Chapter 109: The Uninvited Guest of the Dust Mountain

I don’t know how many days have passed since the calm days. The Qingsong Taoist people did not come to the dusty mountain to find faults. It may be that I heard that Jiuhua’s real people were eating in the dusty party, and they did not want to come here to lose face. After the Boyang Dao people were wounded, they also left the Dust School. He has already planned to go to the world to find a clean place to live through this life. In addition to adding a search for the old, the Dust Mountain now has an extra egg.

This egg god is a bit confusing, and the narcissism is out of control. The three words are not separated from a "handsome" word, which is simply unbearable.

However, someone recently saw this egg.

Both empty and wonderful, staring at the handsome and smooth body drooling every day, they used to only pass the size of the bird's egg, have not eaten such a large egg, so when one day, Xiao Shuai was When the wooden feathers were thrown aside, the egg was successfully stolen by both of them into the big pot of the kitchen.

"Brother, hurry up and add firewood!"Miao Miao opened the lid, the pot was full of a large basin of water, the strange egg floated on the water, sleeping, and did not know that he was quickly boiled eggs.

"Sister, don't remind me, I have secretly pulled Master's fire and grass to be firewood."Emptyly holding a pipe to blow into the stove, the flames in the stove, the fire grass is still green, but it burns very vigorously.

The water finally boiled slowly, the bubbles steamed in the pot, and the strange eggs steamed and jumped, but they could not sink. This nerve-ridden geek is still sleeping in a boiling pot.

"What if it can't sink?" This is uncooked. ”Miao Miao slammed the geek with a big scoop, but every time he pressed it, he floated up from the side.

"It's too damn, just roast it!"I want to use my hands to pick up the geeks and throw them into the stove. I don't want the geeks to be too hot. He is hot and jumped up and down, and quickly throws the eggs back into the pot.

"It's so comfortable~" Xiaoshuai snorted in the pot and rolled over and continued to fall asleep.

"Brother, it doesn't seem to work?"Miao Miao and the empty two are dumbfounded, the water is boiling, this guy is only used as a hot bath?

"What do you two do?"Mu Yu saw the chimney of the kitchen smoking a cigarette, thinking that this was not a meal, and found that Xiaoshuai was gone, so that he could see it, but he saw two ghostly ghosts holding a water scoop in the kitchen. .

"We didn't, just play."The air and the wonderfulness were shocked, and the thief was concealed to cover the pot.

Mu Yu hurriedly walked over, opened the lid, suddenly widened his eyes, and the geek rolled around in the boiling pot. He was shocked and quickly rolled it up with spiritual power.

"This guy can't eat it. It was brought back by Master. What are you doing?"Mu Yu swayed Xiao Shuai, and Xiao Shuai asked in a confused way: "What are you doing?"

Xiaoshuai simply doesn't know what dangerous things he has just experienced, but think about this guy who even slaps in the Yuan Ying period. How can he get it? It screams every day that the egg is handsome, and the tail is handsome. The skin is thick to a certain extent and it is not bad.

"Forget it, you can continue to cook."Mu Yu saw that this guy was completely afraid of boiling water, and he threw the little handsome into the pot.

Mu Yu walked out of the kitchen and stretched out. In the past few days, I have been practicing in the old-fashioned and rallying group. He has gradually consolidated the cultivation of the Golden Age. He feels that if he fights with the Seven Birds, he should not be so hard.

Nowadays, the realm of comprehension is not known to them. An Shu let them stay on the mountain honestly. Don't go down the mountain at will. As long as you are in the dusty mountain, there is the existence of this big mountain guard, and the repairers of the Yuan Ying period can't take them. Now Master should be no danger, so they are gradually relieved.

Mu Yu returned to the stone on the mountainside and lay there in the sun. He sometimes thinks about what kind of world is outside the Mouyama Mountains. Those people who are in the hands of Master, he still wonders if he can also walk out of the Mouyun Mountain Range.

Go and see the world outside.

"Isn't that the same as the second brother who didn't know where to go?"Mu Yu remembered the second brother, Luo Wei, who had never met. The guy left the Dust Mountain alone, and he never returned. He only left Lan Linger to recite it.

Luo Wei left the Mouyun Mountain Range and went out to see the real realm of comprehension. At least he did not stay in the cage and waited for death. Mu Yu wanted to wait for himself to reach the outside world after he reached Jindan’s nine-day.

Lan Linger’s heart is always only her second brother, which makes Mu Yu’s heart very unpleasant. He doesn’t know how to express this inner feeling to Lan Linger. If he chooses to walk out of the Mouyun Mountain Range, he does not know Lan Ling. Will children miss him?

"Maybe I told Linger that I like her, she will yell at me?"Mu Yu said to himself, reminding himself that this possibility is very big.

"who do you like?"A voice came from behind the wood feathers, and Mu Yu was shocked. He didn't realize who came to his back. After he saw who it was, he was even more scared!

Suddenly in the tree behind her head, she waved her hand sweetly toward Muyu.

"How come you are here?"

Mu Yu rubbed his eyes and determined that he did not look at the wrong person. He suddenly became alert. He still does not trust this gimmick that is about the same age. Since leaving the Qingsong faction, he has never seen it before, but he did not expect it to come at this time.

"I am looking for the sword shadow dust! You don't tell me that your master is a sword and dust. ”Skipping bluntly, falling next to Mu Yu.

I also know that Master Mu Yu is the sword shadow dust!

Mu Yu asked in an alert: "How do you go up the mountain? Why didn't I notice your arrival? Why are you not affected by the formation? ”

"Fly come up! Are you talking about the big mountain? The array of sword shadow dust is also oppressive to me! But I know that as long as I am not hostile to you, the formation will not attack me. ”I actually know this even.

