Chapter 1009 weak water

The ghosts stood at the stern and looked far away at the weak water at the back, but the weak water returned to tranquility, as if nothing had happened.

"It should have been the damn life and death doorman who was chasing it, but now it's okay. He should also be aware that the weak water is so powerful that it will not be pursued. โ€The ghost said indignantly.

Everyone listened to the ghost and said nothing, but also a little relieved, only then the person who slashed the knife and smashed the ghost cave to scare these murderous ghosts and stunned people, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

"butโ€ฆโ€ฆIs that person really a life-and-death person? His previous practice is not very similar. The hateful thing is that the elders of our robbery period are just right, otherwise they must be good-looking! โ€There is a ghost doorman.

In the past, only they killed other comprehensions, and where it was expected that there would be another killing god to find the door, but also happened to meet the ghost master and all the robbery masters when they did not sneak into the ghost pit, almost destroyed the foundation of the ghost gate. .

None of them knows that the elders of their own ghosts are being ridden by others.

The ghost did not contemplate for a moment, saying: "Whether he is a life-and-death person, in general, it is a group of people who have just lived and died. We must keep the gates and protect the eighteen layers of hell."

Another ghost doorman of the distraction period asked: "Elder, can this weak water really block him?"

The ghost sneered aloud: "He is useless even if he is a robbery man. The longer he flies over the weak water, the more he will pull. If he is smart, he will return. Otherwise, it will be necessary. Will sink into the weak water and become the yin of weak water!"

"But we still have boats there…"

"Don't worry, he doesn't know how to start the ship."

The ghost disappeared from the stern to the bow of the stern, looked at the yin and fog in the distance, and then began to command: "Everyone quickly deal with the injury, this time, in any case, insist on returning to the ghost owner!"


All the ghosts should be vocal, and then they began to sit down and feel the rest of the life.

"Low water, I didn't expect to actually have such a thing."

Mu Yu stood in the corner of the ship and meditated. When he was in the dusty mountains, every night, Master would explain to them the truth of the cultivation of the real world, which said weak water.

Weak water is a very strange water. This kind of water is very chilly. It is the immersion of the body all year round, the absorption of corpse and the accumulation of yin. Anything that is weakened with water must be corroded, even if there is spiritual power. The possession is also useless.

Unless it is a powerful magic weapon, or some special chills, it can prevent the erosion of weak water, such as the ghost ship they built, the bodies of dead people, the souls and some very powerful magic weapons.

Another example is Xiaoshuai.

Xiaoshuai is a guy who is smashing a thousand times of thunder and burning steam and then getting it in weak water for a hundred years without losing a hair.

Weak water is terrible, even if it is water, there is no way to control weak water. On the weak water, the feathers can't float up. It's impossible for the comprehension world to fly. The repair of the wood feather crossing can only barely fly a certain distance. As for the fit period, people can't fly.

This is also just those ghost gate when the situation is critical, but no one flew directly to the ship, but the reason for an honest boarding.

At this time, many ghosts began to mourn, because the twins in their bodies also began to wake up and fight against their bodies.

The twins in the body did not wake up. He looked at the sorrowful ghosts and understood the seriousness of the matter. Immediately he immediately said, "How many people have no accidents?"

Soon some began to raise their hands, seven ships are not very far away, more than 200 people have more than 180 twins have not been an accident, it is so that they have the energy to escape here, otherwise it would have become the soul of Mu Yu Sword.

The ghost didnโ€™t talk as if the face was cloudy, and then he said: โ€œThere are people who have not had an accident with the twins.

Immediately sacrifice the twins to the weak water! โ€

"what? Sacrificing twins? โ€

"But twins are very important to us!"

"Yes! Without twins, it is very difficult for us to act in the future. โ€

Other ghosts have begun to say eagerly that the ghosts are so powerful because they cultivate twins. After killing twins, they sacrifice their souls into their own magic weapon. Fighting with ghosts is equivalent to fighting two people. . If they don't have twins, their natural advantage will be gone.

The ghost whispered and said: "Do you want to live or wait for the twins to wake up and kill you?"

The crowd suddenly calmed down. After the twins wake up, they need to solve their personal grievances with their twins. The twins have been killed and enslaved for so many years. Most of them have hatred for the ghosts who have the initiative. This is the reason for each ghost. Itโ€™s all clear. Fighting with a person whose strength is exactly the same as himself, the probability of life and death is 50%, all by luck.

