The NO. 928 powerful transmission array

He Liankong glared at Yundan Taoist and Yuanhua Taoist people and replied: "What are the achievements of these two little scorpions who know what to do?"

Mu Yu said in good faith: "Predecessors, you have been dead for more than 5,000 years, and they know so much."

"Do you not believe me?"Heliankong said.

"I believe they don't believe it!"

"You love or believe it. In short, I am very dissatisfied with the status quo of Dan Ding."It doesn't matter if He is empty.

Before he left the demon island, Heliankong branded his shadow on the Horcrux and let Mu Yu bring it back to prove his identity, but now I can't seem to prove anything.

Yundan Taoist and Yuanhuadao people looked at each other and couldn't be sure. After all, Heliankong had already died for more than 5,000 years. Suddenly, a person with a soul looks out that he is Helian, and it is difficult for anyone to change. believable.

If you don't look at the soul of the state, but there is a period of robbery, you can no longer provoke a strong enemy at this time, they will not allow someone to offend the reputation of their predecessors.

"Mu Yu, look…"Yundan Taoist asked.

Yundan Taoist saw that Mu Yu and He Liankong during the robbery period seemed to have a close relationship, and naturally asked Mu Yu to determine the authenticity.

Mu Yu knew that Yundan Taoist and Yuanhua Taoist people still had doubts. They asked: "Your Danding is a martial art that has been passed down for thousands of years. Is there any means to confirm identity?"

"correct! It’s better to be a bit older than a drop of blood, because there is no blood for the old man of Helian to recognize you. He only has leg bones and is used to fight in the demon island. ”Xiaoshuai said awkwardly.

The yuan of the Taoist thought of what, hurriedly said: "There, there, I Dan ding send every invention Dan Medicine outstanding predecessors will leave a own invention of Dan Medicine to save, this Dan medicine fused the creator of a drop of essence of blood, was sealed in Dan through the pavilion in the Master Hall, in addition to the creator of the breath, other people can not get the Dan Medicine. ”

Xiaoshuai asked the melon seeds: "Dan Ding faction has been razed to the ground, where is the Dan Jingge to find?"

“Dan Jing Ge is the location of our Dan Ding faction. Any building will be destroyed, but it will not be destroyed.”

The Yundan Taoist revealed a smile, and the three fighting periods destroyed the Danding Mountains, but Dan Ding was a rich martial art, the most important place for the Danjing Pavilion. The nature protection is the most rigorous, let alone the period of the robbery, even if it is a Mahayana period, it will not hurt the Danjing Pavilion a hairy!

"Yes, I forgot that there is still this thing, but I invented three kinds of remedies, go! Look at it! ”Helian stunned the Yundan Taoist and Yuanhuadao people.

Mu Yu is also quite surprised by the preservation of the Danjing Pavilion, but it is also true that Dan Jinge recorded all the medicinal herbs of the Dan Ding and the wisdom left by the predecessors, as long as the Danjing Pavilion is not destroyed, Dan Ding There is hope for a comeback.

The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist did not confirm the identity of Heliankong, but Heliankong looked old and met with Mu Yu. In the case of the triads of the Ding Ding, all the comprehensions occurred. Nowadays, there are predecessors who claim to be robbery, so I am willing to believe in He Liankong.

It’s just that more than 5,000 years ago, people suddenly died and resurrected. It’s too much to say, so they still want to confirm that as long as He Liankong can take the three remedies, it is enough to prove his identity.

The Yundan Taoist soon took Muyu and they came to the entrance of the Danding School. At this time, some of the elders who were invited outside the Danding School had escaped and stayed here. Also lost here is relatively short, still very remote, and escaped the destructive power of the three robbers.

“How did you protect the Danjing Pavilion?”Mu Yu asked.

"You will know when you wait."Heliankong is obviously also aware of the secret of the Dan Ding.

Passing through the downward ladder tunnel, no one is guarding along the way, but when they came to the water curtain, they found that there are six distracted elders here. These six people are standing out of more than 800 people. Part of it,

Can be trusted, sent by Yundan Taoist to guard this place.

Mu Yu followed them through the water curtain and came to the front of the transmission array.

This transmission array has always been the research that Mu Yu wants to study. He came here to study the transmission array. I didn’t expect it to be involved in a lot of troubles. Fortunately, I finally let the matter come to an end. .

"Danding faction is quite old. It is said to have existed since the establishment of Dan Ding, and it has been tens of thousands of years. This transmission array is not only to the second heaven, but also to the opening of the market, but also to the space of the Sumi, the Danjing Pavilion is in the space of the Sumi. ”Yundan Taoist hesitated for a moment, and there was no outsider here, so he explained.

The ancient transmission array of Danding School can be transmitted to different places at the same time. This is very new to Mu Yu, because in the transmission array he is in contact with, a transmission array can only be transmitted to one place, and it is impossible to transmit several times. One.

"It seems that I really need to study this transmission array."Mu Yu said.

"Wood feathers, if you want to study the transmission array, it is a good thing, I will give you any help."Yundan Taoist immediately said.

