Chapter 1114: Killing the sky

        "What is a dull goose?"Mu Yu licked the head of Xiao Shuai.

        "I forgot, but I feel that I remember this taste. Maybe we can find something delicious again. Go quickly. It’s too late to be late."Xiaoshuai said happily.

        "Who is going to eat with you in this place!"Mu Yu crossed a choppy river, and there was a horrible atmosphere in the woods across the river. He circumvented the woods and did not want to provoke each other.

        “In the end, where are they?”Mu Yu meditates, and now he wants to find the people of the Mie Palace, killing several people in the Mie Palace and saying that if he did not guess wrong, the people of Mie Palace should also be looking for him.

        Only the last nine people who survived the ancient battlefield will become Xuanxian, and control the power of Tianheng. No matter whether it is Muyu or the soul family, it is impossible for Xuanxian to be occupied by the other party.

        But at this moment, Mu Yu suddenly stopped and fell into a forest.

        "what happened?"Xiaoshuai asked.

        Wood feathers glanced slowly around, staring at the shadows in front, and said indifferently: "I have been with me for so long, can't I come out?"

        The breeze passed and a few leaves were blown up.

        "Good sense of smell."

        A crisp voice came from the woods in front, and the owner of the voice was a woman, which sounded very elegant, but with a hostility in elegance.

        A shadow has appeared in the shadow of the trees, pure shadow, black lacquer, and illusory.

        Mu Yu already knows who this person is.

        The saint of the filmmakers,

Rain stranger!

        "What are you doing with me?"Mu Yu asked indifferently.

        Although he has already handed over many people in the filming organization, he still does not know much about the secrets of the filmmakers. Whether it is a filmmaker or a filmless family, these two aliens who belong to foreign countries hide their secrets. Very deep, and even few people in the real world know their existence.

        Those who know their existence will not be underestimated by these two races.

        The rain is standing in the wood plume 10 meters away, although she is just a shadow, but looks but and other shadow different, the past wood feather see other Shadow Kill, all appear very unreal, no concrete form, but the eyes of the rain is a delicate figure, concave and convex, from the shadow can also see that she is wearing lightweight gauze, Even Shi can see clearly.

        But she is a shadow, a shadow with a specific form.

        "I just happened to pass by and meet you, I am very curious about the legendary Mu Yu, this is just like you."Rain said.

        Mu Yu said faintly: "The people of the shadow family do not belong to our triple heaven. Do you want to be one of the nine mysterious beloveds when you come in?"

        "Mu Yudao friends are laughing, I am a human being born in Santian."Rain strangely said.

        "So you will be right against the Soul for the Triple Sky?"Mu Yu brows slightly pick, ironic.

        Yu Mo leaned gracefully on the trunk and asked: "Would that Mu Yu Dao will also save the triple heaven?"

        Mu Yu said indifferently: "What do I do, I don't need you to say anything more." But I can tell you clearly that there are only enemies and friends, neutral people, and enemies in my eyes. ”

        There was a faint killing in his body, and there was no disguise.

        Both the Shadowman and the Shadowless family do not want to intervene in the disputes of the Three Heavens. But for Mu Yu, these two are originally alien races. They are all from the Three Heavens, but they are not willing to help the Three Heavens against the Soul. Then there is no need to be polite to them.

        Mu Yu never thinks that these two races are fuel-efficient lights. The purpose behind them is not just that they want to be neutral. It is even more likely that they will fight with the souls to the critical moments. Profitable fisherman!

        "You should not treat us as your enemy, which is not good for you."Rain strangely said. The threat of her mouth is so thick, if they fall to the soul, it is equal to Mu Yu and they have an enemy.

        But Mu Yu smiled: "You are wrong, I never care who you are going to fall to. I can kill a clear, I can still kill you! The end of the winter solstice and Huang Quan also makes you think that we are so threatening? ”

        After the rain was silent for a moment, he said: "We will find the account clearly."


        Jianmang has swept out, blocking the entire forest, and the trees around him began to shudder, and they are eager to move.

        "You don't have to find my brother, I can talk to you about this account."In the eyes of Mu Yu, there is a strong killing. The swordsmanship is full of woods. It seems to be able to pull out from each treetop and between each leaf at any time.

        Rain Mo left the trunk and stood very straight.

        "You want to kill me?"Yu Mo asked.

        The foot of Mu Yu has already lit up: "You used to kill me, didn't you?"

        Killing the unknown threat in the cradle is the most straightforward approach.

