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  "Life and Death blink!" Life and death in the blink of an eye! ”

  Mu Yu Suddenly, he wanted to get into that kind of muddy state, he wanted to use wood Jumunling the ability of the Lord, he will use life and death blink to revive dead wood!

  However, the endless spirit in the wood plume, Mu Yu consciousness still so sober. The nine-day magic array sealed the power of Eumund in his body and sealed his ability to "live and die". He could no longer use this ability to resurrect anyone.

  "There must be a way!"Mu Yu looked at the dead wood and looked at the father-like man. He was lying in the hands of Mu Yu, and he slept so peacefully. Mu Yu could not wake him up, he could do nothing but cry like a coward.

  He is so weak that he can't protect the people he wants to protect. He watched the sky and did not wait to tease him between the palms of his hands. He watched the law enforcement of the Miegong Palace kill the dead wood. He did not have any strength to resist. He wanted strength, and he longed for strength!

  He closed his eyes, but there was a ridiculous laughter in his head. This sudden laughter made him seem to have caught a life-saving straw. He always wanted to find the master of this voice!

  The consciousness of Mu Yu seems to have come to a forest, where the branches are leafy and the canopy covers the sky. There are all kinds of plants in all kinds, and they are rushing on the ground, shaking and performing infinite vitality.

  He followed the laughter through the layers of trees, plucked the criss-crossing branches and came to an open space. A light seems to come from a distant starry sky, shining on the open space, illuminating the figure in the center of the open space. Countless leaves are floating on the open space, and it seems that they have not fallen. These leaves surround the figure and dance.

  This figure turned around and it was another wooden feather!

  "Save him."Mu Yu said weakly. He already understands who the person is in front of him, and that is the wood Yumeng spirit in the wood feather body, sentence mang!

  Sentences chuckled, I don’t know if I was laughing at Mu Yu’s ignorance, or in the experience of poor Mu Yu, his laughter seemed so sharp in Mu Yu’s ear.

  The sentence went a step forward and used the hand to move the floating leaves around. When the leaves touched his hand, they turned into golden lines, shimmering the overbearing blue light, and then re-formed the leaves and flew to other places.

  "The nine-day magic array is really a mysterious array, isn't it?"Every step of the sentence, the leaves will be squeezed out, but still around him. "I can save him in the blink of an eye, but I have to go out."

  Mu Yu tightened his lips and he shook his head: "I can't let you out."

  The dead wood and the wind and dust, as well as the evil and the old three, used the nine-day magic array to seal the main body of the Eumundine in their body, in order to protect them from being controlled by the Lord Eugene, and avoiding the disaster of the Terran.

  Sentence stretched out: "That's not my business."

  Mu Yu clenched his fist.

  "The dead wood is very important to you, isn't it?"The attention of the sentence seems to be attracted to the leaves in front of him. He plays with the leaves with interest and does not look at the wood.

  "He doesn't want me to let you out."For a long time, Mu Yu opened the way.

  The dead wood will not let Mu Yu get rid of the nine-day magic array in order to save him, because the wood feathers will always be in danger, and the dead wood is not willing to look at the wood feathers in danger.

They laid out the nine-day magic array in order to let Mu Yu and others not be controlled by the Lord Eugene, and to protect all Terran.

  "What is the morality you insist on? Protect the Terran? Protect the entire triple continent? To ensure the dominance of the triple palace that killed the dead wood in the triple continent? ”The sentence seems to see through the heart of Mu Yu, he smiled disdainfully.

  Mu Yu’s body began to tremble. Mie Palace has made ridiculous rules, but it is full of loopholes. It kills dead wood directly without any indiscriminate use. It has never thought of how a dead wood that has been cultivated only for the Golden Age can kill Wan Tianming!

  They only believe in the rules they have set out, and remove the unruly people. They are famous for the future of the human race, but they have actually been carrying the eternal life of the sword and the dust, doing all kinds of betrayal, even Killed dead wood for this!

  Is it really necessary to obey their orders in such a ridiculous Mie Palace?

  "You never know why San Miyam can let the entire triple continent surrender to them? In the understanding of your Terran, the Triple Palace is the supreme being, and their orders cannot be violated, because they can ensure that your Terran is not killed by our Eugene, is it? ”Sentences took two leaves and wanted to overlap the two leaves, but the hand slipped and the two leaves had slipped out of his hand.

  "Is not it?"Although Miegong secretly violated the agreement with the sword shadow dust, the eternal life of the sword and dust, but it is undeniable that everything they do is to ensure that the Terran can defeat the Yumeng Mozu, and the people can survive. It is also the responsibility of all the self-cultivators who believe in the Three Palaces.

  Sentences sighed gracefully at the leaves in front of them, and the leaves slowly floated upwards. He said: "The Triple Palace is like this to you, isn't it? Destroy our Yumeng Mozu and protect your Terran. But he never told you what is the significance of our war to launch a war. The Mie Palace tells you that we want to occupy your territory and kill you. We have no evil, no fire, no killing, no killing, so the existence of the self-cultivator is to destroy us, but is it? ”

  "Is it not?
”Mu Yu asked again.

