Chapter 830 5 Array Method

    Locke is silent.

    There is a faint flame burning in his eyes, and the flame is so arrogant and indifferent, with a hint of suffocation.

    Mu Yu didn't ask any more, the two just sat there, and no one spoke for a time. Only the young handsome sat on the table and bit an apple, the sound was very crisp.

    "Do you come to me today for the comprehension of Dongsha City?"Mu Yu broke the silence.

    Luo Wei shook his head: "Their life and death have nothing to do with me."

    His voice was hoarse and calm, as if to say something simple.

    "This is your responsibility."Mu Yu said.

    "I said, I am tired of it."Luo Wei did not hide anything.

    Mu Yu is also tired, both of them are tired of the ugly nature of the comprehension.

    "What are you going to do next?"

    "Improve the cultivation, kill the Triple Palace, and save the Master."Luo Wei said plainly.

    Mu Yu stared at Luo Wei: "Can you look at the whole Dongsha City with all your heart and soul in the hands of Youmen?"

    "I can."Luo Wei replied.

    When he said "can", he didn't even hesitate.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "So we have the character now reversed?"

    At the time of the Qingshui City, Mu Yu insisted on finding a way to lift the nine-day magic array, and would not consider the consequences of lifting the nine-day magic array.

    At that time, Cheng Yan and Luo Wei had always wanted to stop him, because they wanted to uphold Master's will, and proceed from the life of the self-cultivator to protect the realm of cultivation.

    Today, Mu Yu still believes that protecting the Dongsha City comprehension is a responsible choice, and Luo Wei does not want to intervene.

    "They don't deserve me to protect."Luo Weidao.

    Mu Yu shook his fist and then released.

    The outside self-cultivator is still looking for his whereabouts everywhere, and he has to hand him over to the Yumeng Mozu. What kind of protection does this kind of comprehension have?

    "I also have the power of killing in my body.

Know what that power means, you don't need to force yourself. ”Luo Wei continued.

    Mu Yu’s original heart was shaken by Luo’s words.

    He knew that Luo Wei’s words were correct. After continuously using the killing power, the power had quietly changed the character of Mu Yu.

    Now that Mu Yu’s temperament has become very dull, life is of no importance to him, but he still maintains the right and wrong and maintains the most primitive rationality.

    He tried to convince himself that the comprehension of Dongsha City was a mistake by Yumeng, especially that he thought that people like Xuan Zhengtang and the Old City are worth living.

    "So what is the purpose of bringing me here?"Mu Yu asked.

    "The five elements are a very powerful five-line array. It is impossible to keep guard against the city, so I will take you away from Dongsha City."Luo Wei said.

    "Do you know how to get out of here?"There was a slight surprise on Mu Yu’s face.

    Luo Wei nodded, and once again swept the arrogant flame in the middle of the room, and then there were five kinds of bases in the center of the room: Wannianqingmu, Xuanhai Chenbing, ancient spirits from the fire, and the sky outside the iron, Shen Rock frozen soil.

    These five things belonging to the Umno sacred object constitute a transmission array!

    "I will leave a back road for myself."Luo Weidao.

    "This transmission array can only transmit Eugene."Mu Yu frowned.

    When Mu Yu and Hao Ran passed through the Yumun transmission array, he was fine, but he was almost killed by the powerful power of the transmission array. It was Mu Ling who protected him in time.

    That time, Xiao Shuai was also squeezed out of the eggshell.

    "I was only going to take you with you."Luo Wei did not hide anything.

    "But I can't let the comprehension of the entire Dongsha City die."Mu Yu shook his head.

    He promised the old man.

    Luo Wei said: "This is my responsibility, I don't want to be responsible, you don't have to be responsible, and –"

    Luo Wei looked at Mu Yu’s eyes and continued: "You can't save them."

    "Not necessarily, you teach me the five elements, I can transform them."Mu Yu said seriously.

    He can repair the moat, so that the moat has a strong counterattack ability, if you can't stop it, he can use the five-line transmission array to leave here.

    At the beginning, Master did not allow them to learn the pattern of the Terran. They were worried that if they were demonized, they would understand how to solve the Taoist tactics of the Terran, and the Terran could not resist Yumeng.

    However, Mu Yu eventually violated Master's wishes. Now his array is outstanding in the realm of comprehension. If he can learn from Yumeng's five-line array, he can learn from each other.

    At the beginning, you can use the wood spirit to protect you. If you understand the law of the five-line transmission array and amplify the role of Muling, you can send all the comprehensions.

    The transmission array requires two transmission points. Since Luo Wei has prepared the transmission array, he has placed another transmission point in the Dongsha City peripheral.

    "Teach you no problem, but do you really think those comprehensions are worth saving?"Luo Wei asked.

    Mu Yu thought for a long time, slowly said: "At least I know that if the people in the city are dead, then the soul will be very large, this is not the result you and I want to see!"

