Chapter 261 The troubles of the Pines

  Going back to the Mouyun Mountain Muyu, I know how scarce the aura here is. If the aura of the Triple Continent is dozens of times more powerful than that of the Mouyun Mountain Range, then the aura of the Double Heaven is a bit more powerful than the Mou Mountain Range. hundred times! Because of the aura of the dusty mountains, their aura here is the same as the triple continent outside the Mouyama Mountains. But in the Moyun Mountain Range outside the Dust Mountain, the aura feels like a small spoonful of sugar melted into a large water tank, and everyone is rushing to taste the sugar.

  Mu Yu is now repaired to the Yuan Ying period, and the speed is extremely fast. It takes a lot of time to go to the Qingsong in the past, but now it will take half an hour. When they landed at the foot of the Qingsong Mountain, it was unbelievable to find the old man. He was able to fly with the magic weapon that Feng Haochen sent him. So he also flew for a long time, but Mu Yu took him just a blink of an eye. Things?

  "Mu Yu, I ask you, are you repairing it is already–" Looking for the old swallowed a little, I feel a little incredible.

  "Well, I am in the Yuan Ying period."Mu Yu said casually, his current repairs have already reached Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian. His cultivation is not dazzling on the triple continent. The people who have been cultivated high in the triple continent have gone more. He can only be regarded as medium, but it is indeed one of the best in the young generation of the triple continent.

  For his own cultivation of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian, Mu Yu did not feel much surprised. In the double heaven, he stayed near the demon island for half a year, plus two months of transmission of jade restrictions, he stayed for nearly eight months, the two heavens auspicious is very mellow, with the talent of wood feather, have this kind of The speed of cultivation is not too much.

  He felt that it was no big deal, but in the eyes of the old man, it was like the existence of the Arabian Nights!

  "Yuan Ying period? God! Then, isn't that the same as the Qingsong Taoist? ”Looking for the old man took a breath, although he had already thought of this possibility, but after confirming it from the wood feather mouth is still quite shocked.

  "Should, I think I am a little bit better than the Qingsong Taoist."Mu Yu knows what the old man is thinking. Anyway, looking for the old is his own, and there is nothing to hide. It is too difficult for Qingsong Dao to improve in this place in the Moyun Mountain Range. Mu Yu estimates that the Qingsong Taoist is now at the top of the Yuan Ying.

  "Then you, you are also a ancestor?"Looking for the old man scared the body and almost fell and fell.

  "What ancestors? I am young! ”Mu Yu touched the tail of Xiao Shuai. Just now, Xiao Shuai’s dead skin Bai Lai went to the city to buy a few chicken legs to eat. Now he is very happy.

  "Old ancestors? Oops, what is the ancestor that can be seen everywhere outside the Three Continents? ”Xiaoshuai said unclearly. The Yuan Ying period people can only be called the ancestors in the poor and backward areas of the Moyun Mountain Range. The repair of the Yuan Ying period on the triple continent can only be regarded as just the qualification to cultivate the real world. People are everywhere!

  Looking for the old man for a long time before returning to the gods, remembering that Mu Yu has been able to win even the Qingsong Taoist, he suddenly smiled, so that the status of the dust in the desert mountain can be even more sublime. He also thought that Luo Yu, the second brother of Mu Yu, had put the Qingsong Taoist in a tidy and obedient post. Now that Mu Yu is back, it is extraordinary. He doesn't mention how proud he is.

  Looking for the old saying: "Now the head of the Qingsong faction is Bailang, and the Qingsong Taoist people have retired and cultivated. Now all the sects in the Moyun Mountains have listened to the command of the Qingsong faction, and no one dares not to comply. ”

  This wood feather does not know that Mu Yu left the Moyun Mountain for three years, but the Qingsong faction has also been four years in the realm of comprehension. He has not known how the Mogan Mountains have become these years.

However, whoever is the leader of the Qingsong faction has little influence on him, and the Qingsong Taoist has to bow down in front of him! What is the white wave?

  The two soon came to the Qingsong School. When they saw the Qingsong School again, Mu Yu had no such exclamation. He admitted that the overall architectural style of the Pines was very extravagant, but it was still more than the Dan Ding faction. It’s a long way off. The Danding School is a super-rich martial art school. The Qingsong School can only be used as a blessing in the Moyun Mountain Range. After the Three Continents, nothing can be considered.

  However, the Qingsong faction can no longer compare with the big sects of the triple continent, at least too much stronger than the wooden feathers. Mu Yu looked at the magnificent mountain gate of the Qingsong School. I think that the Qingsong faction is rich, but unfortunately, his master is very low-key. Otherwise, the mountain gate of the Dust Mountain should be repaired.

