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Chapter 573 Old Xutou

  Old Xu's eyes stared at the brass bell, and he wandered in horror.

  "Old man, are you okay?"Mu Yu asked nervously, he was sure that he had cracked the array of the old Xu head, how could it happen?

  Old Xu head suddenly long sigh of relief, face tense of look gradually fade, at the same time touched his forehead, and pulled his mouth, found that there is pain, this just patted the chest, said with fear: "Fortunately, fortunately, a few days ago Wang is said to be here when Zhao old man took away, fortunately I'm fine." ”

  Mu Yu turned a supercilious look, where he can expect old Xu Head will make out such a, he also thought that he had missed, hurt the old Xu head, guilt mood are ready, the result is just a false alarm.

  "You're all right, but it scares me." ”Mu Yu smiled helplessly.

  "Xian Shi, you are amazing! Actually, I really lifted my curse. ”Said Mr. Xu gratefully.

  "Zhao Laoye, what did he say later?"Mu Yu asked.

  The old Xu head said cautiously: "Now the seal has been lifted, you humans…"

  The old Xu head paused, touched his forehead, and pulled his own skin, and found that it was still okay, and then let go of the courage:

  "You humans will be our sacs! You have been cursed by me, and I will greet each of you and your descendants on the day you die. remember! If anyone of you dares to speak out today, I will take you away immediately, so that you will die if you die. ”

  The old Xu head rehearsed the words he heard that day.

  "Do you say this? What else did he do? ”Mu Yu feels a bit ridiculous.

  "Oh yes, he laughed for a while, then did the action. I showed it to you. I almost forgot. Zhao’s right hand only had four fingers. When he was young, he was accidentally cut off by a stone. ”

  The old Xu headed up his chest, cleared his throat, coughed twice, bent his index finger, and then the remaining four fingers spread out, palms facing the sky: "He first laughed, it was so laughing, hahahahahaha ……"

  Originally, I told a ghost story of a dead man, such a serious matter, but the old Xu head suddenly burst into laughter and amused Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu couldn't help but laugh, and he laughed out with a bang. He was really defeated by Xu Xutou. Who can think that Xu Xutou can come to such a hand, learn so well, and learn the way people laugh? I am thinking that the old Xu’s head is not going to be a book, and farming here is really burying talent.

  Xu Xu smiled for a while, then grinds his teeth and puts on an abominable look: "It’s finally coming to the triple heaven, and it will end us here!"

  The laughter of Mu Yu stopped short.

  "What did you say?"

  "Don't you hear it clearly? Then I will say it again, hahahaha…"The old Xu head is ready to laugh again.

  "No, not the words after the laugh."

  Mu Yu quickly waved his hand and tried to tell himself that this was an investigation of the dead. He must be serious and can no longer laugh with the old Xutou.

  "It’s finally coming to the triple heaven, and it will end us here!"The old Xu head said.

  "I finally came to the triple heaven, will it belong to us?"Mu Yu was slightly shocked, this is where to go!

  He can be sure that Zhao Laotai is controlled by people, but why do people who control Zhao’s grandfather say the strange words of “Finally come to Triple Heaven”? Is this guy not a triple-day person?

  Mu Yu’s heart made waves, and he knew that the world would not be that simple. The place where they lived was called Three Heavens, and when he was in the Dan Ding School, he went to the Double Heaven, which means that there should be a world like Heaven and Heaven, but he is not only double. Heaven does not know the existence of other worlds at all.

  Do people who control Zhao’s grandfather come from other worlds?

  The double heavens are all monsters, certainly not possible, then is it a person like a heaven or a quadruple day?

  So the disappearance of the dead under the funeral valley is related to this mysterious guy? But why didn't he kill everyone directly, but wait until everyone else dies to meet them? What is the purpose of his killing of Zhao’s future generation?

  Things have become confusing, and Mu Yu originally thought that the ghosts were messing up. I didn't expect it to be a more mysterious existence.

  However, Mu Yu searched the burial valley and found no such thing as a seal. What did he see when this guy was there, how would he meet the dead villagers?

  "Old man, you help me to call all the villagers, I will help you to remove all the curses in the body."Mu Yu said.

  "I am a good master of the singer."The old Xu head quickly said, and then quickly ran to call the villagers to lift the curse.

  Mu Yu thought in his heart, he felt that he had to find a way to lead the guy out!

  The situation of the Three Heavens is inherently chaotic. If you let the stranger of the mystery, you will not know how to end it.

  Soon Xu Xutou shouted all the villagers, but most of the villagers were afraid of Mu Yu, the immortal teacher, but still did not believe the old Xu head.

  "How can he have the ability to lift the curse when he is so young? You are not deceiving yourself.
Right? ”The question of the widow of the village head is full of faces.

  "Yeah, we don't want to be the second Wang Erniang."Ermazi said the voice of all the villagers.

  The old Xutou took the chest and slammed it to ensure that he also said that Zhao’s grandmother warned them not to say it. It also included the demonstration of “hahahaha”, and everyone saw that Xu Xu’s head was actually Enthusiastic, this is the belief in the old Xutou.

