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The No. 839 chapter is the most powerful

    The morning sun shone in the middle of the mountain. Everyone got tired and got up. Qingfan and Xiaoshuai both hugged and slept together. Mu Yu and Luo Yu did not rest. The twenty comprehensions did not. Sleeping, the other hundred other mortals also slept very shallow.

    "We should leave."Luo Wei said.

    Mu Yu nodded.

    He stood up and woke up Xiaoshuai.

    "Are we leaving?"

    Xiaoshuai squinted and made a big yawn. He was so heartless forever. Even if there were so many things happening yesterday, it would not affect his sleep quality.

    "Big brother, are you leaving?"Qingfan also sat up and asked with a sleepy eye.

    "Yes! Da Mao’s brother is going to find a revenge for the Yumeng Mozu. You will follow your mother and grow up. Will I take you to the Yumeng Mozu in the future? ”Xiaoshuo stretched a little lazy.

    "But Big Brother, did you last night to teach me to be a powerful fairy teacher? You have not taught to leave. ”Qingfan said anxiously.

    "what? Have I said this? ”Xiaoshuai scratched his head and screamed too much last night. He couldn’t remember what he said.

    "Da Mao's brother, you can't talk without words, big heroes can't do this."Qingfan took Xiaoshuai’s hand and refused to let go.

    Xiaoshuai spit out his tongue and mixed his face.

    Mu Yu glanced at Xiaoshuai, walked over and touched the head of Qingfan: "Qingfan, your qualifications are very good, you can become a comprehension. But we have to do something very dangerous, can't bring you, so you will follow your mother first, and I will teach you when I have a chance. ”

    "But we don't have a home now. Da Mao's brother said that Dongsha City was destroyed and we were homeless."Qingfan said a little wrong.

    Mu Yu fell into silence and he did not consider this.

    But at this moment, the middle-aged man in the blue shirt came over and gently said to Qingfan: "Little guy, you can follow me to practice."

    Mu Yu looked at the middle-aged man in the blue shirt. The blue-shirt middle-aged man was the first to stand up yesterday, so Mu Yu was very impressed with him.

    "sorry to bother you."Mu Yu nodded to the middle-aged man in the blue shirt.

    The middle-aged man in the blue shirt smiled: "No trouble,

Qingfan, he dared to stand up in front of such a self-cultivator yesterday, this alone is enough to be much better than most comprehensions, as long as it is cultivated in the future, it will surely become a big weapon. ”

    "The name of the friend has not been consulted yet."

    Mu Yu looked at the middle-aged man in the blue shirt. He always felt that the person in front of him looked familiar. However, he later felt that he was too worried. It should be the first time that the person stood up yesterday to let him have this kind of reason. feel.

    The middle-aged man in the blue shirt smiled and said: "I took the liberty and forgot to introduce myself. I am talking about Qingquan, but it is a loose repair."

    Talking about Qingquan’s cultivation of the flood season, it is indeed more than enough to teach Qingfan.

    Mu Yu put the hands of a few pieces of stone to the jade is to talk about spring, about more than 10 million, then scanned those who cringe, said: "Talk about Friends, you help me put them, let them find a city to live again, to how many lingshi you see do, the rest are used in green sails, he is worth doing." ”

    Talking about Qingquan looking at the pieces of Lingshi jade, he was surprised: "This is a big sum, do you believe me?"

    "At least you stood up yesterday."Mu Yu said indifferently.

    The first person who can stand up at that juncture has a lot of courage. This kind of person Mu Yu believes.

    Tan Qingquan nodded: "I understand."

    He saw that more than a thousand Lingshi did not reveal any superfluous looks. When faced with Mu Yu, there was no excessive restraint. Such people seemed to be open-minded and quite good.

    Xiaoshuai took a shot of Qingfan’s shoulder and said with a big sigh: "Okay, since you have already found a master for you, then you have to cultivate and know?" When you have cultivated, I will take you out to go to Yumeng, ok? ”

    "Okay, big hair brother!"Qingfan nodded.

    Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, once again said: "Qing Fan, you have to remember, if you want to kill the devil, you must not let yourself become a demon!"

    "I know, I will learn from my big brother."Qingfan solemnly nodded.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "Don't learn from me, learn from your master, because I…"

    – I am a demon.

    Mu Yu said silently in his heart.

    He took the five coffins around him and went straight to the sky, disappearing into the sky, followed by Luo.

    "Qingfan is goodbye!"

    Xiao Shuai smiled and waved his hand, then stood up and went in the direction of the disappearance of Mu Yu.

    "Uncle, why didn't the big brother just finish the conversation?"Qingfan asked inexplicably.

    Talking about Qingquan looking at the back of Mu Yu's disappearance, his eyes suddenly became deep, and a blue awning flashed on him.

    "Everyone has their own secrets. He doesn't want to say, we don't need to go deeper. And from now on, you have to call my master. ”

    "Okay, uncle, that uncle, who is better than your big brother?"

    "Call Master."

    "Master Uncle, who is better than your big brother?"

    "No matter who is powerful, it is no match for the people. The human heart is the most powerful. ”

    "What does it mean?"

