Chapter 756 seeks prescriptions

(female literature) Mu Yu shook his head: "No, if they want to kill another two days of Silkworm Xiao Bao, is directly on the scene, will be more aroused Dawn Valley demon People's anger, but they did not do so, I guess on the one hand, it may be to jijiang all the demon people forced me to hand over two small treasure, hand on me, May be they know the day silkworms blood can solve the waste market poison things. ”

He thinks the latter is more likely, the day silkworm is a very rare demon beast, because they do not leave any breath, so not afraid of others to track, even if stolen as long as not to leave the blood, do not worry about being found by the demon people in the Dawn Valley.

Among the Yaozu, there is only the old man of the celestial silkworm, who lives in the morning valley and is protected by the phoenix demon king. No one knows the value of their blood before, so it doesn't matter. But in the past few days, the big tiger and the big wolf have known that Mu Yu used the blood of the silkworm to save people, and the poison of the wild market often hurts the Yao people. Mu Yu guessed that they might have another idea for Tianshen.

The whole forest is filled with the shadow of the demon people, they are searching for the whereabouts of wood plume, mu plume to now have seen no less than 10 demon people walked down from below him, but he decorated the stealth pattern, so no one found his existence.

Mu Yu’s mind is that he needs to elute his suspicion, and then he will give the two people who are hot and sturdy to the local law and help the innocent little silkworm to take revenge!


North Shore Abyss.

A luxurious and luxurious compound is located on the hillside. It is the place where Yuxi Long usually handles affairs. At this moment, he is sitting in a chair and looking at the two baskets in front of the table. The basket is covered with cloth, and the big tiger and the big one are big. The two wolves are standing respectfully.

"You two didn't catch the wood feather?"The sound of Yuxi Long is full of anger, and both the big tiger and the big wolf are cringing.

"Returning to the grown-up, the Terran kid is too embarrassed, his speed is too fast, we can't keep up."θ›Ÿε€§θ™Ž respectfully said.

"Then you don't hurry to get him back, give me two baskets to do?"Yuxi Long asked for geological geology.

θ›Ÿε€§θ™Ž quickly opened the cloth above the basket, which is the two small worms!

"grown ups! These are two kinds of celestial silkworms that have not yet opened their minds. They are rare treasures. β€θ›Ÿε€§θ™Ž said quickly.

"Two despicable bugs or treasures? Are you two coming to find me happy? ”

Yu Yulong slammed the table violently, and there was a horrible pressure on his body. The two silkworms in the basket were scared to curl into a ball, and the big tiger and the big wolf also quickly smashed.

"Adults are angry! The tens of thousands of people do not dare to tease adults. When we went to the morning valley, we saw that the human family Mu Yu actually used the blood of the silkworm to save the nine-tailed cats and brothers in the wild market, so our brothers…"

"what did you say? Can the poison of the ruins be solved? ”The jade dragon looked shocked and stood up suddenly. "Is this true?"

Jiao big Tiger saw Jade Dragon's reaction, understand that he has done a very correct thing, immediately said: "Monseigneur, we mixed in the crowd in the first sight of the nine-tailed cat two brothers all over the whole blood has been covered with the poison, in accordance with the past is simply impossible to survive, but the Terran Mu Yu but a prescription, Then took the day of the old man's blood on the nine-tailed cat two brothers from the ghost Gate to pull back, this time is true, the whole morning valley people know! ”

"I have never heard of the blood of the silkworm can still cure the poison of the wilderness!"Yuxi Longhu said suspiciously.

"The Mu Yu grabbed several herbs in the doctor's medical hall at the time. He said that the blood of the silkworm was a drug guide. With the blood of the silkworm, the two brothers of the nine tail cats were taken. As a result, the two brothers of the nine tail cats spit directly. The black blood of a large beach, and then you can walk down the ground, this thing we see with our own eyes."The big tiger said vowed.

"What medicine did he catch, can you remember?"Yu Yulong finally began to pay attention to this matter.

The big tiger and the big wolf shook their heads and said they didn’t know.

"Then what do you guys use to catch two silkworms!"Yu Yu Long angered.

"We originally intended to use the silkworm to frame the wood feathers. Now it has indeed achieved its goal, but then we have thought of the preciousness of the blood of the silkworm, so we have not killed these two small silkworms. Adults, you also know where the morning valley is. Now, because the phoenix demon king is not there, our plan can be successful. If the phoenix demon king returns in the future, we may not want to start. ”

Yu Yulong stabilized the excited heart and asked: "So the old doctor knows this prescription?"

"We don't know, but Mu Yu heard is to give the prescription to the old physician, but you should remember that the Dawn Valley of the people in Fengfeng Demon King Maintenance, very repulsive to our Dragon clan, and the old doctor once also and we dragon a clan old resentment, we worry that the elderly doctors will not do their best for adults to treat, So we took these two little days to steal back, that is, we think adults can find a way to other physicians to dispose of detoxification of herbs, to heal your body …

When the big tiger said that he did not say it again.

