No. 686 chapter of Eternal Daylight Forbidden

    "Daddy, Where's the Thunder man?" If I ever get into trouble, can I ask him for help? ”Mu Yu asked tentatively.

    The dead wood pondered for a moment and said, "You don't have to put your hopes on him, he doesn't like to be in the spotlight, or why nobody in the real world has ever heard of him?" ”

    Mu Yu still does not give up: "Daddy, you know that there has been a meat-winged horned horn here, you can't bear to let me alone to deal with the meat-winged horns? Since the meat-winged horns appear in the triple heavens, it is also the responsibility of the real person to repair the real world. ”

    He said the current general situation of the comprehension, and also told the ugly face of the Mie Palace to the dead wood.

    The dead wood nodded thoughtfully: "He is majoring in lightning spells, and he always appears wherever he often thunders."

    Xiaoshuai was shocked and said: "Is he being thundered every day? Does he look as handsome as I am? ”

    Both dead wood and wood feathers stunned Xiao Shuai.

    "Daddy, how do you kill those meat-winged horns?"

    Mu Yu said that he had killed the Red Moon in the ruined valley. The White Demon King said that the Red Moon was not so easy to kill. He himself can kill the flesh-winged horns by stripping the dead body in the body, but this kind of thing is too dangerous, but it is still less useful, and he did not take the dead air to deal with the red moon in the ruined valley.

    The dead wood shook his head and said: "These things are not killed in the triple heaven, and will be resurrected after a while. But the sun on the triple sky is their nemesis and will kill them temporarily. ”

    "What if it is cloudy?"

    "Yeah, the weather in Santian has gradually deteriorated in recent years. Many cities and towns have smog every three or five!" You must bring a mask when you go out, and you will not be separated from people and animals two meters away. ”Dragon vines interjected.

    "There is a rare treasure in the forever ban, called the mysterious spirit. They absorb the sunlight essence all the year round, and the light is the same as the sunlight. It can be used to kill the moon and seal them."

    "Forever forbidden? where? ”Mu Yu has never heard of this place before.

    "There are a few extreme places in the Triple Continent, just like the ethereal land of the nine-day magic array, where the five elements are balanced. The eternal forbidden place is a place with only daytime, but I am not very clear about where the ban is forbidden. The only certainty is that it should be in a very high place, and some people have been recorded in ancient books. ”

    Mu Yu sighed: "You can't give me a map and let me find it!" I hate being like a headless fly.

    Lu Dian can find the wrong way in the Mo Yun Mountain where he was born. He also asked him to look for it everywhere, and he really asked for it.

    "You have to master the power of nature and then go back wherever you come from."Dead wood said impatiently.

    "Oh."Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders helplessly. What else can he say?

    "Yes, there's one more thing."

    "what's up?"

    "Don't call me daddy."

    "Well, okay, daddy."


    The dead wood has been recovering from the interest rate adjustment, and Mu Yu is also controlling the power of nature according to the method of dead wood. He finally stepped into the threshold under the guidance of the dead wood, and barely can change the form of the array to the pebbles in a flash. on.

    In fact, the conversion of the array to the pebbles is only the most basic method of natural power. The power of nature emphasizes that everything can be found. Naturally, it is not just pebbles. This method of performing arrays is only for the sake of speed, but it is impossible to achieve a battle that is similar to the seal world of the Naming Mountain.

    However, after Mu Yu asked the old man, he already knew how to repair the breach under the crack that was corroded by the red moon.

    After controlling the power of nature, you don't need to consider the problem of the base, because everything can be used as a base, and the displayed array is more dexterous. This is all that you need to understand on your own. Many people are not powerful enough to control themselves, so it is difficult to control the power of nature.

    Mu Yu has always been quite self-satisfied for his own genius, but the dead wood has mercilessly approved the invention he invented, and all kinds of potential shortcomings are dug out directly, so that Mu Yu is in a certain I began to doubt life in an instant.

    One of the most inexplicable shortcomings is that there is a streak that looks bad and looks awkward.Don't be a shame!

    Mu Yu’s heart has been rushing with grass and mud horses, and his face still has a polite smile. He always tells himself that this is wrong with himself. He is right, and he should pay the price when he sees the mother’s bath.

    After the wood feathers were smashed two hundred and fifty times, the dead wood began to help the wood feathers perfect this windy day.

    Dead wood has not been restricted by wood feathers in the windy days. The main reason is that the arrays that are made by the force of nature can get rid of the constraints of the original array. When the windy day is against the enemy, it limits the opponent and limits itself.

    Therefore, the dead wood allows the wood feather to use the force of nature when using the wind and the sky. Only in this way can the array be displayed on the opponent and not be restricted.

    In particular, the dead wood slightly assisted the wood feather to change it, and combined the popular line with the mirror array. In this way, once the opponent is confined to the windy days, Mu Yu can use the illusion of the mirror array to kill the opponent directly!

    Mu Yu also made a move, and proposed to put "the feet of the world" and "the end of the world" into the wind and the first line of the sky, into the attack and retreat can be guarded, omnipotent, simply invincible.

