Yu! &1t;/p>

    "The genital phagocytic body of a good evil!"&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu quickly retreated and avoided the punch of the ghost master twins. The other six robbing corpses also attacked, and did not give Mu Yu a chance to breathe. The formation around Mu Yu again surged, mirror array Re-conformation, the whole person has escaped the siege of the six robbery corpses. &1t;/p>

    This array of mirrors can confuse opponents and confuse them. Even if the corpse wants to attack the wood feathers, it will mistake the position of the wood feathers. &1t;/p>

    However, the mirror array did not block the time of these corpses, because Meng Po had already entered this wrong form after rushing into the mirror array of Mu Yu, and the blood-red brilliance of the blue-green body was centered on her. Explode, and swallow the lines under the wooden feathers again! &1t;/p>

    "I said that your formation is ineffective in front of me!"Meng Po laughed coldly. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu did not expect to encounter such a tough opponent, Meng Po's repair is higher than him, although the twins were left by her twin corpses overseas, but they have a double corpse of seven robbing periods, enough to make Mu Yu has a headache. &1t;/p>

    The ghost master twins once again deceived him. He was caught in the face of the millennium and slammed toward the face of Mu Yu. Mu Yu only felt a sharp palm stroke. He leaned over his face and went back. Yang, but at this time a swallowing power came from the palm of the ghost master twin son, and swallowed the hundred-faced magical array on Mu Yu’s face! &1t;/p>

    The hundred-faced illusion was broken, and the image of Mu Yu originally pretending to be a boat was revealed, revealing his original face. &1t;/p>

    "Oh, it’s a young and handsome face! Old man, he is much more handsome than you. ”Meng Po suddenly put out her tongue and licked her lips. &1t;/p>

    "Old devil, you really make me feel sick!"Mu Yu looked at Meng Po in disgust, and quickly touched his face. Fortunately, he was only scratched by a hundred-faced illusion.

No disfigurement. &1t;/p>

    Meng Gong is also surprised: "So young people, where are you from?"&1t;/p>

    "Is there still a mood to check my ancestral home? Do you have a way to deal with the extreme phagocytic body of this old witch? ”Mu Yu shouted and turned to escape the siege of the three robberies. &1t;/p>

    Meng Gong snorted: "Young people, fighting this old woman in the sea of ​​twins, it is impossible for you to win her. The double corpse is the place of extreme yin, and her extreme phagosome will be thrown here. Powerful, basically invincible, you must leave here."&1t;/p>

    "leave here? I can't escape without leaving here! ”&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu knows that there is still a ghost sound outside. Maybe the ghost sound has already conveyed the message to the ghost owner. The ghost master is much more powerful than his twin child. When Mu Yu faces so many people, Robbery is more difficult to escape! &1t;/p>

    "Then you will help me to gather my body. As long as my body is intact, I can use the polar phagosome to restrain this old woman."Meng Gong said quickly. &1t;/p>

    Meng Po smiled on the side: "Old man, want to keep his body intact?" I see you have no chance. ”&1t;/p>

    She said that a fierce phagosome was blasted out at the exit of the twin corpse, and the stone slab was crushed hard. The old sorcerer ruined the exit in order to catch the wood feathers! &1t;/p>

    Before entering the twin corpse, Meng Po had already put Meng Gong's soul and hands on the outside, and now the export is destroyed. It can be said that the only back road of Mu Yu has been broken, and Meng Gong has been eliminated from it! &1t;/p>

    "Damn it!"Mu Yu’s heart sinks and the exit is destroyed, so it’s even harder for him to go out. &1t;/p>

    "Old woman, you are so sad!"Meng Gong took a sip. &1t;/p>

    Meng Po smirked: "Do not worry! When I hold this kid, the ghost sounds will naturally repair the exit outside, now you are still smashing your hands! ”&1t;/p>

    The evil light of the extremely negative body again blows toward the Mu Yu, the wood feather faces to evade, falls in the Meng Pa behind, the evil light of the Meng Pa directly in the head of the skull, but let the wood plume surprised, Meng Pa actually opened the mouth, directly to the extreme body of the evil light swallowed up, that is enough to kill all the remains of the thing on the Meng Pa is ineffective. &1t;/p>

    "How come you are okay?"Mu Yu asked. &1t;/p>

    "If I have an accident, this vicious old woman has already turned me into a powder seal." Her extreme phagocytic body can't hurt me. ”Meng Gong cold channel. &1t;/p>

    "What is special about your body?"Mu Yu asked quickly. &1t;/p>

    "My body was once smashed with a thousand monks' fire of life, and the fire of life is not afraid of these things."Meng Gong has nothing to hide. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu snorted: "A thousand monks of the fire of life? It seems that your means are also very eager to be hot! ”&1t;/p>

    The people who live and die and the ghost gates are to some extent the same, both have twins, and they all like to rely on killing to strengthen themselves. The fire of life is a very powerful thing, just like in the beginning to save the wood feathers, burned his own life, directly burned the soul of the Triple Palace, I did not expect Meng Gong to use the fire of life to calcine himself. body. &1t;/p>

