Chapter 931: The imprint of the array

Among the bright and narrow attices, there are several people who are overwhelmed by the Danding faction. Whether they are Yundan Taoist or Yuanhua Taoist, they are a bit embarrassed. This place is clearly the inheritance of their Danding faction, but the Yundan Taoist who is the head of the game knows nothing about these books.
Especially when He Liankong remembered the dead wood that had died, and remembered the genius who was being shackled, his heart was full of fire, and his face was stunned by Yundan Taoist and Yuanhua Taoist. I am very embarrassed and I dare not pay back.
"OK, seniors, you can eliminate fire! Don't blame Yundan Shibo for them. Resurrection of the dead wood old man has always been my goal, such a genius should live for himself once. ”Mu Yu feels that He Lian will go down again, and maybe it will really give people a shadow.
"I hate iron and not steel! I am mad at me, if you don’t say that the two men were still a bit eager to join the Dan Ding faction, they rushed to me, and they had already slapped them! ”
Heliankong had some transparent hands, and Yundan Taoist and Yuanhuadao always kept their heads down, carefully dealing with this seemingly unruly but very powerful predecessor.
Then He Liankong said with care: "Wu Yu, no matter what the cost, must resurrect your genius, how can such a person be in trouble?" Even if I am out of this old life, and then die for the third time, I must let the repaired wood work to reach the Mahayana period! ”
This old man had a strong sense of belonging to the Danding School. When he was in the demon island, he thought that Mu Yu would bury his leg bones in the Daning School's cemetery. Although He Liankong does not seem to be serious, he is quite caring for the younger generation. The short-term protection is quite obvious, and he is willing to sacrifice himself for the outstanding descendants of the Danding School.
The Yundan Taoist firmly said to the side: "I was sorry for the younger brother of the year, and if necessary, I can give him his life."
"Pooh! You give a fart! The Dan Ding faction is like this. You still want to die. When will your brain be a little lighter? I am living enough anyway, not bad for a few years, but if you live well, you will be atonement. You are a little blind. ! ”He Liankong shouted unceremoniously.
The Yundan Taoist bit his teeth. When he left the Dan Ding School because of his dead wood, he still couldn’t take it.
Mu Yu walked to the side of the bookshelf, took out a book, wiped the dust off, and smiled: "Do not worry! everything will get better. ”
He did not tell all of his truth to He Liankong. For the bloody cover of the sky, Mu Yu had already studied it clearly. He understood that this "destruction by life, life-saving life" means that what.
There is no substitute for blood protection, only the surgeon can change his life. No one can achieve it without a certain number of rumors. Therefore, no matter whether it is Helian or Yundan, it is impossible to give life to dead wood. Point, only wood feathers.
Whose life is who, who will never escape. Returning your life to the dead wood, letting the mang in the reincarnation and then parasitizing others, and maintaining the balance of the world, this is the intention of Mu Yu.
However, the future is still very long. At least Mu Yu needs to go down to the Triple Palace. When I don’t think much about it at the moment, I will say: "I will try my best to find what you said about the reconstruction of the Dan Ding School. Anyway, anyway. You don't know anything about the array, just leave here and go out to eat Danding! Give it to me here. ”
He Liankong also decided to leave with the Yundan Taoist, and Mu Yu handed the device of He Liankong to the Yundan Taoist.
"Hello, little nephew! This is the leg bones of my old man. You give me a light hand, and when I break, I will discount your legs! ”He Liankong has always been very angry because of the evergreen woods.
Where did the Yundan Taoist dare to care, and quickly promised: "Predecessors can rest assured that the younger generation guarantee will not cause any damage to the leg bones of the predecessors.

