Chapter 1131: Livestock Chief

        The meat-winged horns whispered and looked at the middle-aged man in front of him. He lazily smiled: "Since you have been rehabilitated, you should manage to supervise the breeding of the mortal in the second district. Remember, right. The livestock that you raise yourself should be managed well, but if there is a poor pool and one less animal, then you will replace him."

        "Thank you, thank you!"

        The middle-aged man is ecstatic to knock his head, in order to the meat wing horn Strange show sincerity, his forehead even knock out blood. But the meat wing horn blame at all do not care about these, a foot will he kick open, despise to say: "Roll, go to raise!" ”

        "Yes Yes!"

        The middle-aged man climbed up from the ground, but he didn't have any anger. He turned around and was very excited. He looked at those who were still practicing the squatting period and laughed smugly. Other comprehensions of the expiration period also looked at him with envy and looked at the person who had already got rid of the identity of the sacrifice.

        Mu Yu Three people silently followed in the middle of the middle-aged, middle-aged man ran to Chengxi mortal area, found a person responsible for putting purple clothes in front of the moon, this meat wing horn strange only yuan infant period of the fix, but the middle-aged still respectfully kneel in front of each other, said: "Adults, the villain is just joined the Monarch Regiment of Minions, deliberately to get clothing." ”

        In the Yuan Ying period, the meat-winged horns sneered a sneer, threw a piece of clothing in front of him, and spit a sip on the clothes, saying: "Thirty-four mortals from the 13th column of the second district will be handed over to you for management. Last time I committed a mortal here, so we abolished the manager and made him a mortal instead. You have to supervise them, but if anything goes wrong, you are asking! ”

        "Yes Yes! The slaves understand. ”The middle-aged man took the purple clothes with excitement, and despite the thick mouth above, he put the clothes directly on his body and walked to a yard.

        The outside of each yard was divided into areas. He found the courtyard in the 13th column of the second district, and opened the door and walked in. Inside is a group of virgins with yellow skinny skinny, shaking in the corner, after seeing the middle-aged, hurriedly and fearlessly.

        They have been scared by the self-cultivators. For these mortals, the comprehensions are the adults who are high above. Once they do not obey the command, these comprehensions will punish them.

To please the hearts of the aliens.

        The middle-aged man has changed his face to face the strange and charming look of the meat-winged horns. He became extremely proud and screamed coldly: "You have all queued up for me. I am the new animal husbandry of your group of animals. I Calling the broken tiger, who of you dare not obey the management, I promise that you will not be able to die!"

        The new animal husbandry named Broken Tiger began to examine their physique one by one and recorded it on paper. Then he began to drive these mortals to start cooking and cooking. The food here is always sufficient, because there is a special responsibility to catch The comprehension of the beast is back to feed the mortal.

        Mu Yu and the three people in the south looked at these yards in the air. There were dozens of mortals in countless yards, and the comprehensions of the distracted period were responsible. Mu Yu even saw a distracted comprehension who was beating a mortal attempting to commit suicide, but the comprehension was about to kill him every time, and he took the medicine to save him back, so he punished and repented. It is better to die.

        It is impossible for mortals to seek death in front of the comprehensible comprehensions. Many mortal eyes are sluggish and have become a walking dead. Such sacrifices that have lost their lives and hopes are undoubtedly the most satisfying to the horns, because such sacrifices will not resist and will not attempt to escape.

        "I don't understand, is this the person who promises to save?"

        Luo Wei looked at the animal husbandry who raised the mortal. These self-cultivators, in order to survive, squatted in front of the meat-winged horns, and bowed their knees, but in the face of their compatriots, they looked like a sly, for the tiger, for the aliens. People frame their own compatriots!

        What kind of salvation is necessary for such a human race?

        Mu Yu was silent and he didn't know how to answer this question. Humanity is always so ugly, and the nature of the comprehension is evident at this time. In order to rid themselves of the identity of the sacrifice forever, the comprehensions of the squatting period are no longer sucked up by blood and practiced desperately. The purpose of their cultivation is not to fight against the aliens, but to please the aliens and to crush their own compatriots. Let yourself live.

        "I have seen the humbleness of human nature."Mu Yu said softly.

        He understood the weaknesses of people long ago. In the schools of the Mouyun Mountain Range, the deacons were bullied by the gray disciples who were not being repaired by the self-cultivators. They used their residual strength to kill the flying comprehensions, but they were betrayed by the gray disciples. Almost killed! Just because the gray disciple wants to be a self-cultivator who can oppress others, not a person who is oppressed!

        In Dongsha City, those comprehensions lived for their own lives, and they furiously wanted to hand over Mu Yu to the Yumeng Devils and also killed the Xuan Zhengtang family and the Old City Lord.

        From a long time ago, the idea that Mu Yu really wanted to help the Terran began to change.

        At this time, the same scene reappears, only this time, those who are desperately trying to join the holy princes are to please the aliens, and their actions are even more hateful than the gray disciples who sell the deacons!


