Chapter 663 Past People

  When the wood plume saw the man's face, he was shocked and cried out: "Master?" ”Then stood up immediately.

  But after he stood up, the stone bench opposite was empty and there was no one.

  Is it an illusion?

  Ghosts turned their heads and glanced at the wooden feathers that sat down and stood up again. They found that Mu Yu was puzzled and looked at the empty space, and frowned. However, Mu Yu pretended to bend over and rubbed the chair to cover up the strangeness and sat down again.

  Ghostly looked at Mu Yu with suspicion and did not care what Mu Yu was doing.

  But Mu Yu’s heart has set off a storm!

  After he sat down, there was a handsome man in front of his eyes. The white clothes fluttered, the dust was removed, the wind was light and the clouds were light, and the gentle and gentle atmosphere was as reliable as the mountains, as if only this person was there. There is no danger in the world anymore.

  Master of Mu Yu, sword shadow dust!

  Mu Yu grabbed his head and looked at the direction of the ghosts, but found that there was no one in the hole, and did not see the ghosts. After he sat in the chair, he seemed to have come to another place to isolate the exploration of the ghosts.

  Fortunately, when he shouted the word "Master", he sat down, otherwise he would definitely let the ghosts feel what he was aware of.

  "Master, you, how are you here?"Mu Yu asked in amazement.

  "You call me Master? In the future, I am apprented? ”The sword shadow dust wind looked at Mu Yu with interest.

  "future? What do you mean? Master, are you just a residual consciousness? ”Mu Yu asked.

  He has already seen the consciousness of Xuanjizi's real people remaining twice. Now, seeing the young master, Mu Yu naturally thinks so.

  The sword shadow dust wind sits on the stone chair, looks at the wood feather, and smiles slyly: "I am a person who has lived in the past, and occasionally come here to see Tian Yan's turn back."

  People who lived in the past?

  Mu Yu didn't understand this sentence very much, but when he saw Master's moment, his nose was sour, and the pain in his heart could not help but come up.

  Even if the Master in front is a person who lives in the past, does the past Master know that he will be framed by the villain in the future?

  "You have my sword in your body, and my shadow sword. I have my naughty sword spirit in my pocket, but your formation is not passed on to me. I didn't teach you the array?"

  The eyes of the sword shadow dust are very clear, and there is no vicissitudes of seeing the common things, but there is a wisdom. He sat there like a warm harbor, and felt the peace of the long-lost Mu Yu. It is also the person in front of him who sealed the demon king more than 5,000 years ago and locked all the horns of the meat wings to avoid the destruction of the triple heaven.

  Mu Yu took Xiao Shuai out of his pocket, but Xiao Shuai beat the snoring loudly, and turned his body and scratched his belly. He didn't notice anything.

  Jianying dust wind smiled and reached out and touched Xiaoshuai: "How can the little guy be so tired? Where are you going to be naughty? ”

  A white mang did not enter the boy's arms, Xiaoshuai opened his eyes in confusion, looked suspiciously at the sword and dust, and yawned: "Who are you?"

  Xiaoshuai's memory is very vague, it does not remember the sword shadow dust.

  Sword Shadow dust wind nodded thoughtfully: "Sword Spirit does not remember me,

It seems to be a rebirth, and there must be something in the future that I can't stop. ”

  Mu Yu sighed: "Master, my name is Mu Yu. In your future, you said that we can't learn the array, but I still secretly learned, sorry…"

  Sword Shadow dust laughed: "You don't need to apologize to me. Everyone has their own choice. When you think your choice is innocent, it is correct. I don't know if I will teach you in the future. These ones."

  Mu Yu warmed up and nodded.

  Master will never blame them, whether it is past or present.

  "Master, there are a lot of things happening outside, I don't know how to explain it, and now you…"Wood Yu did not dare to say it. According to Jianfeng dust wind, he is a person who lives in the past and will not know what will happen in the future. If Mu Yu tells Master what is happening now, Mu Yu is not sure if Master will believe it.

  "I thought that I wouldn't accept a person in my life. For me, all the apprentices are just a passer-by. I don't want to boast, but none of the disciples I train are generals. They will change the order of the world, but I I can't easily interfere with the world, and I don't like watching the Chinese apprentice slowly die."

  The sword shadow dust wind squinted at the wood feathers in good faith.

  A eternal and powerful person, in his long and boundless life, anyone in his eyes is a hasty passenger. He won't die, but the apprentice he receives will die, and the lover he likes will die. Once he is born, he will feel exhausted.

  If he cultivates a disciple, and he does not restrain the character of the disciple's behavior, he will let the apprentice choose his own life. His apprentice will surely shine on one side and become a hegemon, affecting the entire world of comprehension.

  Over time, for thousands of years, perhaps all the martial art of the entire comprehension world will have inextricably linked with him. There are shadows of his apprentice everywhere, and there is his shadow. This is not the result he wants to see. .

  "In my opinion, the realm of comprehension should be diverse, not interfered by the people I cultivate. If there are shadows of my disciples and grandchildren everywhere, I will cultivate the realm in the future.
Some people only respect my swordsmanship and arrays. Many magical techniques and talents will gradually disappear. Such a comprehension is monotonous, so I don't understand what is going to change me. Future ideas. ”

  The sword shadow dust wind is full of curiosity about Mu Yu, and he can't figure out how he will suddenly get into the future.