        Rain looked thoughtfully at the hidden dangers in the woods and said: "We want to kill you, it is a task. You are really strong, stronger than we think, but our goal is just perfect rivers and mountains, nothing more. ”

        "After picking up the task to kill me, would you like to write off the account?" Let me think about it, the perfect river mountain is now fully open, it can limit the soul people can not arbitrarily kill, naturally can also limit you, is this, right? ”Mu Yu said faintly.

        Perfect River Mountain is a powerful array under his master's cloth. It is specially used to protect the entire triple sky from the slaughter of aliens. The shadows and the shadowless people are also aliens in some respects!

        However, Yu Mo slightly shook his head: "I said, we are the three heavens. Even if we practice different exercises, they are still born in Santian. The perfect river can't limit us. We just want to rely on the perfect river. Do another thing."

        "what's up?"

        "There is no need for people with insufficient strength to know."


        All the swords slammed from the woods, and the leaves of the whole forest began to fall off. It seemed to become a sword that was sharp and sharp, and the sword and shadows had already flew toward the rain. .

        The sharp air seemed to be torn into pieces, blocking all the retreats of Yumo.

        The power of the field rushed out with the rain mob as the center. There seemed to be a huge dark cloud in the sky to cover the sunlight, all the light was swallowed up, and the night fell on the whole forest, and the trees were dyed black and black. All the trees were swallowed up by the shadows, and the shadow of Yumo disappeared into the shadows.

        The singularity of the woods did not enter the night, whizzing through the night, and then gradually returned to peace.

        "The wood feather in the intelligence is a kind and easy-going person. It is not a person who kills and decisively. Isn't the information wrong?"The voice of Yu Mo came from the darkness around him and could not tell where she was.

        "The person who killed, I have never been merciless! A self-righteous person who wants to find a presence in front of me, I will only obliterate it without mercy. ”

        Mu Yu said faintly.

        He glanced in the darkness around him indifferently, and it was only clear that there was a clear sky, but at the same time that the ability of the field of rain was scattered, it was like the end of the world, and there was no trace of light. Only the wooden plume was within ten meters. Not covered by shadows, all other places are already reaching out.

        The voice of Yu Mo echoed in the shadows around him: "You are not a sword dust level, you know that the true meaning of the perfect river is useless."

        "You are right. I am not a great person like my master, so I am destined to be different from him."

        At the foot of Mu Yu, the pattern has been rolled out. The field of Yu Mo is surrounded by a storm like a storm, constantly squeezing the place where the wooden feather is ten meters away, and wants to engulf the place where he stands.

        However, Mu Yu is like a bright light in the night. He firmly holds his own territory and does not move. Even if he relies on the pressure of the Mahayana period, he can't get close to him within ten meters.

        The formations on Mu Yu gradually formed a barrier, and the breath of the Mahayana period spread out from him, mixed with the formations, and plunged into the endless darkness. A steady stream of rushing into the darkness, but like a sinking sea, has no effect. The field of rain is like consuming all the people wrapped in shadows.

        In the field, killing the sky, in the field of rain, all the attacks will be transformed into shadows by her. Any swordsmanship will not find the target if it is not in the shadow, and can’t pursue her position, but she For the enemy, it is everywhere!

        The space occupied by Mu Yu has finally begun to be gradually compressed. From the beginning of the ten-meter radius, it has gradually changed into nine meters, eight meters, seven meters…

        The power of the rain mob field is out of imagination!

        Mu Yu was concentrating on the alert, and his eyes were lit up in his eyes. Numerous inscriptions flashed from his eyes. The split sword in his hand instantly burst into the air, sweeping out and blacking around. The shadows opened, but after the shadows were opened, they merged again in a flash.

        "You have just entered the Mahayana period, far from my opponent. In my field of killing, your attack is ineffective for me."Rain said faintly.

        The figure of Mu Yu was gradually compressed, and finally was completely swallowed up by the dark shadow field of Yu Mo!

        "I have to admit that UU reading It is really surprising that you can enter the Mahayana period in such a short period of time, but it is limited to this. I said that you are not qualified to know, and you are not qualified to know."

        Rain is the king of the darkness, the shadow is her battlefield, she can appear in any corner of the shadow, after the wood feathers are covered by the shadow, she has already revealed a triumphant smile.

        Anyone surrounded by her field has become a cattle and sheep that she slaughtered. No one can find her shadow in her field, but she can use her shadow to kill her opponent from anywhere.

        Her gaze has locked the position of Mu Yu, and she has made a killing in her eyes.



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