Chapter 997 Extremely Yin

    Although Meng Po was killed by Mu Yu in this place, she ruined the export at the beginning and closed the twin corpse. This way, it is equal to not giving Mu Yu any back road. &1t;/p>

    Meng Gong took a look at his neck and made a squeaky voice. He was only twisted by Meng Po’s neck, but the ghost squad of the twin corpse made his body reorganized. Thanks to this powerful ghost array, otherwise Even if he is a life-and-death person, it is impossible to survive after being separated. &1t;/p>

    "Do not worry! Even if the export is destroyed, it will reappear at the beginning of each month. According to the degree of yin, I want to go out in twenty-three days. ”Meng Gong said calmly. &1t;/p>

    Being trapped here for decades, Meng Gong is thinking about how to go out all the time, and naturally understands the characteristics of the twin bodies. &1t;/p>

    But Mu Yu can't wait twenty-three days, he must find a way to get out of here as soon as possible. &1t;/p>

    Before he came in, he arranged a transmission array outside, and as long as he squeezed the jade, he could send himself outside the ghost door. However, the ghosts of the twin corpse are extremely overcast, and the ghosts of the ghost gates outside are not the same. The yin here is isolated from the connection between the jade and the transmission array, so he can't directly use the transmission array to leave here. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu said: "Do you really think that you can go out after twenty-three days? Ghost people will not be able to do Meng Po accident? Or are you planning to be trapped here for the rest of your life? ”&1t;/p>

    Meng Gong’s face was stagnation, and he naturally did not want to stay in this dark place for a lifetime. Just now Meng Po was killed, and the bad smell in his heart has not been completely exhausted. Now calm down and think about it, Mu Yu is right. If you don't go out as soon as possible, wait for the ghost owner to arrive, even if the stone platform is repaired, he is not an opponent of the ghost master! &1t;/p>

    "Which martial art are you?"Meng Gong has been trapped here, and he does not know what the words "Mu Yu" mean in the realm of comprehension. &1t;/p>

    The wooden bun sitting in the void and starting to adjust the interest rate, only to fight with the masters of the eight robbing period, cost him a lot of spiritual power, waiting for him to let Dantian's black and white spirits pass it again and asked: "This is very Is it important?"&1t;/p>

    Meng Gong sneered heavily: "Don't think that I don't know, you guys who are self-proclaimed and decent, we are swearing. If you can find the way out, I think you must turn your face directly."&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu looked indifferently at Meng Gong without his hands: "If you say that you will be taken out, you will definitely take you out. The famous door in your eyes will not be put in your eyes."&1t;/p>

    Meng Gong’s face appeared a little surprised: “Do you think so?”&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu quietly ran in the heart of the dust,

Then he said: "Less nonsense, is there any way to get out of here soon?"&1t;/p>

    Meng Gong also sat in the void, putting the body's life into his head, making up for the loss of life in his head, and then said: "You have a hidden dead body, although you have not used it. This is dead, but if I want to leave here, I must use the dead air on you to cover up my breath as a twin."&1t;/p>

    This point is also clear. When he returned to the past, he helped Meng Gong to get out of trouble. Only after Muling got the killing power, some of his body changed completely, but he still couldn’t help the twins here. The ghosts of the place are too weird. &1t;/p>

    "I will help you."Mu Yu said simply. &1t;/p>

    Although Meng Gong came from the door of life and death, killing countless people, but after all, he still keeps his promise and knows gratitude. This is much better than the ghost gate. &1t;/p>

    Meng Gong looked at Mu Yu with a deep sense. He thought that Mu Yu would kill him after killing Meng Po, but he did not expect Mu Yu to speak so well. &1t;/p>

    "There are two ways to go out. One is to leave from Shitai after twenty-three days. The other is quite troublesome. No one can do it. At present, the first method can only be used. After Shitai was in shape, they did not dare to rush in unscrupulously, unless the old demon sacred the blood of the dead, the stuff was not just a ghost doorman, so we still have a chance. ”Meng Gong said slowly. &1t;/p>

    "Talk about the second way."Mu Yu Road. &1t;/p>

    "This is the extremely yin land, which belongs to the extreme of yin. The yin naturally needs to use yang to restrain, but the fire of life on my body can only be self-protected. It is impossible to break this place and want to break the ghost here. Array, there must be a strong yang to restrain, I think you can not have this ability."Meng Gong said. &1t;/p>

    "Strong yang?"&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu’s heart was moving and he had a very bold idea. &1t;/p>

    Others may not be able to do it, but there is a very dangerous and terrible force in the wood feather body, that is black and white spirit! The black and white spirit consists of pure anger and death, maintained in a stable equilibrium, and has always been transforming the body of the wood feather. Once the wood feather is injured once, his physical condition will be strengthened, and this black and white spirit If force breaks the balance, it has a terrible swallowing power. &1t;/p>

    His killing power is here. &1t;/p>

    It’s just that this black and white spirit is too violent. If you leave the body and break the balance, you can't control it with impunity. Even the wood feathers can't be completely controlled. At the beginning, it took a lot of energy to control it. &1t;/p>

