Chapter 585 Power of Lightning

  The Red Moon sneer at looking at the wood plume was submerged in the corpse of the dead water, rolling corpse water no longer, like being boiled in general.

  "The corpse water which the true person turns into, certainly is more than these mortals stronger!" It is a pity that the soul of the soul only has the most natural death, otherwise the soul of this kid is also a big tonic. ”A slender tongue sticked out of the slender mouth of the red moon and licked his lips.

  It turned to look at the night, and Mu Yu battled in the middle of the night, at this moment the sky has gradually lit up, the sky reveals the white belly, the moon gradually disappears.

  Chen Erzhuang has been killed by Mu Yu, and his four buddies have climbed back into the coffin. The coffin floated on the sacred water of Huangquan, and the red mans above the coffin still did not disperse.

  "It’s a pity that Chen Erzhuang, who is doing business in the dead, was ruined by that kid. So who should I look for in the future?"

  The red moon looked at the four coffins and fell into meditation. In order to collect the soul of natural death, it took pains to use the wood man to speed up the death of the villagers, but also to make God unconscious and avoid being discovered by the comprehens here. .

  "If I am doing a lot of work, I am afraid that it will cause trouble. Why are the people who met me in Triple Sky not yet? ”The red moon glanced at the distance, and then his eyes fell on the old Xu head shivering behind the stone.

  "You can't see me, you can't see me, you can't see me…"

  The old Xu head saw that the wooden feather was drowned in the water of Huangquan. He was so scared that he was so upset that he leaned back behind the stone. His legs were already scared. He wanted to run and couldn’t move. He could only close his eyes and mouth. Vibrating words.

  "Forgot that there is still a living person here! It’s right to kill you just now, let you replace Chen Erzhuang to collect the dead people! Oh! ”

  At the foot of the Red Moon, a gentle step, Huang Quan's corpse water turned into a yellow ghost, and caught the old Xu Xutou.

  The old Xu head felt that there was any movement in the air, and opened his eyes in horror, just to see a overwhelming dead wood, suddenly scared the fart.

  "Ah, don't catch me! Mu Yu adults will save me, I have no big yellow dog, little yellow duck, old hen to feed, I don't want to die! ”

  The old Xu head hugged his head and shouted in panic. He regretted why he chose to watch the fun instead of escaping. As a result, the damn curiosity put his life into it. At this moment, he regretted that his intestines were green.

  "Five thunder!"

  "Braised ribs!"

  "Spicy chicken wings!"

  Just when the yellow ghost claws reached out and grabbed the old Xu head back, the blue lightning suddenly appeared in the air, suddenly slammed on the ghost claws, and the ghost claws formed by the corpse of Huang Quan were instantly overbearing. The lightning flashed into a pile of black debris that dissipated in the air.

  The boiling corpse of the dead body water formed a huge vortex, three of shadows from the corpse water in the sky, one of the small shadow hand also copied a bigger than it dozens of times times the blue giant sword, kept waving, blue lightning is from its sword gas, sword gas split in the dead body water, the corpse of the dead water out of a coke smoke.

  "Can you two be so disgusting? Is it not good to shout the slogan of the five thunder? ”Mu Yu frowned and dismissed, and the two guys also shouted the name of the dish.

  The three of them were clean and the yellow corpse water that had been contaminated by him had already been removed by him!

  "How can it be? You obviously fell into my Huang Quanzhong,

It should be eroded by Huangquan corpse water! Why are you able to be safe? ”The Red Moon is full of anger, it does not understand why these three guys are still alive and kicking.

  "Because we are thick!"Xiaoshuai smugly blurted out.

  "Thin thick your sister! I am a very good young, good-looking young man with a thin face. ”Mu Yu could not help but screamed, and then showed a ridiculous look: "I said that the meat wings and horns, you control the corpse of Huang Quan, but you do not know the situation in the corpse of Huang Quan, you are not stupid!"

  The corrosiveness of Huangquan corpse water is indeed very strong. I am afraid that the comprehensible person in the fit period will be soaked by so many corpses of water, and there will be no special magic weapon to finish playing.

  After all, Huang Quan corpse will absorb the spiritual power of the self-cultivator, so that the spiritual power can not protect his body.

  Once there is no spiritual protection, the comprehension is almost the same as the mortal.

  However, the wood spirit on the hand of Mu Yu is extraordinary and directly accepts him. This Muling did not have the horrible pressure of the barriers of the heavens and the earth. The dead water in this area is still too tender.

  As for Xiaoshuai, this kind of skin is thick and thick, and I will not say it. I throw it in the sacred water of Huangquan for a few hundred years without taking off the hair. Longtan is forced to combine all of it with the sword. The Huangquan corpse was blocked and was pulled into the wood spirit by the wood feathers in time.

  "This guy is not afraid of electricity, but its corpse is afraid of electricity, let us give these grievances over!"Mu Yu said seriously.

  A large part of the power of the Red Moon comes from this disgusting Huangquan corpse. As long as these Huangquan corpse waters are fixed, the small meat-winged horns can't turn over the waves.

  On the face of the red moon, there is a hot look. Where can I think that the first self-cultivator I met after I came out would be so difficult, and my quirky exercises will be endless, and I will use the thunder of restraining it.

  But it sneered, saying: "I want to use lightning to deal with me? you think too much! My Huang Quan corpse is endless, and with your little thunder, I see how you get it! ”r />
"Life is endless? That is my practice! ”

  Mu Yu’s heart moved, and he made a look to Xiao Shuai and Long Teng. All three were in the air, and they all knew the other’s mind without talking. Xiao Shuai and Long Teng immediately understood the meaning of Mu Yu.

