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Chapter 536 Guild Wars (below)


  The huge strength from the feather shoulder, intense pain instantly spread over his right half, he only to be drawn from the air from the Shadow Sword block in front of the chest, the whole person has been qingming to sweep out!

  He saw the hood door on the clear knee again, but his speed was no longer allowed to make any counterattacks, and he could only watch the opportunity fleeting.

  But in the air, the clearing has already appeared on his chest, one foot on his chest, and he slammed into the sand dunes, and the cover door on the Qingming calf disappeared again.

  "Good speed."

  Mu Yu’s body touched the ground, and the gossip came to a soft atmosphere to remove the impact on his body. He turned back and stood on the edge of the Eight Diagrams.

  "The shadow wolf is broken!"

  The two shadows of the Qingming were thrown high, and the shadow blade was turned into two black awns in the air. Then the black awns gradually became larger and merged together, followed by the formation of a huge black wolf, roaring in the air, violent breath. The surrounding gossip arrays were shaken.

  The black wolf flashes Sensen dark mans, and its hollow eyes have firmly locked the wood feathers.

  Then the black wolf crossed a shadow in the air and rushed to the wood feathers.

  The wolf claws were so strong that with the smashing of the ground, the air around the claws seemed to be somewhat distorted.

  If you are photographed by this paw, Mu Yu does not believe that he will survive!

  “The wind is falling and the dragon is whistling!”

  The most powerful convenience of Muyu Tianjian is to be able to use the array method to make the sword power stronger. However, the array method is based on the gossip as the prototype, so the Tianjian nine-integrated combination of the Eight Diagrams has improved the sword. One level.

  Mu Yu’s own spiritual power is a wooden attribute. He used the position of the Eight Diagrams when he launched the fifth style of Tian Jian.

  At this moment, the wood feathers have already flashed to the southwest direction of the Eight Diagrams array, and the whole gossip array is driven by the wind.

  The winds of the Eight Diagrams illuminate the black and white lines. At the same time, the eight shadow swords slammed from the eight directions of the Eight Diagrams. Eight shadows screamed and the swords were followed. It has risen to the sky, the tip of the sword is on the tail of the sword, and it is curved and rotated.

  A long squeaking sound rang through the sky, and the blue dragon vine rushed out from the hand of Mu Yu, which turned out a huge body, opened the bloody mouth and instantly swallowed up all the eight shadow swords.

  At the same time, its dragon body became like a dragon sword of the glory of the world, whistling, with a fierce sword to meet the horrible wolf shadow –


  The sound was loud, the lines were turbulent, the yellow sand was tumbling, and the huge spiritual impact made the gossip bursting fiercely. The black and white lines under the foot of the wooden feathers turned into a spiritual pattern to lock his feet. Not shocked by this impact.

  The sand and dust scattered, Qingming still stood in the same place, the shadow of the wolf in the air fell on his side. Long Teng also stared at the opposite side with a big bell of copper bells. In the previous collision, Long Teng and the shadow wolf were evenly matched, and no one could help.

  However, in the Qingming heart, there has been a surge of great waves. His "shadow killing" is a very aggressive move, even if the comprehension of the distraction is not certain to catch him, but he used it today. When this move was made, it was just a tie with the wooden feathers of the outskirts?

  This really makes him unacceptable!

  "Why can you still use such a powerful array?"Shadow killing Qing Ming forced to hold back the instigation of the heart.

  He was able to kill the goal of the stagnation period, and it was a great joke! He could not accept this result, and the self-respect as a shadow killer was seriously challenged!


  Mu Yu still does not want to be clear and nonsense. He cares that the Qingming has already appeared five times in the Qing Dynasty, and he has no chance to smash it. If he delays it, the situation is very unfavorable to him. Don't look at him, relying on the help of Long Teng, he will use the fifth style of Tianjian Jiulong to play the dragon, and this trick is also very expensive. At this moment, his spiritual power is running low.

  He took out a sacred suit, but he was able to instantly restore all the spiritual powers that were consumed during the squatting period. At this moment, he did not have a significant effect.

  He has used quite a lot of arrays, and the array of auras he needs can not be considered. However, using arrays requires his own spiritual power. This is a huge problem!

  The wood feather body has been a very strange phenomenon since it was transformed by black and white spirit. Although he has more spiritual power than before, it also causes it to be needed once he consumes too much spiritual power to recover. For a long time.

  And one of the spirits can't completely replenish the spiritual power that he lost in the body at this moment. The aura consumption in his body is far beyond the level that Ling Dan can make up.

  Still, Ling Dan can only take one in two days. When taking the second one, there is no effect at all, so even if there are many Ling Dan at the moment, it will not help.

  "I don't believe you can keep going! Give me on! ”Qingming took a look at the shadow wolf around him, and the shadow wolf suddenly roared again toward Mu Yu.