    "Yin gas should be restrained by yang, balance between yin and yang, why is my chaotic yin and yang so harmonious?"&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu thought, Xiao He and Xiao Bai got out of his hands, swimming freely, playing with each other, similar to the black and white spirit in his body. But Mu Yu knows that once Xiaohe or Xiaobai leaves too far, the other must go away. &1t;/p>

    "Can I also let the black and white spirits start to devour each other when they are separated, but they restrict each other?"&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu's fingertips move, and a cyan spirit flows in front of him. After the body's black and white spirits leave the body in a balanced state, it is no different from ordinary spiritual power. The spiritual power of Mu Yu has always been blue. &1t;/p>

    However, once this black and white spiritual power is separated, it will lead to unpredictable consequences. The black spiritual power will swallow up everything. The white spiritual power will make all the things stimulate the full potential and be assimilated. try. &1t;/p>

    Now trapped here, plus as long as the twin corpses are eliminated, it is enough to reinvent the ghost door, so he decided to take another risk. &1t;/p>

    "You can only do this."&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu's hands clasped his hands and slowly opened. The blue spiritual power gathered in his palm, forming a whirlpool. The vortex turned faster and faster, and then suddenly became a black and white two distinct spiritual powers began to flow. Black and white spirits are still in a state of balance, not separated. &1t;/p>

    "Kid, what are you doing?"Meng Gong frowned. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu did not answer him, but continued to focus on the black and white spirit. As long as he forcibly pulled the black and white spirits away, the next thing would be troublesome. &1t;/p>

    "Put it once."&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu's teeth, black and white spirits have been forcibly separated, white spiritual power gathered in his left palm, black spiritual power gathered in his right palm, suddenly two palms out of two completely different terrible atmosphere. &1t;/p>

    "this is……"Meng Gong suddenly changed his face because he smelled the dangerous atmosphere from the two black and white spirits! &1t;/p>

    "How can your spiritual power become like this?"&1t;/p>

    Meng Gong exclaimed, slammed up and stepped back a few steps. Whether it was black spiritual power or white spiritual power, he was quite jealous! &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu put all his attention on the black and white spirit in his hand. In this process, he can't disturb it. Otherwise, if there is any mistake, it is very difficult to save it. This time, there is no Muling and the tower of the town. The world of the world is helping him deal with the anger and death of the runaway. &1t;/p>

    "balance! balance! As long as the amount of anger and death is guaranteed to be in the same state, it will not get out of control! ”&1t;/p>

    Mu Yu’s heart has already mentioned the eyes of the blind man. He can even clearly feel his nervous heartbeat. Because he wants to control the black spiritual power and the white spiritual power in a balanced state, now he can barely do it, but once the black and white spirit If the force begins to be swallowed, the amount swallowed by either side will cause the balance to be broken! &1t;/p>

    If the balance is broken, anger and death will continue to swallow up, even if he can't live. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu has fallen to a bone. These cheekbones were controlled by Meng Gong and stood still in the same place. Even if Mu Yu flew over, they did not resist. &1t;/p>

    At this time, Mu Yu’s hands were printed on the cheekbones. A black and white spirit touched the cheekbones. The black spiritual power began to swallow the side of the cheekbone, while the white spiritual power would touch the other side of the cheekbones. After the potential is completely ejected, it is assimilated into a white spiritual power. &1t;/p>

    Meng Pa See Mu Yu incredibly want to use eccentric means to deal with the carcass, then cold hum way: "Boy, you don't waste your energy, the twin remains are protected by the mighty Yin, and even if you destroy them, they will be restored as they are, and your strength won't destroy any bones! ”&1t;/p>

    Although the black and white spirit of Mu Yu’s hands seems to be very deterrent, he has been trapped in the twin corpse for so many years, and he has long understood everything here, knowing more than anyone else. &1t;/p>

    Ghosts have created such a very yin, UU reading perfectly protects the dead bones of the twins from destruction. It is said that people in the Mahayana period cannot destroy any of the corpses here, let alone the wood. Feather. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu only responded calmly: "Don't bother me, otherwise we will die!"&1t;/p>

    The black and white spirit in the hands is decomposed little by little, and Mu Yu pays full attention to the result of the black and white spirits devour, and does not allow any party to occupy even a little advantage. This kind of engulfing should be balanced. &1t;/p>

    Slowly, the whole skeleton was gradually decomposed by the black and white spirit, the process Mu Yu carefully, hands do not dare to shake, he tried so condemned, because the ghost Gate Dare to put the twins in this place must be a powerful means of protection, and Mu Yu one of the most powerful means of his body is the variation of the black and white psychic force. &1t;/p>

    Meng Gong’s original contemptuous expression suddenly became more and more dignified, from dignity to horror! He looked at the cheekbones that had been swallowed up by the black and white spirits, as if he had thought of something, the pupil slammed and stunned: "How is it possible?" This skeleton is actually…How are you? ”&1t;/p>

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