The No. 218 Chapter the Wild Wolf and the stream Hawk

Mu Yu’s heart secretly complained, and his waist was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t lose his grace in front of the girl, and he could only sneak in the complaints of Xiaoshuai’s dissatisfaction.

This cliff is also deep. I really don’t know how the earth is so high. They fell for almost an hour before they barely saw the true face of it. There are lush bushes everywhere, and it’s faint. Can see the pitted pond.

After half an hour, they finally trembled on a stone. There are some plants around them that are not named, some plants are still open, but there is something missing around them. Half-baked wood feathers noticed that there is nothing missing here. There are no insects such as bees and butterflies. Even the insects of the insects are inaudible. There is no tranquility in the air, no wind blows, no movements, no trees. It’s just their own breathing.

"It's a bit strange here."Mu Yu touched the plants next to them. These plants seem to be rejecting the wood feathers. Mu Yu did not feel any familiar feeling from these plants. He wanted to integrate with the plants and it was still somewhat repulsive.

Qiao Xue looked around and frowned, but she did not show any vision, just thinking about something. Mu Yu had wanted to find a topic to talk to Qiao Xue, but looking at her way of ignorance, he felt that he still shouldn't be boring.

The two men and one animal rested on the stone for a long time, and they all needed time to recover their strength. The sky gradually darkened, and there was a bright moon in the sky. The bright moonlight sprinkled on this land of wasteland. The silent swamp did not have a cold moon, but I didn’t know where it was from the misty obstacles. They have the same thing in their hearts.

"This fog is poisonous."

Mu Yu just inhaled a little fog, suddenly alert, exercise aura, and expel the fog barrier. For Mu Yu, the poison gas can't hurt him at all. He just wants to remind him of Xue Xue.

Qiao Xue was also not affected by the fog barrier. Presumably, she also had a magic weapon to protect her body. Her body exudes a faint blue light, and the blue ribbon on her waist protects her.

"Be vigilant from now on, the monsters of the double heavens are usually coming out at night."Qiao Xue glanced at the wood feathers and reminded him.

Mu Yu did not know how Qiao Xue knew this. In fact, he did not use Qiao Xue to remind him that the dead swamp began to have the friction of “shasha”. It seems that something crawled on the wet land quickly, only the sound disappeared. Its shape.


A loud voice rang out not far away, and the two turned their heads toward the sound. A tall pine tree stood out in the distance, and it looked very abrupt under the cold moonlight. There is a feeling of vicissitudes in the branches of the dragonfly echoing around, it seems that after years of wind and rain, it still does not fall. The pine tree branches have a gray snake-shaped monster that screams in the sky. What shocks them is that the monster has a snake-like body, but the whole head is a real wolf head, a pair of scarlet wolves in the moonlight. It looks extraordinarily enchanting.

"How can a wolf appear in this place?"Qiao Xue whispered, but his eyes did not leave the weird monster. The demon beast screams at the pine tree branches towards the moonlight, seemingly conveying a signal.

"Wolves? Do you know this kind of monster? ”

Mu Yu did not see this kind of monster in the triple sky, and he has never heard of this kind of monster. Many books do not record the wolf, which is a wolf. I don’t know how Qiao Xue knows. Qiao Xue did not respond to Mu Yu. Her eyes swept in the sky and seemed to be looking for something. After a while, Mu Yu finally knew what she was looking for. In the moonlight, a huge yellow bird fanned from afar. The wings swooped toward the wild wolf.

"The wild wolf's natural enemies flow eagle, this wild wolf humming is provoked in the eagle eagle, the wild wolf is going to kill a eagle to courtmate during estrus, the eagle's flesh is very delicious in the wild wolf."Qiao Xue explained that Mu Yu was puzzled and explained.

"The big wolf that kills the sky and flies in the sky?"

Needless to say,

Flowing Eagle Wood Feather has not heard of it. The eagle reflects the cold and sharp bird's claws in the moonlight. This claw is very sharp, and with the advantage of flying, can the wild wolf beat the big bird?

