No. 300 Chapter anger and Dengbal

  "You, your master is the sword shadow dust?"For a long time, Yun Dandao’s talent swallowed and asked incredulously.

  If someone tells him that the master of Mu Yu is a sword shadow in the weekdays, he will never believe it! The sword shadow dust disappeared after he defeated the Yumeng Mozu one hundred years ago. Many people even thought that he had already driven the crane. But if this news comes from San Miyam, it will be reliable!

  Mu Yu turned his eyes and made a ghost? Is this Mie Palace really an omniscient existence? How do you know even your own master?

  "As for this surprise? Didn’t you hear that there is still a Master who is dead wood? That's right, it's this dead wood! ”Mu Yu laughed and patted the shoulders of the dead wood, ready to give the dead wood a long face.

  The old man’s eyes were big and big, and he looked at Mu Yu with amazement and looked at the dead wood. He said: “Withered wood, did you know this kid long ago?”

  The dead wood smudged everyone's eyes, especially when he stayed on the sky for a long while, and the face of Deng Tian was also very ugly. Where can he think of Mu Yu and such a layer of identity?

  The corner of the dead wood reveals a faint smile. Mu Yu’s words made him very useful. He said: “What do you know? What is the apprentice of the true God? The most important thing is that he is my apprentice! Mu Yu, go, go back! If you don't explain the things of the Double Heaven to me clearly, I interrupt your legs. ”

  Mu Yu said: "My father, I am also a new pulse master, or a true disciple of the true God, you can not give a face, do not say in front of outsiders to interrupt my leg."

  "Less nonsense, the apprentice of Uranus Laozi has to give me obedience in front of me."The dead wood snorted and turned and left. The corner of his mouth couldn’t conceal his smugness. Obviously, Mu Yu gave him a long face today. But he is a hard mouth, and it is too difficult to make him soft.

  Mu Yu reluctantly said to everyone: "Sorry everyone, go first. Everyone has something to continue, don't bother us. ”

  What is going on? Continue your sister! Isn't it the trouble to find you when you come here?

  Everyone's facial muscles were slightly sucked up, and when they saw such a arrogant character, they could only swallow their stomachs with great dissatisfaction. Now that Mu Yu has been on the list of immortals, the older generation can no longer shoot him, and he is the apprentice of the triple-world true god. This identity alone is enough to overwhelm a person.

  The most terrible thing is that today, Mu Yu also took the time to repair the time to fly to the sky, and this strength has not happened in the whole Dan Ding faction and even in the realm of cultivation.

  Mu Yu did not care about the other people in the Dan Ding faction. He caught up with the dead wood in one step and disappeared at the foot of the refining cliff with the dead wood.

  Back to Qingzhufeng, Muyu became a laborer, and soon he rebuilt a wooden house with bamboo. The original wooden house was blown up by the sky, and it was nothing to build a wooden feather that could control the trees. Difficult.

  "Don't you, grandma?" Why is Daxie not protecting you by your side? ”Xiaoshuai asked his head and asked inexplicably.

  Mu Yu thinks about the fact that Longtan was left behind the dead wood.

  "After you have an accident, I know that when you go to heaven, you will not let me go. Longtan will be embarrassed by many people in the Danding party, so I let it go to the valley to avoid the limelight."Said the dead wood, then asked, "Would you like to tell me the truth about the double heaven?"

  Mu Yu has nothing to hide from the dead wood,

He told the story of the ghost gate and Qiao Xue to the dead wood, and said how to escape from the double heaven.

  After listening to the dead wood, I have been silent for a long time. He knows how many hardships Mu Yu has experienced in the second day, and he knows that his path is not very smooth.

  "So you have got the nine gas and the soul of the flowers and the grass is right?"Asked the dead wood.

  Mu Yu nodded and quickly asked: "How do you get these two things to save my master?"

  The dead wood snorted and said with dissatisfaction: "Do you think it is so easy to save these two things? The damage caused by the Heaven and Earth array to a person is almost irreversible. Remember that I told you that Yuan Yuan was still Yang Dan? That is the eight-character remedy. There are only eight products of the alchemy, and we have no one. ”

  Mu Yu suddenly stupid: "But you are not an alchemy teacher, how can you refine Dan?"

  The dead wood did not care about Mu Yu, and continued: "So we don't want to start the Yuan Yang Dan, I study the medicine, do you think it is a joke?"

  "I said it early, it hurts me."Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. It was not a medicinal medicine but a medicinal tract. It is good to say that he also recited a copy of the Toxic Classic, which is still very good for the medicine.

  "But the pharmacy needs to be repaired as a basis, and the strength of your three-legged cat is not enough to refine the essence of this herb."Deadwood road.

  "Hey! How do you say that I am also showing great strength today? The three-legged cat is too hurtful. ”Mu Yu whispered, "Moreover, I am the ancestor of the plant! What herbal essence does not listen to me? ”

  "Oh, yes, forget this."The dead wood nodded thoughtfully. "That would be easy."

  "There is one more thing, what is the ghost of the celestial list? Do I need to work hard with others? ”Mu Yu asked.