  "Wu Yu, that dog is far more than me, I can delay for a while with the help of the formation, you have to hurry!"The dragon vines are full of swords, and once again greet the shadow wolf, the wolf dragons and dragons are intertwined, and the swords are swaying, echoing in the huge gossip array.

Got it! ”Mu Yu gasped slightly, his eyes fixed on the opposite shadow to kill the clear.

  Even if you use any array of squadrons like Mu Yu, you may only use two or three days of scorpio and then you will be weak, even if they will be the wind of the wood feathers, it will never be possible. Make it out, because the Scorpio star array is very expensive and spiritual.

  Mu Yu has an endless aura, but also has more spiritual power than ordinary people, but now it is already a strong bow.

  When Qingming spurred the shadow wolf, he had to control the shadow wolf himself, and the wind of the wooden feathers was not needed, because Longtan had his own consciousness.

  Mu Yu estimated that his body's spiritual power would support him to use the three-day scorpion. If he could not kill the Qingming after using the three-day scorpion, then he would be in danger.

  A hood door appeared again on Qingming, and the hood door was on his right wrist. At the moment, Mu Yu combines eight swords and dragons and vines, leaving only the wooden sword in his hand.

  The wooden swords are black and white, and the vitality and death are eroding each other. It is still the tattered look. He seized the opportunity, his body shape disappeared in the same place, and his eyes appeared in front of Qingming, and the wooden spirit sword went down to the right wrist of Qingming!

  "How come you–" There is a very shocking look on the Qingming face. He needs to pull the shadow wolf to deal with the dragon vine. I thought that the wood feather also needs to control the dragon vine. Who would have thought that the wood feather was completely out of the dragon vine? , come alone to kill him!

  In the rush, Qingming left his hand and immediately grabbed the right wrist and covered the door. Mulingjian seems to be quite slow, but directly left a deep visible bone scar on the Qingming arm.

  Qingming’s foot kicked out, and Mu Yu could only temporarily retreat.

  Qingming’s “Knowledge homing” can also show two hood doors, and the wood feathers can only be teleported twice, and the situation is getting more and more severe.

  Mu Yu no longer hesitated, Mu Lingjian suddenly turned into a big tree. This tree is the appearance of a linden tree, but at this moment the linden tree branches are all black, only the leaves are green, but the center of each leaf is white, quite strange.

  Countless leaves have fallen, seemingly without rules, and each leaf has flocked to the Qingming with the killing of the sharp front.

  Under the cover of countless leaves, Mu Yu fell to the left side of Qingming with a swift figure. He needed to force a clear shot, and the cover door could only appear when the Qingming counterattacked.

  "court death!"

  Qingming snorted, and the sixteen white-headed eagle suddenly broke free from the formation of Mu Yu, and the flying feathers of the sky greeted the leaves. After the Pulsatilla no longer shines, there is a shadow on them, and a clear smile appears in the mouth of the clear mouth, and the figure has disappeared into the shadow of the Pulsatilla.

  "Shadows!"The mouth of the Qingming mouth is very strange, low and embarrassing, unsightly!

  As if the night was under the cover of the night, a black atmosphere suddenly appeared in the Eight Diagrams. This black gas is like a black hole, tearing out all the light from the wood feathers, swallowing it in, and then dimming it around again, leaving only the light of the Eight Diagrams to reflect the two people, and the shadow of the wood feather is also obvious. Now in the gossip!

  The shadow of the sky is the strongest move of the shadow killing. When the light limits the latent shadow, they can absorb the light of the target by the shadow and re-launch the latent image.

  However, this kind of stroke is quite burdensome on the body. Even after Qingming uses the shadows, there will be an hour when it is trapped in the shadow of the original place! So he will not use this trick until he has no choice!

  However, Mu Yu has already forced him to a desperate situation, UU reading www. He knows that if he doesn't use the shadows, he will most likely die in the hands of Mu Yu.

  Qingming can see that the spiritual power of Mu Yu has reached the point where the oil is running out, and he can kill the wood feather after using the shadow, even if he is trapped in the shadow of the place, it can't move for a quarter of an hour. .

  "I see how you hide this time!"

  Qingming appeared in the shadow of Mu Yu, and the shadow wolf in the air has disappeared. He re-created as two shadow blades and returned to the Qingming hand. The clear mouth showed a vicious smile and stabbed the heart of the back of Mu Yu!

  "Wood feathers are careful!"Longteng roared toward the wood feathers and wanted to help Mu Yu avoid this blow.

  However, everything was too late. At the moment, Mu Yu was exhausted at all, and there was no time to escape. Even when he had not looked back, his chest had revealed a black blade that penetrated his heart!

  Qingming extended his hand and held the neck of Mu Yu: "The apprentice of the true God, it is amazing to be able to push me to this point!" But that's it. ”

  There was a huge force in his hand that played on the neck of Mu Yu.

  "Card wipe!"

  Qingming suddenly changed his face, and the sound he heard turned out to be the sound of broken trees!

  The invisible sound is ringing from the back of the Qingming –

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