Chapter 591 illusory

  "The force of nature, Dad's" Hyun-matrix "There are records AH! You are not serious about reading. ”Small handsome 哼唧, usually it likes to turn the "Xuan array" casual look, it can be said that it to the "Hyun-matrix" understanding than Mu Yu more.

  "The force of nature" is not fully recorded in the "Xuan," only mentioned one or two words ah. ”Mu Yu Road.

  When he was recording his own formation, he often felt that something was too simple and there was no need to record it, so the whole book was an inscrutable array, which made people wonder. He has mentioned the force of nature, but it does not tell us how to guide the forces of nature.

  "In the sixth paragraph of the third line of the 1937th page, he said that everything can be done, including people."Xiaoshuai sometimes stupid, sometimes the memory is surprisingly good, mainly because it has an unforgettable ability, but Mu Yu does not, he only has a strong ability to deduct.

  Mu Yu doesn't like reading books very much, because every book written by Deadwood is very thick. Just a book of "Xuanzhen" is fifteen centimeters thick, half as large as a table, and surprisingly bulky.

  Although he is not bad in his memory, he has not reached the level of unforgettable, at least not to the extent of the first few pages of the first few pages, but he remembers this sentence.

  "So? Everything is OK, this sentence Lu Xianshi also told me! Not only Lu Xianshi, but also the Heavenly Road. ”Mu Yu said.

  He used to get all the inheritance of the heavens, but many things need to be understood by himself. Mu Yu used to have no shortage of materials before, so he was not very concerned about the power of nature, and did not go deep into it.

  But today, I found that the method of Master's arrangement actually uses the power of nature, so he has to start to treat the power of nature.

  "The main point of the dead wood is the word 'including people'."Xiaoshuai said seriously.

  "Include people?"Mu Yu frowned, and people are part of nature?

  He felt as if he had realized something, and suddenly he closed his eyes and distributed his spiritual power regularly. Look carefully at those psychic situations and then be surprised to find that your psychic power is stripped of some intangible material, but it does not weaken his spirit as much as it is superfluous to be stripped away.

  These intangible and qualitative things are slowly being pulled out and integrated into this array to make the formation more solid. Although it was insignificant, I was surprised by Mu Yu.

  Is this the power of nature?

  Mu Yu touched the stone floating around with her hand and seriously realized the change of the stone. It was found that some of the stones seemed to have been taken away and could not be pondered, but it really existed.

  "This array of methods can turn all the things that enter the array into the power of nature. When we enter, we actually become part of the base, but because this influence is minimal, we can't feel it."Xiaoshuai said.

  "We have also become the power of nature? Can the array be arranged like this? ”

  Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully. He calculated the distribution of the formation in his heart and found that not only the stones around him, but also the entire burial valley and the flowers and trees around the burial valley, the birds and beasts, and even the barriers of heaven and earth. The devastating power of terror is all the base of the battle!

  If the strange array is really unprecedented!

  "The power of nature really needs to be self-conscious.

You can try it. In this array, there is a lot of power everywhere. It is much easier to learn the power of nature. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  Usually Mu Yu always wants to learn to use the power of nature, but the power of nature is too illusory, he is difficult to comprehend. At present, in a formation with the power of nature, it is indeed an opportunity for Mu Yu to understand the power of nature.

  Mu Yu began to understand the invisible and qualitative power, the kind of thing that is illusory but truly exists, as long as it can be controlled, then it can cope with the situation at hand.

  Naturally, it is a way of being free and relaxed, without deliberately disguising anything, what is the matter of everything. Everything in the world has its own true side, and the power displayed on that side is the power of nature.

  Mu Yu emptied his mind, and the whole person fell into a state of lightness, whether it was the spiritual power or the gravel around him, or the power of tyrannical power from the barriers of the heavens and the earth. These are natural. Part of it.

  Instead of relying on consciousness to lead, let everything move as you like…

  The power to sustain this movement comes from themselves. This is what Mu Yu needs to understand. He needs to guide the power and turn it into his own use.

  On the sidelines, Xiaoshuai began to take the Dan Fushi roast chicken legs to eat. The clean bones were thrown directly to the heaven and earth barriers outside the gap of the law. The bones were directly turned into nothingness, and the disposal of garbage was simple and effective.

  Long Teng yawned, his tail licked, his eyelids pulled and began to sleep.

  Everything in this all seems so comfortable, the invisible and qualitative power is screaming around, flowing…

  "So this is ah!"

  The black and white spirit of Mu Yu continued to flow. The power of free and easy spirit in the spiritual power began to rush and rush. The natural power of all things echoed with the spiritual power of Mu Yu, and began to be pulled by Mu Yu. Go to your side.

  The formation of the squall appears as a gossip,
At the foot of Mu Yu began to spin, he began to try to use this weak force to transform into a base, and arranged a simple Qingyan sound Array. He just summoned a green swallow, but Qingyan had not left from his palm, and he slammed and slammed.