        The suffocating city was divided into hundreds of areas by the Moon people. They called this area a pigsty. Whether they were mortals or self-cultivators, they were used as captive animals for people to suck blood.

        The third column of the mortal third district.

        On the pile of tattered grass in the corner, curled up a fifteen-year-old boy with tiny teeth on his teeth and tears rolling down his cheeks, but his eyes were full of resentment and perseverance.

        "Hey, mother, if I can live, I will avenge you."

        The boy named Jiang Zhengxian, his niece was sucked out of the last blood by the meat-winged horns yesterday, and they never stood up again. They were dragged away by those who were comprehension. He didn't know where his mother had gone. He desperately mourned that he wanted to return to the side, but only one was beaten!

        He is just a mortal, thinking that the immortal can save them in the fire, but the so-called immortal teacher is there to work hard to get rid of those ugly creatures.

        The fifteen-year-old Jiang Zhengxian clenched his fist: "If I am a fairy, even if I die, I have to pull a few monsters back!"

        He wants to die, but he can't die, because the distracted comprehensionist standing in the yard will not let him have a chance to die. Even if he bites his tongue, he will rescue the animal husband who is a comprehension. In the end, it will only make you become dumb.

        The immortal teacher named the original fierce, grumpy, and truly regarded these mortals as livestock. He glanced at the mortals and kicked a bunch of food to them. He yelled, "Hurry to eat it for me. Anyone who dares not eat, I will make you look good!"

        People with bones want to go on a hunger strike, but the original strength of the animal husbandry will force the food into it, not letting the mortal die. A distracted self-cultivator supervises the life and death of several mortals, more than enough!


        The door was kicked open, and a meat-winged horned horn came in. The original fierce and fierce original violently put on a flattering smile, respectfully squatting on the ground and said: "I have seen adults!"

        "I came to pick one or two foods to come to the teeth festival in the evening."The red-colored flesh-winged horns came strangely and glanced at the mortals who shivered in the corner.

        The original Lie immediately stood up and yelled at the mortal martial art: "You all come over to welcome the adults, who would dare to take a step and give me a try!"

        In addition to fifteen-year-old Jiang Zhengxian, other mortals are trembled with trepidation. Jiang Zhengxian never took the initiative. He was beaten to his majesty every time, but he did not take the initiative.

        Yuan Lie saw Jiang Zhengxian, and his nameless fire was revived. He walked over to the fifteen-year-old boy and yelled: "You have itchy skin, right?"

        Jiang Zhengxian was smashed to the ground, and his face was swollen, but he just spit out a spit on the original savage. He knew that the original sorrow did not dare to kill him. He scorned the so-called comprehension.

        "I won't take the initiative to swear to the disgusting monster!"Jiang Zhengxian said reluctantly.

        Yuan Lie first mentioned Jiang Zhengxian, kneeling on Jiang Zhengxian's back knee bone, pressing Jiang Zhengxian on the ground, and laughing at the meat-winged horns. "Adult, this guy is too hard, and he is not willing to give in. He has already left."

        The meat-winged horns smiled grotesquely, and stepped on the face of Jiang Zhengxian with his ankles: "Hard bones?" The blood of the hard bones must be delicious, and today's meal is you. ”

        Jiang Zhengxian's lips were all stepped on, but he still did not give in, but he looked at the flesh-winged horns with resentment.

        "One day, the true God will come back and kill your disgusting monsters!"Jiang Zhengxian angered.

        "To shut up! What kind of dog thing does the true god have in front of the great adult? Do you want to die? ”Yuan Lie also kicked Jiang Zhengxian.

        Jiang Zhengxian clenched his fist. He wanted to resist. He wanted to rush to kill the person like the original, but he couldn't. He didn't have that ability. He hated his incompetence and hated the traitor!

        The meat-winged horns are like a big joke heard, saying: "Real God?" The true God has already died. He has given up the tribe of your three heavens. No one can save you. You only have to be enslaved! ”

        The mad laughter spread throughout the yard, and the former Lie was also smiling next to him: "The adults are wise, able to serve the adults, and are the blessings of the slaves."

        "The true God is not there, but there are still disciples of the true God. Sooner or later, they will come back, kill you together, and kill the traitor of your human race!"Jiang Zhengxian almost squeezed these words out of his teeth.

        The original sneer smiled: "The apprentice of the true God?" They have long been killed by adults. What are you doing daydreams about this group of ignorant and stupid mortals? ”

        His voice just fell, and a horrible breath swept out!


        There was a violent roar in the sky above the suffocating city. UU reading The powerful whirlpool swept down from the sky, and a long-lasting Tianjian dazzled the world, illuminating the entire suffocating city. , everyone will be alarmed!

        Under the Jianguang, the figure of Mu Yu is still motionless, and it is as tall and straight as a bright light in the night, so that those who are shaking at the foot of the Moon people can see the light again.

        "You still have to save."Looking south at Mu Yu.

        "I have seen the humbleness of human nature, but I am still alone."

        Mu Yu said softly. …


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