Chapter 337 Despair

  For several days, Mu Yu was thinking about what he said that day, and the dead wood did not step out of the small yard. Obviously it was not sticky. After a few days of rest, the dead wood finally mentioned the matter about the grass.

  "Be careful when separating the anger and death of the grass, you can't let the dead air spread, otherwise there will be unpredictable consequences."Feng Haochen said seriously.

  I have often rushed to join in the fun of these days. He knows that Mu Yu intends to use the grass to treat the wind and dust. He has no objection. He said: "Don't worry so much, I will help you cover the dead. No, I will find a way to throw it into a heavy day."

  "Don't forget the lessons of a big day."Feng Haochen is not a person who does not consider the consequences of doing things.

  "A heavy day? What happened in a heavy day? ”Mu Yu knows that there are three heavens and two heavens, which means that there is a heavy heaven, and even four heavens and five heavens, but he has never heard of things other than two heavens and three heavens.

  "It's very simple, one day is destroyed by the grass."Evil is not too old to say.

  "what!"Mu Yu looked at the grass in his hand and was shocked. He almost lost his hand and threw it on the ground.

  A heavy day was destroyed by this grass?

  Evil does not feel that Mu Yu is a little fuss, saying: "Where is this world as simple as you think? Since the birth of the world, everything has been relative. There are favorable factors for the development of the world, and there is the existence of the destruction of the world. The existence of the grass is a proof. ”

  After a pause, the evil spirits continued: "Whether it is a heavy heaven or a triple heaven, there is a grass. Previously, everyone did not know the serious consequences of the deadness of the grass, and no one paid attention to it. Then I don't know which one of the heavens who separated the dead air and anger of the grass, sucked away the anger, and then the dead air began to spread, eventually turning a heavy heaven into a world without any biological existence. ”

  "It's very likely that Eumon's stupid guy is doing good things."Evil is not old to add a sentence.

  According to the evil and not old, whether it is a heavy heaven or a double heaven and a triple heaven, there are people, demon and Yumeng. One heavy day was mainly controlled by the Yumeng Mozu, and the Terran and the Yaozu were almost extinct. One thousand years ago, a stupid Yumeng Mou found a single grass in the sky, deprived of the anger and discarded the dead air. .

  At first, the amount of dead air is not large, and there will be no serious consequences. But the deadly power is so powerful that it is spread, it can gradually spread, and everything that is encountered is turned into a dead air, constantly expanding. After waiting for a heavy day, the Yumeng Mozu found that the situation was not right. If you want to save it, you can only sneak into the double heaven and the triple heaven. If you can't escape, you will be eroded by death. The sky will be completely covered by death. .

  Every heavy day has a grass, and the dead wood says that he has not found the grass in the three days, so he can only let Mu Yu go to the second day to find. Because he suspected that the Sanctuary's grass was protected by the Triple Palace, it was impossible for Mu Yu to have the ability to take the grass from the Triple Palace.

  The grass is extremely scary, even in the double heaven is not so easy to find. What Mu Yu doesn't know is that if the mysterious phantom rain helps, he will not get grass. Phantom rain and sword shadow dust and evil spirits are not the same, are eternal people who have been overhauled, and he helped Mu Yu naturally to help the sword shadow dust.

  "Actually, I suspect that the first day when the sky was sucked away, it should be a heavy Tianmu Youmeng spirit. Muyoumon’s favorite is the vitality.

The anger of the grass is a huge treasure for him. I think about his ability to live and die in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, he was an idiot, did not deal with the dead, and destroyed the whole world. ”Evil is not sullen and sullen, and one day before, the Yumeng Mozu had an advantage, and their destruction could not lead to sympathy.

  Mu Yu used the ability of "life and death in the blink of an eye". His eyes represent life and death. The fatal wounds of the wind and dust are cured by his "life and death". It is a pity that this ability is too far-fetched, far from what he can control. Now the Lord of the Eumundine in his body is sealed by the nine-day magic array, and Mu Yu can no longer use this ability.

  The ability to fight against the sky has more restrictions. He can't use the left eye to resurrect the dead Yumeng Mozu, and he can't directly kill a large group of people with his right eye. This ability is extremely burdensome on his body. The most important thing is that the Terran cultivation can resist the dead end to a certain extent.

  At the beginning, Mu Yu seemed to be unstoppable in the eyes of the Mo Yun Mountain. In fact, when he was used in the Jin Dan period, if he used it in the menopause period, he would let the people in the flood season have a nosebleed. It will not cause any substantial harm, and even Mu Yu will be countered by himself.

  "There is no need to worry about the extra anger of the grass. The heavens and the earth will absorb it. The solution to the dead is a big problem. The passage into a heavy day is blocked. It is unrealistic to throw it into a heavy day. You must rely on Muyu to get the wood spirit you got from the Yumeng Mozu, but I can’t guarantee that Muling will absorb the dead air. . ”Feng Haochen said slowly.

  "Less worry about those who have nothing, our great love St. quickly resumed repairs and said, I want to wait for a trip to the Sanchong Palace guards, the guy looked at the hate from head to toe, the Triple Palace is not a good one. thing!"Evil is not old and smart.

  "Can you hide it a little while you are talking?"Feng Hao dust is quite helpless.