It is said that the Yundan Taoist is now a man of the age of aunt, and he is very old. He is highly respected in the realm of comprehension. He is now stunned by a small scorpion called by He Liankong, but he thinks of He Liankong’s ability. I dare not give birth to dissatisfaction, for fear of slowing down this great god.
Nowadays, the Dan Ding faction is strictly speaking, and only the souls of He Liankong who are able to prop up the girders and the Yuande Dao who are still in the memory of the ancestors are not normal people.
As for Mu Yu, he helped the Dan Ding faction only because of the long-lasting love of the dead wood. The Ding Ding faction has been in jeopardy. The Yundan Taoist had wanted to use the position of the head to retain Mu Yu. Because Mu Yu’s ability is enough to take on this important task, he can also cope with the behemothic Mie Palace at this time.
Unfortunately, Mu Yu and the dead wood, do not want to accept the position of the world's tens of thousands of people respected, Yundan Taoist can only give up.
"Fortunately, the dead wood brothers and the wood feathers became attached to the same year, otherwise the Danding school will be erased by the real world, and I will become the sinner of the Dan Ding school. ”
Yundan Taoist looked at Mu Yu, and sighed in his heart, then left the attic.
Looking around, there are probably no fewer than a thousand books on the third floor. The array here does not have the system of the sect of the sect, because the squad of the squad is directly portrayed in the jade, as long as the jade is enabled, it can be pulled into the jade of the jade and experience the learning.
Mu Yu on the messy shelves, which are mostly elementary, even if the middle of the wood plume can not see the eyes, he only found a dozen of this record of congenital array of books, but casually read, found that all of the array he was clear about, even if not learned but want to launch is also possible to do.
What he wants to know most now is the question about the ancient transmission matrix, but it is not found in these chaotic books.
He even found a book full of thick dust under the chair in the corner. He thought that the things in the forgotten corner might be the most valuable, but the above only tells some relatively advanced arrays. The eye of the wood feather.
"There's none? ”
Xiaoshuai sat on the library next to him and opened the window bored. The window like the bookstore can be seen outside when it is opened, but the outside people can't see the window being opened, and they can't get in and out of the window.
"No. ”Mu Yu shook his head.
All the deep formations of the dead wood old man are recorded in "Xuanzhen", but "Xuanzhen" does not record any points about the ancient transmission matrix. The dead wood old man does not seem to want to record the secrets of the Danding pie to his own books. on.
Mu Yu searched thousands of books on the third floor and spent about two hours. Xiaoshuai also yawned to help find out. Xiaoshuai’s reading was a glimpse of ten lines. Unforgettable, looking for things quickly, but still nothing. .
"Shouldn't it be like this, is it that I am wrong? The dead wood old man did not learn how to maintain the ancient transmission array? ”
Mu Yu stood up, walked to the window, looked at the white outside, and fell into meditation.
"Ok? what is this? ”
Mu Yu’s gaze suddenly slammed into an array of imprints on the window sill. The way the sculpt was portrayed was quite complicated. It was made up of gossip, only the size of the palm, and covered with a layer of ash. However, at the first glance, Mu Yu found that there were at least 6,000 fine engravings on this array of imprints. Such a large number of engravings have long exceeded the standard of innate arrays.
He carefully deduced his thoughts in his heart, and suddenly he was surprised: "This way of portraying the array should be a combination."
"Combination array? ”Xiaoshuai put down the book and went to the window sill. He had not found this imprint.
The so-called combination of arrays, it is necessary to start several arrays at the same time in order to jointly launch a stronger array, this array of wood feathers have not been tried before, mainly because this array is a fixed array, similar A key to opening the door, of course, there are some arrays of interactions that will exert an incomparably powerful power.
Mu Yu observed the imprint of the array from different angles. After half an hour, he said: "Small handsome, help find it, there must be this imprint of the array. I just calculated it, in the combination of this array of imprints, There should be nine talents. As long as the nine imprints are inspired, some clues should be found."
"Treasure hunt? Great, it’s much more fun than flipping a book. ”Xiaoshuai is full of enthusiasm, his little man is like a monkey, UU reading on the string.
He blinked on the shelf and looked at the rows of shelves, then shouted: "Find one on the ceiling!"
"There are also corners! ”
"This mark is hidden behind the door ass! ”
Xiaoshuai turned over in a loft filled with bookshelves, and it was unambiguous to find something.
Mu Yu also found a few in the inconspicuous places on the ground, plus a total of six windowsills.
But there are still three that have not been found. Rao is that they touched the corners and corners of the corners and ceilings. Xiaoshuai even worked as a cleaner and cleaned up all the dust. The attic was clean and still not found.
"Are you sure there are nine? ”Xiaoshuai asked with a grin and waved his hand and rolled up the aura to drive away those nasty dust from himself.
"According to the deduction of the pattern, there should be nine correct, because this pattern must be complemented by nine to work. ”
Mu Yu said with certainty, but he even touched the place under the shelf, and even every corner of the shelf was searched, and there was no shadow of the three imprints.
He watched the six imprints found, looked at the position in which they were portrayed, and suddenly moved in the heart, and quickly went to see the lines of the six arrays that had been found.
"I should have thought of it. ”Mu Yu patted his head.
"what happened? ”Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.
"The imprint of the array is not randomly distributed, and the person who wants to set this imprint will not be so boring, playing this peek-a-boo game. It must be distributed according to certain rules. From this point of view, combined with the six arrays of marks that have been found, then the rest should be…"Free reader!!

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