Chapter 998 Variation of Twins

    Meng Pa shocked to see the wood plume, can not be wiped out by the ghost door Twins in the black and white spirit of the role, unexpectedly be completely swallowed up, this swallowed too terrible, is not the twin corpse of the Mighty Ghost array can be restored!

    He didn't believe Mu Yu could do it at first, but now he knows how terrible this young man who suddenly broke into the twin-corpse sea!

    Mu Yu did not care about Meng Gong’s reaction. The twins he swallowed were only in the Yuan Ying period. After the black and white spirits swallowed the dead bodies, he obviously felt that the black and white spirit seemed to be stronger. He pondered for a moment and asked. Tao: "If the twins are destroyed, what happens to the ghosts?"

    Meng Gong gradually calmed down, and his mouth slightly revealed a sarcasm: "If the twins are destroyed, then the ghosts need to bear the revenge of the twins."


    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully.


    Ghost Wolf is a ghost in the Yuan Ying period. He belongs to the 39th Ghost Camp. This time the mission is to station in Wuzhu City, leading the comprehension and the Yumeng Mozu to fight.

    His mission is naturally not to fight with the Yumeng Mozu, the upper part has been arranged, once the war broke out, whether it is the comprehension or the Yumeng Mozu died, he must collect the souls of these dead people!

    Ghost Gate is one of the eight gates. It is nominally to lead the comprehension to defeat the Yumeng Mozu, but in fact they have a clear division of the ghost gates. The twins are responsible for killing the Yumeng Mozu. They are responsible for collecting with the ghost stone. The soul that died on the battlefield.

    Yesterday, Wuzhucheng just played a game with the Yumeng Mozu. The time lasted for an hour. The ghost wolf collected two hundred souls, most of which belonged to the Yumeng Mozu, and only nine were human souls. Yesterday's World War I was still a great victory for the Terran, and now the morale of the comprehension is high.

    "The soul of the Yumeng Mozu is not as good as the soul of the Terran. Thirty are not worthy of the soul of a comprehension. It is really cheap!"

    The ghost wolf dismissed a disdain. He glanced at his twins, and his twins looked at him blankly. Yesterday his twins showed heroism on the battlefield. He was very satisfied with his twins.

    "Really, Ghosts, I still miss you once."

    The ghost wolf showed a smug smile. The ghost dog was the name of his twin son. Unfortunately, at the moment he decided to live and die, the ghost wolf survived.

    The ghost of the ghost dog is still looking at the ghost wolf with a blank expression.

The ghost wolf doesn't care too much, because the twin's consciousness is suppressed, only knowing the execution of the order, he simply can't understand what he is saying.

    "I like war, there is a soul in war, it's good."

    Although the ghost wolf does not understand what the true meaning of this war represents, the trick of their ghosts is to sacrifice ghosts. As long as the ghosts are collected, the strength is stronger. What is different from the past is that this time, the ghosts collect soul names just right, and they don’t have to be spurned by the self-cultivators.

    Behind the ghost wolf, there are thirty Jindan period comprehensions. These comprehensions are from other sects. He is responsible for leading and killing the Yumeng Mozu. At this time, the comprehensions of these Golden Ages were looking at the ghosts and wolves in awe. The twins of the Ghost Wolf yesterday made a big fuss on the battlefield. Everyone saw it very clearly.

    "I have seen adults!"

    At this time, a figure passed in the distance, a middle-aged man of the Golden Age, respectfully kneeling on the knees in front of the ghost wolf, and saluting.

    "Pang Gaorong, what have I asked you about?"The ghost wolf asked lazily.

    "Adult, I have caught forty mortals and listened to the adults."Pang Gaorong said humblely.

    "Bring it up!"


    Pang Gaorong left directly, and then forty mortals were thrown into the open space in front of the ghost wolf with horror. These mortals are all men, women and children. They were originally farmers in the nearby villages. They fled to Wuzhucheng to take refuge because of the war, but they did not want to be caught directly by Pang Gaorong.

    "Give me your knees and listen to the adults!"Pang Gaorong shouted.

    The power of the Golden Dan period swept across the mortal, and these mortals couldn't bear it. They all panicked and squatted on the ground, and the head did not dare to carry it.

    The ghost wolf stood up satisfactorily, walked among the warriors and mortals, and then came to a strong man.

    "stand up."Ghost big wolf said coldly.

    The strong man was full of black face. At first glance, he was the farmer who had been blowing in the wind all the year round. He was honest and honest, and he did not dare to resist when he heard the ghosts and wolves. He quickly stood up.

    The ghost wolf nodded slightly: "Yes, your soul should look good."

    Then suddenly reached out, grabbed the neck of the strong man, directly twisted, twisted the neck of the strong man, the strong man screamed and fell to the ground.

    "My good brother, you can make up one."

    The ghost wolf waved his hand to his twins. The twins immediately rushed toward the strong man, and the ghosts were shrouded in the strong man. The strong and invisible soul of the strong man suddenly appeared. He looked at the ghost wolf in horror. The twins, who have not had time to scream, are directly torn into pieces by their twins and inhaled into their bodies.