Ghosts donโ€™t talk about their twins, and now they have summoned their twins in order to make a difference. This is a gloomy twin, transparent, following him for so many years, can be described as extraordinary, but in order to survive, he can only choose to break the wrist!

The gloomy ghost has emerged from the ghosts and wraps out of his twins. The twins are gradually filled with ghosts and turned into dark colors, like a shadow, very weird.

"Go to the great ghosts!"

Ghosts gnawed their teeth and waved their hands. The twins immediately jumped from the boat and flew to the weak water. His twins just flew above the weak water, and suddenly formed a vortex in the weak water. The vortex gradually became a strange shape of the skull. The skull opened its mouth and spurred a water column in the mouth. A ghost hand, firmly grasped the twins.

The twins seem to have recovered their consciousness and began to resist. However, in the face of the weak water, they can't break free. They are directly dragged into the big mouth of the water in the shape of the water. The skull is transformed into a whirlpool, and the whirlpool is slowly The ground stopped spinning and turned into a dead black water.

The ghosts are a little pale, and the twins are closely related to them. Once the twins have an accident, they will be greatly traumatized. They will sit down and start to adjust their interest.

Other ghosts saw that the most noble ghosts had already sacrificed their twins to the weak water. Everyone hesitated for a long while, and the eyes showed a stern light, and they began to sacrifice their twins. Go in the weak water.

For a time, the originally weak and weak water constantly appeared in various strange shapes, and dragged the twins of the ghost door to the weak water.

"Ghost ancestors? What is a ghost ancestor? โ€

Mu Yu quietly looked at the actions of these ghost gates. My heart was more curious about this weak water. What does the sacrifice mean?

The speed of the ghost ship is getting faster and faster. The ghosts on the ship take turns to pour the blood on the stern of the stern to inject their own blood, which provides power for the navigation of the ghost ship. Other ghosts then begin to adjust their knees and stop talking.

Mu Yu has been looking around. At this time, the ghost ship is like driving into an underground cave. The top of the cave can be seen at the top of the cave. The top of the cave is less than five meters away from the water surface. The green fires are scattered, making the whole trip even more strange.

And the weak water is not nothing. Mu Yu from time to time will see the weak water floating on the surface of some bodies, these bodies look like a dead soon, from their clothing looks, what the door pie have, there are some farmers look mortal, mu Plume even saw a star gate disciple costumes!

"These bodies are too weird."

Mu Yu looked at the body floating on the side of the boat. The powerful weak water that could corrode everything did not erode these dead people. These dead people also maintain their appearance in the weak water. Some people have large eyes, obviously dead. Some people have five finger holes on their foreheads. The blood seems to have just solidified soon, and some peopleโ€™s chest has disappeared. The body was covered with blood stains, and the weak water did not wash away the blood.

"This has been dead for at least a few hundred years, and it seems that it will die soon. UU reading โ€

Mu Yu stared at the body of a young man who passed by the side of the boat. With his knowledge of vitality, he can clearly perceive that this young man has died for at least three hundred years, but looks like he just died. Less than an hour.

Where exactly is this place?

The seven ships continued to drift deep into the weak water. After about a quarter of an hour, the front water began to become anxious. The ghost ship was like flying on the water, without any resistance, fast. To an incredible point.

Soon there was a bright light in front of it, just like the exit of a weak water. The ghost ship they took began to swiftly slid toward the exit, and the exit was very narrow, and it could only accommodate at most one ghost ship.

"All the ghost ships are listening, following me, not crowded together!"Ghosts have already stood at the bow of the ship, giving orders to people on other ghost ships.

The speed of the ghost ship is controlled by the blood on the altar. The more blood is injected, the faster the ghost ship will open. The ghost does not say that this ghost ship has three bloody people who are bleeding, and bear the brunt.

Under the control of the blood of the ghost gates, the seven ghost ships have also experienced different speeds. The ghost ship where Mu Yu is located has the most blood injection, driving in the forefront. At this time, the front water flow begins to pour down and the slope is getting bigger and bigger. It is like a weak water has a gap, at this speed, wood feather I feel that this ghost ship will fall out sooner or later!

Then slammed!

The ghost ship did smash out from the weak water, but it did not lose control. Even the whole ghost ship was stable and there was no bumps. In the end, it gradually floated in the air, and the eyes were suddenly clear.

Mu Yu looked at the scene in front of him with amazement and suddenly felt a little surprised. (Tianjin novel network https://)

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