    "You will understand later."

    "That Master Uncle, why didn't you kill the Yumeng Mozu yesterday?"

    "Remove your uncle."

    "Then, why didn't you kill the Yumeng Mozu yesterday?"

    "Because Dongsha City was not killing the Yumeng Mozu, but the devil."

    “What is different?”

    "You will understand later."

    "What is your Master's most powerful spell?"

    "My spells can summon lightning."

    "Can lightning kill the Yumeng Mozu?"


    "Then I must learn!"


    The destruction of the Dongsha City by the Yumeng Mozu once again sensationalized the entire realm of comprehension, so that all the comprehensions felt extremely shocked!

    In the past, the Yumeng Mozu only destroyed three cities, but at that time, because the three cities were only small cities, there were few self-cultivators, weak strength, and a small population, which did not attract attention.

    But the East sand is different, the city of East Sand is one of the most important cities to repair the real world, at that time in the East Sand city, there are a lot of people are the disciples, especially there are eight of the fitness period elders sitting, should be foolproof things, but who also did not think this time unexpectedly all the destruction, no one to repair the real survive!

    The destruction of Dongsha City has caused many comprehensions to start fearing, because if the Yumeng Mozu has the ability to destroy such a powerful city of Dongsha City, then other cities will not be able to stop the attack of the Yumeng Mozu!

    Fear and shadow began to spread in the hearts of all the self-cultivators. It turned out that the Yumeng Mozu had been strong enough to this step, which they did not expect.

    Many self-cultivators have begun to chaos, and the self-cultivators have begun to become self-defeating, fearing that the city where they are located will suddenly be attacked by the Yumeng Mozu and become the next Dongsha City!

    After the Jianying dust wind helped them block the Yumeng Mozu, the tri-continental comprehension community spent a hundred years of calm and calmness. Now the Yumeng Mozu is coming back, but the trio of the mainland’s comprehensions seem to have forgotten how to be with Yumeng. The Mozu fight, and even the fighting spirit of the struggle has been lost.

    They are afraid.


    Dongsha City, a ruin.

    The Yumeng Mozu has already returned to the mountains and mountains near Dongsha City. At this time, Dongsha City has left a piece of scorched earth. There is no intact building and no living creatures.

    The body of the self-cultivator has been turned into ash, and a complete corpse cannot be found. More than 100,000 people have disappeared in an instant, and only the black smoke is still rising from the ruins, giving off a bloody taste.

    Two figures in black appeared in a humble ruin. They were very strangely dressed, covered in black hoods from head to toe, without any skin on their bodies, mysterious.

    "what happened? Why did the 100,000 people in Dongsha City die without any soul power? Can the three priests of the Yumeng Mozu still be able to take away the soul when collecting the killing atmosphere? ”The person who speaks is a woman, and the voice is like a spring, squeaking and pleasant.

    She walked on the broken road and kicked a huge stone to reveal the half of the body of the Tuyu Mozu.

    The woman knelt down and placed her hand on the Tuyumeng Mozu, and then said: "The soul of the Yumeng Mozu did not flow out after death."

    Another mysterious man who spoke was like a ghost floating on the ruins for a while, and fell on a boulder filled with soot.

    This boulder is more than a hundred meters high, and it has been inserted straight into the position of the original beast, so that only the great stone can be transported.

    "No, this thing must be weird. When the other three cities were destroyed at the time, the soul did not disappear. Today, cloud, you and I searched separately to see what is wrong. ”

    The figure of the two is like a ghost in the city of Dongsha. After half an hour, the figures of the two have been reunited in the air.

    The mysterious woman, known as the Cloud of the Eve, fell to the crumbling gates of the city: "There were no one who died of 100,000 souls. Who did it?"

    She knelt down and looked carefully in the ruins, then waved her hand, white light flew out of the sleeves, shattered the smoke, and then rolled up a broken tip.

    "Ancient rain, come and see."

    "This is the sword tip of the sword shadow dust wind statue?"The mysterious man, known as the ancient rain, also fell down and said with surprise.

    "Destroyed by the power of killing."In the hands of the mysterious woman, another volume, the sacred white light reveals a sly killing. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

    "This killing is not the three Yumun priests, is it –" The ancient rain seems to think of something.

    "From what we found, it can be inferred that the defending city of Dongsha City was not forcibly broken by the Yumen priest from outside, but by the statue of someone who destroyed the shadow of the sword in the city."Said this evening.

    The ancient dynasty rained for a moment and said: "Look at the Dongsha City and there are no survivors."

    The sacred white light once again spread from the woman, turned into a thousand white smoke, flowing in the entire city, then shook his head: "There are no survivors in the city, Dongsha city people come and go, the specific number I am not sure, I don't know who the Dongsha City is."

    Gu Chaoyu stood on the gate of the city gate and looked at the sky in front of him. Without much expression, he glanced at the sky and said: "There are other comprehensions of the city pool coming."

    "I know."

    The sword tip of the cloud in the hands of the present day was made into powder, and then two white light disappeared in the same place as the ancient rain. (https://)

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