  The natural power gathered by Mu Yu could not provide enough power for Qingyan to take over the sound array. He tried several other battles in succession and found that he could not achieve the desired effect.

  "Strange, where is the problem?"

  Mu Yu is puzzled. Why can Master use the power of nature as a base, and he can't do it with the most basic array?

  He began to ponder the timing of the power of nature at work, but the power of nature was always a little worse, he could not grasp the trace of insight.

  "No, the power of nature is too mysterious. I don't know anything about it. Even if I can feel its existence, I can't use it properly."Mu Yu shook his head.

  In fact, it took him only about a quarter of an hour to discover the power of emptiness, which is already very against the sky.

  However, the array under the wind and dust is too mysterious. It is impossible to learn the most basic natural power according to the mysterious array. If at this moment, Feng Haochen can personally demonstrate a simple natural force to Mu Yu. The array, then he will understand where the balance between the power of nature and the formation is.

  Although Mu Yu couldn't grasp the power of nature, at least he realized a little fur, and it was an introduction.

  Xiaoshuai shook his tail and said: "It depends on your own understanding anyway. If you can't fix this powerful array, you need at least one of your own arrays to stop people coming in from the barriers of heaven and earth. Put a few powerful killings, let them retreat."

  Mu Yu understands that he can only do this, but although he does not have enough spiritual power to repair the pattern, he can use his own pattern to prevent the gap from continuing to expand.

  "How about this! I simply put a mirror image in the gap of this array. The next time a meat-winged horn geek wants to come in from at least a mirror array, it is only necessary to rectify them. ”

  Mu Yu thought for a moment, but the original mirror array made him impressed. This array of methods can make people come in from somewhere, and go out for a long time.

  The full version of the mirror array is very powerful, and Mu Yu knows how to arrange it.

  As long as the entrance of the mirror array is set in front of the ruin of the array, then the next time you encounter a monster like the red moon that you want to come in, you will break into the mirror array, no matter how it goes. , will go back to the breach, no way to go further.

  "You can set up the squad in the mirror array to reverse the killing, and finally come to a storm of pears to serve, and then another thunder!"Xiaoshuai suggested it.

  "Do you want to use your tall image to shock the enemy?"Mu Yu smiled.

  "This can be!"Xiaoshuai is excited to take the lead.

  Mu Yu shrugged helplessly, and then joined his powerful swordless sword in the mirror array, Xiaoshuai volunteered to host Xuan Cang Lei Lei Jianzhen.

  Considering that the lightning is the nemesis of Huang Quan's corpse, Mu Yu also agreed, so that after the arrangement, he added several layers of indestructible guardian array after the mirror array.

  As long as the strength of the formation is strong enough and the formation is stable enough, there is no need to worry about being broken by brute force.

  Mu Yu spent the world's array of methods to ensure this, his array is far above the red moon, even if the Red Moon wants to come out of this array is unlikely.

  Mu Yu arranged everything, and finally took a look at the powerful array left by Master, and then left the ruined valley along the same path.

  "Where are we going next?"Longtan asked with a squint.

  "Go to the ghost island! But we must first know how to go to Ghost Island. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  This is a difficult problem. The location of Ghost Island is only known to Chi Longgong, and the wood feathers are not clear.

  "Since it is an island, it must be at the beach. Let's go to the beach to see if there is anything unusual. Maybe you can find the traces of the ghost gates and secretly follow them! ”Mu Yu said.


  But shortly after Mu Yu left the burial valley, in addition to the array of methods under the burial valley, UU read, the vast and innocent barriers of the heavens and the earth suddenly slammed through a fiery glow, and the latter figure Appear slowly in the light.

  The barriers of heaven and earth have a horrible tearing force that can instantly destroy a person's body.

  But this sudden man walked among the barriers of heaven and earth, but walked like a leisurely walk. He flew in the barriers of heaven and earth, and then, as if he had discovered something, he gradually approached the array under the burial valley.

  He stroked his hand with his hand, and the pattern gently bounced his hand out. He flew in a circle along the huge array, then saw the break made by the Red Moon, and then walked in.

  "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

  A scream of milk and milk, the image of Xiaoshuai suddenly appeared, a blue sky sword mixed with the thunder of the situation towards the people shadow.

  But this man just stretched out a hand and grabbed the blue sky sword. The blue sky sword that Xiaoshuai seemed to be powerful and overbearing was not worth mentioning in his hands.

  "Sword spirit of the sword shadow dust? Is the sword shadow dust wind nearby? ”The figure was amazed.

  He walked around the entire array, and the array of wood feathers
The technique was ineffective for him, and he easily wore it in the past.

  "Moon and Sangong, Santian seems to be easy to change. Sword shadow dust, you still lose! Triple Heaven is no longer yours. ”

  The figure gradually turned into a streamer disappearing under the burial valley.

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