  Shoumang smiled and shook his head slightly: "The Mie Palace has been very successful in brainwashing your people, but where is this world as simple as you think?" The truth has always been in the hands of a very small number of people. What is the true face of this world? Only a few of you in the human race know it. ”

  "what do you want to say in the end?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

  "Have you ever thought about one thing? Most of the people in Mie Palace have actually been at the peak, they can break the void and it is not a problem. You always thought that the millions of people in the Mouyun Mountain Range were waiting in the imprisonment of the Xianzuo because the transfer of a million people was a huge amount of engineering. The Sangong Palace had to pay a lot of money, and they were not willing to waste this energy. ”

  The millions of people in the Moushan Mountain were trapped. The Mie Palace should have sent all the people out of the Mouyun Mountain Range in accordance with the agreement with Jiansha Dust. However, it took too much energy to send out a million people, so they chose to turn their back on their promises.

  "But actually you are wrong. They are not unwilling to waste energy, but they have no plans at all. With their cultivation, transferring millions of people will not cost much energy at all. They gave up the desert at the beginning. The million population of Yunshan!"

  "What do you mean?"Mu Yu’s heart suddenly broke, and he vaguely felt that things seemed to be not simple.

  In fact, he had thought about one thing. The export of the Moushan Mountain and the outside world is a hundred thousand mountains. There are many high-ranking monsters, and people in the non-Yuan Ying period cannot go out. At that time, because he only had the repair of the Golden Age, he did not think about anything.

  However, after Mu Yu left the Mouyun Mountain Range, he discovered that the power of the Mie Palace was far more than his imagination. The Yuande Dao people who had been robbed of the robbery had to take orders from the Mie Palace, which is enough to show how high the people in Mie Palace were. ! With the ability of the Mie Palace, it is a breeze to want to annihilate the high-order monsters of the Mouyun Mountain Range.

  As long as the monsters are annihilated, it is possible to arrange for the millions of people in the Moushan Mountains to migrate out of the imperial prison, and those who are in the mountains can not die.

  But Sangong Palace did not do this!

  "Mie Gong Palace is intended to collect the souls of millions of people in the Mouyun Mountain Range. It is a very ancient force that is strong enough to resist. The white light on them comes from the power of the soul, which absorbs the soul of all creatures. You can never imagine its terrible things. ”There is a hint of ridicule in the corner of the sentence.

  "What do they want the power of the soul to do?"Mu Yu saw the holy white light on the law enforcer. The kind of light is very sacred, and people are afraid to be embarrassed.

  "The power of the soul is the source of strength for the Triple Palace to rule the Three Continents. The name of the white light on them is called the soul force, and that kind of power is thousands of times stronger than the spiritual power of ordinary comprehensions. This is why the major sects cannot compete with the Triple Palace!

  Whether it is human, demon, Yumeng or other monster animals, after the death will overflow the soul, this soul will hover in all corners of the mainland, only the talents of the Mie Palace know how to collect soul power. The souls of the three races of the Terran and the Kazu and the Yumun Mozu are unprecedentedly powerful, so in order to ensure that the Soul Force can satisfy their cultivation, the Triple Palace must ensure that many lives die! ”

  There is a hint of disgust in the eyes of the mang: "This is the dirty work of the Mie Palace, and the Terran knows only the people of the Mie Palace." Therefore, it has always been the Three Palaces to launch wars in the name of eliminating Mongolia, not that we want to invade the land of your Terran! Only war can make life go by, and more souls will be produced, so that they can maintain their dominance in the triple continent! ”

  Mu Yu clenched his fist.

  "But the appearance of the sword shadow dust broke this pattern. I know that he is an immortal person, but I have never heard of him for thousands of years. He has never been in charge of the Terran and us. The war, otherwise with his cultivation, we were imprisoned thousands of years ago. Until a hundred years ago, I didn't know why he stood up at that time and trapped us at the cost of his own cultivation. ”

  When she talked about the dust of the sword, the eyes also showed a hint of praise, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com can defeat the five Eugene spirits, and the sword shadow dust has undoubtedly won the respect of the five of them.

  "But his presence means that there is no war in the Sanchong continent, less casualties, lack of soul power supply, triple Palace in the Sword Shadow dust when the wind to intervene to realize this point, no war their source of power is in short supply, so they will not go to save the mountains of millions of people, because millions of people died, The soul that can be provided is quite large. ”

  "When you know the soul of the Mie Palace, why do you want to help?" You can't start a war. ”

  Mu Yu could not accept the statement of Mang, the Triple Palace is the mastermind of promoting the war between the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu? How can this be!

  "Don't fight, can we die of the Yumeng Mozu?"Shou Mang sneered.

  Mu Yu was silent for a long while and said: "Does my master know this?"

  Shou Mang shook his head: "Sword Shadow Dust is a very mysterious person, mysterious to you can not imagine. He cultivated to heaven, but he did not like to fight with people. He did not interfere in everything in the realm of cultivation. No one had ever discovered his existence before. His appearance can be said to be an accident, like a sudden appearance in the triple heaven. people. I don't know where he came from, but I can be sure that he didn't know the soul of the Triple Palace at that time. At that time, he only wanted to end the war between the Terran and our Youmen. ”

  Sentence reveals a mocking smile: "very obvious
However, the sword shadow dust wind also looked away, the three palaces smashed through the sea, even the sword shadow dust has been cheated! ”

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