Chapter 999 Twins Riot!

    The ghost body of the big wolf is separated, and he is dead in an instant, but his soul is covered by a hole in the sky, and it appears in midair!

    Ghostmen are not so easy to die. Even if they are physically destroyed, they can survive for a little while in the state of the soul. As long as they can find a suitable body in a short time, they will be able to live again.

    But many times the ghosts don't live so easily, because once the flesh is destroyed, the twins will wake up, and the twins will not let each other easily.

    "Ghost big dog, you stop, now is not the time to fight!"The soul of the ghost wolf resisted the shock and anger.

    "is it? I think this time is a perfect fit! ”

    Ghosts and big dogs rushed toward the ghosts and wolves, and the souls of the two Yuan infants suddenly entangled in the air, surrounded by countless ghosts, and the whole sky was screaming.

    Ghost Wolf will never think that he will be so unlucky, his twin corpses thrown in the twin corpse are just inadvertently selected by Mu Yu!


    Twins in the sea.

    After the black and white spirit swallowed up the skeleton in sight, Mu Yu still dare not careless, because he must at this time in the hands of the black and white spirit becomes incomparably strong, the whole process of eating wood feather carefully, dare not let the black and white any side more swallowed even a little skeleton, otherwise it will cause the black and white spirit lose balance, can't control.

    After swallowing a skeleton, Mu Yu reintegrated the black and white spirits, gradually turning into the blue spirit, disappearing into his palm, turning into a pure spiritual power to fill his meridians. .

    He was surprised to find that he had consumed a lot of spiritual power to make up for it.

    "It seems that my thoughts are correct, and the powerful ghosts will not be able to match my black and white spirit."Mu Yu said thoughtfully. As for the unfortunate tibia in front of the eyes, it means that Muyu successfully eliminated the twin corpses.

    Meng Gong looked at Mu Yu with amazement and couldn't help but ask: "What means did you use? Why can you completely eliminate the shin bone here? ”

    Meng Gong stayed here for so long, and he was very clear about the bones here. Even if he was crushed, he would reunite. This is the way that ghost gates protect their own people, but Mu Yu broke this common sense and couldn’t say it.

    "I naturally have my method, there is no need to tell you."Mu Yu does not want to explain anything.

    Meng Gong’s attitude towards seeing Mu Yu is cold.

I don’t dare to say anything more, because at this time, he is also a skeleton, and he has consumed a lot of life. Now he has not fully recovered. The real move is not the opponent of Mu Yu, thinking about him. Then I jumped a little further and didn't want to be too close to Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu said faintly: "Do you not trust your companions?"

    Meng Gong was said to be so embarrassed by Mu Yu, but still said: "I have to be cautious."

    Mu Yu said that he did not care about Meng Gong. He remembered some questions and said: "What do you mean by revenge?"

    Meng Gong fixed his mind and then said: "If the twins of the ghost gate are destroyed, the twin souls of the ghosts will wake up. They may fight, maybe they will compromise temporarily. It depends on the ghosts and the doubles. The relationship between having children varies from person to person, but most of them will fight inside."

    "Infighting? That's what I want to see most. ”Mu Yu is meditating.

    Mu Yu was very cautious when swallowing. He had to ensure that the entire phagocytosis process was not out of control, so it took him nearly half an hour to devour a skeleton. There are thousands of shin bones here, and it is impossible for wood feathers to go to a place to swallow, otherwise it will be swallowed up in the wild.

    He turned his eyes on the ghost master twins and the other six robbing corpses. It seems that they must first destroy these skeletons.

    "There are thousands of corpses here, gathering the twins of the ghost gates for tens of thousands of years. How come the seven dead bodies?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

    Meng Gong explained: "The corpse cannot save the strength of life forever. Once the ghost door outside is dead, the corpse of this corpse will gradually disperse and become a corpse without repair. The ghost gate now only has eight crossings. The man who robbed the man, Meng Po died, and naturally there are only seven."

    "It turns out that, forget it, then I will solve the seven twins first, then the so-called ghost master, just look at whether you like the surprise that I gave you!"

    Mu Yu once again went to the ghost's twins, and the ghost's twins were also controlled by Meng Gong, and did not attack Mu Yu.


    The bridge of the ghost gate.

    A ghostly figure stands there, the momentum of this person is extremely chilly, like a thousand years of cold ice, no matter who looks at him, he can feel the bitter cold in his body, as if he The whole body will be frozen.

    This person is the ghost master of the ghost gate, repaired for the nine days of the robbery, has stepped into the master of the Mahayana period, the ghost is chilly!

    There are two people standing beside the ghost master, one is the ghostly sound of the four heavens, and the other is the ghost of the five heavens!

    The ghostly voice lowered his head respectfully and said: "Ghost Lord, Meng Po has gone in and caught the man."

    Ghost Lord cold channel: "Is the identity of the person entering the twin corpse sea clear?"

