Chapter 238 The Dangerous Valley

"Mom, Xiaoshuai, don't you want to eat it as a dog food!"

"Isn't it just overlooking me directly? It wants to eat you! ”

The double-day monster is vertical and horizontal, so you can never imagine what monsters you will encounter in the next moment. Mu Yu accidentally broke into the territory of a blasted double-headed wolf, angered people's results and was chased by madness. The trees of the second heaven were repelling him. He could only rely on his own flying sword to go all the way. He originally wanted to go straight to the sky, but he was dying in the air and flying a fourth-order biplane enchanting to treat him as a luxury lunch series. Mu Yu felt that he was a dog!

There are two-headed wolves on the top of the two-winged enchanting scorpion. It really should have the slang of "No way to go to heaven without a door", which makes him complain.

"Fly to the left, fly to the left! fast! ”Xiaoshuai glared at Mu Yu’s ear and shouted in the direction of the left.

At the foot of Mu Yu, Feijian once again came to an emergency brake, avoiding the sharp claws of the double-winged enchanting, and turned to the direction pointed by Xiaoshuai. He crossed a stream, and then looked back and found that the hurricane two-headed wolf and the two-winged enchanting turned away and turned away. It seems that this place is very taboo. Just like the original wolf and the eagle ravaged the territory of the demon's palace, isn't it the place where the Yaozu is not?

"Little handsome, good! How do you know that running here is not going to catch up? ”Mu Yu stopped to gasp and asked after the robbery.

"Because it is the site of the sixth-order konjac!"

"what! Sixth-order konjac? ”Mu Yu almost fell to the ground, he shouted. "Do you still think we have not enough trouble? In order to get rid of a fourth-order and fifth-order monster, come to the site of the sixth-order monster? ”

"Nothing, I don't care if it sounds like it. You see it coming."Xiaoshuai pointed behind him. A distracting breath enveloped on Mu Yu and shocked him.

Mu Yu turned around with a trepidation. He thought that he would see a scorpion of at least the size of an elephant to be worthy of the title of its sixth-order monster. However, there was only one demon in front of him that was almost as big as Xiao Shuai. beast. This little monster is not as ugly as the average cockroach. On the contrary, it looks very beautiful, the whole body is full of brilliance, and from time to time it makes a "squeaky" sound.

"It said it was so sad that it didn't like it."Xiaoshuai translated, and then he also communicated with the konjac.

"Little handsome, you are cautious in speaking."Wood feathers can't be inserted, can only hope that Xiaoshuai don't have a big tongue to anger the lost konjac.

However, after the konjac was screaming, the sad look was a trivial matter. It is very friendly to Xiaoshuai. I don't know if it is a little handsome or awkward. In short, Mu Yu always feels that this konjac's eyes are affectionate.

Xiaoshuai exchanged a word with the konjac that Mu Yu couldn’t understand. He suddenly said excitedly to Mu Yu: "It said that it likes me, than the konjac brother who doesn't like it. much better. Oh, I also like myself very much! ”

"what?"Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, thinking that Xiaoshuai can be narcissistic to this extent is no one.

"It talked about the season of courtship, to be a little handsome with me, but I have no experience!"Xiaoshuai scratched his head, his face was puzzled, and then turned to ask Mu Yu. "Do you have experience?"

"Hi? Experience, experience? I have no experience! ”Mu Yu thought that this konjac was really direct, and it was not reserved at all. Is the communication between the little beasts so simple?

Xiaoshuai and "squeaky" two sentences, the eyes of the konjac dimmed, it seems a little depressed.

"Okay, let's go! I told her that I had someone I liked and let her die. ”Xiaoshuai clap his hands and jump to the shoulders of Mu Yu.

Hey? So unrequited?

Mu Yu looked carefully at the konjac, for fear that the little guy vented his anger on him because of his courtship failure, and rushed to swallow him. However, it seems that the konjac only cares about the secret injury, so he hurriedly stepped on the flying sword and slipped away.

"Little handsome, you obviously communicate with the monsters,

Why are we still chased by those weird monsters? Can't you tell them the status? ”Mu Yu remembered this thing. In the past few days, they have been dealing with all kinds of monsters. Mu Yu’s nerves are tight and he can’t relax.

"I can understand the language of the monster, but some monsters don't listen to me!"Xiaoshuai shook his big tail.

Xiaoshuai is right, the beast is also divided into good character and bad temper, not all high-level monsters are a pair of people who have to eat, such as this konjac, and two days ago. Only small flying fish, they have strong strength, but they will not kill innocents.

The wood feathers contrasted with the map, and all the way to the valley of the grass indicated by the dead wood. After confirming that it was right here, then I looked at the entrance to the valley and fell into meditation. A dark river flows into the valley, and a blue fog barrier floats over the dead river, filling the valley, with some strange-shaped white bones on the shore, and some navy blue shrubs on the ground.

Mu Yu finally knows what the reason why the dead wood made a smoky valley in the mountains.

This is a replica of the Deadwood Valley, wrong, it should be the original! Dead wood uses a variety of poisons and catches so many rare monsters, the prototype is to simulate this place. However, Mu Yu will not naively think that it will be the same as the dead wood valley. Many things here can't be duplicated by dead wood. In fact, it will definitely be more sinister. This dead wood has also told Mu Yu seriously.

The silence here is a little scary, and the surrounding insects disappeared. In addition to the powerful monsters, few monsters dare to come in. Dead wood has been here. At that time, he was still young, but he was also a life of nine deaths. After seeing the legendary grass, he was in danger of losing his life. He had to break the jade and escape. For Mu Yu, once he entered the danger, he had no retreat, only facing.