  It is not difficult for Mu Yu to dismiss the disappointment. The means for these villagers is not very clever. At least in front of Mu Yu, it is simply a small witch.

  Mu Yu easily untied all the arrays in the human body. The villagers thanked Mu Yu, but Mu Yu was thinking about another thing.

  "Imperial Master, what else do you have to say, though!"The old Xu head is respectful.

  Mu Yu glanced at the villagers who had awe of him. After a moment of indulging, he asked: "When the dead Wang Erniang, how did you deal with her?" Did you send her to the funeral valley? ”

  The old Xutou quickly waved his hand and said: "Do you mean Tianren Valley? Where do we dare to go to the Valley of Heaven! Since the incident, Tiangui Valley has become a land of right and wrong. We don’t want Wang Erniang to come back and take her future generations away. So we buried her. ”

  The burial valleys are called by the self-cultivators. The nearby villagers all call them the Tianyue Valley. After all, they are thrown away from the sky. The nearby villagers believe that it is the road to the afterlife.

  Already buried, then Mu Yu would not want to disturb the innocent dead again, he needs to find another way.

  "I am a fairy, I think it's too late, or are you staying at our house for one night?"Old Xu asked tentatively.

  "That troubles the old man, and, my name is Mu Yu."

  Mu Yu really needs to think about this matter for a long time. The most important point is that he now untied the array of the villagers. If the mysterious person finds out, he does not know if he will kill him. Mu Yu needs to guarantee all the villagers. The safety is good.

  "No trouble, no trouble! Ms. Mu Yu can live in my house and can afford to see me. ”Xu Xu said excitedly.

  Lao Xutou received the wooden feathers very warmly and hospitablely. From the old Xutoukou, Mu Yu also learned about the life of Zhao Laotou. Although in a sense, Zhao Laotou took his three sons away as a kind of deflation, but Mu Yu does not think that the mysterious guy is to help Zhao Laotou to justice.

  "I want to say, Mu Yu, you can go to the Chen Erzhuang store in the village to ask the situation, he may know something."

  The old Xutou poured a glass of farm-made rice wine for Mu Yu, and ran to the kitchen to bring the roast goose that was now killed.

  The farmer's homemade roast goose has a flavor, and Xiaoshuai is very happy.

  "Who is Chen Erzhuang?"Mu Yu tasted a mouthful of rice wine, with a hint of sweetness in the spicy, it was really good.

  The old Xutou should be sitting opposite Muyu in the words of Mu Yu. It seems to be uncomfortable. Obviously, eating with Mu Yu makes him feel very restrained. However, looking at Muyu’s approachable approach, he is no longer afraid.

  The old Xutou poured a sip of rice wine and said: "Chen Erzhuang is a specialized business for the dead. Whoever died in the nearby villages is looking for a custom coffin to host the funeral. He was also present that day. Hearing that Chen Erzhuang had a pair of yin and yang eyes, he was able to communicate with the soul. On that day, he was caught in the air by Zhao Laotou, but I don’t know why Zhao Laotou gave him away. Oh, yes, when I gave you a curse today, I didn’t see him! ”

  "Yin and Yang eyes? Don't be a god stick? ”Xiaoshuai said unclearly.

  "Hey, how do you say small, small, and little mice?"

  The old Xu head scared almost fell from the chair. Xiaoshuai had been busy eating since the beginning. The old Xutou was only a fairy bird, and he didn’t care, but Xiaoshuai suddenly said that the words shook the old Xu’s head. One jump. UU reading

  "Hey, you are a little mouse! My name is Xiaoshuai, the little is Xiaoshuai's small, handsome is Xiaoshuai's handsome! If you don't look at what you give me, I will marry you! ”Xiaoshuai waved halfway through the goose legs and shouted dissatisfied.

  "The old man doesn't care about it, it's rather naughty."Mu Yu grabbed Xiao Shuai's tail and let it do nothing.

  The old Xu head looked at Xiaoshuai. He looked very young and looked very cute. He didn’t have any aggressiveness. He couldn’t help but say: “The pets of Xianjia are different, and they can speak. Unlike the big yellow dog I raised, I only know how to call. Last time I went to peek at the widow’s bath, and I was almost smashed by others.”

  "of course! I am smarter than your big yellow dog…Pooh! You are a pet, your family is a pet, don't compare me with a dog! ”Xiaoshuai said with a pointed little tooth.

  Dragon vine has already laughed.

  Mu Yu quickly picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into Xiao Shuai's mouth, diverting his attention away.

  "You mean that Chen Erzhuang was caught in the air by Zhao Laotai, and was put down safely?"Mu Yu feels awkward.

  "Well, yes, like this!"The old Xu head reached out, bent his fingers, and became a claw-shaped, facing Xiaoshuai, as if to grab the Xiaoshuai volley.

  Xiaoshuai is too lazy to move, "bar slammed" and spit the bones into the hands of the old Xu head.

  Mu Yu touched his chin and it seems that he has to visit this Chen Erzhuang tomorrow.

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