    "I never said that I am a good person."Meng Gong said coldly. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu snorted without a word. Regarding whether it was a good person or not, he did not want to judge anything. After all, living in the realm of killing has become a normal state. He also avenged the death of the old city owner and the Xuan Zhengtang family. city. &1t;/p>

    However, Meng Gong’s words reminded him of some things. The most fearful thing about the extremely yin is the life thing. Everything is in harmony, there will always be another thing to maintain balance. He looked at the chaotic yin and yang that flowed around him, and a bold idea jumped into his mind. &1t;/p>

    "I can save you out, but you need to help me!"Mu Yu calmly rolled up Meng Gong’s head with his lines, and quickly fled to the body, while Meng Po pursued with the ghost master and other people. &1t;/p>

    Meng Gong brows one pick: "Do you believe in a life-and-death person?"&1t;/p>

    The people of life and death and the ghost gates are mostly disgusting in the realm of comprehension. No one wants to push their hearts with them. If it is not because they cultivate high strength, one is equal to two people, it is extremely difficult to deal with, the comprehension world has long put these two The sect was sent to remove. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yudao said: "You want to leave this dark place, and I want to destroy the twin corpse, now we must kill Meng Po, our goal is the same, isn't it?"&1t;/p>

    "it is good! Kid, if I can escape from here, I will owe you a life in the future. ”Meng Gongdao. &1t;/p>

    "You have all the residual limbs in your body besides your hands?"&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu turned back and pulled out a sword again. The sword gas turned into a pattern, and the mirror array once again trapped Meng Po and others. Although Meng Po destroyed the mirror array in a blink of an eye, Mu Yu had already escaped to a farther place. go with. &1t;/p>

    But no one saw it. When Mu Yu was fleeing, every time he stepped on the void in the middle of the road, the void would sway, and a blue imprint disappeared into the void and disappeared. &1t;/p>

    "The old demon seals my body to different places in the twin corpse. I can keep it in the twin corpse, but if it is outside, it will die, so you must snatch my body back."Meng Gong said. &1t;/p>

    His body was sealed by Meng Po in the coffin, and his feet were blocked to different places. &1t;/p>

    "Your body has been tempered with a very strong fire of life, so you are not afraid of the yin here, then you must lend me the life of the skull!"Mu Yu said. &1t;/p>

    "How do you want to use it?"&1t;/p>

    "I am a squad, know how to arrange, I need your head as a base, and you turn the flow of life yourself, you must cooperate with me!"Mu Yu explained. &1t;/p>

    Meng Po once again killed, Mu Yu once again let Meng Gong to resist, the twins and the sea are boundless, simply can not see the head. Ghost gates have not been known until now. There are tens of millions of people who have died here. Mu Yu is fleeing on one side, and he has to use the sword to smash the ordinary corpses that have been thrown in all directions. These corpses are not controlled by Meng Po. Can be easily chopped directly by wood feathers. &1t;/p>

    "Kid, if my head exhausts the gas of life, I am no different from the people here. I will be controlled by the demon. Do you want me to die?"Meng Gong shouted. &1t;/p>

    "I have a measure. Before the exhaustion of your head's life, I will take back your body. You should know how to use your body's life to make up for yourself. If you don't agree, you can only be trapped in this place for a lifetime. What is the difference between life and death? ”Mu Yu said indifferently. &1t;/p>

    Meng Gong’s face was a little cloudy, and then he gritted his teeth: “Good! But if you remember what you said, you must take me out of this ghost place! ”&1t;/p>

    "I won't say anything."&1t;/p>

    The pattern in the hands of Mu Yu has been morphed out, covering Meng Gong’s head, and Meng’s skull suddenly circulates out of life and merges into the formation of Mu Yu. &1t;/p>

    In fact, his wood spirit originally had the gas of life, but Muling became very weird because of its mutation. Its breath is no longer a pure life. It can't restrain the corpse here, and Meng Gong can be here for decades. Not dying, the vitality of life itself must be extremely powerful. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu used Meng Gong's head as a base to draw a simple poly-matrix, which was integrated into his sword, and his sword suddenly burst into a strange flame, like the fire of life burning. &1t;/p>

    He immediately turned around, UU read without hesitation, raised the sword and chased the ghostly twins who had been chasing them down. The ghost masters still did not hide, and raised their palms without fear. Block the sword of the wood feathers. &1t;/p>

    "I said, your attack is ineffective for us!"When Meng Po saw that Mu Yu suddenly turned around, she smiled happily. But suddenly her face directly solidified, because the extremely phagosomes on the ghost's twins did not swallow the woody feathers this time. On the contrary, they could not stop the sword of Mu Yu, and they were directly smashed by Mu Yu. Two halves! &1t;/p>

    Meng Po’s face was amazed. She had the abnormality of Meng’s skull and said: “Old man, are you impatient? Want to be with me? ”&1t;/p>

    "perish together? You are too tall to look at yourself! ”&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu Sword Gas A turn, with the green Life of the sword gas turned to Mengpo, Mengpo Strange call, immediately from the side grabbed a skeleton toward the wood plume threw the past, his fast down. &1t;/p>

    She did not dare to resist the sword that had the fire of life at this time! &1t;/p>

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