Chapter 1139: The Field of Swords

        Even if the door to death is destroyed, it does not matter to them, because the gate that kind of defense want to block the master of the Mahayana period is impossible, wood feather a sword split just will destroy the whole mountain, the corpse of the most value corpse spring is they protect tightly, as long as the corpse springs not destroyed, all loss can withstand.

        "Big Brother, this humble cock is just enough for me to clean up!"

        The corpse chilly and arrogantly looked at Mu Yu and the nameless, and did not put these two people in their eyes. Since the aliens invaded the Three Heavens, all the people who want to resist are controlled and even killed by them!

        The Terran did not have any resistance, and the collapse was like a mountain. Under the leadership of the White World, the entire triple sky was conquered without any resistance. Except for the sect and the Dan Ding, all the Terran cities have fallen, and the Terran is also a prisoner. No matter which interracial person, they are dismissive of the human race.

        The corpse chills stand proudly in the void, watching Mu Yu from the top down: "The Terran ants, you are squatting in front of me, you want me to do it yourself? I can tell you, if I am hands-on, I will make you feel better than death! ”

        "The fourth child, start with a light touch, don't let him die too fast, we only need his body, but the other family's guys want his painful blood and soul."The corpse is smiling.

        "Do not worry! Big Brother, we have not come to Santian for a good time! My body is rusting, the human race is our toy, and the toy always has to be played and thrown away. This cockroach slowly crushed him, letting him know in desperation what it is against us! Hahaha! ”The corpse screamed and laughed.

        The other three corpses also laughed arrogantly. The four of them were completely dismissive of Mu Yu and the unnamed. Since the alien army invaded the Three Heavens, the Terran collapsed and became the object of their enslavement, the only remaining Some Terrans have hid in the Dan Ding and the sect.

        In their view, the two men are completely looking for death. They look at Mu Yu and the nameless eyes as if they have already announced the death penalty of both of them.

        However, Mu Yu only looked at him indifferently. Without any extra words, the shadow sword had risen again, and black and white light was shining in both eyes. The power of the field poured out.

The corpse chills will be shrouded directly into it.

        Life and death Yukun!

        Two black and white rays rushed to the sky, and they circled each other on the sky sword. The sky sword was instantly covered by a strong and magnificent atmosphere of black and white. The Jianfeng shivered slightly, stirring the world and the whole earth. They trembled fiercely!

        "Hey, little insects!"The corpse was cold and laughed, and rushed straight toward Tianjian.


        The sword was swept in the corpse and the body was chilly. The other person's body lit up with a reddish-brown brilliance. The red copper had a muffled sound and wanted to withstand the sword, but the wooden feather's sword was almost incredible. The corpse of the rushing corpse is just a face-to-face and has been smashed into two halves by a sword of Mu Yu!

        "How can this be!"

        The cold smile of the corpse instantly solidified. It looked incredibly as if it had broken into two bodies. The body's fracture was still full of black and white swords, which invaded its body like a bone. The body completely lost control, and the corpse of the whole body could not be completely condensed!


        The mad smile has been replaced by a scream of screaming, and it has been echoing in the void for a long time. The corpse of the smashed in two is screaming, half of his wounds are white, and half of the death is black. Keep on consuming.

        "There are many people who die, and die fast."Mu Yu said faintly.


        The black and white sword violently burst from the dead body of the corpse and the two pieces, and instantly killed it!

        The remaining three corpses were stunned, and their ugly smiles were replaced by shocks. In their cognition, the Terran is a weak waste, not worth a fortune in front of a powerful alien. In addition, Mie Tian also had a total of four Mahayana people, two of whom were seriously injured and simply did not dare to come out.

        However, the four corpses did not expect that Mu Yu was only a sword, and the corpse of the Mahayana period did not even have time to release his own field, and was directly killed by Mu Yu!

        "The fourth child!"The corpse was angered and angered, and it stared at Mu Yu. His eyes were covered with blood and filled with endless resentment. "Who are you!"

        Mu Yu slowly raised his head: "Kill your people!"


        The shadow sword has once again fallen into the sky, and the two black and white swords are spinning and tumbling, just like two dragons rolling, entangled with the sword, so that the whole world is faintly torn.

        The corpse statue is what I think of, and exclaimed: "This is the sword of the sky, the sword of the legendary shadow of the sword!" Are you a sword shadow dust? Impossible, the heavenly person said that the sword shadow dust has died, are you not his descendant? ”

        However, Mu Yu simply did not pay attention to what the corpse was saying, and the magnificent swordsmanship descended from the sky, like the sacred light, wanting to destroy everything in the world!

        "Don't be a kid!"