    "Adults are forgiving!"

    "Don't kill us!"

    All the mortals were scared and timid, and they kept asking for mercy, hoping that these high-ranking immortals could give them a horse.

    The spectator of the comprehension looked at it all coldly. In the eyes of the self-cultivator, the life of the mortal is not worth mentioning. Even if some individual comprehensions feel that the ghosts are cruel, they dare not say anything. After all, they all It was assigned to the ghost wolf and did not dare to defy the order.

    As long as you can kill the Yumeng Mozu, get the soul point, in exchange for rewards, the death of a few mortals is simply insignificant.

    The ghost wolf glanced at the onlookers. He felt a sense of joy in his heart. When the war between the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran had not yet been fought, he would not dare to be blatant, but now the comprehensions believe in eight. Lead, so he kills a few mortals, and everyone feels irrelevant.

    "Let's enjoy the souls of these mortals. Although their souls are not useful for comprehension, they are quite good."The ghost big wolf smirked and said the opposite twins.

    But at this moment, he suddenly noticed some strange sights, and the twins’ original stunned eyes flicked at some point.


    The ghost wolf looked at the twins and thought that he only looked at his own eyes. However, when he looked at it carefully, he found that the eyes of the twins actually appeared a bit clear, as if they gradually recovered their minds!

    "How can this be?"

    The ghost of the big wolf was shocked. He and the twins were closely connected. They obviously felt that they could not suppress the twins of the twins suddenly, and at this time the twins gradually got rid of his control.


    The ghost wolf does not understand how his twins will be abnormal. He immediately has a ghost in his body, covering his twins and subduing his twins, but there is a soul in his twins. His ghost bounces off!

    "I was actually resurrected?"

    The twin's mind is completely restored, his soul is not controlled by the ghost big wolf, and when he sees the ghost big wolf, his eyes are full of resentment!

    "Ghost Wolf, you have dominated the body for so many years, and it is time to change me!"The twins shouted coldly.

    The twins of the Ghostmen are mutual hatred. The one killed is deeply sorrowful to the other. After the twins recover their minds, the first thing the twins have to do is revenge!

    "You are just a soul now, how can I fight with me?"The ghostly wolf screamed fiercely.

    But he also understands that although the twins are only a soul, in fact, their cultivation is the same, this is the power of the ghosts, so the twins are not empty.

    The twins laughed awkwardly: "The biggest mistake you made was to feed me thirty souls yesterday. This time, I have to control your body!"

    The twins have already rushed toward the ghost wolf, and the ghost wolf is not willing to wait and see, and the ghosts are rushing out, and the two devils fight together.

    Pang Gaorong and other comprehensions were stunned. No one thought that the ghostly wolf who had just been arrogant and arrogant suddenly had an infighting with his own proud twins, and the twins actually suppressed the ghosts. A wolf!

    "I won't let you succeed!"

    The ghost wolf screamed in anger and broke free from the back. Then he fell to Pang Gaorong and punched Pang Gaorong's head with a punch! Poor Pang Gaorong was still complacent about catching mortals for the ghost wolf. I didn't expect that I had not had time to react, but I was killed directly by the ghost wolf.

    After the ghost wolf took Pang Gaorong's soul, he directly integrated into his body. At the same time, he gave a ghost in his hand. His body was strong and he couldn't beat the twins. He retreated backwards and looked at other people. The comprehension rushed over!

    Those onlookers of the Golden Age looked at the blood of the land, and suddenly they were so scared that they couldn’t care for other people. They fled everywhere, and several of them fled slowly and lost their lives in the hands of ghosts and wolves. The victim.

    "Awful, not enough!"

    At this time, the ghost wolf did not mention much regrets. In order to make his twins stronger, he was able to kill the Yumeng Mozu, so he let his twins devour the soul. The practice of their ghost gates, whether they are engulfing the soul or engulfing the soul, will transform each other into the other side, so that the cultivation of the two will increase to the same level.

    But this also takes time. At this time, the twins have not completely transferred the power they swallowed to the ghost wolf. The twins are better than the ghost wolf!

    When the ghost wolf thought about his twins, this kind of change will happen. For many years, the twins are controlled in their own hands. Only when a certain ghost person is destroyed, will the twins wake up, but the premise is There is a problem in the flesh, and I am in good condition. Why do twins wake up?

    He really couldn't understand, UU read but the twins have already killed, their strength was originally at the same level, and the twins yesterday swallowed the soul sacrifices carefully selected by the ghost wolf, which has long exceeded He, he was instantly caught in his throat by his twins!

    "why? Where is the problem? ”

    The ghost wolf is furious, he wants to resist, but the twins simply do not give him the opportunity to resist.

    They were originally quite strong, but at this time, the twins were swallowed up by many souls yesterday, which caused the twins to be better than the ghosts!

    In the air, the ghosts burst into flames, and the two of them made the plants within a few hundred meters of the square withered. The Jindan period of the comprehensions had fled the place in horror, and the mortals were all killed under the ghosts!


    Ghosts and big wolves fly back!

    "Go to hell!"

    The twins sneered and raised their hands and screwed the head of the ghost wolf! (https://)

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