"The chances of this natural enemy being able to kill the opponent are the same, because the wolf will fly."

Mu Yu also want to ask the wolf snake body how can fly, see the wild Wolf smart body has been like an arrow into the eagle, the stream Eagle uttered an angry clear bell, a red lightning flashed from its mouth, the wolf belly suddenly spread a pair of thin belly wings, reflected in the moonlight cold coldness, the belly wing gently shook, Red Lightning from the wolf curled up in the body of the snake through the empty, while the wolf head violently to the stream Eagle bite, the Eagle's powerful wings will slap the head of the wild wolf shot open.

The two monsters violently touched each other in the air, even if they were so far away, they could feel the horrible spiritual fluctuations of the two monsters. Wood feathers did not doubt, if they were in this situation Two beasts, they did not have any power to fight, only the U-turn escape. These two monsters turned out to be the fifth-order monster!

However, the surrounding rustling sounds more and more loud, and Mu Yu took his eyes back from the two monsters. He had a bad feeling in his heart. He already understood that the night was the time period of the wild animal activities. These rustling sounds are far and near and seem to gradually surround them.

"We seem to have invaded the territory of the ants, and we have to get out of here."Qiao Xue took the lead and stood up. Mu Yu was too lazy to ask why she knew so much. He also vaguely felt that the visitor was not good.

When Mu Yu just wanted to call Xiao Shuai to be a cool force to fly, he saw that Qiao Xue had already stood on the blue ribbon and flew up.

Mu Yu snorted: "Can you fly now?"He moved a little and found that the tearing that had been suppressing his spiritual power disappeared.

Qiao Xue loves to blame Mu Yu for a moment: "There has been a land of Tuyoumeng, of course, you can fly, but the two fifth-order monsters are not that we can be on, be careful not to alarm them. ”

Mu Yu knows nothing about this. He feels that he is lucky to meet Joe Snow. After all, Joe Snow is too familiar with the general people here. In places where people are not familiar with it, especially in such a dangerous place, if you don’t know the place here. Rules, I don’t know how to die.

They left the rest of the stone when the ants slammed over. When Mu Yu left, he took a look at what the so-called ant ant looks like. This ant has a sparrow that is so big, and the big fangs are wet, it seems to be Their saliva must be bitten by a bite.

"You don't seem to be a blue ribbon!"

The wood feathers pass over a bush. The spiritual fluctuations above the blue ribbon are different from ordinary magic weapons. They are extremely flexible and seem to be a magic weapon.

Qiao Xue said faintly: "It comes from extraordinary, naturally different."

Seeing the other side does not seem to want to say anything more, Mu Yu also simply no longer ask. The two of them circumvented the five-stage monsters fighting in the two fights and went to the thick fog on the left. Because it is night, and the fog is extremely large, so they dare not care about it, for fear of being targeted. But at this moment, Mu Yu’s heart burst into a sense of crisis, and his afterglow caught a sly red light that was quickly shot at Qiao Xue.

"Be careful."

Mu Yu jumped and threw down Xue Xue. At the same time, the claws of the eagle swept through the hair of Qiao Xue. Mu Yu lost the balance with Qiao Xue, the two quickly fell to the ground, Mu Yu body turned a direction, his back actually fell to the ground, and then Xue Xue pressed on him.

"You let go!"Joe Xue's face was red, she was the first time she was held by a different sex. She broke free from the arms of Mu Yu and climbed up.

Mu Yu was sore and grinned. He felt his ribs were about to break, but he couldn't help him think because he saw the red lightning of the eagle rushing over to them.

Qiao Xue quickly reacted. This eagle is estimated to have won in the battle. The high-spirited one has actually stared at them. The strength of this eagle can not be underestimated, Qiao Xue did not smack it, the blue ribbon floated out from her waist, the wind was long, and turned into a sky-blue water curtain, swept away toward the eagle.