"Good, you did a good job!"

Yuxi Long nodded with satisfaction, and his heart was also surging, because he did indeed have a wild poison!

Yuxi Long was framed by the black tiger dragon in the latent forest more than ten years ago. It was poisoned by the ruins. Although it was only a little bit, the poison of the ruins was too terrible. Even the repairs of the looting period were poisonous to the ruins. Nothing to do. In the past, it was recognized that the method of detoxification was only forced to force a certain part of the body, such as a hand, and then cut off the hand!

But as the patriarch of the four great dragons Beibin Abyss Dragons, how can he be willing to lose a hand? Therefore, for more than a decade, he has been forcibly using his own cultivation to suppress the poison of the wilderness, and to prevent the spread of toxins. However, this has also caused his body to suffer tremendous pain. It is usually used in the abyss of Longtan. Low temperature to suppress poison!

Now suddenly I know that the wild ash poison can be lifted. How can this make him not excited?

"You have to give me a quick way to get the old doctor's prescription." If the old man in the morning valley doesn't know how to lift it, then bring him to me! I personally came to interrogate him! ”Yu Yulong ordered the road.

"Yes! Subordinate to obey! ”

The big tiger and the big wolf quickly promised and then retired.

Yu Yulong looked at the two silkworms shivering in the bamboo basket, and smiled coldly. For him, as long as he can get rid of the poison on his body, let alone a silkworm, that is, all the silkworms that only exist in the Yaozu. Killing is also going on!


Qiao Xue was in a bad mood at this time, although the Yaozu people in Chennai Valley did not blame her, but after all, Mu Yu had a relationship with her, and she was very embarrassed. The old man of the silkworm and the aunt of the silkworm are no longer so good to her. Just now she went to the old man's house, but the silkworm aunt was very sad and ignored her, making her very sad.

She was going to look for Mu Yu, but she thought that Mu Yu would let her leave observation before she left, so she could only choose to believe in Mu Yu.

"It must have been the big tiger and the big wolf. When we both went to the silkworm grandfather's house to check the situation, they secretly framed it, but there is no evidence to prove this. Now everyone does not trust Mu Yu, what should I do? If you are aunt, you can do it. ”Qiao Xue was sitting on the ladder at the door and was in a bad mood.

The old doctor slowly came up from the stairs: "Qiao Xue, how can I sit here alone?"

"Old doctor grandfather, Mu Yu is not here."Qiao Xue said helplessly.

The old doctor waved his hand and sat next to Qiao Xue. He said with a sigh of relief: "I am not looking for Mu Yu. I believe that your vision will not be wrong. In these few days, I have been discussing medical skills with the Terran Kid. He is a man, he will not make such a vicious thing, it is not good for him."

"What old gentleman, what are you doing to me?"

Joe Xue sighed, and the phoenix demon king was absent. The old doctor was the pillar of the morning valley. If he believed in Mu Yu, then everything would turn.

"Qiao Xue, yesterday, I didn't help you, I didn't help you, and the big tiger and the big wolf gave everyone a bias. UU read I have no evidence to convince everyone, but I can be sure of them. Two and this thing can't escape. It’s just that the current situation is not good for Mu Yu. Before the demon king’s ancestors left me to look after the people in the morning valley, I can’t be biased in doing things. Now I can only hope that Mu Yu can find evidence to prove his innocence! ”

The old doctor sighed, and Mu Yu was willing to speak out the antidote. Why should he go to the silkworm? If Tianshen Xiaobao is really killing Muyu, what is his picture? It’s just a matter of doing everything, even the criminal methods are so low, not like the character of Mu Yu.

"I know, Grandpa, you believe that Mu Yu is good."Qiao Xue reluctantly squeezed a smile.

"Well, Qiao Xue, if you don't want to go anywhere in the past few days, you should stay at home and wait for the ancestors of the phoenix to come back and say, do you know?"The old doctor patted Joe Snow's shoulder.

"Got it."

Qiao Xue nodded, and now I can only hope that the phoenix demon kings will come back quickly, because the white demon king and the sea demon king are believed to be Mu Yu, there is a demon king to make a guarantee, the demon people in the morning valley will not take the wood feathers. .

"Then you hurry to practice, the last night you came back last time, it was a lot of improvement. It seems that Mu Yu and you are really a pair!" It seems that both of you are good for each other! ”The old doctor squinted at Qiao Xue meaningfully.

Qiao Xue remembered the night's business, his face was red: "Doctor grandpa don't make fun of me, I am with him…Oh, don't say it. ”

The old doctor laughed, and then he left Qiao Xue’s house.

The night soon enveloped the entire morning valley, and all the demon people were busy for a day and were already asleep.

But at this moment, the medical hall still flashing a little light has quietly sneaked into two uninvited guests…

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