Chapter 125 Life and Death

Wind-ho dust blocked the path of Mu Yu, he looked at the wood plume, the former naughty and moving children, now has been plunged into the madness. With strength, it is easy to lose yourself.

Mu Yu never knew how to confront another in his body, he felt too weak to protect the people he wanted to protect, so he chose to give the body to the power to control, but the force is very scary, where he can control it?

"Mu Yu stopped, you should wake up."

Feng Haochen looked at Mu Yuโ€™s eyes and was not afraid of the dangerous atmosphere of his body. Mu Yuโ€™s eyes are black and white, such as black and white impermanence, mastering the life and death of all things in the world. Under the illumination of black light, all things are scattered and scattered, and under the baptism of white light, life is everywhere.

It is no longer Mu Yu, his consciousness is confined by the darkness of the body. If he does not wake up in time, I am afraid that the comprehension of the entire Moyun Mountain will be cleaned by him. He has become the eye of the imprisoned Xianji. Ability to determine the life and death of everyone.

Feng Haochen has long known that Mu Yu has been sleeping in another kind of terrible power, and that kind of power is extremely powerful. That force advocates killing, wants to be the master of life in the world, takes over the world, and Mu Yu only wants peace, he likes to watch life bloom quietly. Mu Yu is the opposite of the power in the body. One person symbolizes death, one symbolizes life. If life is no match for death, then the entire desert mountain range will be charred!

"I teach you to do things by your own heart. If you are worthy of your own heart, then do it. If you feel sorry for your heart, then you can't do it!"

The sound of the wind and dust is powerful, like the echo in the empty valley, stirring in the mind of Mu Yu. He wants to wake up the sleeping wood feathers. Mu Yu usually listens to him most, and only he can stop Mu Yu from losing himself.

There are always two voices in Mu Yuโ€™s mind. No one can convince that no one can completely control this body. They are intertwined and struggle to control this body.

– Broad! I do whatever I want, I want to kill and kill, how can I be sorry for my heart?

– No, Master said that everyone has the right to choose their own lives, and others should not be deprived at will. who are you? Why is it in my body?

– I am you! You call life, I call death! Your Masterโ€™s ability to have no โ€œlife and deathโ€ is naturally said.

– Master is the eye of the imprisoned Xianji, he can kill anyone, but he did not.

– That is because he is weak! Now that you are the eye of the imprisoned Xianji, have you not always liked the intrigue between the comprehensions? Remove those clutter and leave the people you feel qualified to live.

– Will there be no more killings in the world?

– Yes, killing those who do not deserve to have life, you can not completely control the sleepy imperial prison, as long as you kill your master, this world is yours! You want to let who live, who live, want to let who die, who will die!

The black light of Mu Yuโ€™s right eye lit up, and the run-down death swept the whole body. The death in his body took the initiative. He feels that he has endless power. He does not like all kinds of unfairness in the realm of comprehension. He does not like the gray disciples of the school to be trampled. He does not like many self-cultivators to start their own brothers for small interests.

As long as you kill those who are ugly inside, there are not so many dislikes in the world!

"A person is good or bad and should not be judged by another person. You like the most abundant life. If you kill them, life will die. Life should have been pulsating and should not be controlled by anyone. โ€

The sound of Feng Haochen, such as Hong Zhong, once again rings in the mind of Mu Yu, such as Wan Yue Qi collapse, thousands of tides move, the death of the wood feather body shocked back.

– Master is right! Life should not be in any hands!

Mu Yuโ€™s right eye darkened and it seemed that there was a brief Qingming. He struggled painfully and wanted to pull himself back from the dark abyss, but soon his right eye was again covered by black gas, and death still enveloped his body.

– If you are weak, it is up to me to decide!

Mu Yuโ€™s face is constantly changing, and the weather is uncertain. His mind has long been a bad group. However, the death of his body like killing seems to take the initiative. He knows that the obstruction of Mu Yu is the old man in front of him. Only killing him can make Mu Yu completely collapse!

A black light shot from his eyes to the wind and dust, he wants to kill the wind and dust!

– He is my master! Master taught me the truth of being a man and taught me how to look at life in the world. I can't kill him!

Mu Yu yelled, closing his right eye at the dawn of the millennium, and the black light suddenly disappeared.

– The big event is informal, he is just a stumbling block on your way to the world! You see how I reorganize the life in the world!

Mu Yu's right eye opened again, and his mouth showed a cold smile, like the death of the nine secrets, the black light in the right eye continued to shroud in the wind.

But his left eye struggled, and the white light flickered, and he wanted to intercept the black light!

Feng Haochen quietly watched the black light intertwined in the air. He understood that Mu Yu had always wanted to wake up and do it himself, but the power in Mu Yuโ€™s body was too overbearing, and the black light gradually swallowed the white light. The dead air is coming.

