Chapter 497 Punish the slave

  Mu Yu didn't want to manage these messy things. He always thought that only children would fight, and winning and losing soon passed, no big deal. However, when Sikong actually turned to Mu Hao three times, Mu Yu could no longer sit and watch.

  A shadow flashed, and the hegemonic atmosphere swept over, directly forcing the spiritual power of Sikong to retreat.

  Sikong took a few steps back and stabilized his heel. He looked at the sudden uninvited guest with a cold eye and was cautious.

  Mu Yu fell in front of Mu Hao, coldly watching Sikong three ways: "You are a Yuan Ying period of the repairers are also very interested in the base generation of the younger generation?"

  Sikong looked at Muyu with a gloomy look. Mufei’s seemingly faint smell looked weak, but it gave him a very dangerous feeling. He said: "You are not a person in Clearwater City, or don't worry about the business of our Shui Shui City Sikong family!"

  Sikong three-way was originally a wooden family, and Mujia used to be the most powerful family in Qingshuicheng. He naturally knows what masters are in Qingshuicheng. When Mu Yu shot, he repelled Yuan Ying’s nine-day-old, obviously this is not the strength of the people in Qingshuicheng.

  He determined that Mujia does not have such a young master, let alone the Mujia, although it is very large in Qingshuicheng, but if there is such a stunning young man, he will not know, this person must be from Qingshuicheng. No doubt beyond.

  "I have a question, you change your name so frequently, do you know?"Mu Yu asked his chin.

  Sikong three-way face reddish, he snorted: "This does not have to take care of you! You want to take care of our empty family, you have to think clearly! ”

  "Xiaohao brother, are you okay?"Mu Xin ran down in panic and ran towards Mu Hao. Along the way, she saw the three sides of Sikong, and also cried in surprise. "Uncle Three, you are here too!"

  However, Mu Hao held Mu Xin tightly and said: "Xiao Xin, he is not our uncle of the three ways, he is now the running dog of the Sikong family."

  Mu Hao’s eyes looked at Sikong three times with sorrow and anger. Even though he couldn’t accept this fact at the moment, the unreasonable three-way uncle had wanted to kill him. It’s so unremarkable, he didn’t care about the past affection, so he’s still the first person. See you once.

  Mu Yu looked at Sikong three times in disgust, and his heart was extremely disfigured.

  "To be honest, I really don't want to gossip. It’s just that you are a shameless guy who can’t stand it anymore. This kid is so respectful to you, but you still want to ruin his future. If you really want to be invincible! ”

  Mu Yu was very angry. In his opinion, two children in their teens had to fight because of their brother's problems. If they were defeated, they would lose it. As long as they don't hurt, they can say it. And Sikong three-way a person in the Yuan Ying period actually pulled the face to mix the children's fight, it is shameless to the extreme.

  Sikong was said by Mu Yu on the way, and the old face was a little red. However, he still said highly: "He dared to start with the younger brother of Sikong Qiwen, that is, it is not an excuse to die 10,000 times! If you want to take care of your own business, let’s first check if you are qualified or not. ”

  "how? Isn’t Scoic’s good intention to personally start a child in his teens? Then he is really a famous fairy! ”Mu Yu satirized.

  "presumptuous! You dare to disrespect Sikong Qiwen,

court death! ”Sikong snorted three times and his body quickly flashed toward Mu Yu. His hands were like sharp eagle claws, with a sharp whistling sound, ready to hit the wood feathers.

  The eagle claws of Sikong are famous in Qingshui City. One hand is known as the iron hand talons, and it is invincible. It is comparable to the magic weapon. Many of the self-cultivators who have not known life and death have been shredded by him. He has great confidence to take the wood feather directly!

  He has just turned to the Sikong family and became a servant of Si Kongqiwen's younger brother. Sikong Qiwen is a distracted repairer. It seems to him that he is a honourable servant of his other brother. Therefore, he can't wait to express his heartfelt gratitude to Sikong Qiwu.

  With his name in Shimizu Castle, plus the strength of the Sikong family, he is not afraid of anything at all.

  But if he really knows the identity of Mu Yu, perhaps he will not think about the slamming shot of Mu Yu.

  Sikong's three-way hands were close to Mu Yu's neck. He smiled wickedly, imagining the pleasure of the other's neck being crushed by his claws.

  But Mu Yu just licked this head and shook his head impatiently. Sikong suddenly felt that his heart was not so good. He obviously felt a strong breath coming to his own Dantian. This aura came so fast that he didn't even notice it, but when he reacted, it was too late!


  Sikong slammed a blood on his way. He widened his eyes and his body quickly succumbed. The Yuan Ying, who was still overbearing, suddenly disappeared. The whole person could not lift his strength.

  "You, you, you actually ruined my dantian?"

  Sikong looked at Muyu with amazement. Dantian was the foundation of a comprehension. Dantian was damaged and destroyed. He became a mortal and could no longer practice it again!


  Sikong fell heavily at the foot of Sikong Qiwu, and there was no more violent breath. He glared at his abdomen and trembled all over the body. Dantian was damaged and he could no longer practice. This is for a repairer of the Yuantian period.
Said to be a considerable blow!