  It was a young but old-fashioned person who didn't want to turn the entire realm of cultivation into his world.

  But he did not want to change the world, but the world has become a world of traitors.

  Mu Yu knows that Master is right. Just like today's southward, he has quietly changed the pattern of comprehension in his own way. He wants to fight the Triple Palace in his own way.

  None of the disciples of the sword shadow dust wind is a kind of cockroach.

  "Master, I don't know why you will accept us as a disciple, but if you want to know, I can tell you everything I have seen over the years."Mu Yu said.

  Sword Shadow dust smiled and shook his head: "No, I am a person who has lived in the past. Why do you want to know the future?" I am just curious, but I don't want to know. ”

  Mu Yu is silent, he can never see his master.

  The sword shadow dust wind stretched out the slender fingers and touched Xiao Shuai’s head. Xiaoshuai looked at the person in front of him and licked his tail, but did not dodge.

  "Why do I seem to have seen you?"Xiaoshuai was on the table, holding his chin and squinting.

  "Little guy, since you are born again, it is normal to forget some things."The sword shadow dusty laughs.

  Xiaoshuai sighed a few words and yawned again.

  "Master, can you really go back to the past?"This is what Mu Yu wants to know most.

  Sword Shadow dust raised his head and looked at Mu Yu: "You seem to want to go back to the past and look at some buried truths in the past. But going back to the past is a very difficult thing to explain, and things you want to know don't necessarily know. ”

  "I don't know what you want to know?" What does it mean? ”

  Mu Yu doesn't understand. When he returns to the past, he can see many dusty past events. For example, in the past, where did the venerable horns come from, and how the demon king confronted the flesh-winged horns, these things can be used in the past. Find the answer.

  However, the sword shadow dust wind said that after returning to the past, things that you want to know may not necessarily be known.

  "The people who are now returning to the past can change the past and change the past. Many times the inadvertent things you have done in the past have had many different effects. ”The sword shadow dust wind slowly said.

  Mu Yu looked puzzled: "But Xuanjizi tells me that the past can't be changed. Otherwise, there will be many contradictions that are difficult to explain. Why do you say that you can change the past or change the past?"

  "I explained to you this way, you returned to the past through the Tianyan cycle, you will participate in the past, you can talk to the people in the past, interfere with their decisions, and even kill the people in the past, this is to change the past.

  But once Tian Yan’s reincarnation takes you away from the past and returns to the present, any traces of what you have done in the past will be erased, how history develops, or how it develops. This is Can't change in the past, do you understand? ”

  The sword shadow dust wind is interpreted in a sensible manner.

  Mu Yu carefully understands the sword shadow dust, he seems to understand something.

  Heaven has its own rules, and Tianyan’s return can make a person return to the past, but can’t change the rules of Heaven.

  If Mu Yu’s current trajectory is a straight road, there is no end, no fork, and he is walking forward on this road.

  Tian Yan's return to the past brought him to the past, that is, to return to a place where the road once passed. At this time, Tian Yan's return is equivalent to opening another new road on the roadside.

  Mu Yu continued along the new road because his participation changed the history of the new road and led the world's trajectory to another unpredictable result.

  When the ninth round of the day brought back Muyu, it was brought to the original old road, and the new road would disappear. Everything he changed was lost. History would not change anything because of him, but just returned to the past. After that, he will know a lot about what happened in the past.

  "So why do you not know what you want to know?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  Xiaoshuai interjected: "I know this, just like the last example I gave you. We went back to the past. I threw the big stone in the middle of the road, causing the grandmother to fall over the pregnant lady. Miss Sister can't afford to hang herself, so she can't get a baby.

  And if you go back to the past, the real purpose is to know that the big sister’s child is long, but the big sister has died without a baby. UU reading naturally has no children, of course you will not I know, so it is equal to the truth that you buried the matter, right? ”

  The sword shadow dust smiled slightly, and the interpretation of Xiaoshuai was reluctantly recognized.

  Mu Yu resisted the impulsiveness of Xiao Shuai. This guy always gave him an example of death and death. However, Xiao Shuai’s explanation is quite clear.

  Just as he wants to go back to the past to see who is stealing the ghost of the ghost, but in case something he did inadvertently prevented the person who wanted to steal the soul, so that person Changed the plan, not to steal “to blame the soul”, this
For the past, the ghost door’s “to blame the soul” is equivalent to not lost, Mu Yu can not know who this person is.

  "So when you go back to the past, try not to kill anyone or stop someone, and don't say anything about the future to anyone, so that you can get the answer you want to know, understand."Sword shadow dust wind said.

  Mu Yu nodded, and then another one, did Master say that he would help himself?

  "Master, I thought you would stop me from going back to the past!"

  "You are both my future apprentice, then you do what you want to do, I will not stop my apprentice from doing anything, because I believe that everything you do is conscience, isn't it?"The sword shadow dust wind smiled kindly at Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu’s heart was inexplicably moved. He liked the feeling of being trusted. Master trusted him. This is enough.

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