    Then the dead wood was opened again, and it was a hoarse voice.

    "Ok! Ok! I think it's too simple, I shouldn't be too far-reaching, whimsical, and insatiable. ”Mu Yu reluctantly handed the golden scorpion Yu Ling liquid in his hand to the dead wood, giving him a throat.

    The dead wood did not disregard the liquid medicine of the wood feather configuration. He took a sip and said, "No, in fact, your idea is quite good."

    Mu Yu widened his eyes: "Why are you yelling at me?"

    "Do you need a reason?"The dead wood asked with a sullen look, as if Mu Yu dared to say no words, he would slap it.

    Mu Yu smiled brightly in the sun: "You continue, you continue. I also have a roaring brand throat lozenge here. I can eat a street for ten days and ten nights without a dumb gun. ”

    The dead wood snorted, and together with Mu Yu in these days, they were full of fire, and the thief slipped, feeling that they did not need to rely on the method to cover up the stuttering.

    The time passed quickly, and the dead wood has been pointing out the wood feathers. The wood feathers have also made rapid progress. He learned all the advanced techniques that Xuan Zhen did not understand before, the most important part about the power of nature. As for the part of the field of formation, because the wood feather repair is not qualified, it can only be said in the future.

    "Daddy, have you been with me for a month, shouldn't the teacher be anxious?"Mu Yu asked.

    He remembered that the old man of the dead wood and the Miao language in the valley last time, you smiled and went to the mountains to play with water, but then went to the ghost door to grab things, it is estimated that the Miao language.

    The dead wood gave a look at Mu Yu: "It's not because of the anecdote you made, so that the red dust door is full of the world to find her. She is not going to let the teacher go back in a hurry."

    "It's a shame, I still want to go back to the St. Women's Pool with her."Mu Yu yawned.

    The dead wood screamed at the wood feather again.

    "Hurry!"The dead wood does not wait to see Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu understood that he really should go back. In fact, he has been dragging, just want to stay with the old man for a while. Although this time and space of the old man is also like this to himself, but Mu Yu can see that the old man is still the character of the knife mouth, at least reluctantly recognized himself.

    He actually wants to leave this time and space, because after staying in this time and space forever, he can change what will happen in this time and space, including avoiding the white boxing of the wind and dust, avoiding the death of the old man, and helping Master to expose it. The conspiracy of the Mie Palace is also a great thing in the world.

    But this time and space does not belong to him, even if he is in this time and space, calling for the rain, killing the white world, and destroying the triple palace, this time and space is still fake for him, he can't deceive himself.

    "Daddy, then I am gone."Mu Yu smiled and was very embarrassed.

    Although there are some twists and turns in the process of reunion, at least he once again feels the feeling of disgusting and caring of the dead wood old man. He likes the atmosphere of the two people mixing their mouths together, as if the time has returned to the valley, and the wood feathers are angry from time to time. Then the old man will lick his face and scream.

    He likes that kind of life.

    For Mu Yu, he has two very respectable people in his life.

    One is Master, gentle and kind, never criticizes Mu Yu, does not restrain Mu Yu, let Mu Yu himself judge the good and evil of the world, believe that Mu Yu can make the most correct choice, and protect the wood in his own way. Feather they are not hurt.

    One is the dead wood old man, his temper is tempered, he is screaming, he is always blown by the woody feathers, but this person is willing to use his life to protect the wood feathers.

    Whether in the dusty mountains or the dead wood valley, Mu Yu likes to live like this. But the life he wants is ruined by the white world of the Triple Palace.

    So he must leave here. The two men have been protecting the wood feathers before, and now Mu Yu wants to protect them.

    The dead wood sits silently on the wooden chair, and the eyelids are too lazy to lift.

    Mu Yu looked at the dead wood intricately and turned and left, but the sound of dead wood came: "You still won't give up that?"

    Mu Yu looked at the white clouds in the sky, and the white clouds were very leisurely. He likes this time and space, because here, the people he cares about are alive, and they can make them live safer, and even let his unsuccessful mother survive.

    But he must leave because this time and space belongs to another unborn wood feather.

    "I never thought about giving up."Mu Yu said calmly.

    The dead wood was silent for a long while, UU reading did not swear at him this time, but hesitated to say: "You be careful, it is more important to protect yourself than to resurrect him."

    Deadwood still doesn't want Mu Yu to resurrect him. He doesn't understand what's going on in the future, but he believes that the choices he makes in the future will not be wrong.

    Mu Yu shook his head.

    Is it more important to protect yourself than to resurrect him?

    Mu Yu was so sad that he didn't want to refute the old man's words.

    Some people are a belief that he is going to go, no one is more important than anyone else.

    "I know what to do, old man."Mu Yu’s eyes seemed to be rolling, but he laughed and turned the corners of his eyes.

    The sky was so blue, the old man was so stubborn, and the son was so stubborn.

    It turns out that their two characters are so similar.

    They all have their own beliefs and the guardianship.

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