    "The man wearing the clothes of the Star Gate, claiming to be the sky boat of the Star Gate!"Ghost sounds said.

    "Sky boat? Humph! Tianxingzhou will not come to my ghost door for no reason! You have all been deceived. This person must have been made by Mu Yu. I didn’t expect the news from the ghost domain to be true. Mu Yu really came here! ”

    The ghost master raised his eyes, his eyes looked like a cold hook, it seems that who is being stared, the soul will be taken away by this cold hook in an instant.

    The ghostly face changed slightly, and he quickly said: "Ghosts are forgiving their sins, they are under the eyes, and they look away."

    The ghost owner snorted and then asked: "How long has Meng Po entered?"

    "It’s almost two hours. She also ruined the export. It seems that she is planning to trap the wooden feathers inside, so as not to be escaped by the wooden feathers before the ghost owner arrives."Ghost sounds said.

    One side of the ghost chose to make a noise: "The Ghost, the twin body of the sea even the Mahayana period of people can not break, not to mention that he has a time of robbery, we do not need to worry about what, Meng Pa in our reminders, has long been to Meng Pa take measures, she entered do not need to worry about Meng Pa, but also to the control of the polar body Twins, mu Plume this time is Chachinanfei! ”

    The ghost master nodded slightly: "This is the best! We must not let Mu Yu enter and leave our site at will! ”

    Ghosts continued to ask: "Ghost Lord, then do we want to inform the people of the Mie Palace?"

    "First, don't wait for Meng Po to hold Mu Yu. I personally took Mu Yu to see the Lord in the Triple Palace."The ghost master sneered.

    However, at this moment, the ghost's face suddenly changed!

    "what happened?"Ghost sounds and ghosts choose a slight glimpse.

    "Not good, the twins have changed!"

    The ghost master was furious, and he obviously felt that his twins were gradually waking up, and even began to rush and want to compete with him for control of the body.

    "Repair the passages of the twin corpses!"

    There was a black gas in the hands of the ghost master, and the figure had already rushed over to the bridge, but his figure jumped to half, and suddenly stopped, his face appeared a flustered, and immediately sat on the knees.

    At the same time, his twins in his body have also got rid of control and want to get out of his body!

    The ghosts and the ghosts are opposite each other. They don't understand why the ghost owner who has already entered the Mahayana half of the time suddenly has such an abnormal situation. Ghost chose to ask before: "Ghost Lord, what happened to you?"

    However, the ghost master did not respond to him, his face was blue and violent, and he seemed to be desperately tremble with someone. His body also showed the ghost of the sky, and instantly covered himself. The powerful atmosphere allowed ghosts to choose and ghosts. People have to go back.

    "What happened to the ghost master?"Ghost sounds were surprised to say that her demon eyes showed a puzzled look.

    The ghost chooses the ghost that wants to be close to the ghost owner, but the strength of the ghost master is far above him. He can't get close. He indulges for a moment: "Ghost sound, repairing the time that the bridge to the twin corpse needs How long does it take?"

    "Naihe Bridge has always been responsible for Meng Po, if you let me fix it, it will take at least three hours!"Ghost sounds immediately said.

    "Hurry and fix him! Mu Yu has done a hand to the twin corpse, and the twins have problems! ”The voice of the ghost Lord passed through the thick mist of ghosts.

    "Does the twins have problems?"The ghosts and ghosts chose to look at each other and they were all surprised!


    In the twin corpse, Meng Gong has been quite surprised, because Mu Yu once completely eliminated a twin, and this time the twins who were eliminated are still the twins of the ghost gate!

    "Where did this terrible person come out?"

    Meng Gong’s mind has a lot of thoughts. He doesn’t even dare to get close to Mu Yu, for fear that he will be directly swallowed up by the black and white spirit in the hands of Mu Yu!

    Mu Yu slowly swallowed up all the ghost masters of the robbery period, UU reading www. He was surprised to find that after this time he swallowed up the ghost master twins, the black and white spirit reunited into one, and he gathered in his hands to become a huge and powerful spiritual power!

    This spiritual power is the most primitive spiritual power, without any impurities, can be completely absorbed into the body by the wood feathers, used to temper his body, strengthen his cultivation, if you can refine this spirit Force, then Mu Yu believes that his cultivation will definitely improve the floor!

    When Shiki did not hesitate to start sucking this powerful spiritual power into his body, he began to turn it into himself, and practiced it as no one else!

    Meng Gong looked at Mu Yu and actually practiced in front of himself without any problems, but his heart flashed a trace.

    He understands his identity. He is a life-and-death person. Like the ghost gate, he is cast aside by everyone in the realm of cultivation. The two cooperations are only temporary. Once the young man is repaired again, he may lose his hands. Life and death are just a dispensable existence. When Mu Yu wants to kill him, it’s easy!

    Meng Gong’s eyes flashed a sizzling, and now Mu Yu practiced in front of him without any precautions. If he wants to save his life, the best way is to kill Mu Yu directly! (https://)

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