Chapter 491 Declined Wood House

  Qingshui City is a very huge city, with large and small comprehension family forces in the city. Among them, the five major comprehension families are the Sikong family, the Oriental family, the Yan family, the Gu family and the Mujia.

  According to Mu Rongxuan, the Sikong family began to rise in the past six months. Shimizu Castle originally had only four large families, and the Sikong family was not counted.

  The Sikong family was originally a subsidiary family of the Mujia, and was under the jurisdiction of the Mujia. However, in the past six months, a Sikongqi text was born, not only from the obscurity of the people into the ultra-central list, but also all the way through the poles. The singer’s killing of the Quartet turned out to be the fifty-first celestial!

  Sikong Qiwen became a dazzling new star on the list of the immortals. Their status as the Sikong family also rose, not only announced that they had left the Mujia, but also became the most powerful family in Qingshuicheng.

  The Mujia was originally the old owner of the Sikong family. However, after the Sikong family appeared in a Sikongqiwen, the Sikong family began to be anti-customer. Daxie suppressed his old club and robbed most of the Mujia’s family business. Today’s The wooden family has been named, and it has fallen from the big family.

  A family has a very immortal, or a talented fairy, the future is boundless, they naturally have arrogant capital. The Sikong family relied on the reputation of Sikongqiwen, and the other families did not dare to challenge them in Qingshui City.

  "Ugh! In fact, our wooden family originally had a very fairy, named Mu Qingfan, but the 93rd is extremely fairy, but unfortunate! ”Mu Rongxuan said here and shook his head in dismay.

  Side of the Mu Hao also clenched fist, he gnashing his teeth to say: "Dad rest assured, when I grow up must be a good lesson of this sikong Chiven!" ”

  "Mu Qingfan, the 93rd is extremely fairy, isn't it very good?" Did something happen? ”Mu Yu asked curiously. It is a very good thing that a family has a great fairy. Why are they so disappointed?

  Mu Rongxuan sighed and said: "The first battle of Sikong Qiwen's fame is to challenge our Mu Qingfan, and he has made a serious injury to Mu Qingfan. So far, he has not been awake. In the past, we were not thin on the Sikong family, but they stepped on us and climbed up. ”

  The first battle of Sikong Qiwen's rise was to be a talented disciple who challenged his old club, which was the 93rd most popular fairy. The original Mujia was very angry about the provocation of the Sikong family, and he hoped that Mu Qingfan could punish Sikong Qiwen.

  However, I never thought that Sikong Qiwen did not know when the strength had already risen greatly. He even defeated Mu Qingfan directly, and almost killed Mu Qingfan. At that time, the people of Mujia were very shocked, but it was a fact that Mu Qingfan lost to Sikongqiwen, and the Sikong family began to leave the Mujia. Because they were most familiar with the business of the old club, they directly took half of the wooden house. industry.

  The Mujia people originally wanted to save, but Si Kongqiwen later defeated 21 immortals in succession, which laid his genius status. Relying on the reputation of Sikongqiwen, those merchants who had been associated with the Mujia all chose to follow the Sikong family. The Mujia did not have a great immortal as a pillar, and suddenly fell from the altar.

  "That's a pity!"

  Mu Yu did not know what to say. It is reasonable to say that the Sikong family is also doing it right. He has a genius child. Naturally, he is not willing to live under the people. The rise is inevitable. Although it is not very kind to rob the old club business, if the wooden family does not stand up, it is difficult to compete with the Sikong family.

  "Sorry for fart! I really hope that the day will not kill the squirrel.

When we were strong in the woods, their Sikong family was still humble and kneeling, and now they are riding on our heads. When I grow up, I must personally avenge the brother of Qingfan and destroy the Sikong family! ”Mu Hao said with anger.

  "You want to kill the Sikong family is still early! The syllabus of the syllabus is now challenging to wait for the day, indicating that the cultivation has been distracted, and you have a fart of a small child in the base period! If your family can't find a second Mu Qingfan, think about how to protect yourself. ”Mu Yu said with politeness.

  This is a very realistic thing. The emergence of the extremely popular list has made many people take advantage of the rise. Mu Mufan of the Mujia has been seriously injured now, they do not have the reputation of the immortal, certainly not the opponent of the Sikong family.

  "Who said that we don't have a second Mu Qingfan? Our family has a wooden feather! ”Mu Hao blurted out.

  "presumptuous! Xiaohao shut up! ”Mu Rongxuan angered.

  "Hey? What kind of ghost is Mu Yu? ”Mu Yu blinked and was unclear, so what kind of ghosts he thought of, he was Mu Yu!

  "Sorry, let Xiaoyou laugh, the children will love to talk, and Fengmu Xiaoyou should not listen to him."Mu Rongxuan’s face is a bit different and seems to be hiding something.

  "Hey, you know that I am not lying! Mu Yu is the apprentice of the true God, he is also the family of our family! ”Mu Hao said stubbornly.


  Mu Yu listened to some glimpses, how could he inexplicably have a family?

  "You said that the true god disciple of the Yushu winds is your wooden family?"Mu Yu felt a bit funny in his heart. "I think you have made a mistake. People just happen to be surnamed, so it’s not fun to know that someone is known."

  "We didn't recognize each other, Mu Yu is our family!"Mu Xin also said aloud.