  Evil is not old and disdainfully shouted: "What are you afraid of? Are you still worried that the guards can't listen? You are not setting up so many methods for this small courtyard? He made extraordinary achievements on the road. Can the three of us lose to him? ”p>

  Although the evil spirits are not old, they are crying every day to kill the sword shadow dust, but the sword shadow dust wind is his old friend for thousands of years, he can not really start. The most important thing is that some of the practices of the Mie Palace are too much, and even he can't stand it.

  "Okay, don't pull it! Still start dealing with the grass! ”Said the dead wood.

  Everyone paid attention to the grass on the hand of the wooden feather.

  The herb needs an alchemist to be able to separate accurately, but there is a wood feather, not so worried. Although his alchemy technique is a three-legged cat, his control of the plant is unmatched by others, let alone a dead wood.

  The consequences of the grass can also be in the form of plants. It has a black and white leaf intertwined, and the anger and death are maintained in a wonderful balance. This equilibrium state is difficult to break. Just like the balance of the five elements of the ethereal land, the balance of life and death of the grass is even worse!

  "You separate the nine gas and the polyester flower according to what I said."

  Under the guidance of the dead wood, he first separated the dead air of the nine gas and polyester flowers. The process of processing the nine gas and polyester soul is not so complicated, because it is different from the grass, there are not so many restrictions, and there is no internal balance problem. This process is easy for the wood feather.

  It is not so easy to separate the anger and death of the grass. If the balance that it maintains can be easily broken, the world has already been finished. The anger and death of the grass are related to each other, and the forces that restrict each other are difficult to be dispersed. The ability to control wood with wood feathers is also extremely difficult.

  "Be careful, try to find the point in the balance of the grass. As long as the point is destroyed, the two leaves can be separated. ”Said the dead wood.

  Mu Yu’s hand touched the grass, and his whole consciousness has been integrated into the grass. Two leaves in the grass, white in the infinite vitality, black in the cold and overbearing, in the moment when Mu Yu’s consciousness enters the grass, he feels like he is struggling on the edge of death and vitality, and suddenly deep inside Feeling a shudder of untold, Mu Yu was surprised to find that there was another difference in the grass!

  The two leaves of the grass are in one side of the world. He clearly enters from the junction of the two leaves, but the degree is not sure, but it is still in the dead air of the grass. Surrounded by a ridiculous black fog, whether it is under the feet or overhead, or around, endless black fog can not be seen at first glance. The black mist trembled uncomfortably, from time to time condensed into various weird shapes, swaying faintly, floating apart, and condensed together.

  Pure black Mist gives a person a kind of desperation impulse, kill, manic, uneasy, sadness, various mood swarmed, let the wood plume think of death in a flash! This is an original force that is capable of deducing the possibility of death.

  This black fog is the so-called dead air, tempting Mu Yu to return to the embrace of death.

  The black fog was illusory, suddenly bloody and heavy, all the black fog became scarlet, and the endless killing flashed through the eyes of Mu Yu.

  Then, Mu Yu saw a bloody scene!

  The setting sun was red for half a day, and the bloody light poured on the earth, illuminating a mess.

  The ground is no longer so flat, the sharp soil thorns rise all over the place, piercing a body, the blood has not dried up, the sword is still in the hand, but life has passed.

  The trees are lying horizontally, and the hard branches are hung with a personal figure. The leaves are red and bloody, and they are very different.

  The river has been frozen, and an ice ridge has risen from the surface of the water. It has penetrated countless self-cultivators, and the warm blood ran down the ice ridges, failing to melt the biting cold.

  The flame burned on the earth, so strong, with the body of the comprehension as the source of fire, burning, burning, and the sunset.

  The cruel flying sword betrayed the master, the tip of the sword crossed the heart, flashing cold, and the body was out, the person holding the sword was still in fear, and did not understand why the sword in his hand turned to himself.

  The human race and the Youmont demon race between the brutal war unexpectedly broke into the Mu Yu's brain, UU read He saw the people of all kinds of shocking die die, head flying, body truncation, stump limb broken, shattered, blood! He saw the Youmont into steam, turned into coke, turned into dust, turned into sawdust, into molten iron!

  There is no chance of surviving, there is no fluctuation of vitality, everything is death, everything is dying, and death is the ultimate destination of all things. Here, you can't see any hope, you can't see any life, here, everything is showing the attitude of death!

  Mu Feather Hate This feeling, the black leaves of the dark grass is a dead world, long time will let a person feel despair, will let the consciousness of Mu Yu dissipate, into death. He ran back, he knew where the breath of life was, and the direction of the light in the direction of the guide was guiding him. But he impressively found that the beacon was near, but could not touch, he was running in the direction of life, he wanted to leave here, but could not find the exit. Time is slowly passing, he feels that it has passed for thousands of years, but still can not walk to the intersection of life, a breath of despair from the bottom of my heart…


  As if it was fished out of the water, the wood feathers were soaked in cold sweat. The hand of the dead wood points to the hole in the wood feather, and his consciousness is smashed out of the deadness of the grass!

  "My consciousness is in the world of death, and that place is terrible."After a long time, Mu Yu was stunned and spit out these words.

  "You have less than ten breaths of time to enter."
The dead wood said softly.

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