  There is a large group of guarded disciples on the gate of Qingsongpai. Everyone’s expression is very serious, like what is being prepared. This made Mu Yu feel strange and asked: "Is the Qingsong faction guarded so strict?"

  Looking for the old is also a bit puzzled, he shook his head and said: "No, the Qingsong faction is the world's largest school, usually do not need so many disciples on duty, after all, no one who does not have long eyes dare to come here to mess. When I left a few days ago, it was still fine. Would you like me to ask? ”

  "No, let's go up the mountain!"Mu Yu is not so polite, even if there are more people guarding it, it is also in the presence of Mu Yu. He disappeared directly into the mountain gate with the old man, and then appeared on the top of the mountain.

  Here is the square of the Qingsong School, which is majestic and magnificent. It is the root of the Qingsong School. At this moment, many disciples Yu Jian are patrolling in the air. Everyone's face is very grim.

  "who are you? Here is the Qingsong faction, and no one can be arrogant! ”The two Qingsong disciples saw the strange face of Mu Yu, and suddenly the face changed. As the enemy turned out, they immediately jumped over and yelled.

  Their voices just fell, and soon more Qingsong disciples were surrounded. Everyone pulled out their flying sword and pointed at Mu Yu. Everyone’s face was very serious.

  "stop! Give me a hand! ”Searching
The old man quickly came out from behind Mu Yu and shouted loudly.

  "I have seen elders!"All the disciples saw the old man and immediately bowed down on one knee.

  This is a very strange phenomenon. All the Qingsong disciples present in the field are repairing the foundation period, but they are bowing to the old man who is practicing the qi period. Uninformed people will be shocked by the big teeth, but these are very proud. The Qingsong disciples did not have one to dare to say anything.

  Although the elders were only trained to have a training period, the Qingsong Taoists regarded him as a guest, and ordered other disciples not to slow down to find elders. Because of the dusty faction, now he is second only to the head of the Qingsong school. Qingsong Taoist.

  "Wow, looking for you is good now."Mu Yu secretly smiled.

  Looking for the old is awkward, whispered: "Don’t laugh at me, it’s not for your blessing."

  All the disciples of the Qingsong School knew the old man, the deacon of the school, the servant of the comprehension, and no one did not know him. A few years ago, when the Qingsong Taoists announced that they would be regarded as the elders of the Qingsong faction, many disciples were not convinced at that time. After all, all the Qingsong disciples had more or less sought after the old as a servant. Now the servants have climbed onto their heads, and they have to kneel down. Who can bear for the arrogant Qingsong disciple?

  So some people resisted and humiliated a search for the old, and the result was discovered by the Qingsong Taoist people. They immediately expelled the person from the Qingsong faction. From then on, no one dared to disrespect the old man, even if he was just a rookie.

  "Everyone loves peace."Xiaoshuai jumped to the old shoulder with a chicken leg and made a full, shouting the big tail. Mu Yu gave the little handsome back to the headache, but the little guy liked to take advantage of it.

  "Get up! To inform the head, it is said that there are guests coming. Also, by the way, send someone to find the empty and wonderful two. ”Looking for the old man to put on a majestic gesture, although his elders have no real power in the Qingsong faction, but the status is detached, no one dares to offend him, this is enough.

  The two disciples hesitated: "Elders, empty and wonderful, it is no problem, as for the head -"

  "What happened to the head?"Looking for the old frowning.

  The disciple hesitated for a long while, saying: "The head is now discussing with the other elders in the temple, let us stay outside, not allowed to disturb."

  "presumptuous! Is there anything bigger than the Lord's? Do you know who he is? ”Looking for the old wrath.

  Mu Yu patted the old shoulders, and the atmosphere of the Yuan Ying period swept away in the hall of the deliberation. He was alarmed by a group of people in the Jindan period, where the group originally discussed fiercely and was suddenly surprised by Mu Yu. Infant breath was scared, everyone was panicked, and many people had already got up and flew outside.

  Mu Yu smiled and said: "No, I have already informed him, he has come."

  As I said, a floating figure galloped from the hall of the proceedings. The people have not yet arrived, and the voice has been passed over: "The wooden feathers are coming, there is a far-reaching welcome, but also hope for forgiveness!"