  Mu Yu frowned, what did this brother and sister do? I grew up in the Mouyun Mountain Range from an early age, and it is impossible to separate the wood from the desert water city of thousands of miles.
The family has a relationship. If you don't have a good temper, you may really educate them well. After all, this is tarnishing your reputation.

  It’s ridiculous that the wooden family’s practice of bringing the family together is because they are the woods of the true gods.

  "Little friends don't blame, in fact, this matter is long. Because our wooden family did have a family member who had been living a long time ago, I don’t know where to go. At that time, he was not born yet, but according to the rules of our wooden family, the boy was called Mu Yu, and the girl was called Mu Yu. ”

  Mu Rongxun paused and continued: "The age is also about the same as that of the true god, so the family thinks that Mu Yu is the child of our family. It is just that I can't find Mu Yu himself. Because this is only a guess, it has not been confirmed, so we are not afraid to speak out, afraid that it is not good to pass to people's ears. After all, the apprentice of the true God is not a good one! ”

  Mu Rongxuan smiled apologetically, fearing that the outsider, Feng Mu, said everywhere, and then he said: "In fact, I think that the people in the family are rushing to go to the hospital, and where Mu Yu will be ours. Fengmu Xiaoyou don't put it in his heart. This is a joke to listen to. Don't say it, save us from being honoured. ”

  "What is Mu Yu is not a good person? Didn't Mu Yu hear that he looks very handsome? ”When Mu Yu exaggerated himself, his eyelids were not stunned, and his tone was very serious. It may have been with Xiaoshuai for a long time, and he has become narcissistic.

  "That is, you finally said a word."Mu Hao was hard to nod and nodded to Mu Yu.

  Mu Hao then began to shine his eyes, saying: "The true disciple of the god is called a true genius! He is my idol. In the Jindan period, he walked out of the murky dead wood valley. He also used the repair of the Jindan period to fill the floating fairy island of the Yuan Ying period. He also killed a few in front of a group of Yuan Ying geniuses. The guy who didn’t know how to live and die, in the end, became the talented alchemy teacher of Danding! I heard that I have stepped on all the young talents of Danding, and asked who else in the comprehension world can compare with him? ”

  "But don't forget that Mu Yu also led to the birth of the White Demon King, and also killed the same door of the Dan Ding."Mu Rongxuan said impatiently.

  "That is forgiven! The white demon king is so powerful, Mu Yu is only confused, and he finally did not represent our human race to defeat the Yaozu, and hit the face of the demon? If not, the Yaozu has already surpassed us. Mu Yu is a real hero! ”Mu Hao retorted.

  "What the little boy said, tell the truth!"There was a smile in the corner of Mu Yu’s mouth, and I found myself inexplicably and a silly girl, still very happy, so it seems that this guy is not as annoying as it seems.

  "I want to say it! When you are alive, you should create your own wonderful legendary life like Mu Yu! Hey, don't you often say, 'Don't be a child like this?' You can rest assured that Mu Yu is my idol, I will definitely learn from him! ”Mu Hao said vowed.

  "Well, I like the straight character of your child."

  Mu Yu took a thigh and was praised by a child. He was also very self-satisfied. I didn't expect that I could do things in the realm of comprehension, and I could have a fan. It was really a bad thing.

  "You like to have a fart! You are not a wooden feather! ”Mu Hao unceremoniously smashed the "wind wood" in front of him.

  "Hey? I'm not……I'm……I……"

  Mu Yu opened his mouth and scratched his head. Some of them were crying and laughing, and they didn’t even know how to pick it up. This Mu Haoyi talked about the legendary "wood feather" eyes, and when he saw the real "wood feather", he looked awkward.

  Oh shit! Your idol is in front of you, you give me some face!

  Xiaoshuai has already laughed in the belly of Mu Yu: "How does this stupid boy look so funny?"

  "You don't talk."Mu Yu does not let Xiao Shuai speak out.

  However, Mu Yu is really looking at Mu Hao, this little baby is getting more and more pleasing to the eye, although he always looks at his own unhappy look, UU reading but it is a real fan! Life is alive, it is very good to support yourself, and where to mind so much.

  "Uncle, you have to recognize your relatives, at least there is a little vouchers, such as birthmarks, or else people will admit it."Mu Yu looked at Mu Hao satisfactorily, and the result was stunned by Mu Hao!

  "Mu Yu his mother, I mean the wood feather of our wooden house. When his mother left, she was only pregnant, and she had not given birth to him!" Where do you know what birthmarks the child has? Besides, maybe it’s a girl! In short, Fengmu Xiaoyou, you will be a joke, don't care. ”Mu Rongxuan smiled.

  Mu Yu frowned, because he heard the grandfather of the village said that when she came to Liushui Village, she was alone, carrying a big belly, and after she gave birth to him, she disappeared, but it was said by Mu Rongxuan. It's a bit similar.

  But the Mujia is on the triple continent, and the Liushui Village is in the Moyun Mountain Range. How can his mother go through the 100,000 mountains to the Mouyun Mountain Range?

  He touched the bluestone on his neck. It was the only thing that could prove his identity. He also studied it carefully. There is nothing special about bluestone. It is just a good-looking stone. It is also his mother who left him. of.

  When Muyu was about to ask for a clear understanding, suddenly the team suddenly stopped.

  "what happened?"Mu Rongxuan asked.

  "East home! Someone is robbery! ”Amazing voice came from outside.

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