Chapter 805 The Beast’s Profit

Xuan Zhengtang was persecuted by his own elders, and Mu Yu felt deeply, and the elders belonged to the ranks of the killing. &1t;/p>
He thought of the question he had been thinking about last night. When did he start to become decisive and decisive? &1t;/p>
So far, Mu Yu has been in the three sects. &1t;/p>
His own dusty mountain is a pure land of the soul. There is no intrigue in it. Master is easygoing and never scolds them. An uncle is very strict with them. Besides cooking, it is nothing. The brothers and sisters love each other and occasionally mix and sip. Don't worry about being framed by yourself. &1t;/p>
Therefore, when Mu Yu came out from the Dust Mountain, he felt that killing was a very cruel thing and he was irresponsible to the lives of others. &1t;/p>
The Dan Ding and the sects have all kinds of treacherous disciples. When Mu Yu shows up, there are always people who want to be unfavorable to Mu Yu, give Mu Yu a scorpion, and have an honest character in those two martial art. If you wait for it, there is no Mu Qiโ€™s original strength, and you canโ€™t live. &1t;/p>
Therefore, Mu Yu began to understand that if not killing others is responsible for the lives of others, then the reverse is not responsible for their own lives, so Mu Yu gradually began to no longer exclude murder, nor will blindly be a person of integrity. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtangโ€™s situation is exactly the opposite. He has kept his own bottom line, but he has broken his head. He has not enough to repair the elders of the burning party, and he does not want to violate his own conscience, so he can only swallow his voice if he Not meeting Mu Yu, I am afraid it is too difficult to get five million! &1t;/p>
At this time, Xiaoshuai had come to the kitchen and brought a big chicken leg to pick it up. Only when he said it, he heard it. He said: "The people in the martial art do not know the business situation here. Not on the line?"&1t;/p>
Mu Yu knocked on Xiao Shuaiโ€™s head: "When you eat everything like you, don't pay?" How can a person who is so upright, Xuan, may be guilty? โ€&1t;/p>
"Then I am such a handsome person, why do you have to pay for food?"Xiaoshuai said dissatisfied. &1t;/p>
โ€œIs this the same thing?โ€Mu Yu shook his head helplessly. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyi screamed and laughed: "The little handsome brother is very cute, and everyone is willing to entertain you."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "Isn't that saying that I have bought these six-order monsters for your sacred beasts? How much money was sold at that time, deducted for me, and deducted 90%, you also get rid of it. How many? When do you have to make up five million? โ€&1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu shook his head helplessly: "I just refused to make fake accounts. How much he should pay when he pays. He taught me to be an honest and honest person from an early age. Others are afflicted by others and they are adhering to their own. Conscience can do things. So I have no choice but to support him. โ€&1t;/p>
Mu Yu touched his chin and then asked: "Thinking, where are you dealing with the beast now?"&1t;/p>
ใ€€ใ€€Xuan Sizhen pointed to another yard: “In the room over there, it was very bloody, I can’t stand the bloody smell, I think you too…” &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu said When I arrived here, I suddenly said nothing. She spit out her tongue and thought of the decisiveness of Mu Yuโ€™s murder yesterday. I thought that the bloody scene would have seen the “Yufeng” son in front of me. &1t;/p>
Wood feathers don’t care, go through the arches and go to the other house. This is a big stone-made house with the door closed. Only after entering the other hospitals, I have already smelled a strong bloody smell. It is like a Shura killing field, gathering the blood of countless monsters. &1t;/p>
This bloody smell has no effect on Mu Yu When he was fighting with the ghosts, the methods of the ghosts were even worse than this. &1t;/p>
He pushed the door open and walked into the room. Oncoming was a huge hook with the thighs, In the air, there are rows of transparent boxes. The boxes are filled with yellow liquid to soak some things like the animal brain. The box also depicted some arrays, which are Used to preserve these things. &1t;/p>
At this time in the middle of the house, Xuan Zhengtang patiently dissected the sixth-order monster and stun Ned the leopard. The head of the shocked leopard had been broken and the brain was carefully taken out by him. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang noticed that someone came in and looked up to see Mu Yu, showing a Respectful look: "You son, are you awake?" You wait a moment, I will deal with the mind of Jinghongbao first, you may not know, the eyes of Jinghongbao…” &1t;/p>
“I know that the brain of Jinghong Leopard needs to be air-dried in forty-eight hours after death, and then grind it into powder, which can be sold in a box made of odd flowers and can be sold to Dan Dingpai is a superior material for refining medicines, especially in the treatment of brain trauma. A small amount of powder can improve the mind, but once used too much, it will cause sleepiness, which can be used to refine two kinds of sorrows. Different medicines. โ€Mu Yu replied casually. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang was amazed: "You son, do you know this?"&1t;/p>
"Learn a little bit."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu shrugged, and it was already modest to the extreme. These are all recorded in the dead wood, which not only describes the effects of various herbs, but also records the effects of many animal liver blood brains. &1t;/p>
