NO. 307 Chapter Investment and return

  Sword Shadow City, million businesses.

  At the bottom of the business, there is a loft. This loft is small and exquisite, and the furniture is simple and elegant. All of them are carved by precious wood. At this moment, Waibeye was sitting in the attic, and she lazily leaned on the cushion and looked at a rich middle-aged man in front of her eyes.

  Many of the middle-aged people are probably not strangers, and the big boss of a million business houses is a million. He brewed a pot of fine scent of the ancient orchids. This tea is a solitary peak taken from the 10,000-meter-high mountain in the northern wilderness. The value of this pot of tea is already incalculable. He slowly took a sip, closed his eyes and felt the tea scented into the heart and spleen.

  "He accepted it?"Asked in vain for a million dollars.

  Waibeiya smiled softly and said: "With such a precious gift, he is reluctant to refuse."

  "The man who is next to him is Evergreen?"Waiting for a million dollars.

  "From the attitude of Mu Yu to him, the man is undoubtedly dead. There are not many people who can swear at the disciples of the true gods. ”Waibaiya Road.

  The tea in the palm of the hand was put down, saying: "I didn't expect the dead wood to become so young, it is said to be the credit of the original Dan, but it is the seventh-order remedy! The news of the Dan Ding faction is said to be the half-chengdan of Mu Yu's fusion. This article should not be underestimated. ”

  "But he took the baby, then we can grasp the next move of the true God apprentice, but there is a huge wealth hidden in him! Presumably many people want to know his every move, but certainly no one will do better than us. ”Waibeye touched her long fingers and said softly.

  The array of sapphire on the top of the sapphire is made by the innate philosopher who invited the sect of the sect. The sect is an ancient sect. The martial art is best at arranging the formation. Many martial art sects of the mountain are invited to come to the array, and their arrangement is extremely mysterious, and it can be done without dripping.

  They are especially good at the midst of the array, even if the comprehension of the practice of the array of years of research in the real world is not necessarily able to crack the array they have laid. The sapphire hides a microscopic invisible array, which is an index array, which can accurately and accurately feed the position of the sapphire to millions of merchants hiding in the mainland, so as to capture the movement of the wood feathers, collect The message of the true god disciple.

  Waibeye gave all the information of the immortal to Mu Yu, in return, she mastered the movement of Mu Yu, presumably many people are willing to spend a lot of money to inquire about the situation of the true God apprentice!

  No matter when, first-hand information is always the most valuable value!

  At this moment, a middle-aged man dressed in a butler came in and said with respect: "Home, Miss, the star of the sky is not waiting for the son to talk about a business."

  "Don't wait? The fifty-fifth day is not waiting for the day? ”Both the million and the Waibiya looked at each other and saw a self-evident look from the other side's eyes.

  "Please come in."Millions of faint said.

  The middle-aged man returned and went out into the attic with a young and graceful man, and he retired.

  "I have seen Boss Boss, Miss Beja."I don’t have to wait for a smile.

  Days don't have to be very handsome, talkative, and there is an affinity between the gestures, which makes people feel good. He is the second son of the Lord of the Stars, the brother of Tianyun. Tianyun has been idle since childhood.

The cultivation talents are all built on the medicinal herbs, but the days are not different. All his repairs are real and there is no help from any external force.

  "The star of the star is not waiting for the son, long-awaited name, please sit."A million smiles can be said with awkwardness.

  Waibaiya reveals a smile of a kind of style, saying: "The day is not the fifth son of the son of the son, it is really impossible."

  "Miss Beja has won the prize."I didn’t wait to smile and sit on the seat next to the million.

  "I don't want to say anything about the son. I can do it with a million dollars."I don’t want to wait for a cup of tea.

  I didn’t wait for the tea, and I sipped it gently. “I’m asking for a million business trips, so I’m here to buy a message from my boss.”

  "What news does the company want to buy?"Asked Waibaia.

  I don’t want to put the teacup down gently, smiled a little, and said: "How much is the message of the 80th most popular fairy?"

  The 80th most immortal, the news of the real god disciple Mu Yu!

  Wai Beiya hides his face and laughs: "Don't wait for the son to spend this money?" The true god disciple has already made a name for himself in the entire realm of comprehension. Who else does not know his detailed news? ”

  It is said that the day when he was born, the sky was suffocating, and a gray lightning smashed the roof. This lightning came so fast that even the door of the star door could not be intercepted. His mother died after giving birth to him. The head of the Star Gate will give him the name of the day, not even the people who are not to be seen.

  The youngest son of the Star Gate, the playboy Tianyun and the sky are not the same relationship, Tianyun is broken by Mu Yu in the double heaven. Many people know that the day is not waiting for the moment. The trouble of finding a wooden feather is also ok.