"Are you the mysterious person behind the real people of Jiuhua?"Mu Yu has never seen this seemingly simple hoe, and she is not good news every time she brings wood feathers.

Suddenly blinked and shook his head innocently: "No, the mysterious person behind Jiuhua's real person is the one I have been tracking. I have finally figured out his origins."

"I do not believe you."

Mu Yu has always suspected that it is not a good thing to look for the sword shadow dust, even though she said that it is to remind the sword and the dust wind that someone is looking for him, but now it seems that his master has already done all the measures and does not need others. To remind.

"That's okay, anyway, as long as the guy at Ghost Gate can't find your master."I don't care about Mu Yu's attitude. She also learned how Mu Yu had just been, and lay down.

Mu Yu feels that there is something wrong with it: "You just said that the mysterious person behind Jiuhua is the person you have been tracking. Didn't you track the red-shirted young people in the Qingsong school? Why didn't you monitor the Qingsong Taoist people that night? He was controlled by the young people in red. ”

"You mean the mysterious guy who helped the Qingsong Taoist break through the Yuan Ying period? The one who told me is not the same person. I can't determine the identity of the person behind Qingsongdao, but I know who the person behind Jiuhua is. ”It’s awkward.

"Who is the person behind Jiuhua real person?"

Mu Yu frowned, the red-shirted young people behind the Qingsong Taoist are not people who are tracking them? The mysterious talent behind Jiuhua’s real person is, what is going on here?

"The people behind Jiuhua live behind the ghost gate. The ghost gate is a very powerful force outside the Moyun Mountain Range. Anyway, it is unclear to explain to you. You only need to know that they are cruel and want to do everything possible to find the sword shadow dust. That's it."It’s awkward.

"What did you go to the Pines that day?"At the time of the Qingsong faction test, a person shook his head and appeared in the Qingsong faction, saying that it was to follow a person.

I suddenly spread my hand and said: "The guy I followed that day was going to find the Qingsong Taoist, but then I didn't know why he left after the Qingsong group, and I followed him to the Qingsong, and all the way to the nine. Huapai. As for the young people in red who you said, I have never seen him at all. I don't know why he hijacked the Qingsong Taoist. ”

Mu Yu will be suspicious. He always thought that the Yuan Ying period defender behind the Jiuhua real person was stunned. He helped Jiuhua to break through the Yuan Ying period in order to compete with the Qingsong Taoist, but he denied it. If you are telling the truth, isn't it just that the young people in red are looking for swords and shadows, and another person is looking for them?

"I still don't believe what you said."Mu Yu shook his head.

"I lied to you what to do! The people behind the real people of Jiuhua are the forces of the ghost gate. I am not clear about the people behind the Qingsong Taoist. I also learned from the ghost gate that your master is a sword and dust. ”Said awkwardly.

"What power is that ghost door?"Mu Yu has never heard of the so-called ghost gate. He always remembers the names of the 20 martial arts in the Mouyun Mountain Range. The ghost gate was heard for the first time.

"I tell you, the comprehension outside the Mou Mountain Range is called the Triple Continent. The most powerful martial art on the Triple Continent is the Eight Doors. The Ghost Gate is one of the eight gates. It is called the most strange as the Gate of Life and Death. The sects, their style of action is creepy, I really don't like it."When I talked about the ghost door, I frowned, and there was a hint of disgust in my eyes.

"Which martial art are you? Are you not a group with them? ”Mu Yu is not familiar with the outside of the Moyun Mountain Range. It is certainly not easy to run around here.

"me? I am also from eight doors, but I am a red dust door. I can tell you this. I sneaked out this time and mixed into the Mouyun Mountain Range. This place is strictly forbidden to enter. ”Suddenly said, "The Mou Mountain Range is a…In short, this place is very unusual. People above the Jindan period will not come in. The effort is not good. The Jindan period will not be able to enter again. UU reads www.uukanshu. Com and this place is too lacking in aura. If it is not for the sake of finding the dust of the sword, I am afraid that I will not get involved here. ”

"I know, is it a sleepy Xianji?"Mu Yu said calmly.

Suddenly her face changed slightly, and she sighed: "You already know, you must have said it to your master?" Many people have been looking for your master, and no one has thought that your master is actually in the imprisonment. ”

Difficult Xiangu is a place abandoned by the outside world. As the aura gradually dissipates, after about ten years, it will be turned into a deserted place, all life will disappear, and here will truly become a human hell. .

Mu Yu’s nose snorted, and he was still angry at the existence of the imprisoned Xianji. The comprehensions of the Triple Continent drove Youmen into the Mouyun Mountain Range, and then set up the Heaven and Earth Array to imprison Eumon, but People are willing to save the self-cultivators of the Moyun Mountain Range. This kind of extinction is also done by them!

"The people outside of you are not good people."Mu Yu tightened his fist.

Suddenly knowing what Mu Yu is blaming, she said: "In fact, we can't blame us. After the establishment of the Dynasties, the people who are higher than the Yuan Ying period can't enter this battle. They will be treated by the heavens and the earth. Destroyed as a threat. In the Yuan Ying period, people who want to pass the 100,000 mountains alone must be careful. If they are not careful, they will be attacked by the monsters in the 100,000 mountains. It is very difficult for them to save you. In the choice between trapping Yumen and saving you, we can only choose to trap Yumeng. ”

The presence of Yumeng threatens the entire human race, so the outside world can only abandon the preservation of the handsome, and the sacrifice of a small part of the people in exchange for the peace of most humans.

It’s just that the price is too great. The people in the Mou Mountain Range simply don’t know that they have already become the funeral objects of Yumeng!

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