"You dare to hurt him! I will abolish you! โ€

The fire of the sky does not know where it comes from, it rises with the wind and burns fiercely. The flame turned into a huge fire dragon, roaring and roaring, quickly surrounded the wind and dust, blocking in front of the black light. The black light was stained with the blazing flames, and suddenly disappeared like ice and snow, and could no longer enter. The flame represents the masculine of the world, and it can burn all the darkness. The black light of the yin tyrant is afraid of the raging fire!

The figure of the young man in red slowly appeared in the air. He was bursting with a bursting flame. The air in his body seemed to have changed. He stared angrily at Mu Yu. His voice was mixed with endless anger, and Mu Yuโ€™s actions challenged his bottom line. His appearance with the flames of the sky, instantly turned the surrounding trees into ashes, the leaves in the air were also burned by the flames, turned into black ash, drifting with the wind.

At the moment when the young people in red appeared, Feng Hao was not surprised at all, but suddenly felt incredible because she recognized the young people in red! This person is not a ghost door!

The swords in the hands of the young men in red are braving the transpiration of flames. The flames roar like a raptor, and they are like fire and phoenixes, constantly changing their fierce monsters, and then the sword points straight to Mu Yu.


The endless fire filled the air, and the aura seemed to be ignited. The fire directly covered the wood feathers and burned them. Mu Yu's whole body ignited a blue flame. He was in pain, but the flame could not burn him. His skin was ignited, but a new layer of skin appeared immediately, and it continued to flow.

The angry flame burns the body of the wood feather, but the wood spirit in the hand of the wooden feather always has endless vitality to repair the damaged skin.

The death in the wood feathers is roaring. The flames of this heaven can't burn him. He can't get rid of these flames. But this kind of recurring burning sensation makes Mu Yu's whole person alternate in the two days of ice and fire. He feels that he is almost on the verge of collapse.

The consciousness of Mu Yu was finally awake by the burning of this flame. He tried to push down the strength of the body, and the power was too terrible!

"stop! Not allowed to hurt him…"

In the fascination, Mu Yu heard that Master seemed to yell at the young people in red, not to let the young people in red hurt Mu Yu. There was a ripple in the heart of Mu Yu. He almost killed Master, but Master is still protecting him. If the black light shrouded, he knew that Master would never wake up again.

In the blink of an eye, only once for a life!

The flames in the hands of the young men in red were weak, and the flames of the sky faded from the wood feathers. However, Mu Yu did not feel a little relaxed, without the invasion of the flame, the death of his body began to move again, seems to want to come out from the wood feather body again to make waves. Mu Yu has been suppressing that force. He heard Master's words, he can't let death take the initiative.

Life should be good, no one is qualified to control the life and death of others freely, unless there is a reason to die, it should not deprive a person's life!

"You give me back!"

Mu Yu screamed, his left eye suddenly slammed open, the white light flashed in an instant, the endless vitality enveloped in the wood feather body, the white light repelled all the flames.

He tried his best to look at the young people in the red, UU reading he recognized this person, it is this person who controlled the Qingsong Taoist. He doesn't know why young people in red are here, but he clearly remembers that young people in red are also looking for swords and shadows!

At this moment, the flame has surrounded the wind and dust, and the wind and dust can't get rid of these flames. The young people in red seem to have caught the wind and dust!

The ash that floated in the air suddenly emerged green again, and the leaves of the sky were reborn from the ashes. Mu Yu couldn't easily take the initiative. He couldn't make a mistake any more. If he could, he would ask the young people in red to let the Master no longer be invaded by outsiders.

"Let my master!"

Mu Yu barely squeezed out these words. He is already a strong bow. His spiritual power is running low. He knows that he is not the opponent of the red youth at the moment. Just protecting Master's belief has always insisted that he does not fall, his strength is too weak, and weak enough to protect people around him!

"You also call him Master!"

The young man in red is very angry. There is a flame in his eyes. He seems to want to teach Mu Yu a meal, but he is hard to resist.

"Luo Wei, quickly remove the flame, he is your younger brother!"The wind and dust surrounded by the flames screamed at the young people in red.

Feng Haochen looked anxiously at Mu Yu. He didn't know how much consciousness Mu Yu had at the moment. He had to help Mu Yu to suppress the death in the body, otherwise Mu Yu would be fierce.

"Luo Yu…"Mu Yu heard these two words.

He is Luo Wei? Is he the second brother of Lan Linger's mouth? Since it is the second brother, is the Master safe?

Mu Yu couldn't help it anymore, his consciousness gradually sank and his mind fell into the darkness.

He feels that the whole person is falling, falling, falling, there seems to be no end, I donโ€™t know when it will land…

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