  Xiaoshuai’s thunder and lightning sword has once again risen high, and the thunder and lightning will be long, and the magnificent momentum will instantly pour out.

  "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

  The huge thunder and lightning swords did not enter the sky, suddenly the winds and clouds, the air did not know when there had been a burst of dark thunderclouds, the electric sparks flashed in the thunderclouds, thunder and bang, as if a heavy rain was coming .

  "The dragon of the wind is whistling!"

  The dragon vines are full of swords and the body becomes extremely large. The majestic dragon shadow is mixed with the majestic momentum, turning into a sturdy sword and heading toward the thunderclouds in the air.


  The thick thunder of the bucket is like the provocation of Long Teng, and suddenly slammed down to the dragon vine. The Huanghuang Tianwei can't be alive, and the momentum is like a rainbow, as if to extend the justice of the world.

  And the dragon vine straightly rotates, the sword of the body is transformed into a sharp vortex, it opens a huge dragon mouth, and instantly swallows the huge thunder of the bucket!

  The dragon's body suddenly filled with endless lightning sparks, and the body's momentum became stronger and stronger, as if it reached a certain critical point, and then it opened its mouth again, and a blue breath spewed out with a terrible thunder.

  The wooden feathers below are covered by black and white inscriptions, and the inscriptions are intertwined in the formations. On the occasion of the dragon's breath, the black and white inscriptions have been shrouded in the dragon's breath, and the buckets are thick. The lightning is compressed again.

  Mu Yu held the breath of Long Teng in his hand. The power of the horrible thunderbolt has turned into a small white ball with only a thumb thickness, but the air around the palm of the wooden feather is cut by some sharp edges. In general, there was a black-and-white crack, and the white thunder ball was suppressed by the desire to rush out of the wood feather.

  "I let your Huangquan corpse water live!"

  Mu Yu has already suppressed the thunderball to his own limit, and then he can't hold it anymore. He went straight to the murder of the Huangquan corpse in Taotao Tao.

  The face of the red moon changed greatly, and the horrible thunder ball made it feel guilty. The wings behind it swelled, and the corners of the chest turned into a red awn, like a sharp sharp knife, greeted the thunder ball!

  It must block this horrible thunder ball by itself, otherwise the Huangquan corpse will be destroyed by the thunder ball!

  "boom! boom! ”

  The corner of the chest in the red moon is like a blade that is invincible, and the little thunder ball is instantly destroyed.

  It laughed: "Happiness! What other tricks are there, though! ”

  However, it suddenly changed his face, because it felt that something was wrong, and the breath that made it heartless did not dissipate because of the disappearance of the thunderball!

  That thunder ball still exists!

  "Hey, where are you going to drill?" Flesh-winged horns? ”

  Mu Yu did not know when he had come to Chiwan, not only him, Xiaoshuai and Longteng were also behind him dozens of meters, and the thunderball in the hands of Mu Yu had not been thrown out!

  It is a magical array!

  The red moon was shocked, it was able to lay down the lost heart, it shows that it has a certain understanding of the law, Mu Yu uses the magic array to confuse it, let it mistakenly think that the thunder ball has already been thrown out!

  Red Moon immediately turned around and rushed toward Muyu, but suddenly there were countless figures of wood feathers everywhere. Each of the wooden feathers held a horrible thunder ball in his hand. The power was incomparable, and it was impossible to tell which one was true. The body!

  "The Magic Array can actually beat me! But it is here! ”

  The red moon gnawed his teeth and smashed his teeth. The red awns blew open. As the 10,000 arrows rushed into the air, the air appeared in the air. Under the impact of the awnings, all the patterns were like broken mirrors. "Broken."

  But what makes the Red Moon horrified is that there are still nine wooden feathers in the body!

  The nine wooden feathers did not hold a powerful thunder ball at all, but held a blue-colored shadow sword. The thunderball was imprisoned at the shadow of the sword. Countless swords wrapped the thunderball and suppressed the thunderball. Only the size of the peas!

  Nine points of the sword were thrown out together, and the thunder ball was wrapped in a fierce sword, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com with the momentum of ruining the earth and rushing down to the ruins of Huangquan, these nine thunderballs have fallen into the water of Huangquan from nine different directions. The speed is already so long that the red moon is beyond the reach!

  "you dare!"

  The Red Moon didn’t even know when Mu Yu had laid out such a violent illusion, but the dragon vine in the air had once again spit out the bowl-sized thunder ball and greeted the red moon. The red moon did not have the ability to chase nine thunderballs. .

  When the nine thunderballs touched the corpse of Huangquan, all the corpses of Huangquan suddenly gave off a horrible and sorrowful cry, and then nine thunderballs burst open.

  The powerful power of thunder and lightning poured out, forming a blue whirlpool, stirring all the yellow spring water, and tightly slamming, all the yellow corpses were covered by lightning, and the original waves were still surging. From time to time, the turkey water of Huangquan suddenly became quiet.

  The atmosphere became a bit strange, time seemed to solidify at that point, the dead bones in the corpse of Huang Quan stopped floating, and even the blue eyes of the scorpions that flashed on the eye sockets appeared.

  The regrowth of Huangquan is like being dried, solidified, hardened, and then gradually cracked, like a dry field, revealing a shocking crack.

  Snapped! Snapped!

  Then he turned into a smoky smoke and blasted it up, causing the whole burial valley to tremble fiercely.

  The Huangquan corpse in the entire burial valley has disappeared in an instant!

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