  "I naturally know what he has done, but I heard that he has appeared in Jianying City recently, but he has lost his sight at this moment. If you want to find the whereabouts of a person, the world is a million business except the filmmakers. I don't like to deal with arrogant killers. I prefer to buy and sell with people with emotions."The tone of the day is like that
Easy-going, simply reminiscent of the unknown thing that he would kill his mother.

  "I like people who don't wait for the son to be so straightforward."Waibaiya smiled.

  "I don't know if such a thing to buy the true god apprentice's whereabouts is worth it?"I don’t want to take out a brocade box, put it on the table, and push it to the front of the million.

  Millions of people gently opened a mouth of the brocade box, and looked surprised: "Six-order medicinal herbs? Or Wanbao ancient god Dan! ”

  The sixth-order medicinal herbs are already very precious in the market, at least worth ten million Lingshi. This Wanbao ancient god Dan is comparable to the ordinary seven-step medicinal herbs, which is the best of the sixth-order medicinal herbs. After taking it, you can let the distracting period of hard work strengthen the realm of four heavens, which is extremely terrible!

  "Dan Ding sent the elders who made the refining of the elders."I don’t want to continue talking.

  When Deng Ding was sent to the sky, he was a sixth-order alchemy teacher. His identity and status in the realm of comprehension were already there, and his refining of the drug was even more valuable. When his grandson, Ming Hui died in Mu Yu’s hand, it was clear that he had a million dollars.

  "Wanbao ancient god Dan, this price is a bit high."One million received the Wanbao ancient god Dan, this is the sixth-order medicinal medicine. In the realm of comprehension, not everyone has blackmailed the high-grade alchemy teacher like Mu Yu.

  If Mu Yu knows that he has been sold with only a sixth-order medicinal herb, he will definitely be angry and sell it. Oh shit! If you want to have a drug, here is the sixth-order seventh-order. As long as you can tell, if you can’t get it, you can kill you!

  Where does the solid wood feather know that the alchemy division is rich and the enemy, the high-level alchemy teacher can take out a high-ranking medicinal medicine and sell it at a good price. In his pocket, there are countless sixth-order seventh-order remedies in his pocket. This is already a huge sum that ordinary people can't think of!

  "It’s a coincidence that we don’t wait for the son. We just locked in the whereabouts of the true god disciple. I immediately sent a spy to take you there.”Waibaiya smiled.

  She knows that the sapphire she invested in Mu Yu has begun to recover costs.

  I don’t want to take a sip of tea again, and my face is still not shocked. What about the apprentice of the true God? Extremely singularly dangerous, on the top of the list of life and death, if the true God wants revenge, then go to the Triple Palace!

  Sunset demon.

  The setting sun is located in the south of Jianying City. It is a monster forest. Among them, the high-order monsters are vertical and horizontal, and the minimum is five-order. If there is no repair period, few people will go. But just yesterday, Mu Yu entered the sunset with the dead wood, and the movement of Mu Yu was in the hands of millions of businesses.

  A dark-faced man stood outside the setting sun, and he stood next to the door of the Star Gate, and he was not waiting for the son.

  "Gongzi, you take this piece of purple jade into the sunset, the true god disciple is in this forest, Ziyu will take you to find the true god disciple, it will sense the sapphire of the true god disciple. I am not high and can't go in. ”The black man compliments.

  The sky is not waiting for the purple jade, and the mind of the sapphire appears in the mind. The figure of the dark man has quietly left, leaving the day to be here, UU reading His mission is completed.

  "Although my brother is a waste, it does not mean that you can break his leg at will."The day does not seem to be so polite, his figure disappeared in place, has entered the sunset.

  Among the sunsets, the powerful monsters are constantly intertwined, and the strong humming sounds from time to time.

  "One is a person who is not to be seen in heaven, and one is a disciple of the sword shadow dust. Who do you think will win?"A million-dollar looking into the sky disappeared in the sunset, and turned around and asked leisurely.

  They are only responsible for buying and selling, and who wins and loses is just a joke of their chat.

  "It's hard to say that it's not a simple thing to wait for, the guy hasn't been exposed, but according to the information we have, his real strength can be a battle with the masters of distraction!" Mu Yu repaired in the second day of the battle, the combat power is comparable to the nine-day, but I am afraid I still can't wait for the battle. ”Waibaiya Road.

  In the past, the comparison between the Terran and the Yaozu, if the extreme immortal on the list of the immortals, I am afraid that the Yaozu will not have any odds. After all, the Terran is a race with great potential. Many talented people were not in the Eight Grass Village that day.

  Of course, the strength of the first few on the top of the list will definitely exceed the period of the expiration, stepping into the distraction period, less than forty years old will have a physical repair, this is the most terrible. It is inevitable that you will enter the distraction period before the age of forty.

  "I really want to see their battles with their own eyes."Carrying a million thumbs up.

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