  "Before you have no strength, you will always stay up and practice. If you have the strength, you will go to the list." I still need to remind you of one thing. Although I will not personally start to attack you now, I am sure that there are also killers in the filming organization, and there will be a star door. He can make the star door. Or filmmakers
Extremely immortal to kill you. ”The dead wood said seriously, and then told Mu Yu the details of the polar list.

  "I know the Star Gate, what is the ghost organization?"

  "When you ran out of my valley, I hired a filmmaker to find you. The filmmakers are more like a killer organization. You give them money to do everything. The general task of finding people will not have any powerful masters, but the killing task is not necessarily the case.

  The filmmakers are best known for their solar terms and killers. They are named after twenty-four solar terms. The twenty-four killers are high, and they are basically ghosts. If a solar-powered killer happens to enter the polar ranks, I will definitely ask him for a big price. When Deng Tiantian was a sixth-order alchemy teacher, he absolutely could afford it. ”Said the dead wood.

  The more the wooden feathers heard, the more trouble they had, the more trouble they had, and how to create a filming organization.

  "Forget it, he loves it!" I will solve the problem of the grass first. ”Mu Yu knows that when he goes to heaven, he will not be willing to give up, but he is also prepared to cope with it. He is not interested in what is a fairy list. Whoever loves to be the first to go!

  The grass was slightly blooming in his hands, black and white, full of anger and death, and maintained in a wonderful state. Mu Yu looked at the grass, he was familiar with this black and white feeling, when he was eroded by the power of the Umo in the body, his body will be covered with anger and death, very similar to the state of the grass.

  "The grass is on the edge of life and death. It gathers both life and death into one's body. If the medicine of the grass enters a person's body, once it is angry or dead, there will be terrible consequences."Dead wood is also the first time to see the grass, once he only heard the grass in the ancient books, the understanding of the grass is also from the predecessors.

  The reason why a person is alive is because his anger and death are in a state of balance. Anger will always suppress the dead air. When the internal organs begin to become necrotic, the dead air will spread. At that time, life will gradually gradually evolve from the body. Lapse.

  "So I want to keep the anger and death of the grass in a state of balance?"Mu Yu asked.

  "No, he is trapped by the heavens and the earth. The whole body's anger will be gradually deprived, and the dead air will gradually occupy the main body. Therefore, you must forcibly deprive the madness of the grass and integrate it into his dantian. The powerful anger of the grass will instantly repair his dantian, and at that time he can break free from the shackles of the imperial concubine. ”The dead wood said slowly.

  Mu Yu frowned, since he got the inheritance of Muling, he knew the plants under the sun and knew all the characteristics of the grass.

  It is impossible for the dead wood to deprive him of the madness of the grass. The grass is a very strange plant, which is dependent on life and death, and restrains each other. If you forcibly deprive you of anger, then the dead will violently sweep out and thousands of dollars. All the areas in the area are covered, and this area will be completely dead and no one can escape!

  If the anger is not contained, this anger will make all creatures filled with vitality. Any creature can endure the anger. If it exceeds the limit, it will explode and die, so the radius is thousands of miles. The strip will eventually become a vibrant place without any living creatures.

  Deprivation of the anger of the grass, let alone the surrounding things become a dead thing, even if there is a way to control this anger, after the integration of Feng Hao Dian Dan Tian, ​​his body has a limit on the degree of anger, when he Will it not happen?

  Mu Yu said his doubts, but the dead wood said: "I naturally know the characteristics of the grass, so this is why it is necessary to use the nine gas and polyester flowers."

  "Nine gas and polyester flowers, a flower contains nine kinds of heaven and earth aura, respectively, angry, dead, yin, yang, rustic, earth, gas, gas, gas, nine gas and polyester flowers Including the anger and death we need. However, the anger and death contained in it are not very pure, and can not be directly used. It is more used for making, UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com Its gram production is very amazing, and it can be a peach. ”

  Mu Yu suddenly realized that the effect of Jiuqi Dihua Soul Flower was clear. He interjected: "You mean let me take off the anger of the grass and use the anger of the nine gas Is the balance of the grass and the dead, does it not let it go?"

  The dead wood did not breathe and said: "There is no white to teach you."

  After a pause, the dead wood said: "In fact, it is far more than this. You must not only use the anger of the nine gas and the soul of the soul to restrain the dead air of the grass, but also use the dead air of the nine gas and the soft soul to restrain the grass from peeling off. pissed off. Moreover, the production of the nine-gas polyester flower is time-limited, and it can never replace the grass, so within a year of stripping, the deadness and anger of the grass will break out again. ”

  "So, can my master be able to withstand anger?"Mu Yu asked.

  The dead wood squinted at Mu Yu and said: "When his dantian was repaired by huge anger, the excess anger will be absorbed by Xianji. The power of the heavens and the earth is beyond our imagination. At that time, he has a way. Get rid of the trapped Xianji, his kind of cultivation will not happen. What you have to worry about is how to deal with the dead air of the grass! ”

  Using the anger of the grass to treat the repair of the wind and dust, and the deadness of the grass has become a serious problem.


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