The eagle screamed, apparently it did not expect that the two creatures that had never been seen before would escape its attack. Its dive speed was slowed down by the blue sky, and this weird practise did not know. What kind of material is used, because its claws are not occupied at all, it makes its self-esteem extremely provocative.

A weird fire rose from the sky, and the body of the eagle suddenly became somewhat illusory. Mu Yu was horrified to find that the body of the eagle disappeared into a group of fires, but the fire of this group became extremely overbearing, and the arrogant breath rushed to the surface, and the practice of the sky could not be close to the fire.

"What are you doing? The eagle's life skills are this group of fires, and the speed of its outbreak is not something we can resist, and quickly help! ”Qiao Xue saw that Mu Yu slowly climbed up from the ground and became more and more strenuous.

Mu Yu also wants to go up and take the handle, but his chest is really boring. If you change it, then you will be breathless. He hasn’t slowed down yet. Seeing that Joe Snow can’t help, his shadow sword In response to the sound, a five-sword, attacked the fire in different directions.

The vast swordsman retraceed around the fire, and the wooden feathers filled with vigorous and vigorous swords forced the annealing light with the strength of the thin and long-lasting softness. The five swords formed a circular cage, and the sword tips of each sword were just rightly suppressed. Lived in the flames of the flames, the fire could not move at a time.

Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu with a slight surprise. Obviously, he did not expect that Mu Yu would easily restrain the eagle with a burst of gas. The technique of Wu Yu’s five-sword technique relied on the strength of the soft-knot, which just took the upper hand at a time. It is the most wonderful place to fall into the dusty nine-style sword.

Although Mu Yu temporarily suppressed the flow eagle, he was not complacent. It was just the magic of the dust sword. The arrogant arrogance far exceeded his cultivation. I am afraid that the eagle will not break away. Out.

However, they all forgot that this place is a land of wasteland, powerful monsters abound, their breath of fighting has long alarmed many monsters, some weak monsters are scared, but more powerful than their powerful monsters The monsters are roaring and have gathered together.

"Qiao Xue, behind me!"

Mu Yu’s perception of the crisis and his keenness, even if he is fighting with the eagle, UU reads www. attention is still placed around. The most important thing about the dust swords is that it is a powerful distracting ability. Mu Yu has already seen the wild wolf that just fought with the eagle, and it is actually a Qiao Xue, Mu Yu thought that This monster has been torn by the eagle.

Qiao Xuebei bite, forcibly withdrawing the blue ribbon, the blue practising hits the head of the wolf in the midst of a thousand, but the tail of the wolf is squatting on the chest of Qiao Xue, hitting Qiao Xue Flying out, the bright red blood stains instantly smeared Joe Snow's gauze.

Originally, the blue silk ribbon and the wooden feather's split sword are trapped together by the flow eagle. Qiao Xue is injured, and the blue silk ribbon is re-formed into a ribbon and scattered. The wood feather can no longer trap the eagle. A powerful spiritual force erupted, and the wood feathers flew out. Mu Yu couldn't help but cough up a blood.

The two wolves, the Wolverine and the Flowing Eagle, are natural enemies, but I don’t know why it’s the same enemy who puts the target on Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. The wild wolf rushed toward Qiao Xue, and the eagle rushed to Mu Yu with full anger. Mu Yu saw that Qiao Xue was seriously injured at the side. The two beasts of the wolf and the eagle were repaired to be comparable to each other. In their current situation, no matter which one is, it is impossible to win.

"Jade, crush and send jade!"

Mu Yu shouted to Qiao Xue. When he was in danger, the jade can be sent directly. Qiao Xue is a red dust door, so he will definitely have this thing. As for Mu Yu, he is not willing to leave. He It’s been two days since I first came in. The mission of this trip has not been completed yet! Besides, his Qiankun bag contains seeds of many plants. At a critical time, he can germination of seeds and grow into a big tree, so that trees can be used to get rid of these two beasts. These seeds are his guarantee.

"Transfer jade, what conveys jade?"Qiao Xueqiang got up and looked stunned. She didn't know what Yupei was!

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