  The white waves fell in front of all the Qingsong disciples and bowed to Mu Yu. Not only him, but also followed by a group of senior Jindan elders, also followed the ceremony. The feathers of Mu Yu’s deliberately distributed Yuan Ying period are very majestic. Everyone is looking at the wood feathers in front of him in disbelief. I don’t understand whether this person is an enemy or a friend.

  "what?"All the young Songzi disciples have been stupid. It seems that the 17-year-old young man He De He can, let their heads and those high-ranking Jindan period elders do this gift?

  It is necessary to know that Bailang is now the head of the Qingsong faction and leads the entire realm of cultivation. Except for his master Qingsong Taoist, all the self-cultivators must bow in front of him. However, it is such a person who is under the head of the Qingsong faction who is under the 10,000 people. He even bowed to a young man! Isn't this a dream?

  "The white wave head does not have to be polite, Qingsong Taoist?"Mu Yu found that the entire mountain did not feel the breath of the Qingsong Taoist, I feel a little embarrassed.

  Bai Lang recognized Mu Yu. In the same year, Mu Yu left a deep impression on him in the test of the Qingsong School. A small age can defeat many geniuses in the realm of cultivation. But now I see the unfathomable cultivation of Mu Yu, and my heart is even more shocked! Because the atmosphere of Mu Yu is normal, he can only feel it from his master, Qingsong Taoist. This is a real Yuan Ying period, even more powerful than his master Qingsong Taoist!

  In the end, the dust party raised a group of monsters!

  White Wave has long known about the situation of the Dust School from the Qingsong Taoist people. He also knows that there is a second brother named Luo Wei who is a respectable person of his master. Qingsong Dao people have long warned of white waves and are not allowed to offend any disciples. Today, when Mu Yu appeared here, his heart was even more difficult to calm down. I did not expect that there would be a disciple of Yuan Ying period as a disciple in the disciples of the Dust!

  On the white wave, a complex look appeared on his face. He turned and retired the disciples who were scared, and then said: "The teacher has something to do with, can't walk away, please ask in the honor."

  Mu Yu perceives the white-washed face and understands that the Qingsong Taoist people are afraid of encountering something, and they walked into the hall of the deliberation with the old man and the white waves.

  There are a group of elders of the Jindan period, who are all old-fashioned, but they are all afraid of taking a breath in front of Mu Yu. Not very light.

  "Sorry, please take a seat."Bai Lang gave his position to Mu Yu, and Mu Yu did not sit down directly.

Let's talk about what troubles your Master has encountered. ”Wood Yu was too lazy to turn around and asked directly.

  Bailang sighed and glanced at the old man standing next to Muyu. He wanted to find the old man and was not an outsider. He said: "If you are dissatisfied, the Master does encounter troublesome troubles. The mountains will be turned over again."

  "Oh? Tell me. ”Mu Yu frowned, Qingsong Taoist in the Moyun Mountain is the emperor, the people admire, only hand to cover the sky, the wind and rain, in addition to the dusty people who dare to find Qingsong Tao people trouble, who will go to find Qingsong Tao people trouble?

  Bai Lang smiled bitterly: "A while ago, UU read a book There is a young man in my room, his repair is really terrible, and actually reached the Yuan Ying period. At that time, my master was aware that he immediately came out to block him. His tone was very arrogant, and immediately gave my teacher a challenge book. I asked my teacher to go to him after seven days, saying that it was a grievance. ”

  “Young people in the Yuan Ying period?”Mu Yu has been indulging for a long while, and his heart is wondering if the people who are not ghosts are making a comeback. "Qingsong Taoists accept the challenge? ”Mu Yu asked again.

  Bailang nodded: "The man threatened to say that if he didn't go, the Qingsong disciple would go out and kill one. The teacher refused to agree. He left the Qingsong faction last night and went to the appointment. ”

  "Then why are you frowning?"Mu Yu asked.

  Bai Lang worried and said: "The teacher told me before leaving, this person is extremely murderous, and I am afraid to be above him. He also said that if you can't come back, you must find a way to find the dusty and dusty adults and resolve this disaster. ”

  The aura of the Moyun Mountain Range is too thin and scattered, and it is impossible to make a person break through the Yuan Ying period, so this person must be from the Mouyun Mountain Range. Anyone outside the Mouyun Mountain Range will have a grudge against the Qingsong Taoist people? It is impossible for the ghost gate to be so polite and challenged by the Qingsong Taoist. So who is it?

  "Who is that person? Where did your Master go now? ”Mu Yu asked.

  "I am afraid that you will know."Bailang saw the repair of Mu Yu, and suddenly his eyes lit up, revealing a glimmer of hope. Maybe Mu Yu could help resolve this disaster.

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