        The three corporal people have completely changed their face in the face of this incomparable sword. They no longer dare to look down. The three men roared and smacked toward Mu Yu. The gloomy field illuminates from them. The fields overlap and the hard hit and the wood feathers are hard to resist!


        The huge fluctuations of the field rushed out everywhere, and the rivers and mountains that were thousands of miles away from the dead gates were all broken, the ground cracked, the gullies were all over, and all the mountains were razed to the ground under this attack!


        The fields formed by the three corpses joined together to explode directly. They flew out and slammed into the ground, pulling out a huge pit of diameter kilometers!

        However, the three corpses are also a Mahayana period. Although they were forced to retreat by Mu Yu’s sword, this time they were not killed because of the ability to use the field in time. Even so, the three corpses have rolled their hearts and waves!

        To know that Mu Yu is only a person, a sword, and their three corporal areas joined forces against Mu Yu, they can not resist this sword!

        The strength of Mu Yu is far beyond their expectations!

        "Are you a disciple of the sword shadow dust? Impossible, the white world said that the disciples of the sword shadow dust are all trapped in the ancient battlefield, and there is no way to come back. No one can come back from the ancient battlefield. How can the Terran appear like you? ? ”

        Corpse decay muttered, it has never seen the Sword Shadow Dust Wind four Mahayana period to fix the Apprentice, in their invasion Sanchong days, the Sword shadow Dust wind of four disciples have been abandoned in the ancient battlefield, so the Terran did not have any resistance of the force was enslaved for a whole year, but now suddenly appeared a day sword, Give them three corpses to scare!

        "Your field is very strong."Surprised by the nameless.

        In the face of these four corpses, Mu Yu did not have any mercy, directly destroyed a corpse, but also a sword broke the superposition of the other three areas, Mu Yu's strength has been far from the nameless imagination.

        "I also want to see your field."Mu Yu said.

        Mu Yu is very curious, a person who only uses a sword, the realization of the inevitable is the field of the sword, how powerful is the nameless field?

        "You will see it."

        The nameless whole person floated out, his sword was not around, his right hand was slightly shriveled, just like holding a piece of heaven and earth, the whole piece of void was shaking slightly, it seems that heaven and earth must become a sword in his hand!

        A vague sword is gradually gathering in his hands, just like the Yellow River is tumbling, and the surging swords are like a wave of waves, hitting the whole piece of void, making people feel that the air is everywhere.

        His goal is to get away from the recent corpse!

        "The third child! Be careful! ”

        The Dead and the dead and the two corpses drank wildly, and went towards the corpse, they two have just been Mu Yu a sword to fly out, at this time distance corpse cumin still have a distance, this distance originally for Mahayana period is not what, but the nameless sword came to an incredible point, let them two have no empty assistance corpse cumin.

        The corpse has been locked in by the nameless sword, and it can only be avoided. "It’s just that you just got what you want. Do you really think that our corpse is so irritating?"

        There were countless blood-red corpses in the whole body, and the corpse was so stinking that it was scattered in the air, but it disappeared from the whole person, as if it had been shrouded with the corpse.

        The field, blood rotted!

        In its field, any spell power will be transformed into a scarlet corpse in the sky, and these corpses are constantly smashed, and there is no point at all. The overwhelming corpse will be covered by nameless, madly eroding the nameless, wanting to ruin the nameless!

        But the nameless just waved a sword in his hand.

        That sword is taken from the invisible sword of his hand, simple, but overbearing!

        Field, sword point Cang!

        In his field, there is only one sword left in the eyes of anyone. It’s a little bit of a sky, and it’s a sword. It must be hard-wired and inevitable!

        When the corpse of the corpse was in the nameless field, it was twisted into a sword shape, and the corpse was horrified. It wanted to escape, but the sword had locked it, it was either To greet this sword, it is directly destroyed by this sword! I can't escape at all!


        The corpse of the corpse was greeted with a nameless sword, and a crisp sound, the time seemed to be stagnant. The original tumbling corpse stopped, no longer shaking, and then gradually solidified, like yellow. The sand meets into a stone.

        The coagulated corpse began to crack, crisply echoing in everyone's ears, UU reading www. The eyes of the corpse have already reached the extreme!


        The corpse burst into dust, and the corpse of the Mahayana period has turned into ashes!

        "The youngest!"

        The corpse and the corpse of the two corpses were angry and angry, and they arrived too late, unable to save their companions!

        The sword is a Cang, a sword breaks the law, a simple sword, can not be evaded, can only meet the sword, this is a powerful field as a swordsman.

        Whether it is Mu Yu or no name, the two men killed and killed the dead, only use a sword! …


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