Others can go in and explore, because others have a life-saving transmission of jade, but Mu Yu does not.

"Little handsome is waiting for me outside! If I haven't returned in ten days, you will go to someone to take you out of here. ”Mu Yu said seriously. Xiaoshuai is a magical guy. He does not intend to bring Xiaoshuai into danger. If he has an accident, he can go to find someone to leave the second day and go back to report to the dead wood. With the ability of Xiaoshuai, there is no need to worry about danger in the double heaven.

"No, it’s so quiet outside, it’s terrible."Xiaoshuai shook his tail. "I am still following you!" Anyway, there is no danger that is not my business. ”

Mu Yu laughed, this guy is simple, it spends most of the day eating and sleeping, except that it will be thrown out as a bait occasionally, every time the danger is met, Mu Yu is solving.

One person and one beast walked so carefully into the valley. For Mu Yu, this adventure is related to his own life. At the beginning, the strength of the dead wood Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian did not come to the end, and the wood feather repair was far worse than the dead wood. And the reason why the dead wood is assured that Mu Yu is in because of the transfer of jade, if the dead wood knows that Mu Yu has lost the transmission of jade, he certainly does not allow Mu Yu to enter.

The toxic fog here is basically ineffective for wood feathers, but the blue toxic fog reduces the visibility around, and the wood feathers can only see the place one or two meters ahead. Under such conditions, it is very dangerous to encounter a monster attack. Woody's shadow sword floats around him, ready to cope with sudden changes.

After about an hour, there was a green plant in front of it. The leaves of this plant are thick, and the branches are on the umbrella cap of a mushroom with a bright purple flower above the branches. The flowers are like gemstones, sparkling, and they are eye-catching, and the air is filled with the smell of raw meat.

Mu Yu recognizes this plant, which is a carnivorous flower, attracting the monsters by the bright appearance and the smell of fresh meat, and then eating them. When Mu Yu found it, it was only about two meters away. The carnivorous flower belonged to the conscious plant, and the plant of the double sky was a little resistant to the wood feather, so he chose not to disturb the flower.

Mu Yu circumvented this carnivorous flower and leaned inside. He walked along the cliffs of the valley, and the cliffs were wet and covered with moss. He couldn't see the long hair above the cliff, and he didn't plan to climb up.

The sky outside was darkening, and the darkness wrapped the wood. He did not dare to ignite if he was not sure, and the light in the dark did not have to know what would attract attention. He stopped, so it would not work if he went on. He had to wait for the day to go.

Before the sky was completely dark, he found a huge stone, cleaned the moss above, and sat up. He didn't dare to relax his vigilance. According to the dead wood, it is dangerous. If you can sleep, there will be no tomorrow.

Mu Yu closes his eyes, and the aura condenses in both ears. At night, the ears are more important than the eyes. "The rubbing sound of 嘶嘶 隐 was faintly introduced into the ears of Mu Yu, and I didn’t know what it was from. The flowing water is also mixed with some splashes of water, maybe it is what the monsters are out of the water, just don't come here.


The sharp sound of the air came to the side of the wood feather, and the head of the wood feathers glimpsed. Something passed through his ear and made a loud noise on the cliff behind him.

Another few sounds came from the air. Mu Yu immediately stepped on the Feijian and flew up. At the same time, several Dan Flint in his hand injected Reiki into the front. He had to know what was attacking, so he could deal with it.

The fire flashed, slightly dispelling the smog, and the wood feathers faintly saw a few muddy limbs on the river bank and saw the fire. These monsters retreated slightly, apparently fearing the fire. Although the beast was afraid of the fire, Mu Yu soon found more sounds coming from the river, and the fire attracted the attention of some monsters. UU reading

Mu Yu took the opportunity to leave here, he turned and walked, flew a section of the road and landed on the ground, flying here is very spiritual, those monsters should be attracted by the fire, they can also be a little relieved.

However, Mu Yu just landed, and a slippery tentacles rolled the ankle of Mu Yu. The huge pulling force came from the soles of the feet. The wood feathers were pulled away before they could react. And there was a numbness in the ankle. This tentacle was not a plant, but a kind of monster. There was a thorn on the tentacle. It was actually smoking its own blood.

Mu Yu’s flying sword is drawn down, and he will take his own tentacles and smash it. Then he wants to fly. Who knows that a thick arm is smashing toward him. He is suddenly hit by a faint, one Dan. The flint was once again ignited, and by the fire, a monster with a fish head appeared in front of him!

It is said that it is a person. In fact, it should be the body of an orangutan. It is really unknown how these monsters grow. Is it because different species cannot hybridize? Mu Yu was hit by the gorilla's arm and slammed on the ground. The demon stalked and continued to rush toward Muyu. He could only fly on the flying sword and fly up.

Flying is a very difficult thing for Mu Yu, he decided that the monster behind can not catch up, this stopped in the air. The monsters here are basically the same as those in the dead wood valley. At night, they are the most unsuitable for chaos.

But here is not a dead wood valley, you can find a cave on the cliff wall, Mu Yu tried to dig one by himself, but the stone here does not know what to do, extremely hard, he has been busy for a long time to dig a bowl-sized pit.

However, at this moment, a giant force hit the back of Mu Yu, this giant force appeared so abruptly, he did not notice where it came from, Mu Yu was black and lost consciousness.

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