It was really not white back when I was forced to carry the thick thing back by the dead wood. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang looked at Mu Yu with amazement. This is where I know a little bit, and I know more than him. He usually only knows the approximate role of some monsters, the selling price, and how to save the organization that extracts the monsters. It is not very clear what to do after selling. &1t;/p>
"You are modest, and it seems that the son is also an expert. It was in the eyes of the mouse, let the son laugh. โ€Xuan Zhengtang smiled, but the things in his hand did not stop, or continued to be busy. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu glanced at the surrounding monsters, and it seemed that Xuan Zhengtang was dealing with the shocked leopard all night, and it had not been processed. Chishan is not here, it should be left to look at the store in front, thinking that I don't like the atmosphere here, so I can only declare Xuantang alone. &1t;/p>
"Uncle Xuan, have you calculated how much money is needed to acquire these monsters?"Mu Yu asked. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang nodded and was already beginning to use the spirit to wind up the brains of the leopard. He said with excitement: "The son, I have already counted." If the adult is willing to sell the demon spirit, a sixth-order monster is worth at least 500,000, and a seventh-order monster is worth at least five million. This is still a conservative estimate, and some may be tens of thousands higher because of the demon. The beast is different and the price is different. I carefully estimated the size and market price of the eight sixth-order monsters and two seventh-order monsters that the adults hunted that day, which is worth about 15 million. โ€&1t;/p>
"What do you mean by saying that if you have enough money, would you spend 15 million to acquire these monsters?"Mu Yu asked in amazement, thinking that he would play a few monsters with more than 10 million. It would be a waste to bring the monsters to eat before. &1t;/p>
However, he is not short of money, it does not matter. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang nodded and continued: "Yes, son."&1t;/p>
After a long while, he worried that Mu Yu questioned and quickly said: "If the son goes to the beast, the purchase price should be similar."&1t;/p>
"You misunderstood, I don't mean this. Then you spend 15 million to acquire these monsters. How much can you sell after processing? How much is the net earned? โ€&1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang did not conceal and said: "After I have handled it, I will sell the things on the monsters in various channels, and I will probably earn about 20 million yuan and deduct 15 million yuan for the sons.่ถŸ Business will earn 5 million Lingshi!"&1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang said that it is difficult to hide the excitement on his face, and he can earn five million. This was something he didn't even think about. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu has already said that these monsters will be handed over to the Xuan Beast Square. At that time, Xuan Zhengtang has the confidence to sell these monsters to 20 million, and give the bamboo feathers 15 million according to the market price, so that they can Earn five million. &1t;/p>
"Make five million, what do you do with the next five million?"Mu Yu asked quietly. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang smiled and said: "We don't want to be a son. We have our own rules for burning the sea. I have to pay 4.5 million yuan for the martial arts. But I am still content because I can leave five. One hundred thousand, as long as I can do more business, I will be able to get together."&1t;/p>
This business is done to earn 5 million, and then deducted 90% of the tribute to the sect, that is, to pay 4,500,000, and there are also 500,000, UU reading plus has been Some money will arrive, and soon I will be able to go to Baicaotang to buy a Taishi Zitiandan to save my wife's life. &1t;/p>
However, Mu Yu frowned, and Xuan Zhengtang handed over to the martial art 90%. By that time, it is estimated that the elder elders will come to worship, and from the 4.5 million to draw a negligible two thousand to the sect, then it is not 4.5 million. Almost all into the pockets of the elders? &1t;/p>
He hunted these monsters just to help Xuan Zhengtang, originally intended to give Xuan Zhengtang free of charge, but Xuan Zhengtang refused to accept it for no reason, insisting on the one that he deserved, so Mu Yu did not force. &1t;/p>
However, according to the honesty of Xuan Zhengtang, the money that I have helped Xuan Zhengtang to use to raise the elders? &1t;/p>
Perhaps the practice of Xuan Zheng Tangโ€™s integrity makes people feel stupid, but this is the principle that people must adhere to. It is best to be a man who does not forget the original heart. It is not good to say about this. &1t;/p>
But which big elder is the onion! &1t;/p>
Mu Yuโ€™s heart snorted. He intended to help Xuan Zhengtang, but it was not convenient for the elders of the Burning Party. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu indulged for a moment and said: "Uncle Xuan, I thought about this matter and felt that we need to talk about the price again."&1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang stunned and looked up and asked: "Re-talking about the price? Son, what do you mean by this? โ€&1t;/p>
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