    "Even if they are crusting you?"

    "The old city mainly rescues them."

    Luo Lan pondered for a long time and nodded: "I understand."


    Among the Xuanbeifang, Xuan Zhengtang’s family still cried there and rejoiced for the disappearance of the skyfire in the hands of Xuan’s wife.

    In the past few months, the fire has been burning in the hands of Madame Xuan, and she has been tortured day and night. Xuan Zhengtang has been working hard to hunt the monsters in order to make up for the purchase of five million of Taishi Zitiandan. It was also helped by Mu Yu in xìng yùn.

    However, the sudden attack of the Yumeng Mozu caused them to fall into despair again. I thought that this time when I was in danger of escaping, I never thought that Mu Yu brought back a young man and directly solved the skyfire that could not be removed!

    Xuan Siyu excitedly held his mother, and then asked: "Hey, do you know how the skyfire in the hands of the mother disappeared?"

    Xuan Zhengtang knew that this matter must be related to the young man brought back by Mu Yu. The young man was just a snap to the skyfire. This ability is similar to that of the heavenly order. He thought of many things in a flash. I thought of the rumors of the five people in the realm of comprehension.

    Xuan Zhengtang faced his daughter's inquiry. He shook his head and smiled. "I don't know, maybe it's God's pity!"

    He knows what to say, what should not be said, and can get his wife out of pain. This is already a great blessing.

    However, at this moment, a variety of noises came from outside the door. Xuan Zhengtang felt that something was wrong. He quickly went out and found that Tian Ziming and others had gone back!

    "Everybody, what happened?"

    Xuan Zhengtang began to feel uneasy, and soon he saw Gao Yixing next to Tian Ziming. Gao Yixing’s eyes flashed with a look of venom, and he glanced at Xuan Zhengtang.

    Tian Ziming snorted: "Xuan Zhengtang, Gao Yixing said that you harbor criminals. The mysterious man yesterday is the young man in your Xuanbeifang, now others?"

    Xuan Zhengtang was shocked and said: "Adult, that person is only a guest of my Xuan Beast Square, not the mysterious person yesterday."

    "nonsense! Xuan Zhengtang, I am very good at taking care of you. I didn’t expect you to be envious of the enemy, and to hide the criminals. If you know each other, you should hand over the mixed boy. The city owner has something to ask him! ”Gao Yixing gnawed his teeth and shouted.

    Just a few intimidation by Mu Yu scared him to urinate incontinence, and now the smell of his body can not be dissipated, don't mention how many fires in his heart, immediately went to Tian Ziming to complain.

    "Great elders, don't talk nonsense!" That person is so young, how could it be the mysterious person of yesterday, you think too much. ”Xuan Zhengtang Shen Shen.

    "think too much? Humph! Have you ever thought too much, you handed over that person, and all the masters of the city will decide for themselves! ”Gao Yixing is cold and shouting.

    Xuan Zhengtang said in a panic: "The son has left, not here."

    "left? Hey, give me a search! ”

    Under the command of Tian Ziming, all the comprehensions rushed into each room and began to search again. Soon, they again pushed Xuan Si's father and daughter and Xuan Chishan.

    "The master of the city, the kid is not there!"The self-cultivator of the search screamed loudly.

    Tian Ziming walked coldly to the front of Xuan Zhengtang and asked: "Say! Where is that person? ”

    "I don't know, the son has always been a ghost, I don't know where he is."

    In the face of the pressure of Tian Ziming, Xuan Zhengtang had already developed cold sweat on his forehead, and his legs were almost unstable.

    "do not know? Humph! The lives of all the people in the city are tied to you. Do you dare to lie to me? ”Tian Ziming grabbed Mrs. Xuan, who had just got rid of the fires in the back. "If you don't say it, I will not only bring your wife to Yumen, but your family can't escape!"

    Gao Yixing eyes pointed, UU reading suddenly exclaimed: "Adult, look! The fire of the woman’s hand disappeared! ”

    Tian Ziming noticed the situation of Xuan’s wife. The cold voice asked: “You were still troubled by the skyfire before an hour. Why is the skyfire suddenly disappearing now?”

    Mrs. Xuan said in a panic: "I, I don't know, the skyfire suddenly disappeared."

    Gao Yixing stood up and said flatteringly: "The lord of the city, the smell of the little boy is very strange, exactly the same as yesterday's giant." Now the skyfire in this woman’s hand has disappeared. If I didn’t guess wrong, it must be that the kid’s elimination, let the woman escape! But I can't easily let this woman go. ”

    "Great elder, she is your sister!"Xuan Zhengtang said with anger.

    Gao Yixing sneered: "Hey, I am not helping the pro, not to mention my sister, even my wife, as long as I can save the whole city, I am willing to let her stand up!"

    Xuan Zhengtang’s grief and anger, where can he think of his own soft heart did not let Mu Yu kill Gao Yixing, but buried a curse for himself! (https://)

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