Nowadays, Dan Dingpai can only rely on Muyu, and fortunately, Muyu is brought back by the dead wood, or a squad, otherwise the Yundan Taoist does not know what to do in the future.

Because the Ding Ding faction did not pay attention to the game, no one now controls the opening of the market. For the transmission array, it only knows how to use it, and can't further research and expand. The Yundan Taoists are willing to reveal the secrets of the transmission array to Mu Yu, showing how important Mu Yu’s position in his mind is.

Yundan Taoist people have stood on the transmission array, and they have formed a complicated law in their hands. The body of Lingdan Shunyun Yundan Taoist has not entered the transmission array. This time, the transmission array has different brown patterns. There is a thick and simple atmosphere blowing in the face.

"Come here!"Yundan Taoist said.

Everyone has stood on the transmission array, and then the transmission array sends out a dazzling light, and they have come to a white space.

The quaint and dignified Dan Jinge is located in this emptiness, as if floating above the clouds, standing on one side. Not only that, but there is also a solemn cemetery in the void in the Danjing Pavilion. In addition, there are ancient alchemy rooms, ancestral halls and many familiar Dan Ding buildings!

"When these things are dangerous in the Ding Ding faction, the transfer array will automatically transfer them in. Unfortunately, the Dan Dian was destroyed, because the transmission hall of Dan Dian was in disrepair, and originally wanted to ask Zhu Gexiao. Born to help repair, but Zhuge Xiaosheng had an accident, so Dan Dian did not save…"Yundan Taoist surprised when he saw Mu Yu, he explained.

Mu Yu couldn't help but sigh. When he and Qian Shange Wan Shuiqi played against each other, they did their best. They didn't care about the architecture and landform of the Dan Ding School. They thought that Dan Ding sent these things long ago. I didn't expect him. More care.

Where is the Dan Ding faction that has been passed down for tens of thousands of years, so easily destroyed? Although the houses of several mountains and disciples were destroyed, the most important buildings were preserved. It must be said that the ancestors of the Danding School did consider it very thoughtfully.

Yundan Taoist led everyone into the Danjing Pavilion. Mu Yu only came here once. At the time, he also bet with Shi Minghui and took away half of Cheng Dan. Now think about it seems to be many years ago. .

The first time I saw the row of wooden frames, there were all kinds of precious and rare Danes, which were divided into different areas from the first to the seventh, but the Yundan Taoists took them directly through Shelf, climbed the stairs and came to the second floor of the Danjing Pavilion.

On the second floor of the Danjing Pavilion, Mu Yu saw no longer the shelf where the Danjing was placed, but the area separated by the array. There were countless remedies in the air, and there were no fewer than tens of thousands under the fine number. ! Each medicinal herb is like a blisters. Under the blisters, there are many golden words engraved with arrays. These golden words are floating in the air and are an introduction to medicinal herbs.

These blisters are formed by the formations, the wood feathers are close to a blisters, and there is a white medicinal herb in the blisters. There are some patterns around the medicinal herbs. Mu Yu gently tapped the blisters with his fingers and found a repulsion on the blisters. The golden letter below reads:

–Poly-Baby Dan, four-order Dan Medicine, can let elixir period in the breakthrough to the yuan infant period, the success rate increased 50%, this Dan is not taking, but directly with the spirit of refining, Dan Medicine will directly melt form a Shing, UU reading will users wrapped up, To assist in the elixir of the real fast breakthrough yuan infant period, Dan calendar 3,612 years, six-order alchemist Wind Real "formerly known as net Days Qi", Dan Calendar 4,113 years, six-stage alchemist Shenyun Master "formerly Liu Shenyun" improved.

Below the blisters, there is another identical Yingyingdan, but it looks better in color. The label is the master of Qingyun, but it is the modified Ju Ying Dan.

“Danli refers to the time from the establishment of Dan Ding to the invention of medicinal herbs. For example, this year is the 66,666 anniversary of our establishment.”Yundan Taoist explained.

"Wow, isn't that the Sixty-sixth Year of the Year?"Xiaoshuai asked.

The Yundan Taoist said a little embarrassedly: "Yeah, the number of Geely, but the more the number of Geely, the implied robbery, our Danding faction almost died."

"What do you know? This is called breaking and standing, and through this disaster, our Danding party will certainly prosper! ”Helian repudiated.

"Yes, what the predecessors said is extremely good."

Yundan Taoist nodded, the tone is not perfunctory, but on the contrary, it is very firm. This time, the crisis of Danding sent him to understand how he would lead the sect to rise again in the future.

"So the medicinal herbs of the predecessors should be…"

The Yuanhua Dao people quickly looked at it because the medicinal herbs were arranged in the order of the chronological order of the Dan, and Heliankong was a character more than 5,000 years ago, so he suddenly found a place to place the Helian empty drug.

"These three are created by the predecessors of Helian, you see…"The Yuanhua Dao people quickly took them to the three medicinal herbs.

As long as Helian can take out the three remedies, he can prove his identity.

The hearts of Yundan Taoist and Yuanhua Taoist people could not help but speed up, because the identity of Heliankong is related to the future of their Danding School!

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