  "I didn't have anything to do with the affairs of the Sikong family and the Mujia. I am just an outsider who just arrived in Qingshuicheng. but? I just watched you like this, I want to take revenge, even if I come to see me! ”

  The sound of Mu Yu is very loud and clearly passed into everyone's ears. He said that in order to make himself and the Mujia clear relationship, it is equivalent to a self-cultivator who can't help but find a knife, so that the Sikong family will not count this matter on the wooden house.

  "Master Qi Wu, save me…"Sikong hugged the legs of Sikong Qiwu and pleaded.

  Sikong Qiwu was stunned by Mu Yu. He once belonged to the Mujia, and naturally knew how much the Sikong three roads were, at least no more than ten people in the Qingshui City who could have played Sikong. However, Mu Yu did not do anything at all, even knowing that he had knocked down Sikong three ways?

  Sikong Qiwu's mouth was so big that he didn't react until Sikong hugged his legs. He kicked Sikong three times and took a sip: "Hey! I always thought you were very good, did not expect so fragile! waste! How do you do my guard? Our empty family does not want you this kind of waste! ”

  Sikong Qiwu finished, and pointed to the wood feathers: "You give me waiting, you don't leave Qingshuicheng, my brother will kill you!"

  Speaking of the same thing, regardless of the Sikong three, he fled in a panic.

  "Uncle Three!"Mu Xin broke away from Mu Hao and ran to the front of Sikong. He knelt down and asked anxiously: "Uncle Third, are you okay?" How are you here? ”

  Mu Xin just didn't know what was going on in the upstairs. She didn't know that the three planes at the moment were like a mortal, and there was no repair. However, because Sikong had been following Mutianhe in the past, she saw that Sikong had fallen three times and was very worried.

  Sikong looked at the escaped Sikong Qiwu, and looked at the warmth of Mu Xin, the old face burst into red, he suddenly understood what he had done wrong. However, at this moment, it can no longer be recovered. How can he ask him if he has not been repaired as a Sikong family?

  "Xiao Xin, let's go home."

  Mu Hao bit his teeth, Mu Xin did not know the situation of Sikong three way now, how could he not know? He knew that Sikong had been punished as he should, and there was no grief in his heart.

  "But what about the three-way uncle?"Mu Xin said anxiously.

  "If the three-way uncle is fine, the treasurer will take care of him, we will go home."

  Mu Hao took Mu Xin and walked toward the door. He took two steps and turned around. He said, "Uncle three, although you are not good to us, I can’t be unrighteous to you. You help us after all. For so many years, there is an empty house in the west of the city. I will tell people to clean it for you. If you move it yourself, take care."

  Mu Hao looked up again and glanced at Mu Yu, saying: "Thank you for the big man to save."

  Mu Hao didn't dare to stay any longer. He wasn't really stupid. Mu Yu just said that he wanted to get in touch with their Mujia, and save the Sikong family to come to the door. So at the moment, you can't let others know what they have to do with Mu Yu. .

  Mu Xin had wanted to call Mu Yu, but he was stopped by Mu Hao, and the brothers and sisters left the "one-character sign" restaurant.

  Sikong looked at the back of Mu Hao's brother and sister and was ashamed. He did something sorry for others, but people still remember the old feelings. Nowadays, he is not in the doldrums, and he is carrying a name of infidelity, and no longer has a face to live. He shuddered and took out a dagger, then crossed his neck…

  In the restaurant, I joined in the fun. I saw Sikong’s three roads and finally ended my life with shame. Everyone sighed and sighed. UU reading accused Sikong of three ways. They refocused their attention on the young man who just shot, but look closely, where is the figure of Mu Yu in the restaurant at the moment?

  Qingshui City is very large, and the “one-character signboard” restaurant is separated from the Mujia’s compound by several hours. Therefore, the appearance of Muyu disappears only after a flash, and no one knows where he came from, nor does he know. Where are you going?

  However, everyone agrees that this wood feather is just a foreign kid who doesn't know how to be tall and thick. He can't understand the weakness of the Sikong family, so he only helps, and has nothing to do with the wooden family.

  Everyone is sorry for Mu Yu. When they first arrived, they got into a big trouble. They will definitely have an accident. After all, the Sikong family has a talented and sleek Sikongqiwen sitting behind the town. This is tantamount to picking the name of Sikongqiwen.

  But how can these people know that the young people who dare to shoot are actually scary?

  Mu Yu silently followed Mu Hao and Mu Xin back to the Mujia, and he also sighed in his heart. After all, the person who just came to the Sikong family is not what he wants to see, but there are some things he sees. If you don't go down, you will still choose to do it directly.

  If it is not for him today, Mu Hao, this girl will definitely be scrapped of his legs, which is not what Mu Yu wants to see.

  Although this guy always sees that he is not pleasing to the eye, he has been maintaining the "wood feather" in his eyes just now, and he is not allowed to be insulted by "wood feathers", but it also makes Mu Yu feel quite worthwhile.

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